The Slutty Soccer Moms’ Surprise

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It’s so good to be back. Works been crazy and the words are coming slow, but I have managed to concoct this fun little story – partly as an homage to Klxro – who’s incestuous Moms are always so excitedly exuberant! I hope you enjoy! Please keep the comments coming – I appreciate all the constructive criticism and support my stories receive.

As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are fictional and exist only in this story and in my imagination! Enjoy!


It struck me funny how things led to our four young men cooling their heels in Natalie’s living room just a couple of hours after they had graduated high school, unhappy about being home with family instead of off partying hard with their classmates. Not a one of them suspected that this all really began nine years ago when they joined the local eight-nine year olds soccer league and turned us into soccer moms.

James and I had just moved to Somerset, a nice, quiet suburb of a larger city where James worked. Natalie and I had already become friends, being next door to each other and getting acquainted over the summer before John started the fourth grade. He had instantly become best friends with Natalie’s son, Karl. Our husbands also began hanging out together, James recognizing in Steve a kindred sports and barbequing enthusiast.

By the time, Karl and John enrolled in the local youth soccer league, we adults had become quite the foursome. James and I were already heavily flirting with Natalie and Steve and were just waiting for the right moment to suggest a little foursome fun in the bedroom. James and I have always been swingers, having first met at a little orgy at his fraternity back in our college days.

By the time we “officially” proposed the idea of having a sexual foursome, Natalie and I had already spent a little time having some girl-girl fun. Turns out she was as big a slut as I was and bisexual since her teenage years.

At the soccer games, she and I became close to another soccer mom, Donna and after a few tentative flirts, she began joining Natalie and I in some late morning lesbian games. It didn’t take much to convince her husband Robert to join the foursome and his long dick was a welcome addition at our husband and wife affairs. Their son, Robbie was also a classmate of John and Karl’s and so everything seemed to work together nicely.

Other couples over the years have come and gone from the Somerset Slutty Soccer Moms’ Association, but we three core couples have stuck together. Three years ago, we added a solid fourth member to our little get-togethers, Heather, an Iraqi war widow. Her son Dale seemed to fit right in with our sons and the four of them are inseparable.

Once or twice a month, we couples would gather together at one house and we would just lose ourselves in a night of hard, nasty, no holds barred sex. Sometimes, there would be more couples, but there would always be the seven of us (or eight if Heather brought a date). Our sons would be at one of the other homes, under the supervision of a babysitter. We gals would gather together more often, sometimes just a couple of us, but many mornings, the four of us would be licking pussy and bringing out the sex toys while other women would be watching game shows or soap operas.

I think as they grew older, our sons might have started to suspect what was going on, but they never hinted that they knew. It has been a good life and we were all very happy together. Then about two years ago, while we sat in our lawn chairs, cheering the boys on at soccer practice, Heather said the words that would change our lives.

We had showed up for the boys’ practice after a long morning and afternoon of naughty sex. I could still feel Donna’s long tongue tickling my asshole while she fisted me to a screaming orgasm. Natalie had fucked Heather like a pro with a strap-on until she was literally tearing apart my good sheets. We had picked up the boys from school and took them to soccer practice, all of us with that happy, glowing, “I’ve been cumming my brains out,” look.

As the boys played, having shed their shirts to be the “skins” in a practice game, Heather nodded at my son and said, “Cora, if your son was legal I think I’d fuck him blind!” Donna gasped and we all took a good look at my son as he ran by, all muscular long legs and a chest that was becoming very well defined. He grinned and waved at us before running off to chase down a ball.

Natalie giggled and said, “She’s right, Cora. I bet John has a fine chunk of meat between his legs!”

I felt myself blushing, something that I rarely do. I have to confess that as John became a young man, I would catch myself staring at him, wondering what he looked like naked now and how long, how big his cock was. I laughed and looked out across the playing field. “He is handsome isn’t he?” I licked my lips and added, “And I will confess, I wouldn’t mind getting fucked by any of your sons either. Maybe be the meat in a motherfucker sandwich.”

We all burst out laughing, pendik escort drawing curious looks from the other soccer moms (and dads) watching the practice. Donna reached over and gently stroked my knee and said what I think we were all thinking. “I’d love to get fucked by any of your boys, but God help me, the first one I’d want in my pussy is my Robbie!”

