The Seduction

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The Garden

Tanya sighed, and sipped her red wine. Another company mixer; another night to reflect on how much she really didn’t like these company sponsored meat markets. And yet, she still came, still pathetically attempted to be part of the crowd. “Ah well, at least the drinks are free,” she muttered under her breath, checking her watch to see if she could leave and not be noticed. As she glanced back up, her blue eyes were suddenly arrested by intense green eyes from across the room. A tall man, with wavy black hair, was talking to Nora, a willowy blonde from her department, and he was looking over Nora’s shoulder at her, a sly smirk on his lips while he conversed with Nora. Tanya had never seen him before, and figured he must have come with Nora. Shaking her head, she looked away, and moved over towards the French doors that opened out into the elaborate garden of the hall. She could feel his eyes still on her as she drained her glass and went for another from a passing waiter. She surreptitiously watched him, until she was certain he wasn’t looking at her, and she slipped out the doors into the cool night.

The night breeze played about her auburn hair, swirling her flowing skirt around her legs. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that she wasn’t being followed, and entered the labyrinth. The tall hedges immediately enclosed her on either side, and she breathed in the cool green smell of growing things. Tanya wandered the path aimlessly, sipping wine and thinking about his green eyes. She couldn’t stop thinking about them, and it drove her a bit crazy. “I’ve probably had too much to drink,” she said sarcastically to herself, “and I’m imagining the whole thing. Get it together woman.” She couldn’t quite shake the feeling that she was being watched, however, but she shrugged it off as a lingering feeling from the party. Tanya rounded a corner, and came face to face with a dead end. A marble bench sat in front of it, with flowers framing either end. “Great,” she sighed, and she turned around, intending on retracing her steps.

She turned the corner back the way she came, and shrieked, her heart in her throat, dropping her wine glass on the grassy path. There HE stood, that same smirk on his handsome face, the wind ruffling his black hair. She gasped, and blurted out, “What are YOU doing here?” He smiled a bit wider, and stepped a bit closer to her, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Oh, I just thought you might need a bit of company,” his deep voice rumbled, “You shouldn’t walk around all by yourself out here.”

“Thank you,” she stammered, “but I’m quite capable of taking care of myself. Now, if you will excuse me, I should be getting back to the, um, the party.” She stooped to pick up her dropped glass, and when she stood up, he was right in front of her, his eyes boring into hers with an intensity that was frightening, yet thrilling. She found she could not look away as she straightened, and she backed up a bit, feeling a little like she was being hunted.

“You aren’t afraid of me, are you,” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

She gathered herself, and said, “of course not. You just seem to have this disconcerting way of approaching me. I don’t even know who you are, or to what purpose you might have by coming out here and sneaking up on me, but I am telling you I don’t appreciate your cavalier attitude. Now, if you don’t mind, I am going back to the party.” With that, she started to stalk off, the movement marred by the fact that her heels sunk into the soft grass with each step. She staggered, and almost fell, and he caught her arm swiftly, helping her to stand back up.

He bowed floridly, and said, “My humblest apologies, my dear lady. My name is Damon, and I merely wished to make your acquaintance. I certainly did not wish to offend you, nor frighten you, but you looked rather alone, and I thought that a lovely woman such as yourself should not be alone at such an… interesting gathering.”

She gaped at him, and blushed hard, her pale skin turning pink. She said, “Well, Damon, it’s lovely to meet you. My name is Tanya, and I’m sorry if I was a bit rude, but I really don’t like these parties much, and I was sure you were there with Nora, so I didn’t want to bother you.” Where had that come from, she thought with an inner groan. “And as you can tell, these gatherings aren’t all that interesting; they’re more like a meat market, and I really don’t know why I keep coming to them.” She realized that he hadn’t let go of her arm yet, and she attempted to shrug him off, unsuccessfully. She gave him a withering look that had worked in the past to get rid of pests, but he only grinned deeper, and tugged her closer to him, until he was inches from her face.

“You don’t really want to go, do you,” he asked softly, and an electric thrill raced through her body. She certainly was intrigued by his demeanor, and caught off guard, but she was sure that someone might show up at any minute, and that would be all she needed to ruin her reputation. To her surprise, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she found herself gazing back at him, watching his sensuous lips curl over his teeth in a sexy grin.

