The Spanking Contest, Redux

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This is a rewrite of an earlier version. Some comments suggested that part of the story sounded “rapish” because one of the characters was asleep, and I believe they were correct. It’s never ok to have sex with someone who is asleep, my apologies. I think this version is better!


For as long as he could remember, Mike’s twin sister Ava had been an intense competitor. From ping pong to rock-paper-scissors, she never met a challenge she wouldn’t bet on and go 110% to win it. Usually, she won. But that was before she decided to bet her brother on a friendly spanking contest.

The twins had spent a long day at the beach, hanging out with friends on one of their last days before heading off to college. An afternoon thunderstorm had rolled in and ended the day prematurely, and Mike and Ava had scrambled up to their family beach cottage to wait out the storm. Their parents were gone for the next several days, leaving the two of them to fend for themselves. After an hour of watching the storm, they gave up on the idea of more beach time, took showers and settled in for a battle over the backgammon table. As they played, they talked about their plans for the upcoming school year, and Mike surprised Ava by saying he might pledge a fraternity.

“A frat boy?” she laughed. “I sure didn’t see that coming. I hope you have a tough ass.”

“A tough ass, what are you talking about?” he replied.

“You know, for when they hit the pledges with paddles as part of the time-honored tradition of idiocy,” she said.

Mike rolled his eyes. “They don’t do that shit anymore, that’s history.”

“Oh yes they do,” Ava replied. “I heard about a guy who couldn’t sit for a week after pledging, he didn’t take the time to toughen up his ass.”

Mike looked at his sister carefully. Sometimes it was hard to tell when she was lying. “Well, my ass is already pretty tough,” he said.

“Ha, that’s a joke,” she laughed. “I’ll bet MY ass is tougher than yours,” she said.

Without thinking, Mike jumped at the remark. “Care to make that an official bet?” he asked.

Ava blushed at the prospect. Over the years, the two siblings had developed an unwritten rule about any kind of challenge. When a challenge of any kind—from frisbee throwing to trivial pursuit—was accepted by the challenged party, it became an “official bet.” The loser of any official bet had to pay the winner the lump sum of $1, though the real winnings were about bragging rights. Ava was always so competitive she never turned down a bet, and she wasn’t going to start now.

“You’re on,” she said. Then she caught herself. “How are we going to determine who has the toughest ass?” she giggled.

Mike stroked his chin and thought about it for a moment. “We’ll have a spanking contest, one slap per round, first to say ‘uncle’ loses,” he said.

“Bring it on, little brother, your ass is going down in flames!” she yelled. She liked to refer to him as her “little brother,” even though he was really only minutes younger.

“Just because your ass is older doesn’t make it tougher,” Mike countered. “Prepare to be ass-assinated.”

“Okay then,” she replied.

“Okay…” he said back.

There was an awkward pause as the idea of a spanking contest went from an idea to a reality.

“Ladies first,” said Mike.

Ava briefly thought about laughing the whole thing off as a joke, but the challenge had been laid and she had accepted. “By ladies first, does that mean ladies spank first or get spanked first?”

Mike pondered the question and then grinned. “Ladies choice,” he said.

“In that case, I choose to be the hitter in the first round, you’ll probably quit after one hit anyway,” she grinned.

Mike wasn’t about to back down either. “Okay, where do you want me?” he asked.

Ava didn’t waste any time. “Bend over and grab your ankles, bitch,” she snarled.

Mike’s eyebrows raised in a mixture of shock and horror.

“I’m getting you ready for pledge week,” she explained.

Looking at her cautiously, Mike did as he was told, bending over to grab his ankles in the middle of the den. Ava walked over beside him, nervous at first but then deciding to go all in. “Prepare for the pain,” she said.

She wound up and smacked him on the ass, but in her rush she neglected to notice that he had a wallet in his jeans pocket and her hand hit wallet instead of ass, which hurt her hand more than his ass. “Hey wait, that doesn’t count,” she hollered, ringing her hand.

“The hell it doesn’t, the bet was one hit per round, if you’re too dumb to hit ass that’s your fault!” Mike was laughing so hard he nearly fell over. “Now its your turn to assume the position.”

Ava knew she was about to lose the first round. She looked at her brother and suddenly realized that his muscular 6’2 build was likely to pack a significantly stiffer punch. Her eyes had a glimmer of fear in them as she leaned over and grabbed her ankles.

