The Rivers Bounty

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Antonio was lucky to have such supportive parents. They appreciated him and his hobbies. Proof of such was in his hands at the very moment. His father had given him this rod for his 18th birthday, it was some fancy pole for ocean fishing or something, he didn’t care or know. It was probably overkill for what Antonio was fishing for, but oh well. Through trial and error, he had found that the line mattered the most to him. Still, he appreciated the thought. He would have never thought fishing was something he would enjoy, and he likely wouldn’t have, if not for the Cártel de Sinaloa.

His line tightened, he jerked his pole up and felt his hook clasp onto something. Excitement whirled within him for a moment but quickly fell to disappointment as he began reeling the line in. He knew as soon as his line tightened that he hadn’t caught what he was looking for.

A large bonefish broke the calmness of the water. He was right. Antonio reeled it in. Once on the shore, he pulled the hook out of the fish’s jaws and took a picture of him posing with it. Something to show his parents when they asked if he caught anything. He tossed the fish back into the river, he was fishing for something else. Something much better. He threw his pole over his shoulder and cast his line back in the water. This was the best spot on the whole river. It was just downriver from the infamous Cadaver bridge. It was also incredibly secluded. He had only ever seen one other person along the banks in the 4 years since bursa escort he began fishing, and even then, the Flora growth was so heavy he had no problem hiding. He knew he had to be patient. He didn’t mind, he knew the end result was well worth it.

His rod was almost ripped out his hands, he had hooked something, and it was heavy-heavier than any fish in the river. That was a good sign Antonio knew, as he slowly reeled it in. he wanted to spin his reel as fast as he could, but he knew if he did that, he could snap the line. He was hard already; his body knew what was coming and it was exited.

“YES!” he let out a resounding yelp as he pulled the lower half of a corpse onto the shore.

This was ideal, the body didn’t look too old. A few days at most Antonio figured. And she, or rather it still had both legs still attached. This was the best possible outcome. Antonio had quickly learned that the cartel liked to cut their victims into 3 halves. The head, the upper half, and the lower half. he enjoyed the head, but the lower half was by far the best. He pulled his hook out from the left leg, taking a piece of flesh with it.

Antonio wasted no time, he was so ready for this. He hadn’t fucked a pussy in weeks. He mounted the body and felt himself slip inside immediately. The slightest moan escaped his lips as he started to pump his hips. His rock-hard cock went deep into the corpse, he didn’t last long. He came inside it within 60 seconds. Pulling out he rolled on his back, breathing bursa escort bayan heavily.

Satisfied he took a closer look at his catch. She had been young, probably his age. Her torso had been chopped clean in half, right at the belly. He tossed his line back into the river. he was pleased with the days catch. But maybe he would be lucky and hook something else, or even the upper half of the corpse he had just came in. Antonio enjoyed the occasional upper half, but they were nowhere near as pleasing as heads or lower halves. Still, jerking off onto a corpses tits was leagues above a tissue back at home.

With his line back in the water, he turned his attention to what he had already caught. His hand went up the legs of the corpse and he found himself warming its fuck hole with his fingers. he was hard again in a moment. He laid on his back and lifted his prize. It was heavy, but Antonio didn’t care. He started with the legs parallel to his as he dropped the weight on his cock. The corpses pussy lips parted with ease, welcoming him. He pushed his hips forward, bouncing the lifeless ass up. Then let it fall back onto his cock. The semen from the previous fuck lubed the way for the current. He settled into a routine, lift the body up, drop it onto his cock, bounce it with his hip, repeat.

He lifted the body off his cock, turning it around. The body’s legs were in his face now. He suckled on the big toe as his cock was engulfed in the rivers bounties flesh. from this angle escort bursa Antonio was able to watch his cock slid in and out of the body. He already came in its pussy, he wanted a taste of her asshole. He bounced her off his cock and laid the body down, ass in the air.

Assholes naturally get smaller if they aren’t used. And since the body had been dead for a few days, it was incredibly tight. But Antonio had come prepared. He had fucked corpses that had been dead longer than the one he was faced with now. He walked over to his green tackle box and pulled out a full bottle of lube.

After applying a generous amount to the corpses pink asshole he placed the head of his shaft into the hole and pushed. Antonio fell forward and with a loud moan, he pushed himself all the way in. If the hole was attached to someone alive they would have screamed. He felt like he was ripping her in half it was so tight. Now that it was being used. the body’s ass expanded like elastic to accommodate all of Antonio. With a deep moan he shot his load as deep as he could.

He fucked his catch again and again for the next 3 hours. He must of came 10 times at least. After a while no liquid came out of his dick, his sack was drained. But it still felt fantastic. It was getting late and he was expected home for dinner tonight. With much regret he tossed the carcass back into the river, knowing the water would wash all traces of him out of it. It would wind up in some fishers net. They would probably fuck it, depending on how rotted it was. Then report it to the police. and that would be that. Antonio gathered his things and left the river, but he knew he would be back.

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