She shook herself mentally, and said, “How dare you! We have only just met, you are here with another woman, and you persist in this manner towards me.” He laughed, his whole face lit up with pleasure.

“You are a saucy little lass, aren’t you,” he grinned, grabbing her other arm and holding her closer. “I am not here with anyone, my dear, and I certainly wouldn’t want to offend your sensibilities, but I do believe that we connected from across the room, and I knew I had to meet you.”

She took a step back. Her body was singing from the heat of his, and she found his attention to her very flattering. Her heart was racing, and she had to remember to breath. Internally, her body was responding in a very primal way to his, but she tried once again to impose order on her raging hormones. “Well, yes, we certainly did, um, connect, but don’t you think this is moving just a bit fast?”

“Well, when I see something I want, I don’t wait around. And I want you,” he said, pulling her close to him, lowering his lips to hers, and curling her toes in a scorching kiss. She started to melt into it, a low moan rising from her throat, when she suddenly realized she was kissing a complete stranger. She drew back sharply, and pulled her arms sharply from his grasp.

“You beast! You have completely overstepped any lines of decency. How dare you…” was all she got out, before he had her in his arms again, his mouth covering hers in another blistering kiss. Her eyes widened, and she struggled briefly, but her body responded to his kiss with a wave of desire that made her pulse skip a beat and her knees buckle.

His tongue danced over her lips, teasing them open, and when she did, he plunged in, taking her mouth prisoner. He slid one of his hands up her arm, to cup her jaw with his strong fingers, and moved the other arm around to press against her back, pushing her body against his. She could feel his hardness pressing into her groin, and heat pooled between her thighs. She moaned, and he broke off the kiss, a sly smile on his lips. “Now, I ask you once again, you don’t really want to go, do you,” he said softly, his voice huskier, his eyes hot and hooded. She focused her eyes on his, and her breath caught at the naked lust burning in those green orbs.

“No,” she whispered, giving in to the desire humming throughout her body.

His smiled turned triumphant, and he boldly slid a hand up to squeeze a breast through her dress. She gasped at the touch, her nipple hardening almost immediately from the possessive touch. He nuzzled at her neck, grinding his pelvis into hers, pushing her back towards the bench. When the backs of her knees touched the bench, he pushed her down onto it, and then knelt between her knees. He slid her skirt up to her waist, kissing his way up her legs, nipping and licking at the tender flesh of her inner thighs. The onslaught had her mind reeling, and she leaned back, small whimpers escaping her throat.

He slid a finger across the outside of her panties, taking note of the damp spot blooming in the center. He smiled, and said, “Well, I see we have a wet little pussy here, don’t we? A wanton little lass, aren’t ye?” At his words, fresh heat coursed down her body, making her breasts heavy with desire, and fresh juices to flow from her core. She spread her legs willingly as he bent down again, pulling her panties aside and licking the bare lips with the tip of his tongue.

She breathed out, “oh yessss…” as he lapped at her clit, dipping his tongue into her pussy and sucking at her labial lips. She yelped as he slid in first one finger, then another, pumping them fast and furious while he sucked her clit like a man possessed. She came, hard, her pussy muscles contracting on his fingers, flooding his mouth with her cum. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud from the intensity of her orgasm, and she opened her eyes to see him looking at her like the cat that got into the cream.

He wasted no time unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down, showing her what she had first felt against her just a few minutes prior. Eight inches of rock hard cock stood proudly before her, wet at the tip with his pre-cum. She thought that he would want her to reciprocate the oral sex, but instead, he pressed her down onto the bench, ripped her panties off of her, and plunged inside her hard, slamming in right to the hilt. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and a gurgled cry came out of her throat as he slammed his thick meat into her over and over. She held onto his shoulders as he rode her, fast and hard, her first orgasm quickly fading into the most intense orgasm of her life. She just kept cumming and cumming, her body writhing under his, her nails digging into his shoulders as he whispered erotically into her ears.

“Mmmm, you wanton little lass; you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri want me to fuck you, don’t you? You wanted me to from the moment we met, didn’t you? Mmmm, oh yes, I knew you were mine from the moment I saw you, I knew your pretty little pussy would be mine, mmm, oh yes.” His voice grew a bit strained, and he pressed his lips to her neck, biting slightly, as he fucked her impossibly faster.