Mike strode up beside her, rubbing his hands together gleefully. When canlı bahis she bent over like this it really showed off her long, toned, athletic body, but all he was looking at was her ass, as he planned his assault. Just before he wound up for the hit, he saw the fear in his sister’s eyes looking back up at him, and he backed off some, but it was still a solid full-on whack on the ass.

As Ava stood up, she quickly made an assessment that she hadn’t made before. She was wearing a pair of cotton shorts, he had on jeans. She was going to have significantly less protection.

“This is totally unfair, we need to put on similar pants,” she whined. “My shorts are way thinner than your jeans.”

“Already begging for mercy,” Mike smirked. “I didn’t even hit you that hard. Okay, what do you propose that we put on—and by the way, I’m NOT going to wear a thong.”

“We can definitely agree on that,” she laughed. “How ’bout running shorts.”

“Deal,” he said, and the two of them went off to change clothes. Mike was back in a jiffy with a pair of loose fitting black shorts and a gray t-shirt. Ava took longer, and her outfit took Mike by surprise. She was wearing a pair of short pink shorts, form-fitting but still loose, and a sleeveless t shirt that was cut high so that it showed a good bit of her fit abdomen. It didn’t take him long to see through the plan.

“I see what you’re doing, you’re trying to look all cute and sexy so I won’t hit you so hard,” he grinned. “It won’t work.”

She pouted and struck a sexy pose toward him. “Can’t blame a girl for trying,” she said. “Now bend over that couch, I want another piece of ass,” she snarled.

Mike grinned and moved into place. He couldn’t believe his sister was going a second round.

She moved into place beside him and rubbed her hands together. “I call this the fastball,” she said, winding up her arm in a softball pitch motion. As her hand moved forward toward him, Mike remembered that as a softball pitcher, Ava had once thrown a no-hitter. She hit him so hard that he heard it before he felt it.

“Yowza,” he yelled. “Damn girl, that hurt,” he said.

She hooted and laughed. “I guess you give up then,” she smiled.

Mike grinned and shook his head no. “I’m just getting started,” he said.

Ava went from sassy to fearful in a heartbeat. “Oh shit,” she said. “I need to get some courage.”

She disappeared into the kitchen and came back out with a bottle of tequila and a shot glass. She downed a shot and found her defiant face again. “Where do you want me?” she asked.

“Hands on your knees,” Mike said. “I call this the thunder.”

Mike had noticed that the storm outside had picked back up, and the lightning and thunder was picking back up. Ava got into position and he stood beside her, standing where he could look at her but also see the lightning outside. He was waiting for a bolt of lightning to time his next hit.

As he waited for the lightning, he couldn’t help but admire the shapely body in front of him. With her hands on her knees, her back arched, and her firm and shapely ass sticking out, he had to admit that his sister was looking quite sexy. He also realized that she was doing that on purpose, to get an edge.

Just then, a flash of lightning lit the sky, and he counted off a few seconds before slapping her ass just as the thunder boomed. At the same time his hand hit her ass, the electricity went out, and they were suddenly in the dark.

“Holy shit,” she giggled. “Am I dead?”

“Not yet,” he laughed. “That happens in round four.”

They scrounged around and found some candles and soon had enough dim light to move around. Mike was thinking that the contest might be over, but he was wrong.

“Hands on the table, stud,” Ava said. “I call this next shot my two handed backhand.”

Mike, recalling that Ava was a two time county tennis champion, opted to have a shot of tequila himself before bending over the table. He watched Ava put her hands together and sway back and forth a few times, before deciding it might be best to close his eyes. Ava caught him strong and solid with the back of her left hand, pushed into place with her stronger right hand. Mike’s eyes watered from the hit, he had to admit she could hit hard..for a girl. Funny thing was, almost the whole time his eyes were closed, he was visualizing his sister bending over and letting him slap her ass. Suddenly, he didn’t want to stop playing this game.

“Okay, you’re turn, hands on the table,” he said.

Ava took the time to take another shot before moving into position. Mike walked around the table, taking his time, building the tension…and enjoying the view. He came up directly behind her, admiring her long, tan legs, and smiled demonically at her as she looked at him in the wall mirror.

“I call this the little drummer boy,” he said. Before she could protest, he gave her a quick three slaps with each hand, three on the right cheek and three on the left. The slaps weren’t very hard, so Ava was so relieved bahis siteleri she didn’t protest the fact that he had hit her more than once.

