The Senior Trip Ch. 12

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It presented quite a picture, Linda completely naked, her round, soft plump behind poised ready for spanking, her breasts hanging down, appearing even larger in that position, the nipples looking like little ?ngers protruding from their centers. Judy’s towel had fallen to her waist, so she, also, had bare breasts sticking out, not as large as Linda’s, of course, but still a delightful sight. With no warning, she abruptly brought her arm up and her hand descended, hitting Linda’s left ass cheek with a resounding slap, eliciting a loud yelp and a cry, “This is unfair! …Ouch…I didn’t want to spank you!” Before the sentence was ?nished, a second slap hit the other cheek, bring another “Ouch.” Despite her continued protests, the spanking continued, both cheeks of her ass turning crimson as the blows continued to fall with increasing vigor. Slap…”Ow”… “Oooh, ouch”…slap…”Ow, it hurts!

Interestingly, administering the punishment had that same effect on Judy as it had on Linda in Washington. She started with the intent of giving a light spanking, but got carried away by the tactile feel of Linda’s bouncy, quivering bottom and by the feeling of domination the spanking conveyed. Thus, the blows were not pro forma, they were real whacks that hurt. Consequently, Linda was twisting and bucking, trying to evade the impact, but, by so doing, she completely exposed her cunt and ass to the rapt gaze of her audience. In addition, the movement of her large breasts was fascinating. they swayed back and forth and side to side as she moved her hips, and, when her body was jarred by the force of the blows, they jiggled and quivered as if they had lives of their own. It was erotic in the extreme. In any case, Judy administered ten ?rm slaps, counted down by the others. Slap…”Ow”…”Six”…slap…”Oww”…”Seven”…slap… “Ouch”…”Eight”… SLAP… “OOW!”… “NINE”… SLAP… “OUCH”…”TEN!”

Linda sagged down over Judy’s legs, glad that it was over, but her relief was short lived as she was helped to her feet only to be draped over Angela’s knees. Angela had dropped her towel, so the audience was treated to the sight of two nude women, one ready to spank the other. Linda’s ass was already very red and quite sore, so Angela’s ?rst smack brought forth a pained wail, “Oh that hurts! One of you is enough! Please stop!” Angela showed no mercy: she had ten smacks coming and she was going to use them. Actually, Angela didn’t spank as hard as Judy, but Linda’s ass was already red and sensitive, and the pain was real. Once again, they made a pretty picture sitting and lying there. Angela’s breasts were relatively large and they bobbled each time she raised her arm and brought it down. At their center were plump, dark pink, and very erect, nipples that really contrasted with her light skin. Linda, of course, presented her usual exciting array of charms which she no longer attempted to conceal as she did all she could to evade the spanking hand.

Smack…”Ow, it hurts!”…smack…”Ooooh, it’s not fair!…slap…”OUCH, not there!” (as the hand smacked her cunt lips)…smack…”Ouch!” Linda ?nally gave up and just lay there, being spanked and listening to the countdown Slap… “Six”…Smack… “Oooooh”… “Seven”… slap…”moan”…”Eight”…SLAP…”groan, Ooooh”…”NINE”… SMACK… “OOOW!”… TEN!” At ten, Linda just slumped down, draped over Angela’s knees, and made no attempt to get up. Finally, Kenny came over and lifted her up and held her, freeing Angela from her weight. Angela stood up beside her and it made a fascinating contrast. They were about the same size, but most noticeably, Linda’s breasts were much larger and the mat of dark public hair above Angela’s cunt made Linda’s neat blonde triangle look small.

Linda had a dazed expression, very similar to the out-of-it look that she had when lying on the ?oor alter Kenny had spanked her the ?rst time — very hot and very vulnerable and not knowing quite what to do. She wasn’t actually hurt, of course: her rear end was painful, but spanking pain is ephemeral and hardly serious, and, actually, as she had found, rousing after the fact! All of the sexual activity had overloaded her conscious mind — exposing herself in the dress again, being felt through it, being thoroughly explored in the Jacuzzi — and, now, being spanked, naked in front of the others and by another woman, also naked! It had stimulated her sexual desires and she was really aroused, and, as in Washington with Kenny’, she wanted sex, but, this time, had no way to get it! Still really “spaced out”, not thinking of who was there, she just fell back on the bed, legs sprawled open, once again available for anyone to have her.

