The Second Night

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Big Tits

Looking at me, his eyes were piercing into my soul. I can feel his hands gripping at my hips and his back arched, pushing his chest into mine. Our bare skin was touching. Leaning into him I kissed him passionately and let his cock slide in and out of my pink, throbbing, and wet pussy lips.

“Clyde I want to cum! I want to make you cum! I want you to cum inside of me, but we can’t… oooohhhh… ooohh my fucking god…” was what I moaned as I began to feel myself come closer to climaxing.

His rock hard cock slid in and out, over and over again, I thought I was going to scream in pure ecstasy! I truly wanted to scream out his name, wanted to let all the world know how amazingly sexually alive my big brother was making me feel right then and there without any shame about it! But I knew I should not, so instead I began to bounce up and down on his lap slower and slower. As I sat there in his lap with him holding me, I held him and lightly kissed all over his upper body.

He placed both his arms around the base of my ass, he stood up and told me to hold on to him. Obediently I wrapped my legs about his thick waist and my arms about his strong neck, curiously awaiting his next instructions. Slowly and cautiously he carried me in his arms from the family room couch to the sun room couch. The entire time his cock laid contently within the confines of my tight pussy.

Delicately as an angel he laid me on the couch, kissing me on the forehead as he stood above me, taking in all my beauty. In all of my exposed glory, I sincerely took his hand in mine and told him,

“Get a condom out of my purse, it is over by the other couch.”

Silently, gently he placed his right hand on my cheek as he kissed me lightly and passionately on my lips. He lingered, only for, a few moments to look for reassurance in my eyes before obeying my command. He silently walked over to my purse and searched for a condom, upon finding my “stash” he half giggled, half moaned with excited delight. The only other noise was the intense pounding of my heart as I watched him walk back over to where he had laid me.

He again stood over me, looking at my entire being. As he began to open the condom I took it from him, placed it on the coffee table that was behind him, and looked up at him with such innocently hopeful eyes. Perched on the edge of the couch I leaned into his stomach, never breaking my gaze, I placed both my hands on his waistband and slowly stripped his pants and briefs completely from his beautiful being. Still looking directly into his eyes I slowly took his now throbbing hard cock into my mouth. My tongue rolling over his beautiful, mushroom like head, then leading the way down his pulsating shaft. This time my nose just barely brushing against the top of his coarse, dark brown pubic hair. His cock jerked so strongly, we both ataşehir escort bayan moaned in such pleasure.

I so desperately wanted to make him cum in my mouth, to taste his sweet juices squirt into my mouth then trickle down my throat as I more then happily swallowed my big brothers load. Instead I let him guide my mouth up and down his shaft a few moments, then breaking our powerfully consuming eye contact I closed my eyes and took the plunge I knew he was waiting ever so patiently for. I eagerly took the entire length of his magnificently long and thick shaft into my mouth, down my seemingly virgin throat.

The tip of his tender head tickled the back of my throat roughly and I felt as if slightly choked, but I did not care at all. Quickly I pulled my mouth back, off of his gorgeous rod, to regain my courage and my breath. As I began to engulf his entire cock, just before I had the entire length of his cock in my mouth he put his hands on my shoulders and stopped my mouth from going deeper. Rather confused I looked up at him as he took my face tenderly into his hands, and his cock slipped from my mouth as he lifted me towards his face, as his cock slipped from my mouth the groove between the shaft and the head created a vacuum within my lips and feel from my lips with a wet popping sound.

Gently he told me, “You do not have to do that…”

I interrupted quickly with, “I want to, Clyde! I want to deep throat…”

Putting a finger over my mouth, he continued, “You do not have to do that though. I enjoy you sucking on my cock, and I would like you to deep throat too, but not if it chokes you like it did. You do not have to suffer for my pleasure.” Then he slowly removed his finger from my lips, I stood on tip-toe and hugged him gratefully.

Looking back on that moment, I now realize how amazing my big brother was and even still is. Though he wanted something he was not going to be so completely selfish as to let his little sister suffer in order for him to get what he wanted. Despite how wrong we both knew all of this was, we continued on.

Softly, slowly his hands ventured from the sensitive, smooth small of my back to my firm, round ass. The way he was so concerned with my comfort and how softly, how delicately he was caressing my body was too much! I reached down and took the condom into my hand, finished opening it, and gently, slowly almost teasingly so unrolled the rubber onto his gorgeous rock hard, throbbing eight inch cock.

As innocently as possible I looked up at him and asked, “Is it on right?”

He smiled at me, took his condom covered cock in his hand to check it over for me.

Reading his confusion at my question I continued, “I have never put a condom on someone before…” trailing off I realized how inexperienced I must have seemed to escort kadıöy him.

