The Seduction Of Carol… Chapters One And Two

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The Seduction Of Carol… Chapters One And Two
(Please read my Naughty Nighties… story first.)

Carol was sleeping deeply. Exhausted and, if like me, fully satisfied from our sex the night before. I certainly was satisfied. Carol had never been with a woman before last night but she’d learned quickly how to eat pussy. Leaning against the door jam leading to the bathroom, I could smell our pussy juices that had spotted the bed with wet spots. We’d stayed up most of the night making those wet spots. Remembering all we’d done to make those wet spots made me grin and stretch as I turned off the light in the bathroom. Carol had been nervous yesterday as she’d gone to bed with a woman for the first time. Unsure as she’d eaten pussy for the first time. But I’d only had to hint that she should eat my pussy just as she liked her pussy eaten for her to have me coming for the first time of the night. But as much as I’d enjoyed watching her head between my legs, feeling her tongue sliding between my slit, her lips sucking on my clit… The taste of her young pussy was what I’d loved the most. God, she’d been so responsive to the touch of my fingers and tongue.
Returning to the bed I slid under the light sheet that had been all we’d needed to stay warm as we spooned the night away. Spooning Carol from behind again woke her a bit and she mmmmm’ed and moved back to meet me. Snaking one arm under her pillow and the other over her ribs to grasp one of her large tits, I pulled her back against my front. Standing in bare feet I was easily six or even seven inches taller than Carol. But she came close to me in weight. One of her large, round 36D breasts probably weighed as much as both of my much smaller 34B’s.

Carol’s tit was such a nice more-than-a-handful and her full figure was perfect for cuddling. Perfect to warm someone’s feet that always seemed to stay cold, too. Perfect as Carol found out with a yelp as I bent my leg and pushed a foot between her warm thighs. Carol calmed and I sighed as my foot warmed. To apologize for my cold foot I squeezed her large tit and kissed the back of her neck. Sighing, Carol snuggled closer to me and asked, ‘Didn’t you get enough last night?’
‘Not even close to enough,’ I replied. I took my hand from her tit long enough to move her hair out of the way. Free to nuzzle more of her neck while squeezing her tit again I told her, ‘If you knew everything I plan on doing to you…’ I bit down on her neck like a vampire and gave her tit a hard squeeze before continuing, ‘You’d run screaming for the door.’
I knew she was smiling as she reached back to grab my ass. ‘I think both of us did our fair share of screaming last night,’ Carol observed sexily.
‘So I guess you liked discovering that you like pussy as well as cock,’ I asked while running my tongue up the side of her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe. My hand left her tit, grabbed her thigh and pulled her leg over my hip. Her pussy was open now for me to palm. Pressing my fingers against her pussy lips I began rolling them around.
‘More than I ever thought I would,’ Carol answered with another long sigh. ‘I once watched a friend of mine kiss another girl at a sleep over. I didn’t have the courage to do it myself. I’ve always wondered if…’ My slow massage of her pussy lips stopped her in mid-sentence as her breath caught another long, mmmmm, as her hips began to move her pussy under my hand. I continued to bite and suck on her neck. When I pushed a finger up her hole she was wet. I did a circular motion with my finger inside her before withdrawing to paint her clit and slit with her juice.
I knew her clit was sensitive from all the tongue I’d given her during the night. I kept my touch light as I alternated from pushing my finger in her now very wet hole and then using that wetness to slide over and around her erect clit. I’d loved sucking on that clit last night. It was larger and longer than mine and I’d found it easy to suck it past my lips like a very tiny cock to tickle it with my tongue. Sucking and rubbing it harder and harder with my tongue until Carol’s hips were rising and falling as I sucked her clit deeper into my mouth to lash it with my tongue until she came and coated my cheeks and chin with her juice.

   Just thinking of eating Carol’s soon to be hairless pussy later today made me want to spread her legs now, even on the tiles of the shower.
As much as I wanted to drink her cum again, instead I relunctantly pulled my hand from her pussy before we became too invested in our having sex again. With a muttered, Damn, I told Carol that as much as I would love to spend the entire day in bed with her, we had other things we needed to do. Getting out of bed, I held her hand and began pulling her from the bed towards the bathroom. When she asked why we had to get out of bed, I answered that without an appointment at my spa we had to get there as the doors opened if she wanted to get her bush trimmed and waxed. Carol had agreed to a Brazilian Wax sometime between her second orgasm of the night and her third. In the light of morning she didn’t seem so gung ho about it.
Not giving her a chance to be shy, I came into the bathroom with her and gave her the choice of pissing in the toilet or the shower, I didn’t care, and began brushing my teeth. She decided to use the toilet and as I got the shower water the right temp she brushed her teeth and then joined me in the shower. I’d used my greater height and reach ruthlessly last night to bend and position Carol as I’d wanted. I did that again now, backing her against the tile wall of the shower. No longer worried about morning breath, I leaned down to capture her mouth with mine for a long, minty fresh tongue fest that made both of us want more. Her hands on my breasts and ass and mine on hers weren’t tender as we groped each other with passion. I worked one of my legs between hers to press and rub against her pussy. I knew I wanted more as my deep cunt muscles contracted and relaxed that signaled the release of my pussy juices.