The others just stared at her, still highly aroused, themselves, by the evenings activities, particularly the erotic view of Linda being spanked, looking fixedly as her open cunt. No one knew quite what to do about her blatant offering of herself — except, of course, Kenny.

Moving over and lying beside her on the bed, he quickly put his arm around her, and cupping her left tit with his left hand, he ran his right hand casino şirketleri between her legs to caress and ?nger fuck her. This was no quick touching as when they posed in Washington. He continued feeling her breast while he stroked her between her cunt lips, tickling her clit while continuing to slide his ?nger in and out. As she began to hump up and down, he ‘moved his ?nger back and easily slid it into her asshole, ?nger fucking her ass. That additional stimulation was enough to send her over the edge and she began a frenzy of surging undulations, climaxing with a long, upward drive against his hand.

The girls’ arousal went even higher as they watched Kenny play with Mrs. Kramer. The brief cunt feeling that they had seen in Washington was nothing compared to this, of course. Seeing her lying there, wide open and lost in sexual pleasure, sent a thrill through each of them, a thrill that was magni?ed as she began the sexual undulations and moans indicating her impending orgasm. Each felt a tingle in her own cunt as they watched his ?ngers play along and through the cunt lips, slipping inside as her hips began to rise and fall. Still, nothing overwhelmed them as much as seeing his ?nger go into her asshole, sending her over the top and into orgasm. They had never conceived of him doing any such thing, or, if he did, that she would react as she had. At that point, they would have thought that they had seen everything — but, of course, they would have been wrong!

Glancing toward Kenny brie?y as if to get his approval, Beth, dropping her towel, quickly got on the bed, knelt between Linda’s spread thighs, and began to lick her cunt. Needless to say, the girls reacted with stunned silence, never having dreamed of Beth doing such a thing. However, these were girls of the twentieth century, and the idea of female-female sex was not the abhorrent thing that it had been (publicly, at least) in previous generations. In addition, they were so high themselves, that almost anything sexual would have been intriguing rather than repulsive. Consequently, when the ?rst shock passed, they moved closer to see, in detail, exactly what Beth was doing.

When Linda felt the first contact with Beth’s tongue, she automatically pulled her knees up, almost to her tits, presenting, as usual, not only her cunt but, also, her asshole. Knowing from recent experience what she enjoyed, Beth began slowly running her tongue from her clit all the way back, lingering at the rear opening for a few moments, and coming back. She would ?ick the clit a number of times, then make the trip back again. Receiving the stimulation she liked best, Linda began raising and lowering her hips, twisting a bit as she worked up toward another climax. She was panting and gasping, her mouth open, as the excitement began to overcome her. Recognizing the signs, Beth concentrated on the clit, alternating between lightly sucking it and ?icking it with her tongue. At the same time, following Kenny’s past examples, she inserted the tip of her middle finger into the asshole, ?nger fucking it, matching the rhythm of Linda’s moves. Suddenly, Linda erupted, her pelvis jerking spasmodically before, abruptly, holding herself still against Beth’s mouth, her bottom completely off of the bed. Then, her orgasm complete, she slumped back, her legs drooping open, as Beth pulled back.

While this incredible exhibition was taking place before them, the girl’s initial reaction was to watch quietly in complete awe. However, the whole situation was just too much for them to stand idly by, and within a few seconds, both Judy and Jenny had dropped their towels and, crouching over, legs apart, they were busily masturbating by rubbing their pubic area and clits.

Angela just stood there, hypnotized by the action, unable even to play with herself. Kenny, of course, had seen Beth do this before, so, while he was staring like the others, he was also able to look away and watch the girls — which, needless to say, made his cock even harder, if that were possible. Seeing Angela totally engrossed in watching the “depraved” act of cunnilingus, he moved behind her, loosened her towel and began massaging her bare breasts. Hardly aware of what she was doing, her hand dropped down and grasped his cock, working up and down on it as they watched the conclusion of Linda’s orgasm.