“Very nice,” she smiled. “I always knew you had musical talent.”

Mike took another shot of tequila and bent over the arm of the couch. “Okay sister, what do you have for me this time,” he said.

“I call this cat scratch fever,” she grinned. Mike was trying to imagine what that might end up being when he felt Ava’s hand pop down firmly on his ass. Her hand stayed on his ass for a split second, and then he felt her hand lift up and her fingernails dig lightly in and then briefly give a playful scratch on his ass. It was not, in any way, painful, and Mike realized that Ava was returning the favor he had given her by not hitting her that hard.

“Whoohoo, we should make some kinda rule about drawing blood,” Mike said.

“Aaah, did the kitty hurt ya?” Ava said. “Maybe you’ve had enough?”

“No way, I’m ready for another special delivery,” he smiled. “Now take a shot and bend over.”

Ava did as she was told knocking back yet another shot and laying down over the arm of the couch. Her head was below her ass now, and it was sticking up in the air begging to be…dealt with.

“I call this the broken egg,” Mike said. He gave her a medium size pop on the ass cheek, and then, using his fingertips, he lightly tickled from her ass all the way down to her knees, evoking a squeal of giddy glee from Ava.

They both giggled and quickly switched places. It had suddenly become more about finding creative ass slaps than delivering pain.

“Okay, this is called two over easy,” she laughed. She lined up behind him, popped him with both hands, leaving them on his ass for a few seconds, and then she flipped her hands over and lightly dragged the backs of her fingers down over his ass and thighs. He couldn’t help but notice how close her fingers came to tickling his balls. He attributed it more to the booze than anything sexual.

The booze was definitely having an impact. By now they were both laughing hysterically after every round. They both took a tequila shot.

“Okay, okay, I gotta another one,” Mike said. He threw some pillows off the couch onto the floor. “Assume the position.”

Ava giggled and snuggled down onto the pillows, sticking her ass up into the air.

“I call this one the Genie,” he said, getting on his knees behind her. He put both hands on her ass and rubbed both ass cheeks in long circles for a few times, then gave both ass cheeks a firm slap.

She squealed and giggled. “What did you wish for?” she asked.

“I forgot,” he said.

“You forgot what the wish was?” she asked.

“No, I forgot to make a wish,” he said, bursting out laughing. “I just wanted to rub that ass!”

She knew she should take offense, but Ava fell over laughing instead. “I am kicking your ass in an ass kicking contest,” she giggled.

“There is no way you’re going to top this ass,” Mike countered.

“How bout we raise the stakes then,” Ava slurred out. “The loser has to take a slap on the bare ass.”

“Count me in, and prepare to feel my hand on your bare ass,” he said.

They took another shot.

“Okay, get down on all fours,” she ordered. “It’s time for the cowgirl rodeo slap.”

Mike got down on all fours on the floor and Ava threw her leg over him and sat down on his back. She grabbed the collar of his shirt with one hand, and she used the other hand to reach behind her and pop his ass like he was a bunking bronco. He was only too happy to oblige her, lifting her up and down, letting her get the full bull riding effect. She wrapped her legs around him, whooped and hooted, before losing her balance and tumbling off. They both collapsed together on the floor, a giggly heap of intertwined limbs. They laid there on the floor for a while, catching their breath.

“Okay, I’ve got one for you, get on all fours,” Mike said.

Ava had gotten too tipsy to move quickly, but she got into position. Her half shirt had ridden up so high that he could see most of her back and the lacy pink of her bra underneath. “Okay, slap that ass little brother,” she said almost dreamily. “You aren’t going to ride me are you?”

“No, I call this one the stealth slap,” he said, getting on his knees beside her. He put his hand on her left ass cheek, the one nearest to him, feigning like he was lining up for a slap. He took a few practice lineups, each time bringing his hand down onto the targeted left cheek. He was taking his time, really enjoying the opportunity to feel her ass and checking out her beautiful body. He was glad she was drunk, or she might have noticed that he had a huge erection tenting the front of his shorts. “Okay, here it comes,” he said, and he could feel her tense up.

But instead of hitting the left cheek, he reached over and popped the right cheek. She had braced herself so hard for the opposite side contact that when he hit hurt she immediately tumbled over towards him, her ass falling into bahis şirketleri his lap and his hands around her waist. As she wriggled around on top of him he knew there was no way he could hide his arousal. Eventually she worked her way onto her knees beside him. “Well that one, was…uh…interesting,” she giggled. “But this next one is going to put your white ass away.”