I felt my cunt lips quiver in anticipation and I let out a soft moan. “Me too, hon, me too!” I sighed. Natalie and Heather both nodded in agreement. We all four looked at each other for a moment and finally I said what we all wanted to hear. “Well, I make a motion that the Somerset Slutty Soccer Moms’ Association fuck their sons as soon as they are legal!”

Natalie cooed and said. “I second that nasty motion!” The others chimed in and over the course of the next hour as we watched our handsome and completely unaware sons, we developed our naughty plan. Comparing birthdates, we realized that the youngest of our four sons, Donna’s Robbie, would turn eighteen two weeks before the boys graduated from high school. It was then we settled on turning their graduation night into something more than they could possibly imagine.

We each broke the news to our husbands, who each had to come to grips with this impending event, but faced with the fact that we would do it anyway with or without their approval, they each came on board. In fact, role-playing mommy and son games really got our husbands revved up time and time again.

As the boys’ senior year rolled around, we began doing some preparation work. Four moms in Somerset were really becoming slutty. Shorter, more revealing dresses were the order of the day. Warm weather sunbathing saw us in skimpy bikinis or one piece suits with lots of tit flesh exposed. Colder weather saw us resorting to exercising indoors in shorts and sport bras or t-shirts that revealed a great deal of our assets as they became transparent with sweat. We became a lot more huggy-touchy with our sons and with each other’s sons! I never passed up an opportunity to hug on John or one of the other boys, commenting on what handsome men they were becoming. We flirted shamelessly with each other’s sons and confirmed that pretty much at will, we could produce large bulges in our own son’s pants or each other’s sons.

A few days before graduation, their fathers dropped the bomb that we were giving a party in their honor the evening after the graduation ceremony. Needless to say, the boys were not happy. They had plans to go out with girlfriends and other pals to celebrate, but after more than a little arm twisting, each of our sons grudgingly agreed to spend the evening with us “old folks.”

And that’s how our sons came to be cooling their heels in Natalie’s living room at six-thirty in the evening that Friday night in May. The only consolation as they sat around with their fathers was that James and Steve had brought out beers and each was enjoying a cold, frosty one while they waited for we women to come downstairs.

At six-thirty sharp, Steve and James stood up. “Guys, I know you’re not happy about being here,” said Steve. “But believe me, you have no idea how happy your being here is making your mothers.”

“That’s right,” added James. “Truth be told, you have no idea how happy your moms are going to make you by agreeing to be with them tonight.” Robert, sitting at the bar just chuckled. My husband went on. “Now guys, you know for years that we old folks have been getting together a couple of times a month having our grown up parties.”

“What you don’t know is just how grown up these parties are,” said Steve. He looked at each of the boys in turn. “To be blunt, guys, we get together to fuck.” That got our sons’ attention. Each sat up straighter, their beers forgotten.

“For going on eight years, guys, we’ve been swinging together. Fucking each other’s wives…your mothers,” James said, trying to keep a straight face. “Your moms refer to themselves as the Somerset Slutty Soccer Mom’s Association.” My husband took a deep breath and said, “Guys, now your mothers want you to take part in the fun and games. Guys, your mothers want to fuck you.”

“No fucking way,” whispered John. James told me later his eyes were about to pop out of his head.

“Yes, way, John,” replied his father. James turned and gestured to the stairs leading upstairs. “Gentlemen, I’d like to reintroduce you to your mothers.”

That was our cue to make our grand entrance. Natalie came down the stairs first. Natalie is the ultimate girl next door type — she reminds me of the character Mary-Ann on that old show, Gilligan’s Island. Her big brown eyes are matched by her long, dark brown hair and her 36-24-34 figure makes her look positively luscious on a five foot, two inch body. She came parading down the stairs wearing a white corset that lifted her full breasts up and displayed them perfectly along with matching stockings and a thong. Four inch heels completed the ensemble. If I had a cock, I know it would be hard maltepe escort and stiff looking at her,

Next in line was Donna, her milk chocolate skin flawless and mostly exposed in that baby doll negligee, her huge 42DD breasts bouncing along under the gauzy green material with nipples the size of quarters all erect and aching to be sucked. Her matching stockings and garter belt drew attention to her shapely legs and a wild mass of pubic hair was evident under her panties. Her muscular and lithe body seemed even taller than her five foot nine height thanks to the stiletto heels she was wearing. She was a proud Nubian queen and her dark eyes held all sorts of naughty promise.