As Beth drew back, Kenny, without hesitation, pulled away from Angela and moved to the bed. Lifting Linda’s legs, he placed them over his shoulder and, moving in, slid his cock deep into her dripping cunt. She was so wet that he went into her up to his balls without the slightest difficulty. With Linda’s entire crotch raised up in that position, he pulled out and pounded back down, plunging in and out without impediment. With the sexual excitement of the last hour or so, the fucking was relatively short. He could have exploded almost as soon as he entered, but he was able to prolong the delightful feeling of approaching orgasm for a few minutes. For Linda, her climax with Beth had temporarily sated her sexual appetite, but Kenny’s cock in her cunt casino firmalari immediately revived it, and she began matching him, moving contrapuntally: when he came in, she surged upwards, when he withdrew, she fell back. Of course, her position did not permit as much freedom of motion as usual, but it was enough. Gradually, the fucking motion quickened as Kenny could no longer postpone the inevitable, his cock literally creating foam from the lubrication pulled out of her cunt. Finally, the climax came and he pushed his cock as deeply as possible into her in a series of fast, jabbing thrusts — and ejaculated! Linda’s orgasm followed immediately, leaving the two of them locked together, tightly, between her legs, straining to completion. Finished, they collapsed back onto the bed, he having come explosively and she having enjoyed her third orgasm in a row (certainly a record for her).

At the end, the girls were beside themselves with sexual arousal. They had seen unbelievable sights — Kenny masturbating Mrs. Kramer, Beth licking her to orgasm and, then, like a porno movie, Kenny fucking her. They had stared with utter fascination at everything, particularly the cock pummeling her cunt, the slippery, shiny shaft plunging in and out. When it was all over, they just stood there, petri?ed, not having any idea of what might happen next. Beth, who had stood with them while the fucking took place, spontaneously embraced Jenny and, suddenly, Jenny found herself on her back beside Linda, with Beth’s mouth glued to her cunt, receiving the same treatment that Linda had gotten earlier. Angela and Judy stared, open- mouthed at them, and without thinking, Angela pushed Judy back onto the bed next to Jenny, and went down on her, tasting a cunt for the ?rst time. The next hour was one of continual erotic sex play, during which every girl licked each other and Linda, with Linda servicing each of them. By the time they were ?nished, none of them was lesbian, but all de?nitely were bi-sexual!

Meantime, Kenny had gone off only once, and his cock was rigidly erect again. Unlike Linda, none of the others was on the pill, but, fortunately, these days he always carried a packet of condoms just in case he and Beth could screw. Rolling one on, he lay ?at on the bed, his cock sticking up like a ?agpole. Beth mounted onto it, letting it sink slowly into her very receptive cunt. Leaning forward on her extended arms, she began to ride up and down, letting her passion mount, controlling the tempo to suit herself. She was very excited, both from all that had gone on before and the realization that her friends were watching her fucking herself on Kenny’s cock. He was fondling and squeezing her tits, while ?exing up and down, matching her rhythm. Fortunately, in that reclining position, his cock encased in the rubber, he was able to control his own excitement and, when she climaxed, he still had not come. Beth looked at the others, asking, “Who’s next!”

The girls had watched with goggle-eyes as Beth performed, no longer shocked at anything, their minds overloaded with sensations that they never before had experienced. Now, they stood, glued to the ?oor as they looked at each other, a bit disconcerted at the unexpected offer, but wanting it at the same time. Surprisingly, it was Jenny, the quietest of them all that accepted the challenge and mounted Kenny’s cock, positioning herself above it and guiding it into her cunt, letting herself down slowly. She leaned forward, copying Beth, resting herself on her hands and, as Kenny grasped her tits, began the exhilarating process of fucking herself. As it turned out, she was the only non-virgin among the three girls, having lost her “cherry” to a sixteen year-old neighbor the previous year. Thus, she had no impediment, physical or otherwise, and, as she lost herself in the exercise, her ?rst screwing with Kenny was both energetic and satisfying. Her ?nal movements were frenetic, climaxing with a loud, drawn out “Aaaah!”

Angela was next, having been urged onward by the others. As she prepared to lower herself onto the cock, she hesitated, saying softly, “I’m afraid…I’ve…I’ve never done this before.” Of all the girls, the one they thought most likely to have “gone all the way was Angela, but she was a virgin. It turned out her hymen was not intact, probably broken by “playing around,” but her passage was a tighter ?t than Beth’s or Jenny’s, making entrance harder, adding stimulation to Kenny’s cock. As might be expected, she was hesitant when she started, but knowing Angela, it was not surprising that she worked up quickly and went wild with a cock up her for the ?rst time. Her lack of restraint in her movements and her obvious extreme excitement motivated Kenny, causing him to react strongly, driving vigorously up into her as he squeezed her breasts. Angela moved up and down almost in a blur, driving toward a violent orgasm that was too much for Kenny’s restraint, and, as she climaxed, twisting ecstatically, he surged upwards and shot into the condom.

