The Reward Ch. 02

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“Super damn him for making me this blisteringly horney,” Sydney said as she turned off the water and stepped from the shower. She had just grabbed the towel when she heard a knock. “Just a moment, please” she called. Drying quickly and adorning the soft, plush terry cloth robe, she opened the door to find Georgi waiting. Sydney was plunged back to her vision by the statuesque young beauty. Sydney felt she could hardly walk she was so filled with sexual desire. Her libido had never been running this fast before. The fantasy of her and Yuri was so strong, so real it brought her to a new awareness. “Are you ready for your next appointment?” she asked cheerfully.

“Yes. Do I need to take anything?” Sydney replied

“No ma’am, just follow me,” she instructed and they started down the hall. Sydney imagined she could hear her privates squishing as she followed Georgi’s perfect butt outlined through a pair of short athletic shorts. “Did Yuri treat you well?” Sydney was asked.

“Yes, he was wonderful. Unfortunately, I fell asleep during the massage. I am a bit embarrassed,” Sydney explained. She quickly changed the subject. “I actually I hear congratulations are in order. Yuri tells me you two are engaged.”

“Yes, this summer. We are planning to have the marriage here. The management said that we could have the ballroom for nothing. Here we are. I think you will find Halimah just as capable. I will be back when she is through.”

“Thank you.” Sydney entered the room to find the most beautiful set of deep, dark eyes she had ever seen. They were like pools of deep chocolate. Behind the eyes was an exotic petite dark-skinned woman, with lustrous deep auburn hair. “Professor Hawthorne?” came a soft, melodic voice. The young woman must be in her early 20s. She held herself tall, almost regally, even though she must have been less than five and a half feet tall.

“Yes. Hello … You must be Halimah. So what wonderful delights do you have planned for me,” Sydney said as she offered her hand. Halimah grasped it with the most delicate fingers Sydney had ever seen.

“Yes ma’am. Your husband has purchased a facial, manicure and a pedicure. I will start with the pedicure, then proceed to the manicure, and finish with the facial. This allows the polish to dry. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.” Halimah spoke confidently and with a formal accent. Her voice was soft and musical, like a flute or oboe. It flowed from her exquisite face with the quality of a master musician. “First thing is you must choose a color.”

“Thank you. It has been … well … I guess my wedding since my last manicure and pedicure and I have never had a facial.” Sydney replied as she situated herself in the chair Halimah indicated and selected a pale pink nail color.

“Well then, I shall work extra hard to make this a very pleasurable experience,” Halimah sang as she pulled up her work stool. “So how many years have you been married?” Halimah asked as she started to wash Sydney’s feet. “Almost 20 years now,” Sydney replied.

“My, that is a long time. Your husband must be a wonderful man to be married so long. But again, he did arrange this weekend.” Halimah chatted as she scrubbed Sydney’s feet with a stone. “Do you get away much?” she inquired. “No, not at all. In fact this is the first time away since we had children,” Sydney answered.

“My, My. Why this weekend? Is it your anniversary or maybe a birthday present?”

No. Nothing like that,” and Professor Bailey-Hawthorne began to tell how she had been working out for two years and had lost 100 pounds and this was her reward. She explained that it was a complete surprise.”

“That is the type of man I wish to marry. But I have not found him yet,” Halimah bemused.

“Do not worry, Halimah. You are young and have time. Besides, a beautiful woman like you should have not problem finding dates,” Sydney said in a motherly way.

“I hope so,” Halimah prayed. The two women continued to chat as Halimah massaged and pampered Sydney’s feet and ankles. Sydney did not get many chances to have a “Girl’s Chat”. She thoroughly enjoyed the banter about Halimah’s homeland, the goings-on at the spa and at the college, about life in general. “I am done here and ready for your hands,” Halimah announced.

“WOW! My feet look and feel great. You really are a master,” Sydney exclaimed. “My toes have never looked so good nor have my feet felt so smooth.”

“Thank you Professor,” Halimah said as she took Sydney’s hand in her own elegant fingers. The conversation continued as Sydney talked about her kids, Nate, and her job. Halimah included information about her family and one particular young man back home. Overall, it was a very pleasant conversation, refreshing in a way. Having only college professors to talk to is intellectually fulfilling, but lacks some of the informal pleasantries that most people need illegal bahis and women thrive on.

“I have finished with your hands. How do they look?” Halimah asked. “Just fabulous my dear; just fabulous!” Sydney praised.

“Well, I need to lower the chair and lean it back so I can reach your face. I am not so tall.”

“That is fine my dear. I just hope I will be better company that I was for poor Yuri. I fell asleep during his massage. I was so embarrassed.”

“Many have fallen asleep on his table, me included, several times in fact. But I hear he is the best. And so handsome. Georgi is so lucky to be his fiancé,” Halimah sighed. “OK I am ready, please lean back, close you eyes, and relax. Do not worry about falling asleep. With your eyes closed you will no doubt drift off. That is fine, most do,” she informed Sydney.

Doing as she was instructed, Sydney relaxed and shut her eyes. She felt a smooth lotion applied to her face. It smelled of flowers and herbs, putting her mind at rest. She heard Halimah explain what she was doing in her sweet, soft, musical voice. It was not long until Sydney was again asleep and drifting to far away places.