After Donna came our little Heather. A compact blonde bombshell in a tiny package. Heather at four foot, ten inches tall was a zaftig little hottie, her 34D titties prominently displayed by the sexy black bustier she was wearing. Her long blonde hair fell down around her shoulders against her pale skin. Black panties, hose and heels completed her ensemble, the almost sheer material of her panties were glued to her labia, so wet was her delectable, shaved cunt.

Finally there was me. Shoulder length black hair framed my freckled face and my blue eyes. I was wearing a low cut red baby doll negligee that ended just north of my crotch. My thong and stockings matched my gown and it was obvious from the wild strands of dark pubic hair peeking out that I had an unruly and very hairy beaver between my thighs. My meaty 38D tits spilled out of my negligee, my nipples hard and jutting through the silky cloth. I stand five feet, seven inches tall and I’m not thin, nor am I fat. My husband James calls me built for comfort! My heart was pounding as I smiled down at my son who was devouring me with his body.

Each of us moms made our way to our sons, each leaning over in front of them and giving them a good view of their mommy’s tits as we said, “Congratulations, son,” before leaning in and kissing them. The kisses began as chaste expressions of motherly love and then turned more heated and passionate as we each moved forward and straddled our handsome sons.

I shivered as I felt my panty clad mound slid across the long, thick bulge in John’s pants and I sighed softly as I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against my son’s lips. John groaned himself and then he let my tongue in, his tongue rising to the occasion and flowing against mine. For the next few minutes, I was lost in the almost mind blowing joy of French-kissing my child while I slowly rocked against his stiff manhood.

Finally, someone, I think it was Steve, cleared his throat and I and the other moms looked up. Each of us was panting heavily, sitting on the laps of four smiling young men. Apparently Robbie had been a little more adventurous than the rest. Donna’s left tit had been scooped out of her negligee, her nipple almost visibly throbbing.

Robert came out from behind the bar and laughed and shook his head at the nasty image of his wife sitting on their son’s lap. “Well now, I reckon that no one here is objecting to this little party now.” He gestured to the boys. “Anyone wanting to go off partying with their buddies can feel free to leave.” He waited a good thirty seconds and then continued. “Right, well, boys, tonight you and your mommas are going to really get to know each other. I promise you before the night is over, you are all going to know each other better than you ever dreamed. Ladies?”

Robert pointed upstairs and each of us moms gave our son a little kiss and then slowly strutted ourselves back up the stairs, our sons looking at us hungrily as we climbed the stairs.

Each of us walked to a bedroom door. There was a post-it sticky on the door with a large number written on it. Mine was number 2. Each of the other doors had a similar note, numbered with a 1, 3, or 4 on it. Inside, I locked the door, turned off the light, slipped off my panties and climbed into the bed. Downstairs, our husbands were allowing the boys to take turns selecting a key out of a bowl. Our key parties had always been a big part of our swinging activities and after many discussions we had decided that our first fucks with our young sons would come from the key party.

At first, there had been some discussion about not being sure of fucking our own sons first, but in one sense, we had all been raising all these boys together, so they were all our sons. After this, we would have a lifetime to get to know our sons’ cocks. Tonight was meant to show them what sexy sluts their mothers were.

I shivered with anticipation and couldn’t help but run a hand down between my legs, allowing my fingers to splice through my furry bush and into my hot creamy cunt. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so turned on.

I heard a key in the door and a momentary fumbling to open the lock. I took a deep breath as the door opened. One of our husbands had turned out the hall light so I couldn’t see much more than a shadowy figure enter the room. Someone kartal escort whispered, “Hello?” his voice a mix of nervousness and excitement with a little fear added in. I couldn’t tell who it was.

“I’m here, baby. Momma’s right here waiting for you,” I whispered back. He moved towards my bed, bumping into it and hissing a whispered apology. I heard the rustling of clothes as he quickly stripped. I reached out a hand and heard a gasp as I found and stroked a bare asscheek.