He took my face in his angelic hands once again and kissed me on the forehead ever so delicately. Looking directly into his willing eyes I took his hips in my hands and began pulling his body into mine. His cock jerked as it easily slipped between my legs and I moaned at how amazing and how warm his condom covered cock felt against my bare, milky thighs. Suddenly our lips were deeply interlocked and I was pulling him by his firm, smooth ass down on to the couch while positioning myself underneath him.

Timidly I looked into his eyes as he placed the soft, pulsating head of his cock just outside my now deep pink and soaking wet pussy lips. He looked at me, watching my excitement rise at his simple teasing, and then he just laid there on top of me starring contently into my eyes.

“Clyde? What are you thinking?” is all I asked him as this complete and utter look of realization washed over his beautiful face. As I gingerly took his face in my hands I continued, “Clyde I love you.” And pulled him into a passionately long kiss that seemed to last hours, when only a few simple minutes.

Letting my hands glide down his strong neck, over his perfect shoulders, run down his sensitive back, and grasping his smooth ass cheeks caused his hips to push forward. Wrapping my legs about the back of his thighs, I eased his cock into my anxiously awaiting pussy.

“Oh my god Clyde you are too big, I cannot take all of you in me,” I moaned in his ear as he took me in his arms and silently comforted me as he rammed the full length of his thick rod into me.

At first I wanted to cry out in such pain, I felt as if I was losing my virginity all over again. My entire body filled with this sharp pain, while he lay entirely still, looking into my eyes watching my face grimace and turn away from his. I did not want him to know I was in such pain. Slowly I began moving my hips back and forth ever so slightly, allowing his thick cock to lightly massage my aching pussy walls. By doing this I was allowing the initial feeling of complete and utter pain to slowly turn into complete and utter delight.

Looking back at him, into his eyes I silently told him I was alright and that I did not want to stop. As he leaned forward and kissed my right cheek he took my legs and slowly placed them over his shoulders as he let his tongue lightly graze my lips.

“Are you okay? Oh wow you are tight! Ooohh,” was all he could manage as he began to bend me in half and lay on top of my body. With his now erect nipples poking into the back of my knees and a hand firmly wrapped about either ankle, he began pulling his hips up and down. As his cock slowly pulled out of my deep pussy, my muscles tightened as if wanting to hold his thick and so maltepe escort extremely hard cock prisoner inside of my wet, deep pink pussy walls.

This position felt awkward at first, almost as if I was stretching my body beyond its actual flexibility range. As soon as I saw my brother throw his head back and heard him lightly moan, I stopped paying attention to my pain and awkwardness. I stopped listening to my body all together actually, as our bodies became one.

“Oh god Kay-C! Ooohh…” he trailed off into one long moan that vibrated threw mine entire chest as he put his lips to my collar bone and attempted to stifle his moan. Then leaning back he French kissed me and I could tell he was enjoying making love to me, to his sexy little sister.

I could tell he was enjoying making love to me by how aggressive his kisses became and at how obediently he would thrust harder and deeper into my tight, throbbing cunt each time I commanded him to.

An occasional, “Oooohhh!” would escape his soft, gentle lips with such delight as his cock slide completely inside of my pussy, my muscles flexing around his entire throbbing rod.

“Oh holy shit Clyde! Ooooohhhhh yeahhh….” I began to moan as I neared ultimate climax. Then continued once I regained my breath, “Where did you learn this position? Oooohhh….” as I again trailing off with moaning delight!

“You and Hannah are the only two women that have been able to enjoy this position. It allows me to get even further inside of you.” He answered as he thrust even harder into my now hot and wet pussy.

I felt as if the fire that was burning, hidden deep within my being was beginning to get out of control! I felt my orgasm quickly come rushing from deep within as he thrust as hard as he could into my awaiting box and then pulled almost all the way out, teasing my wet pussy lips with the head of his cock resting just inside my pussy before ramming all the way into me yet again. His balls would smack the bottom curve of my ass cheeks and would by so soft yet so heavy it was so exciting.

“Clyde I am gonna cum, I can’t wait anymore….” I told him in his left ear as he was landing harshly against my hot body.

All he said was, “Good neither can I!” and with that he made one last attempt to raise his hips from mine, but was already in mid orgasm.

We hit our peaks almost at the same time, mine started then began to fall just as his started, which made me go beyond any orgasm I have had before. My whole body stiffened underneath his. My back completely arched, his chest smashed against mine, my hips locked against his, and such warmth tingling through my entire being and all over his condom covered cock!

Sadly we did not get to cuddle or hold each other after we had both calmed down from our intense orgasm. Mainly due to the fact that it was almost 4am and I had school that day, which meant I would be getting up in 2 and ½ hours to get ready! Also we were worried my parents would awake and find us in a tangled mess of sweat, love, cum, sweat matted hair, and contently laying in each others still naked arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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