Denying myself the pleasure of dragging Carol back to our bed, I broke the kiss and instead turned her to face the shower spray, waiting until her dark, brown hair was thoroughly wet before rubbing in shampoo. I rinsed and repeated and then rinsed again before gathering her in my arms and pressed her back against my tits. Resting my chin on the top of her head I wrapped my arms tighter around her and massaged her full, wet tits. Twisting and pinching her nipples caused her to groan as I told her, ‘We’re going to have so much canlı bahis şirketleri fun together, you and I.’
‘What do you mean?’ Her voice was barely above a whisper.
I took my time answering, turning her away from the shower spray. Carol lifted her chin up and out of the way as I poured a generous stream of body wash on her shoulders and chest to run down over and between her tits. Using my hands to suds her slippery skin from her tits to between her thighs, I asked her, ‘How many men have you had, counting Jason?’
‘Three.’ Her voice was weak and I could barely her whisper over the sound of the water hitting my back as I reached down to run my hands between her thighs to spread the soap.
‘Ever been with more than one man at a time,’ I asked.
‘No,’ Carol answered as she spread her legs apart to make her pussy lips more accessible to my hands. I began rubbing the soap through the hair on her lips and then deeper into her slit, keeping my touch light on her clit. Her hips began moving in time with my hands and her now hard clit was being strummed by my thumbs as I slid fingers around her hole. She gasped and leaned backwards into me as my finger dipped inside her.
I already knew the answers to my questions. Jason had told me everything Carol had told him during their time together. ‘Tonight we’ll go down to the hotel bar,’ I whispered in Carol’s ear as I began finger fucking her with one finger and then began working a second up her tight pussy as I played with her clit with my other hand. ‘Tonight you’ll find out what it’s like to have more than one man. You’ll learn what it’s like to have cock in your mouth and pussy at the same time. Tonight we’ll double the number of men who have had you to six.’
Carol’s eyes were closed but from the movements of her hips I knew she was picturing herself pleasuring, and being pleasured by, many men at the same time. Her ‘OH!, Oh God… Oooh…’ was a cry of need as her hips thrust to regain contact between her clit and my hand as I took one hand away from her pussy to capture and squeeze hard a soapy, slick tit. Her breathing was ragged as I pushed a third finger of the hand remaining between her legs deep up her tight hole while swirling my thumb harder on and around her erect clit.
‘Do you let men come in your mouth?’
‘Only once when I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob in his car and he came fast. I didn’t like it and let the cum dribble out…’ Carol stopped talking with another gasped, ‘Oh, God!’, as my thumb rubbed hard against the fleshy covering sheath of her clit. Her early experience with cum was so much like mine. But I wasn’t going to let her go years before having more cum like I had.
‘Tonight, every man I let fuck you,’ I bent my knees to bring my mouth to her ear and continued in a whisper as I tongued her earlobe and the sweet spot on her neck just under the ear. ‘Every single man, you’ll suck their cock until they’ve come in your mouth first before they can fuck you. But you won’t swallow. Instead you’ll share every drop of cum with me before I let you swallow. Understand?’
‘Yeeessss,’ Her answer was soft and drawn out, her hips undulating, pressing her pussy into my hand. ‘Oh, God, you’re going to make me come standing up…’ Carol moaned as with words and fingers I continued to bring her closer and closer.
I have long, thin fingers and every bit of three of them were buried in her tight pussy while my thumb assaulted her hard clit. Alternating between strumming up and down the length of her clit sheath and circling her hard nub. Her legs were trembling and more of her weight rested in the palm of my hand and the three fingers I had inside her as I continued to whisper in her ear, ‘And after every man comes in you, I’m going to eat their cum from your pussy and share it with you…’
I knew from last night that Carol came faster than I did and with less clit manipulation. I was still surprised at how fast her orgasm came in the shower. I guess it was the image of me between her legs sucking cum from her pussy that pushed Carol over the edge. I didn’t need her yelp of, ‘Oh, shit! I’m coming’, to know she was. Her body convulsing against mine while her pussy clamped hard on my fingers told me she was having a hard orgasm. More and more of her weight rested in my hand that was between her legs as she lost control of her legs while coming. The more weight I supported the harder my hand pressed against her clit and the harder she seemed to come.
My knees were bending trying to support her weight as Carol came but my arm across her chest couldn’t get a grip on her wet, slippery tits and when my feet slipped on the tile, we both sat down hard on the tile floor of the shower. Luckily we didn’t have far to fall. My hand gripped her pussy hard as we landed, causing her to yell out her pleasure and then her hand was at my wrist trying to pull my fingers out of her pussy. Carol began begging me to pull my fingers out, that she couldn’t take any more.
I slid my fingers but didn’t remove my hand from between her legs. Gently massaging her pussy lips and her clit as she calmed. Her moans and the shudders running through her body lessened as she caught her breath. Now sitting between my legs, Carol leaned back and relaxed in my embrace, admitting that she’d never come so hard or so often with a man as she did with me.
Rolling a nipple between my fingers, I told her we’d only just begun to have our fun together…
One very nice thing about the hotel I was staying at was the fact that most of the peninsular city of Charleston was only a nice walk away. Hot during the Summer but today, in the Fall, it was a very pleasant walk in the sun with a light jacket on. It was low tide and the scent of marsh mud from across the Ashley River was strong on the wind. To many I suppose the smell would be unpleasant. To me, it was the smell of home. Carol occupied her time during the walk by wondering if she should leave a thatch of hair on her mound. Asking if I had a preference. I had to assure her that I didn’t care if she went totally hairless or if she decided on a landing strip or triangle.
One good thing about having money is if you write a check to buy a years membership at a spa for a friend, when you request a Brazilian wax for the friend that same day, they find time to do it even without an appointment. I occupied my time by reading until Carol reappeared. Outside, I asked if she’d gone bald or… She refused to answer. Teasing that I’d have to wait until we were back home to discover that for myself.
I felt like a ch*ld on Christmas waiting canlı kaçak iddaa to unwrap my presents! But Carol underestimated me if she thought I was going to wait until we were back in our suite. There was a small bistro just down the street and after taking a table for a light brunch, I dragged Carol into the ladies room. Despite her laughing attempts to swat my hands away, I unwrapped my present by stripping down her jeans and panties. I loved the landing strip I found on her otherwise hairless pussy and told her so when she asked.

