The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 09

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When class was over we headed back to the room around 6 PM. So far we had only used one of our bedroom. We had separate rooms but they were adjoining and D never slept in her bed at night. In fact she slept with me went we slept.

It was the end of the first day of classes and the first night of the workweek. Many of the students were going out together. But we wanted to stay back at the hotel in our room and order room service as we made love. D was right we hadn’t seen Silvia or Curt again and if we continued to have room service and not leave the room again we most likely would see them again. I poured us a drink. Her drink was Southern Comfort and my was Vodka.

Then we pulled each other together and made slow gentle love as we undressed each other. Once we were completely nude we pressed our bodies together and D could feel and see my cock rising fast as it got harder and harder. She said, “Let’s shower and make love before we eat.”

I shook my head yes as I sucked her breast. We walked to the bathroom and she bent over to turn on the shower. My hand slid under her ass and cupped her pussy from behind. She backed into me and laid back against me as my hand squeezed her cunt as my other hand came around and cupped her young beautiful breast.

Once the water was warm we stepped into the shower and kissed and touched each other for a long time before she took the soap and began to wash my hard on. She washed ever inch of my body making sure my cock and balls were very, very clean. I was hard as I ever was and she sucked hard on my cock as she knelt in the tub letting the water run over us. Finally I pulled her up and held her as my cock slid up under her pussy. She stood there with her legs opened and my cock touching her snatch. It wasn’t in her cunt it was between her legs and she held it tight against her pussy. The head was pressing against her ass. I told her, “ I want to eat your pussy now! I want to taste you D.”

She held my head as I went lower and lower down her body. I licked her and made love to her body slowly as any lover would do. When I got on my knees she lifted her foot and put it on the edge of the tub. Her other leg was opened as wide as she could get it. I pressed my face into her cunt and began to very softly suck on her pussy. She held my head as I made love to her cunt with my mouth.

I didn’t want her to cum yet. I stood and held her as she shook with her passion. I said, “Come on D, let’s go into bedroom. We’ll have lots more room.”

She said, “OH Bud! I love your mouth on my body. Your tongue drives me wild with lust! Hurry and put your lips back on my body. I want you so much. I want to cum so bad. Hurry Bud! Hurry and take me to bed and make love to me.”

I took her and we almost ran to the bed. Then I move over her again and my hands touched her pussy and she opened her legs wide for me. I slid in between her legs and put my mouth back on he pussy again. She arched almost immediately and she held my had tight against her pussy. I sucked and sucked and licked her moving my mouth all over her cunt. My fingers moved deep into her pussy as my mouth found her hard clip. I sucked on it as I finger fucked her hard and fast. She arched and started to pump and thrust her hips up into me. I knew she was cumming. She moaned, “Oh Bud Oh yes baby! Eat me! Eat my pussy Bud OH god! Yes I love t so much! Eat me, eat me. EAT ME!!”

I let her rock and cum against my mouth as she went higher and higher climaxing. But I didn’t take my mouth off her pussy I was going to eat her and give her more and more orgasms. I took my mouth off her clit and licked into her hole removing as much cum as I could get out. I rank all of it as my lips made love to her pussy lips.

Her body was moving quicker now and I knew she was building fast again towards another orgasm! Now I moved my mouth back to her clit as I inserted two fingers into her pussy hole again. With my mouth sucking her long hard clit and my fingers flying in and out of her cunt, she arched her head and back and slammed her cunt into my mouth!

D screamed as her body released her cum again! I had her!! She was going crazy on my face. Her cunt spazed and sucked in all of my tongue as I continued to lick and suck on her pussy! Again and again I heard her cry out as a another orgasm hit her. She humped and humped and humped her cunt on my face as she mumbled words I couldn’t understand! She moaned one last time as she fell back on her bed panting like she was on fire.

I quickly moved up between her opened thighs licking and kissing all of her! She tried to stop me saying: “Oh god Bud I’m going to have a heart attack! Oh I can’t I can’t have another one right now! Stop babe!”

But her musk and body were driving me crazy and I paid no attention to her as I pinned her down and buried my face over her cunt! With me on top now I was in control and as I licked and sucked her pussy, her ass was up of the bed humping again as she was going back into another orgasm. mobilbahis güvenilir mi When I was sure she was almost there I began to bit her clit softly and hum directly on it as I held it in my teeth! She screamed again and rammed her lower body up off the bed fucking against my mouth! I was afraid she would break one of my teeth she was pumping her cunt so hard on my mouth!