She grasped his shoulders, her voice cracking as she cried out, “Oh Yes!” and he came inside her, rocketing her into another orgasm that drained her completely. He lay on top of her for a moment, and then slid out of her, his still stiff cock dripping hers and his cum.

He looked at her for a moment, then said in a commanding tone, “Lick me clean, woman.” She sat up slowly, her mind still reeling, her pussy still pulsing and oozing cum down her legs. She opened her mouth and lapped at his still stiff member, shivering at the taste of herself mixed with his cum. She sucked him into her mouth, moaning a little, until she had cleaned him of every drop. He smiled at her, a dirty smile that made her tremble. She felt some more of their mixed cum dribble down her legs. She started to wipe at it with her fingers, but he stopped her hand with his own.

“No, my lil lass, you will leave that as it is. I want you to remember this for the rest of this evening, wearing a bit of me on you, knowing what you did out here with me,” he said with a note of command in his voice. She stared at him as he picked up her ruined panties, fondling them with his fingers, a smug smile on his face. “Oh, and I think I will be keeping these as well, as a memento of this sweet interlude,” he said, latent desire stirring in his eyes. She felt violated, and thrilled, and confused all at once, her body slowly waking up from the pleasure it had just received.

She straightened her skirt, and slowly stood up, feeling cool cum pearling down her thighs. She said shakily, “I guess this is goodbye, then,” her knees still slightly shaky.

He moved closer, and kissed her deeply, possessively, as if they were old lovers. “No, my sweet, this is hardly the end,” he said, staring into her eyes, as if seeking something there, and finding it. “I will be taking you home from this little party, and we shall certainly continue with our little intrigue there. This game is not yet played out, my lil saucy lass. I haven’t yet begun to violate your sweet soft flesh.” With that, he smirked at her, and walked away, pocketing her underwear, whistling softly.

She stood there for a moment, trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened. She NEVER just fucked someone, especially someone that she had literally just met. The whole experience was surreal, and so erotic, that it kept her blood pumping just a bit faster than normal. She could feel their cum drying on her legs, and it made her feel just a bit dirty. She found that she liked that feeling, that idea that she had just done something that she should not have, and that no one would necessarily know, even with the fluids drying on her. She picked up the forgotten wine glass, and walked unsteadily back towards the hall, a small smile playing about her puffy, well kissed lips.

The Delights of Decadence

She looked about the hall, seeing everyone else but him. Her heart sank a bit, but she walked about, mingling a little, until she decided that he was just playing with her. Now that he had had her, the hunt was over, the trophy claimed. Disappointment soured her elation, and she made her goodbyes, and walked out the front door.

She made it as far as the doorman, who was preparing to wave a taxi up, when she felt him press up behind her. “I told you I was taking you home, my sweet,” his deep voice rumbled in her ear.

Her pulse raced up to breakneck speed, and she breathed out, “You’re here.” He chuckled, the sounds traveling down her body in a sensual wave. He nodded to the doorman, who motioned the valet driving his car up.

He opened the door for her, and she slid inside the cool interior, wondering if this was exactly wise. He excited her to no end, but she had just met him; prudence suggested that she get out and get her own ride home, but the thought left her mind when he got into the other side. He smiled at her, that wicked grin that made her think of candles and satin sheets, and put the car into gear, driving them into the city streets.

They talked on the way to his place, chatting about music, art, politics, and other get-to-know-you topics. He had a quick mind and ready wit, and she found herself laughing and relaxing around him as if she had known him for much longer than a few hours. In the back of her mind, though, she was wary of relaxing too much. He seemed to pick up on that, and looked at her sideways, a serious bend to his lips.

“You seem to be a bit cautious of me; I don’t blame you. After all, I’m a stranger to you, a man who’s just fucked you in a garden during a work party. I güvenilir bahis şirketleri do assure you, however, that if you want me to take you home, I will. I will not force you into something you don’t want.” She looked down at her purse in her hands, her mind racing. He continued, “But I may not be inclined to pursue this, if that happens.” She looked up, considering her options. Again, prudence said to leave, go home, but she was tired of playing it safe. She couldn’t sense malice from him, only control, lust and desire.

