The Scarlet Dove – Issue 10

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Issue Ten ~ Revelations


With trembling hands, Starling unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped, then pulled down his jeans and tighty-whiteys. As she did, his cock sprang forth, already erect, nearly slapping her in the face. The young woman’s stomach twisted and she stared, eyes to eye with the throbbing member. It may have been the least attractive dick she had encountered, it was long and kind of thin, veiny and unusually pointed.

I can’t believe I’m about to do this, she thought, wrapping her dainty fingers around the shaft. But I don’t have a choice…

Swept with the helplessness of her predicament, Starling felt her lips trembling as she opened her mouth and engulfed that stiff cock. The taste and smell immediately flooded her senses; musky and earthy, the masculine scent made her feel lightheaded. She began to suck and bob, sliding her lips along the veiny shaft.

The manly tool continued to swell and pulse in her mouth. Feeling the warmth of it sent a titter of arousal rolling through her chest, hardening her exposed nipples. Instantly the young woman blushed fiercely, she couldn’t be enjoying this, could she? No way.

She sucked on the dick another moment, feeling the veins and rigid shaft with her tongue, then took it out of her mouth. Making a point not to look up, Starling began to kiss and lick the shaft. Dragging her sweet, velvety tongue all along this dick, she coated it in saliva, before devouring it once more.

The slick rod slid between her lips smoothly now. The naked red head pushed down, taking the cock almost to the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down for several moments, pumping the shaft in her mouth until she had to come up for air. Pulling it out, she stroked the slimy rod with her hands, and gasped a few breaths, before sucking it back in.

Despite the situation, Starling quickly became accustomed to having that cock in her mouth. She had a few moves, and she used them, pulling her lips down the entire length of the shaft, milking tiny beads of precum, and licking them off the tip. The man’s hips squirmed and wiggled every time her tongue slipped over the tip. His juices were bitter, but Starling ignored the taste, letting them mingle with her own saliva to coat the inside of her mouth.

She could feel his heartbeat pulsing through the cock in her mouth. For some reason, she found that incredibly sexy and another unwanted titter of arousal danced down her abdomen. Trying to restrain herself, Starling pushed forward on the cock, slurping eagerly. Spit and precum began to seep between her lips, dripping off her chin and onto her naked tits.

She planted a series of wet, open mouth kisses along the shaft, and reached up to fondle his balls. She swallowed him deeply, feeling his stiff rod slide through her mouth almost all the way to the back of her throat once more. Pressing her tongue against the ridges and veins of the shaft, she slid back and forth, again and again. The cock throbbed in her mouth, swelling even more, and seeming to fill her entire head with lusty heat.

On her knees, Starling squirmed feeling her pussy tingle eagerly and begin to get wet. A wave of submissiveness rolled through her, making her more and more willing to suck this cock.

How can this be turning me on so much, she thought slurping along the shaft. Doesn’t my body know I’m being black mailed?! I can’t even believe he is doing this to me…

Feeling small and helpless, Starling finally looked up, her green eyes peering right into the leering gaze of the drug dealer called Baker.

Chapter One

(Several hours earlier.)

“…And with frightening news coming out of Warden City this morning, Fort Anderson seems to have been the target of a terrorist attack last night. Military officials claim that the incident was an attempted robbery, and report that any aggression was handled swiftly by armed forces response teams. According to officials, there are no further terrorist threat suspected and any investigation will be handled internally…” **click**

Starling growled angrily and threw her remote across the room, where it shattered against the wall!

So that was why Dominion had come after her alone! So that his men, no doubt led by Tom Danvers, could carry out the robbery. She felt so stupid, how could she not have figured that out?

Not that it would have mattered, she thought, remembering the humiliating defeat Dominion had dealt her.

She was also certain they had gotten whatever they went in after, the military was likely only denying so to save face.

Nearly seething, Starling went back into the bedroom to finish getting dressed. She had only gotten as far as her white bra, and matching panties, when she had overheard the news on the television. She quickly shimmied her hourglass hips into a navy blue skirt, topping that with a gray button up blouse. Tan boots, and a matching belt, completed her ensemble. Her bright red hair güvenilir bahis was down, styled in thick waves. Likewise, she had spent an exorbitant amount of time on her makeup as well.