I held her that way until she had climaxed two more times! Then I let her clit go and came up and sucked her nipples as she lay there panting like a dog in heat! Her body was still humping my body as she moaned in somewhat of an almost unconnected state. I moved over her and took my cock and put it at the opening of her cunt! For the first time since we have been together it slid in easy!

She was so stretched from Curt and her orgasms! I pushed my very long and hard cock all the way in and began to fuck her! Slow like before, with a passion of a lover. She was humping me back and lifting us both up off the bed as I moved in and out of her. She moaned and then cried out: “OH Bud!!! OH God babe! Oh god Baby! Fuck me! Fuck me until I can’t walk any more! I love you!”

Now I started to thrust into her cunt. We continued for I don’t know how long fucking as hard and fasts as we could move our bodies. I moved my arms around under her legs and lifted her legs up in the air. With my arms under her thighs I continued to pump into her pussy! I had her legs bent enough that I moved my hands to her shoulders. So now her legs were bent at the knees pressing against her tits and my arms around her thighs lifting her legs up enough so my hands were holding her shoulders. Now using this position for better leverage, I slammed into her cunt.

Again and again I continued to thrust my cock deep into that sweat tight pussy! We were both grunting and moaning as we humped into each other! I could feel the walls of her cunt tighten even more around my hard shaft and as she hissed at me to fuck her harder, she began to orgasm!

It was like some magic took over her body as she lifted us both high up off the bed and humped and humped and humped on my cock! Like a piston I continued to ram in and out of her cunt! The pressure and tightness in my balls was unbelievable! I moaned loudly and rammed my cock hard into her one last time as I began to cum! I mean cum! It shot into her with such force I was surprised! Again and again the cum shot out of my cock into her waiting and eager pussy hole! There was a ton of it. She screamed and we climaxed just about together. She actually went off first but I followed right behind her and we were like dogs in heat fucking each other with as much force as our bodies could give us! Our bodies were reacting with lust, desire and passion now. We fucked and fucked as hard and as long as we could do it. We finally stopped and fell asleep. I woke hours later still lying half way on top of D with my semi-soft cock head still inside her pussy. The lights in the room were still on and the curtains at the window were still wide open.

As she slept, I began to suck on those nice round breasts and nipples. Finally I felt her hand hold my head against her tit. She told me: “Suck them baby. Mummm that’s nice. Squeeze them with your hands Bud! Yes! That feels so nice. You like my breasts don’t you! I love it when you play with them!”

She lay back on the bed and I watched as she opened her legs wide showing me her wet pussy. She began to finger herself slowly as she told me: “Come up here and help me!” I moved over and put my face into her sweet body and began to lick it from her knees up her thighs and into her pussy! When I got close enough, she garbed my head and pushed it into her cunt. I began to lick her pussy. I could taste the cum I had pumped into her hours ago. She screamed as she slammed my head with her pussy thrusting her hips again and again and again! She climaxed within 30 seconds. I didn’t wait; I moved up immediately and put my hard cock directly against her hole.

She took it and put it in. We both began to fuck each other. It took very little time for us to cum. When we had recovered, D grabbed us and rolled us over. As she rode my cock slowly now and much easier she said, “Call room service, I’m starving!”

I watched her body fucking me and reached for the phone. As D moved up and down on my cock I ordered food for two. She took the phone and hung it up. Then she moaned and placed her hands on my chest and slowly rocked back and forth on my body as my cock sank deep into her pussy hole. She hung her head down letting her hair fall over her face and on my stomach. I held her hips as we fucked and fucked and fucked. D began to rock faster now and moans were coming from her throat as she lifted her head up and looked into my eyes. She said, “Faster Bud! Oh God I love your cock! Fuck me faster! Faster! Faster! Oh yes! Oh yes! OH CHRIST BUD! AHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHH! GOD!!!!! BUDDDDDDD!!!!!”