Carol sucked in her breath when I ran a fingertip down her landing strip and now hairless pussy slit. Leaning down to kiss her while running a fingertip into her slit I felt her wetness. I heard her throaty moan as I touched the erect clit. Pressing in to kiss her harder, I began to lightly spread her wetness around her clit. Hands that had moments before had been swatting at mine to stop me were now around my neck pulling me closer. I was ready to pull her jeans off completely and tongue her pussy when another lady trying the locked door brought us back to reality. Reluctantly I pulled my hand away. I really did need to piss and while I used the toilet, Carol zipped up. Carol’s face was flushed as we left together past the lady who’d waited.
Back in her seat it was if she couldn’t keep her hips still. Grinning because I knew what she was feeling, I observed, ‘Everything feels so much ‘more’, doesn’t it?
‘Yes,’ Carol exclaimed. ‘God, yes! Even my panties rubbing against me just…’ Carol stopped, unable to put words to what she was feeling. But I knew, having experienced it myself. Last night Carol had wanted to see my pussy completely bald so I’d let her play and shave my small landing strip off. Now, it was my time to play with her, leaning over to whisper, ‘Your pussy was wet in the bathroom. I bet your panties are soaked by now.’
Carol squirmed in her seat and blushed again. I’d asked for a few iced strawberries for us to share with our Mimosas while waiting for our food. Picking a large, ripe one, I dipped it into a small bowl of cream. Reaching across the table, I gave her the choice of ignoring the large strawberry I was offering her or biting into it.
She bit. Using a fingertip to wipe away a drop of red juice from her lip, letting her watch me suck on the finger, ‘I bet you’re thinking about how it will feel later tonight when I’m between your legs sucking on your bald pussy like I’m sucking my finger.’
Carol shivered and closed her eyes, begging me, ‘Oh, God, stop! Stop that! Stop talking about stuff like that out here in public…’ I thought her shyness was endearing. From the way her hips were moving, Carol might not want to talk about it but she was certainly thinking about me between her legs later.
My answer was to stand with an evil grin and lean across the small table. When Carol began to draw back I snaked a hand behind her head and pulled her towards me as my mouth captured hers. Pushing past her lips, I began a thorough French tonguing of her mouth. It wasn’t long before her lips softened and Carol began returning my kiss. She lost herself in the moment and, forgetting the people around us, pushed her tongue into my mouth. I captured it and sucked hard.