“Where do you want me, my ass-slappin’ sister?” he asked.

“Standing up,” she said. “I call this one the Fulsom County Prison.”

“Uh-oh, this will require another shot,” he said, knocking another one back. He struggled to his feet, realizing that at this point there was no way to hide his erection.

She stood up and walked around him, looking him up and down like a prison guard. “Bend over and pick up that soap,” she said.

He looked down on the floor. “What soap?”

“You gotta pretend, ya moron,” she hissed.

“Oh,” he laughed. He bent over and pretended to pick up some invisible soap, and right when his hand hit the floor, he felt her hand hit his ass, not on the left cheek, or on the right cheek, but right smack dab in the middle, and to make matters worse, her middle finger was crooked halfway so it goosed him solidly right in the asshole.

“Yeow,” he yelled. “Girl, you are going to pay dearly for that. I think they have women prisoners at the Fulsom County Prison too.”

Ava suddenly sobered up at the notion of getting a finger up her ass. “I tell you what,” she said dreamily. “I surrender, you win, my ass can’t take a prison slap, I’m not even sure I can stand up” she said. She reached into her shorts and pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to him.

“Okay,” Mike smiled, “but you’re forgetting something.”

Ava looked mystified for a moment, then remembered. “Oh. Uh-oh. I’ve got a bare ass slap coming don’t I?” she said.

“Yes, yes you do,” Mike said. He was really looking forward to seeing her bare ass, even if she was his sister.

“Where do you want it?” she asked cautiously.

“Right here,” he said, patting the pillows. “Show me some ass.”

Ava crawled into position on the pillows, her ass sticking up in the air. She reached back and pulled her shorts down to the bottom of her ass as Mike rose up on his knees beside her. Her ass was the perfect shape, though it did have red hand prints all over it.

“This is going to hurt isn’t it,” she winced.

“This is going to hurt bad,” he said with a sinister grin. He ran into the bathroom and came back out with a gel all over his hand. “I call this one the splash down. Have you ever had Ben Gay rubbed on your ass?”

“What, are you crazy?” she said.

“Quiet sister, you lost, now you have to pay the price,” he said.

She closed her eyes and prepared herself for the pain. He was kind enough to give her a countdown.


Ava prepared for a hard hot one, but what she got was something completely different. Mike didn’t have hot rub on his hand, he had a cooling aloe gel, and he didn’t slap down hard, his hand came down like a feather and he rubbed the gel softly over the reddened parts of her ass. She was so relieved to not feel pain that she overlooked the fact that her brother was rubbing her naked ass.

“MMMM, thanks little brother, I appreciate you not whacking my ass,” she cooed.

“I didn’t realize how hard I had hit you until I saw the red welts,” he said. “It’s the least I could do.”

He continued to rub the gel over her ass and lower back, he had brought a whole tube of it out. He knew that the cooling gel was probably heaven for Ava’s ass, but he was enjoying it at least as much. She had such a soft, but firm body, with just the right curves. Just when he had decided he could easily do this all night, she stopped him.

“That gel is awesome, but I’m the one who lost, so I think I should be returning the favor,” she said, rising up to her knees while pulling her shorts up. “Time for you to assume the position.”

Mike had not thought about that, but he quickly warmed to the idea. He got down on the pillows and pulled his shorts down, first just to expose his ass, but then he decided to be bold and pushed them all the way down to his knees.

Ava got a hand full of cooling salve and began to rub it in, making long looping circles over his reddened ass cheeks.

“That’s a mighty fine looking ass there, my brother,” she said teasingly.

“Runs in the family,” he replied.

Following his lead, she massaged it all over his ass, lower back, and even down the backs of his thighs, which brought back his erection in hurry.

“Say, whatever ever happened with Kris?” Ava asked suddenly.

“What…oh, ah, I guess she wasn’t having enough fun or something,” Mike answered. Kris was his most recent ex-girlfriend, they had broke up a few weeks ago.

“Oh, I don’t think that was it,” she smiled.

“What do you mean, how would you know?” he asked.

“Girlfriends and sisters talk,” she laughed.

“Really, what did she say?”

Ava hesitated and blushed a little. “Well, she said you were a great kisser. And, ah, she said you were really good in bed… and, ah…” her voice trailed off.

“What else did she say?” he asked.

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