Looking her best had once again become a daily priority for the young woman. Thanks to the publicity those naked pictures had garnered, she was recognized on the street regularly. Of course, she would have traded away that celebrity in an instant, and gladly…however there was a silver lining in hearing things like: “gosh you’re even hotter in person!” from her fans.

Needless to say, she was late to work that morning. Ed yelled at her for bit and then assigned her a new glamour piece. Apparently, his wife had mentioned some new line of lipstick coming out for the summer. He wanted an article about it. Not exactly cutting edge journalism, but Starling had actually been curious about that line herself. Also, when a journalist calls a company about their new line, they’ll usually send some free samples.

She spent most of the morning working on that piece, however, she simply could not seem to focus. Her green eyes were continually drawn to the new phone laying on her desk. Her mind kept turning back to that call she’d been waiting on for four days. Even after everything that had happened in those four days; Finding out there was nothing she could do about those naked pictures. She’d failed to stop the robbery at the military base… because she was busy getting beaten up and stripped naked in an alley… and kidnapped by a criminal mastermind that may well hold the entire city in his palm…

…and here I am distracted because a boy I’m mad at hasn’t called me back?? Starling knew she was being ridiculous, she didn’t even understand why, but she also still could not stop thinking about Pierce Ashton! Because he’s not a boy, he’s a man! A man like I’ve never…

She shook her head and went back to work. A few minutes later, she broke down and called him.

“Hi Pierce, it’s Starling,” she said to his voicemail. “I just wanted to apologize for yelling at you the other day…I, um, was just kind of freaking out…I mean I still am, but that doesn’t make it okay to take it out on you…anyway my phone was broken, or I would have called sooner…I know you’re busy but I just wanted to call and say sorry…”

What is going on, Starling thought, I sound like a total ditz! Maybe I am just a…

“Okay, so, um maybe some time I could take you to lunch or something, just as an apology… let me know if you wanna, you know just as friends…or whatever…ok bye!” Her stomach twisted as she hung up the phone.

Why do I turn into such an air head with anything regarding Pierce? She wondered to herself. She probably sounded like every other giggling bimbo that called his phone on a daily basis.

Maybe her blood sugar was low, and she needed to eat something. Starling grabbed her clutch and headed for the door. Around the corner from her office was a little deli with great salads. On the way her phone rang, and Starling’s heart jumped into her throat, hoping it was Pierce.

No, it was Baker. Starling groaned, and almost didn’t answer it. His info had been totally on point the last time, and even though it hadn’t exactly worked out well for her…maybe he had something else useful.


“Star, its Baker, we need to talk.”

“You got something for me?” she replied. “Let’s get this out of the way, how much do you need?”

“This is the big score Star!” he said excitedly. “Just get your cute little butt over here, we’ll work something out.”

What did that mean: “big score”? And he never seemed excited before, always playing it cool. He must really have something!

“I probably can’t get out of the office until about four-thirty,” she said. “But I’m done playing your silly little alley game, ok. I’ll meet you at the diner, but I’m walking in and out the front door.”

“Damn girl, keep up that ‘tude, I’ll be waiting,” he replied, and hung up.

Starling rolled her eyes, thinking she was crazy for even agreeing to meet with Baker any more. This had better be worth it!

The young reporter went on to lunch. She ordered a grilled chicken Caesar salad, with a green tea. Half way through her salad, her iPhone dinged with a text message. A little thrill tickled her spine, it was from Pierce.

Pierce: Who is this?

He has my number, doesn’t he? Starling thought confused. Maybe not? I only ever call him so…or maybe, he had deleted it?

Starling: Starling Chase, the reporter

Pierce: O right…what up?

The young woman frowned, he clearly hadn’t listened to her voice message? What did that mean? How could she respond to “what up?”

Starling: Just trying to get ahold of you, wanted to apologize for being so rude the last time we talked.

Pierce: LoL dont swet it

Starling: I was thinking we could do lunch soon, so I can apologize in person?

Pierce: türkçe bahis sure

She almost couldn’t believe it was that easy. She was blushing fiercely as she excitedly typed her reply.

Starling: Great! When and where?

Pierce: Ill text u

Starling: Ok! Looking forward to seeing you again!