However, when she dismounted and he removed the rubber, he was still güvenilir casino erect, so he put on a second condom and Judy impaled herself. It turned out that she also was a virgin, partly intact as Kenny discovered when she came down, rupturing the remains of her hymen. Once the twinge of pain was past, she freely humped up and down, bring herself to an orgasm marked by a wail of pleasure as she finished. This time, Kenny was more passive, merely moving up into her and fondling her breasts as he helped her come.

That, of course, left only Linda, and, with no fears of pregnancy, he removed the rubber, letting her lower herself onto his bare cock. It was a fascinating scene for the girls, despite having watched two “woman on top” fuckings and having taken part in one themselves. Somehow it was different seeing Mrs. Kramer sitting on a cock, her large, heavy breasts hanging down, her nipples grazing Kenny’s chest as she leaned forward. This time, he made no attempt to hold back, driving his cock upwards into her receptive cunt, pulling her hips downward to meet it. For her part, she ground her cunt hard against him before raising up, dropping forcefully back down, feeling the shaft ram into her vaginal passage time after time. Soon, both of them were in frenzy, seeking release as the sexual tension built up. It was clearly the most vigorous and most animated of the ?ve screwings, and when the mutual orgasms came, Kenny’s hips were raised six inches of off the bed, reaching upward as Linda pushed down just as hard. They held there, frozen in time for at least thirty seconds before he slumped back ?at and she collapsed over him.

Recovering, they lay there quietly, and, spontaneously and without consultation, the four girls joined them, lying side-by-side, cross-wise on the bed, with a sense of camaraderie they had never felt before. They had shared the most intimate moments of sexual closeness and affection, and few words needed to be spoken. The events were almost beyond their belief. Their teacher had committed adultery twice in front of them, an unbelievable showing of con?dence in their discretion and love. Two of the girls had lost their virginity in front of the others, again, a

statement of trust and affection. Now, all six of them lay together on the bed, completely naked and cuddled against each other, hands cupping breasts, legs between thighs and ?rmly against cunts. Beth and Linda were against each other, gripping each other’s breasts, Linda’s leg between Beth’s. Behind Linda, Kenny’s arm was around her, holding a breast, his cock wedged against her ass and steadily reviving. The revival was advanced by Angela’s hand gently massaging his balls as her breast was fondled by Judy. And so it went, each somewhat satis?ed and burned out, yet enjoying the relatively mild continuance of sex play. The holding, fondling, kissing and quiet conversation had a very bene?cial impact (although they were not thinking of it at the time) in the releasing of tensions and the acceptance of the things they had done. Often things seem like fun in the heat of the moment, but distressful the following day. The closeness and after-the-fact intimacy they shared on the bed helped ease and defuse the qualms, embarrassment and regrets that might have existed otherwise.

They shifted around a number of times so that everyone had that closeness with each of the others, but, ?nally, all good things (and depraved ones) must come to an end. Looking at the time, the girls agreed that they had to get home and they started, reluctantly, to dress. For Kenny, the sight was astounding: four girls, completely naked to start, pulling on their panties and putting on their bras right before him, with no sense whatsoever of embarrassment. Somehow, watching them dressing was almost as exciting as seeing them nude. His cock, already revived by the long and very pleasant petting session as they lay together, took on that familiar rigidity that demanded release. Again, as with their dressing in front of him, the girls had no hesitation about recognizing his condition, something they would have noticed before but studiously ignored, one of them commenting, laughingly, “I guess that you’d better stay a while longer after we leave — Mrs. Kramer can take care of that! ” Unfortunately for that solution, Kenny and Beth had come together and he had to drive her home.

The issue hung in abeyance for a few moments, and then, Linda, doing something that should have been impossible to consider, much less do, in front of the others, fell on her knees between Kenny’s legs as he sat on the bed, and before she really had time to consciously think of the act she was about to commit, she found his cock at her mouth. Without hesitation, despite being aware of the girls watching, she opened her lips and engulfed it, beginning to suck immediately. Kenny, startled, never having conceived of such a thing, quickly forgot about everything except the warm, sucking mouth around his cock. The audience, which in other circumstances might have been disconcerting, faded from his mind and, holding her cheeks between his hands, he began fucking motions into her mouth. exploding very quickly, sending a monumental burst of cum into her mouth, most of which she swallowed. Shocked by her own actions, she fell back on the ?oor, momentarily overcome by what she had done.

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