She looked out the windshield, took a cleansing breath, and said, “I am not interested in stopping this evening before it’s even truly begun.” She glanced over at him, a shy smile on her face. He smiled back, a genuine warm smile, and nodded.

As they drove through the light traffic, he placed a hand on her knee, sliding up her skirt to expose most of her thigh. He stroked her thigh, his strong hands kneading her soft flesh, and she leaned back, spreading her legs a bit. He gave a low laugh, and boldly slipped a finger into her exposed sex. She melted into the seat, her knees falling open, as he slipped another finger in, lightly pumping them in and out.

“You like me touching you, don’t you,” he purred, moving them a bit faster. When she failed to answer him, he pulled them out and smacked her lips, making her jump a bit. “I said, you like me touching you, don’t you,” he repeated, smacking her labia again sharply.

“Y-yes,” she stammered, her pussy lips throbbing, her head thrown back against the headrest.

“That’s better, my dear,” he said, sliding his fingers back into her wetness. He teased her, pinching and pulling on her lips and clit, all the while keeping his eyes firmly on the road. She moaned and clutched at her seat, her desire soaking into the skirt of her dress. He abruptly stopped, and put his fingers to her mouth. “Clean them,” he ordered, and she opened her mouth, licking and sucking her juices off of his fingers.

They pulled into the driveway of a large house, the windows dark and almost ominous. He stopped the car, got out, and while she straightened out her damp skirt, he came around and opened her door for her. She was touched by his almost old fashioned manners; his courtesy made her feel a bit more at ease. He took her arm in his, and led her up to the dark portal of his home. Unlocking the door, he ushered her in before him, and closed the door, causing them to be blanketed in utter darkness. She felt a thrill of fear wash over her, and she immediately questioned her actions. Then, the light came on, and she found that she was in a short foyer, with rooms opening on either side of the doorway, and an elegant staircase leading to the upper level in front of her.

“This way,” he said, leading her up the stairs, his hand under her elbow. It was simply, but tastefully, decorated, but she only had eyes for her new lover. He moved with an easy grace, his shoulders filling out his suit jacket snugly. His thick black hair was highlighted with a silver lock, just over his right brow, and it seemed to enhance the aura of mystery he had about him. He led her down the hall, past a couple of doors, and opened a third one. He flicked on a light switch, and she looked around at the bedroom just illuminated.

A heavy four-poster bed dominated the room, flanked by side tables with subtle lamps on them. A door opened to a master bath, and other bedroom furniture was placed here and there in the room. He shut the door behind them, and walked around her, shrugging off his jacket and tossing it carelessly onto the back of a chair. She stood still, unsure of just what she should do now. He sat, pulled off his shoes, and loosened his tie. “Come here,” he said, leaning back, looking every inch the lord and master of his domain. She set her purse down, and walked towards him, stopping just in front of him, her lower lip between her teeth.

“Take off your dress,” he ordered, his voice deepening a bit. She hesitated only slightly, and then unzipped the back, letting the soft fabric slide off her body. She hadn’t worn a bra, hadn’t needed to, and as he already had her underwear, she stood totally naked in front him, with only her heels on. He nodded in approval, getting up and walking around her. He went over to a dresser, and pulled a strip of black satin out of a drawer. He walked up behind her, his feet silent on the soft carpet, and said in a low voice, “Do you trust me?” There was the tone of command, but underneath there was a touch of vulnerability, as if he expected a rejection.

She stood trembling, and said, “Yes, I do.” With that, he came up behind her, and lifted the strip of satin over her head, lowering it over her eyes. He tied it firmly, settling it over her eyes carefully.

Tanya could feel him breathing behind her, his body heat almost scorching her with its intensity. He moved away, and she couldn’t hear or feel him anymore; all she could sense was his presence in the room itself. She felt a breath on her neck, hot and wet, and a jolt shot through her body. He moved away again, and she waited, trembling slightly. A hand ran over her belly, moving up between her breasts. Then, she felt his tongue on her nipple, licking it briefly, and then gone. She never knew when or where he was going to touch her, and her excitement mounted.

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