She finished her lunch without receiving another reply. It absolutely drove her crazy to be left hanging, even if a conversation was essentially over. Her excitement faded as she began to suspect she was actually being blown off. Needing some kind of closure, she text him again as she was leaving the deli.

Starling: ok, bye!

Pierce never responded, leaving the poor girl to wallow in her frustration.

Although the prospect of seeing Pierce again was mildly distracting, the excitement of it energized the young reporter. Upon returning to the River Run office, she was able to get a good chunk of her new article written. The company was overnighting her some samples, so she’d have to wait to finish it, until she could review them.

The afternoon flew past, and before she knew it, it was four-thirty. She had to go meet Baker. She wrapped up things at her desk, and headed downstairs to get in a cab. As she headed to the diner, stopping at an ATM to make sure she had enough cash on her, she began to feel annoyed. What a day to go from making plans with a man like Pierce Ashton, to meeting with a lowlife like Baker. She reminded herself it was only business, and chuckled. The life of a reporter!

When they arrived, she over tipped the cab driver and climbed out. The diner was a rundown establishment that may once have been a cute little malt shop. Now it was a dirty little place that served hot dogs on stale buns and chili out of a can.

“There she is!” Baker shouted as Starling entered.

What was with him? He had broad smile, and hopped up to greet her. Her women’s intuition began to tingle, something wasn’t right here.

“Hi Baker,” she said unsurely. “Should we go talk?”

“Damn, right to business?” he chuckled. “Aight!”

Baker grabbed Starling by the wrist and led her towards the kitchen. She tried to pull loose but his grip was clamped tight. She could only trot behind him, high heeled boots clicking and sliding on the greasy tile as he tugged her along.

“Hey slow down,” she bade.

Baker neither slowed, nor responded, dragging her into the store room at the back of the store. He shoved her past him so he could close the door behind them, causing the young woman to teeter precariously. Regaining her balance, she turned back to face him.

“Okay, what has gotten into you,” she demanded, perturbed. “Whatever you got, can’t be this important.”

“Oh it is!” Baker assured her excitedly.

He took out his phone, and began to pull something up. Then he handed it to Starling. It took her a moment to realize what she was looking at, but when she did, her mouth dropped open in shock.

Right there on Baker’s cell phone, was a picture of her, bound, gagged and unconscious in her Scarlet Dove uniform! Her mask had been peeled off, clearly revealing her face.

She looked back up at Baker in horror, and his rotten toothed grin nearly took in his ears.

“I got you bitch!”

Chapter Two

Starling’s heart sank as she scrolled through the pictures on Baker’s phone. There were several of them, some with her mask still on, most with it off. All from the night she had been captured by Ozone.

She realized almost immediately Baker had been one of the flunkies under ski masks. She even remembered vaguely recognizing his voice but not being able to place it in the heat of the moment.

“I knew there was something just extra, about you!” Baker gloated. “I kinda started to put it together, cuz half the times I told you about something going down, that scarlet superbitch showed up and wrecked it. But I never would have guessed this was possible!”

This can’t be happening! Starling’s stomach tied itself in a tight knot. How could Baker be the one, of all people, to discover my secret identity…?

“What are you going to do with these?” she asked meekly.

“Shit, what ain’t I gonna do with ’em?” the dealer chuckled. “Maybe start by putting ’em out on the streets, make sure every lowlife like me knows who you really are! Then I might send ’em to the police, I know they ain’t no fans of the Scarlet Dove doing their job better’n them. Who knows, maybe I’ll send ’em to the River Run, let your own paper be the first to cover it, before I take ’em to the national news…”

Starling couldn’t believe how well he’d thought this through, apparently, she continued to underestimate him.

“And what’s to stop me from smashing this phone to pieces, right here, right now?” she asked, knuckles turning white as she gripped the phone.

“Nothin,” Baker shrugged. “But you don’t really think I haven’t backed those up…ever heard of the cloud?”

Of course güvenilir bahis siteleri he has, she thought disdainfully. Now she could feel tears welling up in her green eyes, as she was swept with a feeling of helpless anxiety.

“But that’s only if you don’t want ’em,” Baker added, snatching his phone back.

Starling looked up at him, emerald eyes brimming. “What? What do you mean?”