Again and again I thrust mobilbahis my cock up into her pussy and again and again she cried out as her orgasm took over her body and gave her more and more pleasure.! Finally she fell forward on top of me rocking back and forth again moaning my name. She licked my neck and kissed me hard. She then whispered, “’ God that was good I have been wanting to fuck since I woke up this morning Bud. Thanks for doing me so well.”

I didn’t want to tell her she fucked herself on my cock, I had little to do with it actually. I rolled her over and as I drove my very hard cock into her pussy the first time, there was a rap on the door. She whispered, “Room service is here.”

I got up and slipped on a pair of sorts. D hide under the covers as I opened the door and the waiter came into the room with the food./ I told him to leave it and gave him a tip as I hustled him out the door. She sat up and said, “Great! Let’s eat.” I had to wait to cum I guess as D sat in the big chair nude and I watched her body as we ate. She saw my cock hanging down and reached for it. She jerked me off slowly with one hand as we ate.

As dinner went on D had my cock at my fullest length and I wanted to cum bad. As she took a drink of her SC I slid down in front of her and she smiled and asked what I was doing? I told her, “Having my desert D! Now open you legs.”

She smiled and opened them wide enough so I could see her sweet pussy again. I wanted her to get wet I mean really wet before I did her this time. I want her body hurting badly, nipples hard and clit swollen and throbbing before I put my cock back in her and fucked her until I shot all of my cum deep into her pussy.

When I told her that, she moaned and I pulled her lower body towards my open and waiting mouth. She bent forward and moaned holding my head on her open cunt. When she felt my lips and tongue press into her sweet cunt hole, she gladly opened her legs as wide as she could and I move in further between them.

She said, “Oh God Bud I love your tongue in my pussy. I wanted your mouth and tongue to lick and suck my pussy bad baby.”

As I knelt between her open legs, I stop long enough to take in her beautiful two holes close up. As I examine that sweet little pussy slit first I pressed my nose against it. I inhaled her sweet musk before I buried my mouth against her pussy lips and they open for me to stimulate more. Exposing her waiting pussy hole, my mouth and tongue begin to go to work on her insides and in seconds, I have her moaning for more. With her hands pressed against the back of my head, her body starts to shake a little at first then more as her excitement and sexual need grew more and more. I knew by now when D required the need for more stimulation. She look down at my head buried in between her thighs and I heard her moan, “Oh yes! Oh yes Bud that feels so good baby! The feeling is fucking fantastic.

She bent her knees and lifted them high so I could get even deeper between her legs. As she raised her thighs I had access to both holes now. I licked under and around her ass and pussy. I licked her ass and she cried out as she felt two fingers go deep inside her cunt. I licked and kissed her tender ass hole while my fingers fucked her pussy. She knew in a few seconds the first time I ate her pussy that I was no ordinary guy. She knew I would stay between her legs until she was satisfied with oral and want me to fuck her with my cock. She could tell by the way I have started working on her, that she was gong to have one hell of a set of orgasms before I finished.

“Mummm that’s so nice baby. It feel so good!” D said, as she felt both of my hands go between her legs and lift under her body.

She was bent at the knees and had them wide open allowing me even better access to her body. She feel my hands squeeze her ass cheeks hard and pull them apart as my tongue moves from the top of her pussy down under and over her ass and back up over her two holes. I bit one of her cheeks and made her jump. I went back licking her body between those wide-open thighs.

When I push a finger into her pussy hard, I watch it disappear into her body. I smile as I watch the finger slowly fucking her pussy. I insert my tongue under the finger and it too entered her body. I wiggle both around inside and hear her grunt and moan in pleasure as her hands stroked my head. As she moaned I bent her legs and put one over each of the arms of the chair she was sitting in. She smiled at me as I looked from her eyes to her pussy opened wide and waiting for me. She said, “See anything you like baby?”

I smiled and moved into her. What I loved about D now was the fact that she had lost all of her inhibitions. She was scared now and didn’t care how open her private parts were. She didn’t care if she was spread eagle on the bed or opened and sitting with a leg over each arm of the big chair she sat in. She didn’t care if I was sitting there looking at her cunt and ass hole. mobilbahis giriş She loved the sex we were having together, the feeling we gave each other and the sheer lust and passion of our fucking. She had broken away completely from her Victorian ways. She was giving me totally accessibility to her wide-open body and it was for both of our pleasures.