I pulled away slightly and bit her lower lip before leaning further towards her. Skimming my fingers through her hair to expose her ear, I put my hand behind her head to hold her still while I licked her earlobe and the small stud earing there and whispered, ‘I’m going to fuck you so hard when we get back. I’ll eat that hairless pussy until you beg me to stop. Your clit will be so hard it will ache…’
I punctuated my next soft words with licks and warm breath. ‘Just…Like…It…Is…Now…’
I took my hand away from behind her head and let her pull her ear away from me. I sat and watched Carol sit motionless in her chair, eyes screwed shut and her hands clenched in fists on top of the table. My words and very public display of Sapphic desire had caused Carol to blush beet red from her cheeks to between her breasts and struggling to control herself. Finally her face and hands relaxed and opening her eyes she accused, ‘Oh my, God, you’re so evil to do that to me. I was so close to coming.’
I smiled. ‘I’m not evil. I’m wicked. And wicked always wins.’
I continued to smile wickedly as Carol became more aware of her surroundings and the people around us, some of them whispering, no doubt about our public display of lesbian affection, while stealing glances at us. I’ve never seen anyone blush so deeply. Me? I didn’t care. I’d done much more in front of far more people.
On the way out, the knowing smile the beautiful, raven haired young lady behind the register gave us set off my ‘lez-dar’ and I made a mental note to have brunch here more often. I had a very good feeling that I’d found a willing addition for when I wished to initiate Carol to the pleasures of a Sapphic threesome.
Next on my list of things-to-do was a stop at a dress shop two streets over. It had been so long since I’d gone shopping with another female I’d almost forgotten how much fun it was. Comparing outfits while mixing and matching blouses, skirts and slacks. Also fun and exciting were the touches and kisses we exchanged in the dressing room while trying on said blouses, skirts and slacks. Carol objected to one of my first selections for her to try on, saying she’d never be able to wear it around her family.

‘I’m not buying it for your family,’ I told her. I cupped her large, bra-less tit through the thin material. ‘I’m buying it for you to wear for me.’
God, I loved her large breasts. Perhaps a desire for larger tits than the B-Cups I had made me into a ‘tit woman’, but I loved touching and fondling her large, soft breasts. Of course, the size of our breasts wasn’t the only differences we had. I was tall and skinny, Carol was short with a hint of baby fat still clinging to her waist and hips. Me blonde, she brunette. And our pussies were a study in contrast. I had small, barely there inner lips. My clit wasn’t exactly miniscule but it wasn’t large enough to be sucked on as if it was a tiny dick. Carol’s clit, like her tits, was much larger than mine. Her clit sheath was large and fleshy as were her inner lips. I had so much to tongue and suck on when eating her pussy.
Another difference between us was something I’d noticed last night when I’d tongued her asshole. She’d loved it! I get nothing from ass play/fucking but I’ve had lovers who loved ass play. I’ve let Jason bend me over to fuck my ass canlı kaçak bahis when he’d wanted to for no reason other than I knew he enjoyed it. The reaction by Carol to my tongue rimming her ass… Damn! There was no doubt in my mind Carol was a woman who would absolutely love ass play.
The way Carol had reacted to my tongue… I had plans for that ass.

One more difference between Carol and myself was her ability to reach orgasm far more easily than I could. Don’t get me wrong. I have very satisfying orgasms. But I need more stimulation than Carol did. I think I eat pussy pretty good but to have Carol cry out in orgasm after just 30 seconds of my starting to tongue her slit and clit surprised me! I need several minutes of build up to reach what she had in seconds. And she kept having orgasms! Definitely multi-orgasmic. She was such a treat in bed I could hardly wait for tonight!
For the rest of the day, though, I satisfied myself with teasing touches and suggestive words. Even back in our suite Carol accused me of being cruel as I metered out my touches to keep Carol on the brink of orgasm without quite taking her over the edge. God, her pussy was so wet to my touch that I was just as cruel to myself by denying me the pleasure of drinking her copious juice.
I don’t believe Carol really took my oft told plans seriously.