“Think I brought you here just to gloat?” he explained. “I told you, Star, we got something special! I get information, you get first dibs!”

“O-okay,” Starling replied, wiping her eyes and opening her clutch. “I’ve got like $230 on me, I can get…”

“I don’t want no money from you,” Baker was chuckling, a low foreboding rumble. “Bitch, I own you!”

A cold pit dropped into her stomach, but the rest of Starling’s body felt flushed and hot, tears returning to her eyes. Damn it, when did I become such a crier?

“You don’t own shit, Baker,” she spat. “If not money, what is it you want?”

The dealer leered at her hungrily, his lecherous gaze devouring every curve as it crawled down her body and back up, never quite making it past her perfect breasts.

“I’d rather be dead or in jail!”

Baker just grinned. “I’m sure you would, but what about your momma…Sara? Isn’t it?”

Starling’s green eyes popped open as wide as dinner plates! How the hell did Baker know that? Then she couldn’t help but consider what would happen if her identity were made public. First, Sara Chase would lose her mind if she knew what her daughter was doing there in Warden City. Never mind how he found out, if Baker could find out about her mother, how easily would any competent criminal be able to? That could quickly put the rest of her friends and family back home in jeopardy as well. The young woman wrapped her arms tightly around herself, feeling naked and exposed despite being fully clothed.

“You bastard,” she whimpered, as tears began to roll down her cheeks. “What exactly do you want from me?”

“Aight, listen, this ain’t gonna be no negotiation,” he began. “I told you before, I’m nobody and I know it…I ain’t trying to go to war with no superheroine, and I definitely don’t want you to stop doin’ what your doin’, hell you’re putting away my competition, and I’m getting a chance to move up the ranks, how you think I got on Ozone’s crew anyway? So the deal I came up with, I think it’s fair and we both walk away at the end, back to life as normal.”

“Just get on with it,” Starling spat.

“First of all, the Scarlet Dove don’t never fuck with me,” he went on. “No matter what I do, or what I get into, you back off. If I’m part of a crew you take down, I walk.”

Starling only glared at him. She was not ready to acknowledge his demands. This was Baker, the two bit drug dealer, she could outsmart him and figure a way out of all this.

“Next, I own you for twenty-four hours. And when I say ‘own you’ I mean you’re my fucking slave! Whatever the fuck I say, you do it…no questions asked!”

“You seriously think I’ll agree to that?” She asked, wiping her face, trying to put on a strong front even as tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

“I don’t think you got a choice!” he snapped. “This is an exploding offer.” He held up his cell phone, showing her the email app. “I’ve already got the emails written and the pictures attached…if you don’t agree to everything I say, and I mean right now, then I just touch ‘SEND’ and everyone knows your secret!”

He’s got me cornered, and he knows it! Starling realized, beginning to panic. I’m not going to have a choice but to give in to his demands!

“What is it you want me to do?” she asked. “I won’t do anything illegal…”

The grin that spread across Baker’s face sent a chill down her spine. Her stomach was churning in revulsion before he even began to speak.

“Don’t worry, it ain’t nothing like that,” he said, beginning to circle her now. “You ’bout the hottest bitch in Warden City and I been drooling over that ass since the first time I laid eyes on you!” Boldly, he swatted her nice round ass, drawing an indignant gasp. “So you gonna make all my fantasies come true, when I say ‘slave’ I mean SEX slave, you gonna be my whore!” Reaching around and gabbing her by the breasts, Baker pulled Starling against his chest, to speak directly into her ear. “You gonna spend them twenty-four hours fucking and sucking, my own personal fucktoy, just the way I been imagining having you for the last six months!”

“Oh gawd,” Starling bawled, pushing away. She wrapped her arms around her chest, skin still crawling from being touched by the dealer.

“At the end of that day, you and I, we’ll delete the pictures together,” he said. “All except one, which I’ll keep as my insurance policy that the Scarlet Dove will leave me alone. But after that you walk away, you go back to writing papers and fighting criminals, or whatever the fuck. So… we got a deal?”

“You know I don’t have a choice, you bastard!”

“I know you don’t,” the dealer agreed smugly. “I want my twenty-four hours this weekend, from eight o’clock Saturday morning, to eight o’clock Sunday. Oh, and one more thing…”

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