I sit up a little and stroked D slowly over her two holes. She smiles down at me and wipes my chin with the napkin she still has in her hand. I smile back and ask, “ Do you like this?”

She got a bigger smile on her face, and tells me, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” She pushes my face back into her pussy.

Licking and sucking her cunt and then down to her ass hole I had one thing on my mind, to make her cum. I use my fingers to open the tight little hole and finally got my tongue over and in between her tight ass hole. I start to lick her ass while my fingers have her pussy lips spread wide open and I’m fingering that hole with my other hand.

My fingers and mouth continue to make love to both of her holes now that I can insert her ass hole with my tongue. At the position she was in, I could actually get my tongue in her rose bud w/o any problem. So I slowly insert a finger into it and she begins to lift up from the pressure. She was a virgin back there. I went very slowly but finally I saw my finger disappear into her ass. I moved my tongue back to her pussy and concentrated on making her climax now.

I know by the way she was pumping and rocking on my face now, that she was just about there anyway. I began to lick up and down her open pink slit while I use my fingers to pull the folds of her swollen pussy lips away from around her clit. As her hood moved away I saw that blood-swollen clit sitting there in from of my eyes.

It was huge and throbbing! I move it and press my tongue around the sides of it. Then I placed my tongue directly against it and hear her moan loudly. The clit was rock hard. I softly hum directly on it as I continued to stimulate her holes with my fingers. There were two fingers inside her pussy and my thumb was in her ass hole. I was rotating them all as I licked her clit.

She moaned louder this time and slid forward into my face. She was almost sitting on my face as I worked on her sweet pussy. She held my head with both hands and tried to ram my face with her pussy. She screamed at me: “Suck it Bud. For God sakes suck IT BABY! SUCK MY CUNT! HARDER.” She was yelling at me now as her body began to climax with one of the best and hardest orgasms of her life. I had my hands around her thighs and was sucking her clit moving into harder into her pussy. She yelled: “OH YES BABY! OH FUCK YES! SUCK IT. HARDER . . . SUCK IT . . . HARDER! OH GOD! ALMOST THEY’RE . . .. SUCK IT! OHHH! YESSSS! HARDER . . .. OH YESSSSSS. . . YESSSS!! OH SWEET LORD! THAT’S SO FUCKING GOOD! YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK IT! SUCK IT HARDER! I’M THERE! OH BABY SUCK ME!!! HARD.I’M THERE! AHHH!! AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! GODDDDDDDDDDDD. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! BUDDDDDD!!!!!!!”

I knew the orgasm was so good! But I also knew we could do better. God I loved looking at her. She was so clean so fresh and so fucking wet between her legs now. You whisper in my ear: “Come on baby let’s get into bed and fuck! I want this hard cock inside me.”

I reach around her body and pulled her lower body to the very edge of the chair now. Her ass is almost hanging off the end. I moved up and suck both of her nipples and cupped her breasts as my cock rubbed over her swollen pussy lips. D tried to reach down and put me in but I stopped her saying: “Later! We’ll fuck a little later when you are sufficiently stimulated. Now just lay back in the chair and let your lover show you why I love to eat pussy.”

Before she can move I place my head between her legs again and hold her knees open and over the arms of the chair. “Mumm!! I want that pussy now baby. It looks so sweet and swollen. Does it want my tongue to lick it and make it feel better D?”

She moaned and told me, “You know I do Bud. Lick my pussy baby! OH GOD Come on baby! Lick me.”

And with her lovely young silky smooth legs up over the arms of the big chair and her ass on the edge of the chair, that sweet beautiful pussy of D’s was wide open for me to love. I can smell her musk as it floats up into my face! I move down towards it and had to lick my lips. My mouth was actually watering with my anticipation. I looked at her magnificent young body and saw her pussy lips already open from her anticipation and from the loving she had received just a few minutes ago. Her expected anticipation of what I was going to do next excited and stimulated her entire body.

Her legs were opened so wide, I could see the bones in her legs that stick up against her inner thighs next to her pussy! I rub the bones and ended my stroke at the sides of her pussy lips. I run a finger up and down her warm slit and watched it open and as her clit throbbed with desire I moved back down to that very soft skin on her inner thighs again. I softly and very slowly stroke each side of her pussy opening my fingers and teasing her. I could see her wetness oozing out of her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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