The Second Chair

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Double Penetration

My friend and I only get together about every two or three weeks and that cuts down our love making so we have resorted to cyber sex, or phone sex as we call it. We phone each other every two or three days, usually about 9:30 at night. After our introductions I do the talking for each call(she tells me that my voice makes her horny as well). I read the story direct from my monitor and she always comes to an moaning, cursing orgasm by the time I finish and I usually blow my balls as well (and risk flooding my keyboard). My friend suggested I write this story, she liked it. What do you think?


We are standing in front of the chair and I am holding you and kissing your tender lips and covering your face, ears and neck, in turn, with kisses. I slide my hands down, caressing under your breasts, the hollow of your back to your hips and, last but not least, the cheeks of your shapely tush which I fondle lovingly and I slide my fingers up your crease and circle your rosebud.

While still kissing and tonguing your neck I untuck your shirt and move my hands up under it to release your bra clips and gently massage your breasts and delicately finger your hardening nipples beneath. I unbutton your shirt and gently slide it down over you shoulders canlı bahis and arms and drop it on the floor beside us. You help me remove my shirt and drop it on the floor also. I remove your bra to fondle your nearly erect nipples as I slide down your body and kneel before you .

Lifting your skirt I kiss and tongue your silken No 2 shorn muff through your dampening almost transparent briefs. At this you begin humping my tongue and in an effort to give me better access to your pulsing prize you begin lowering your briefs. I unclip your short skirt and urgently assist you to step out of your briefs and I throw them and the skirt to one side. You drag my head toward your sex and I lap forcefully at your opening and gently run my teeth over the moist lips of your quim. You quietly moan “Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes” and I stand so that you may release my shorts.

You lower my shorts as I rise and as I step out of them you also lower my briefs and fondle and stroke the length of my rising erection. I kick my briefs aside and you now slide down my belly to ring the head of my erection with your tongue and lick the first pre cum from its tip. I move my hands down to your waist and I lift you to stand in front of me with my erection against your belly. We bahis siteleri embrace and kiss passionately, sharing my taste. You then force me back to sit on the edge of the chair behind me, with my erection vertical in front of me. You quickly kneel in front of me and it is my turn to cry “Eat my cock, oh yes eat my cock”as you engulf my cock head between your lips and take it deep into your throat.

I begin humping my ass and fucking your face in ernest but in an effort to save my climax you unsheath my cock and shaft from your mouth and stand up before me. I lovingly insert two fingers into your vagina’s now flowing juices and lift the soaking digits to my mouth, suck them a little and then insert them, still juice covered, wet, between your lips, sharing your flavour.

Again I kiss you passionately on the lips and you move foreward to sit on my upper legs. I move my erect and now well-lubricated cock head into the entrance to your soaking love channel causing you to gasp, and I withdraw as you moan “You bastard, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I want your hard cock and shaft deep inside me.”We continue kissing, eating each other, massaging your aching nipples, breathing heavily into each other.

I slowly enter my cock head into bahis şirketleri your slippery, sliding channel again. I flex my buttocks and you gyrate your hips as you lower yourself further onto my shaft as it seemingly burrows further into your welcoming sensual sheath. I withdraw again to rest my cockhead against your lower lips at your slippery vaginal entrance for a moment. You baulk at this withdrawal and you again cry, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me, just fuck me.”

Your aroused, running wet sex seemingly sucks my engorged shaft into your depths and we begin humping each other in blissful ecstasy. Just entering your channel at first, then slowly ecstatically out again to rest at the grasping lips then in again, even further, then out to rest at your wicked lips, then surging in again and then tantalizingly fully out again, then thrusting in again all the way to bottom then out, then in again, on and on, in and out, in and out, exquisitely increasing the tempo and massaging your love button each time with my cock head at each erotic stroke.

Finally you shout “Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes” and we explosively climax together as we thrust madly into each other for the last time: completely drained. After a few minutes I slowly and excrutionatingly withdraw from the now relaxing vice like grip of your love channel and we kiss and cuddle and then we stand and move over to the bed where we collapse, kiss and cuddle again and then fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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