I found a hand and turned him around. I reached out, guessing for the exact spot and found a hard cock. A very hard cock. He wasn’t some long-dicked porno stud, maybe six or seven inches long, but good god, he was thick, thicker than James by a far sight. “Climb up here, baby,” I cooed. “Get on top of me,” I instructed.

Shaking and fumbling, my new lover eventually climbed between my thighs. I drew him up and let him ease himself down onto my heaving body, my meaty tits cushioning his weight. I felt that thick log of cock meat against my thigh, the head pressing into my mound. I could feel it pulsing with need, with hunger. It knew it needed to be buried deep in my cunt.

I pulled him to me, kissing him on the lips as my hands went through his hair. I knew immediately it wasn’t my John I was about to fuck. His short, thick curly head of hair told me immediately that it was Robbie. It dawned on me that he had his daddy’s cock. Robert belied that whole silly myth about African American men having the monster long dicks, but he did have the thickest cock of any man in our little swingers group.

I kissed Robbie hard, thrusting my tongue into his mouth and then hunching my now blossoming cunt against his erect penis. His hands had found my tits and had freed them from my negligee and were squeezing them hard, pinching my thin, long nipples hard. From his mouth, I rolled my tongue up to his ear and before tickling him, whispered, “Give Momma that fine cock of yours, son!”

Robbie lifted his hips and tried to find my pussy hole, but after several failed attempts, I reached down and guided him between my lips. “Just shove, baby,” I moaned. “Be gentle, son. You’re so big!” Then I let out a yelp as Robbie shoved into me hard, worming half of his thick log inside me in one swift motion. Goddamn, he was thick! My brain immediately reset for fuck frenzy mode and I had to have all of him inside me. I brought my legs up and my knees back, opening myself for this thick dicked stud and rolled my hips, allowing him to sink deeper. It felt like I was being split wide open. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me good,” I moaned and Robbie obliged me by ramming his cock all the way home, his wiry pubic hairs meshing with mine.

I just lay there and groaned for a bit, reveling in the sweet sensation of this young man’s cock inside me. Then instinct kicked in for Robbie and the need to move was satisfied and that was even sweeter. Back and forth, Robbie began to worm his cock in and out of me, fucking me, making me squirm with delight. My cunt was flooding with my juices, bathing his thickness in its slick and hot liquidity. Each movement was an exercise in joy.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck Momma hard!” I wrapped my arms and legs around him and we rocked back and forth, quickly moving as one while kissing each other sloppily. His nipples were like hard little pellets scraping against my soft breast flesh. My orgasm was fast coming and I so badly wanted to feel his cum inside me. I kissed his face all over, kissed his ear, curling my tongue into it and then whispering nasty words. “Fuck me, Robbie, fuck Momma fast and hard with that big dick! Fuck me, Robbie, fuck me like you’ll fuck your mother later tonight.”

Robbie groaned and I continued to tease. “You want to fuck your mother, don’t you, Robbie? Mmmmm, you’re a big dick motherfucker. Mmmmm, your momma’s going to love your cock. She wants to fuck you, Robbie. Your mother told me she dreams of your cock in her hot, nasty cunthole. She want you to cum in her, make her babies and fuck you forever. Mmmmm, yes, fuck Momma, fuck Momma, fuck Mommmmmaaaaa…”

My voice fell off into a wordless moan of delight as Robbie buried himself deep inside me and then his cock swelled and began pumping cum at a almost scary rate inside me, filling me up with his steaming hot semen! It all hit home for me then, the true reality of what I was doing. I had just fucked my friend’s son — someone I had known most of his life. Someone I had helped raise and looked after and mothered and who was now at last a man in his own right, with a fine man cock buried in my motherly cunt!

My orgasm began with the sweet deliciousness of his hot cum and then exploded into a nuclear fury as I reveled in the fact that a sexy eighteen year old had emptied his balls in my cunt. I squeezed him tight to me with my arms and legs and I rode out my orgasm, screaming my love of his cock.

When I had regained control of my senses, I realized that his cock was slowly slithering out of me and I moaned, “Let me suck you, Robbie!” I felt more than saw him shift on the bed and then his still mostly erect meat was slapping me wetly in the face. I licked him clean, slathering my tongue over his cunt cream and sperm drenched penis and licking all that tasty cum up.

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