The Speeding Ticket

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I woke up before the alarm and leaned over to kiss his sleeping lips. He mumbled something unintelligible and rolled over. I chuckled to myself and got out of bed to shower. As I slid my stockings up my legs, I reflected on that morning seven months ago when he came into my life.

I was having the morning from hell. I had overslept my alarm, which put me behind from the start. I got a run in my last pair of stockings and I spilled coffee on myself, TWICE. By the time i was ready to go I had ten minutes to get to work.

I got in the truck and started my normal half hour drive. Immediately my mind begad to go over what I needed to do once I got to work. I didn’t even notice my speed until I heard the siren and saw the lights in my mirror.

I pulled over to the side of the road and went looking for my license and registration. The first thing that came to my mind was that I really didn’t need this this morning. As I fished my paperwork out, he approached my window. The first thing I noticed about him was his eyes. They were powerful and steady and made my stomach flutter.

He asked me if I knew how fast I was going and I honestly answered that I didn’t. Upon the information that I was going 20 miles over the speed limit my heart plummeted. The ticket for that was going to cost me a fortune and a day in court. I handed over my paperwork and he examined it. Explaining that he was going to have to write me a ticket.

I couldn’t help it. Tears came to my eyes as I asked if there was anyway for him to avoid writing it. He asked me to step out of the truck which I did. He looked me up and down, causing my body to react. My nipples hardened and my stomach flipped. He smiled at me devilishly and said there may be a way around the ticket.

Now that I was out of the truck I got to look at him better. He was attractive, very attractive, for an older man. Piercing eyes and a presences, such a presence. It made me want to kneel at his feet right there on the side of the road.

I think he sensed this and he took my hand. He told me not to go anywhere for the next couple of days, slow down, and he would not write me the ticket. I smiled at him like the flirt that I am and asked what was in it for him. He told me that he would be at güvenilir bahis my house sometime this week to take his payment. I smiled and my body came alive in an instant.

My day at work was uneventful, to the point where it was almost boring. I got my work done and had about 45 minutes of down time before I had a meeting. All I could think of as I sat at my desk was him. I wondered what he had in mind as far as repayment for not writing me a ticket.

I had to wait two days until he showed up on my doorstep. It was Saturday and I had pushed the fact that he was going to come looking for repayment to the back of my mind in the midst of cleaning house and shopping for groceries. The knock came at the door as I was getting out of the shower. I answered it while drying off my hair with a towel and dressed in a long, green, silk robe.

He looked at me with appreciation. I saw the quick heat in his eyes as he appraised my outfit. In his hand he carried a black duffel bag, which I took to mean he was staying at least for the night. I stepped to the side and invited him in.

Once the front door was shut he put the back down and pulled me to him. He kissed me hard, leaving no doubt about who was in charge. I looked up at him as he told me that this weekend I was to do as he said, when he said it or he would write up my speeding ticket. I gasped and softly agreed.

He took my wet hair in his hand and kissed me a bit more gently. He told me that I would enjoy everything that we did this weekend. He took me hand and asked me to give him a tour of the house where we would be spending the next two days.

I showed him my room and he smiled, admiring my taste. My large sleigh bed dominated the room. Done in peaches and greens it was utterly feminine. Today it smelled of green apples from the candles I had burning in the room as well as the large master bathroom.

He set his bag on the chair in the corner and opened it. He took out four sets of handcuffs and attached a pair two the head board of the bed. He turned to me and grinned wickedly, promising that they were for later.

We went back downstairs and I made a light lunch of tomatoes, mozzarella and iced tea. We talked and got to know each other. We learned we actually had türkçe bahis a lot in common despite the 18 yrs between us in age. I was surprisingly comfortable with him and everytime his eyes boared into mine I melted.

After lunch he locked the doors and closed the blinds. He took my hand and led me upstairs, stating that it was time for the repayment to begin.,

I followed behind him a little reluctantly. I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself in for. He looked back over his shoulder and reassured me that I would be ok. I smiled back at him and my reluctance faded with the onset of curiosity and arousal.

We entered the room and he smiled again. He turned to me and told me that the room was me, that it encompassed everthing that I was and he thought that it was amazing that a room could do that so perfectly. I felt the blush run from my head to my toes as I thanked him. He then told me that he was going to add something of himself to the room if I allowed it. I was surprised that he actually asked, sensing that he was a very dominant man who took what he wanted

I told him that would be fine and he kissed me softly. His whole manner changed then and he was entirely the police officer, the man in charge. He ordered me out of my robe and up onto the bed. When I didn’t react quickly enough he reached out and smacked my ass; hard. I gave a yelp of surprise and climbed up onto the big bed. He smiled and used the second set of cuffs to hand cuff me to the headboard. My hands raised above my head and naked to his gaze and his touch.

He smiled down at me and reached out to caress my breasts. My breath caught and my body arched to his touch. His murmur of “Good Girl” shot through me like lightening. My breath caught again as his mouth closed over a nipple and he began to suck. My body reacted as if this was what it had always craved. Closing my eyes I arched upwards, desperate for more of the glorious sensations that he was providing.

Without warning the pleasure stopped. I opened his eyes to see him watching me. He smirked and reached down to pull both my nipples, pinching lightly to show me who was in charge. I groaned in both pleasure and pain. He said that it was both reward and punishment if I did not perform as he asked. güvenilir bahis siteleri With that he bent to brush a kiss across my lips and stepped to the foot of the bed.

As I watched he slowly stripped out of his clothes. For a man of 51 he was in great shape. I nice toned body and to my amazement a raging hardon. I smiled softly as he showed himself to me. Once he was naked he climbed back onto the bed. His hands began a lazy exploration of my body. Teasing and pinching sensitive areas until I was a bundle of nerves and dripping wet.

He then laid his body across mine and covered my m outh with a smothering kiss. My hands being tied there was no way for me to push him away when he took my breath. Pulling back from the kiss he smirked at me and kissed his way down my body until he was between my legs.

Without warning he covered me with his mouth. My startled gasp was masked by the moans of delight at his ministrations. His tongue was dancing in and around me in ways that I had not known existed previously. He teased and licked and nibbled until I thought I would explode from the sheer pleasure of it.

Just as abruptly as he started he stopped, leaving me gasping and wanting more. He looked up at me, his face glistening with my wetness and slid up my body. Taking my legs he spread them as wide as they would go, leaving me exposed and helpless. I loved it. He positioned himself between my thighs and plunged inside of me.

He groaned loud and long as I engulfed him . Our bodies soon found a rhythm as we played the give and take that lovers do. His passion out-weighed his desire to make me pay. Without missing a beat he unlocked my from my restraints and I quickly wrapped myself around him. Lost in the passion of what we had created it did not take us long to reach the edge of passion. We tumbled together and lay on the bed, sweaty and spent.

He looked at me through half closed lids and smiled. His words made me beam “What a way to pay off a ticket babe.” I kisse him softly and asked if he was going to repeat the performace the rest of the weekend. He assured me he would and now I had to get up and get him a glass of iced tea. I rose from the bed to do it as part of our deal WAS that I do what he said when he said it.

This was 7 months ago. Since then he has moved into my house and we’ve become partners of sorts. I care for him very deeply and love the fact that with a glance he can make me melt. I hope this continues for quite sometime.


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