Even while doing our make-up and dressing in some of our new finery, I believe Carol expected me to just take her downstairs for dinner and drinks before bringing her back for another night of Sapphic sex. To be sure, dinner and drinks were part of my plan. Considering the obscene amount of money I was spending each month in the hotel, there was no asking for ID when I said Carol was 21. After we’d ordered and while Carol was sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea, she hesitantly brought up a subject I guessed she’d been wondering about all day.
‘Earlier you asked how many men I’d been with and I’ve been wondering how many you’ve been with.’
I had to think. The ones before I was married… Jason and his dad… The two weeks of sex in Spain… The men after my hubby had died… Certainly I’d fucked many of the teens more than once while on the beach in Spain but there’d been many new faces, and cocks, that had found their way to our beach and between my legs…
‘I really don’t know,’ I answered truthfully.
‘That many!’ Carol seemed shaken by the idea I’d had so many men I couldn’t put a number to them. She took a long drink of her Long Island.
I nodded. ‘If I have to give a guess, I’d say somewhere around sixty or seventy. Men that is… I’ve had, including you, eleven or twelve women.’
‘Oh my, GOD!’ Carol glanced around at the other diners nearby who were looking in her direction and realized how loudly she’d spoken. Much quieter, she continued, ‘That many! How? I mean, you were married for a long time!’
I decided that how I’d managed to fuck the majority of the men while I was married would be a tale best saved for later and told Carol that I’d share the story of how I’d managed to put so many notches on my bed post another day.
‘So… I guess you’ve had multiple partners more than once?’
I nodded. ‘Many times. Me with men. Me with women. Me with both men and women at the same time.’
‘And I guess you enjoyed it. What was it like? I mean, why did it… Why… I mean, was it more enjoyable than with one guy?’
I gave that a little thought before answering. ‘When I’m with just men, a lot of men, at some point in all the sex… With someone between your legs while someone else is using your mouth… The hands of the men waiting their turn with you, reaching in to play with your tits… I just surrender. Mentally and physically, I just surrender to the knowledge that I’m going to be used. My body is going to be used any way they want to fuck me. Everything is taken from my control and all I have to think about is my own enjoyment. The more men there are, the harder and rougher the sex and language becomes. They’re talking about how hard they’re going to fuck ‘that cum slut’ when it’s their turn between my legs and… And I love every minute of not having to be ‘lady like’ and I can just be a slut.’
Carol nodded, considering, and for the rest of our dinner our talk was of other things. During dinner, Carol had two more Long Islands and was pleasantly tipsy as we walked to the hotel bar area. As usual there were far more men in the bar than women. Also, as usual my height of 6’2″ in my heels drew quite a few eyes. Once seated at the bar, I not only kept Carol squirming on her stool and the men wondering at our sexual orientation with several intimate touches while I was sizing up the large number of men watching us.
I made my selections. I leaned closer to Carol and told her which three I’d picked out. ‘We’re going to take them upstairs and fuck them all night.’
Even with four drinks inside her Carol was hesitant. Unsure of fucking strangers for the first time. Unsure of having more than one man… I wasn’t unsure. Except for the guy yesterday, who was pretty much a quickie fuck, I hadn’t had cock in almost a month while working my plan to seduce Carol. I was sooo ready for some hard cock between my legs.
‘I just don’t know if I can… I mean, just meet a guy and… And more than one guy at a time.’ Carol’s brain might be unsure but from the way she was running her tongue over her lips and rocking her hips on the bar stool, I knew there was zero doubt or hesitation in her pussy. She was horny as hell.
‘Hey, it’s Ok,’ I assured her. I ran my hand far enough up her skirt and over her thigh to almost touch her panties. ‘If, once we’re upstairs, you don’t feel like joining in, you can go to your bedroom and lock the door. You can go to sleep and I’ll have a great foursome.’
Without giving Carol time to think further, I stood and made my way to each of the three I’d picked. Two were at the same table but seemed more friends than gay lovers. The other was at a table by himself, nursing a drink while looking over some papers. To all I made the same offer.
Returning, I helped a very nervous Carol stand. Leading her to the elevators, before the doors closed, three men had joined us in the suddenly cramped space. Two of the three were slightly taller than I was in bare feet, in their twenties and fit. The third guy was taller than me even in my four inch heels. In his early thirties and though he had a bit of a beer gut and love handles, his height and the largish hands I’d noticed gave me hope for a very nice cock. The ride up to our floor and the walk to our door was in silence but once the door to the penthouse closed behind us I spoke up as I put my purse on the table by the door.

‘There’s chairs and couches, floors, walls and beds a-plenty with all night to enjoy ourselves. But the bar’s over there so why don’t we start the party with a drink?’

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