Sydney heard raucous laughter and bawdy singing. She was in a large room with many people having what Sydney thought was some sort of banquet, like the ones you would see Robin Hood or Ivanhoe. “No!” Sydney thought out loud as she scanned the room. No, it was more like a banquet out of Ali Baba or the Arabian Nights.

Sydney suddenly became aware of the leather collar around her neck. She also was shocked to realize her hands were cuffed together by a leather band of a foot and half in length. But what was the ultimate shock, Sydney Bailey-Hawthorne, professor of mathematics, wife and mother of two, was naked, kneeling at the feet of her husband, who was sitting on a throne, dressed as an Arabian prince and holding the other end of the leash.

“My Prince,” she her someone say and turned her face to see a pair tight leather pants and knee-high boots. She raised her face more and viewed a fleece vest opened at the front showing a well formed chest and flat abs. She also noticed metal bands on his arms, highlighting his powerful arms. She was surprised to see Yuri smiling down at her. Georgi was on his arm dressed likewise but she wore a fleece half vest, displaying copious amounts of cleavage and her tight abs. Her perfect legs and fine butt obvious through her skin tight black leather pants. “I see you have a new beauty,” said Yuri. Georgi bent and stroked Sydney’s face as she would have a favorite pet. “If I may say, my Prince, this lovely is the most beautiful yet,” Georgi added. They bowed and took their seats.

“Good evening, my lord,” came a voice Sydney knew too well. Standing before her, lording over Sydney’s submissive state was no other than Tina Tilly. She was dressed in a golden bustier, her breasts cupped, almost spilling out, in an elegant display of ebony flesh. She wore a filmy silver skirt allowing Sydney and all others to view her long, firm legs. Her feet were wrapped in golden sandals laced to the knee. Standing next to her was the young waiter, dressed in a dark blue military-style tunic, black boots, and a deep blue kilt belted with a wide black leather belt. “Beware this pet, your highness. She looks to be part wild cat,” Tina laughed as she took the young man’s arm and walked seductively away.

Others passed, all acknowledging Nate’s nobility and some commenting on Sydney. She was called a pet, a toy, night-time plaything, and a beauty. All the while, Sydney was taken aback by the ultimate submissive posture she was in. She felt embarrassed and at the same time, the picture of her, totally submissive, at the feet of her master, turned her on.

As soon as all the guests were seated, large-breasted serving wenches in tight bodices brought trays heaped with roasted meats, breads, fruits, and grilled vegetables. Copious amounts of wine were poured into golden goblets. The guests grew rowdier and bawdier. The slower serving girls were snatched and pulled into the laps of both men and women. Many of the wenches, however, expertly swerved, escaping the lustful lunges, each time playfully chastising the unfortunate guest. Lewd songs erupted spontaneously among the tables and raucous laughter floated over the crowd. The drunken, lascivious orgy seemed to build through the night until just before midnight, Nate stood. An expectant hush fell over the crowd as Nate spoke.

“My friends! A toast to fine food, fine wine, a lusty life,” Nate proclaimed as he raised his goblet. The drunken swarm erupted in salutes. Nate raised his hand and again the throng hushed. “I have some very special entertainment this night. No it is not my new pet although she may show her talents to me later,” Nate said as the guests laughed boisterously. “No, I have another treat for you; one of exceptional illegal bahis siteleri beauty and exquisite grace. A fine delicacy that is bound to rise more than just eyebrows,” Nate insinuated as he sipped his wine. With that he motioned to the guards at the main entrance.

They opened the doors and a lone drummer entered the room followed by two large, bare-chested men carrying a very large basket. Sydney recognized the drummer as the front desk clerk. He was dressed only in a loin cloth and a turban. His sinewy chest and legs glistened as he took a seat and placed the drum in his lap. The room fell silent and the drummer started, creating a slow, steady rhythm that was at the same time complex and driving. Sydney heard the sound of bells. They kept pace with the drummer’s tempo but produced a hypnotic counter rhythm.

The lid of the basket slowly slid open and two hands unhurriedly snaked from the opening. The hands, holding small silver bells, were gracefully by two followed lovely arms, twisting and intertwining to the music. Smoothly following the arms was a set of dark eyes; deep chocolate pools, mysterious and mesmerizing. They were framed by deep lustrous auburn curls. Her face was cover with a translucent silken veil held in place by a fine silver rope around her auburn locks. Finally, as if summoned by a snake charmer, a petite form fluidly rose, writhing in beat with the drummer. The two large men, lifter the dancer from the basket and she landed lightly on her feet.

The dancer wore a golden halter, beaded and bejeweled. He tight, flat belly was uncovered except for the deep red ruby in her navel and a thin silver strand of bells lovingly encircling her waist. The dancer’s hips and legs were covered with more silky veils. More silver bells encircled each ankle and her small, perfect feet were bare. Her movements were fluid, with the grace of a gazelle. The dancer skipped lightly as if she did not touch the ground, the bells on her delicate fingers and toes kept the spellbinding rhythm led by the drummer.

The dancer hips shook and vibrated making the silky wraps ripple. Each movement choreographed with expert precision to draw attention to different parts of the dancer. Her arms weaved erotic and hypnotic patterns before and beside her.

Expertly, the dancer moved around the room. She floated from table to table. She teased selected guests, and then elegantly danced away, leaving the subject languishing. She moved from patron to patron, leaving a wake of stunned guests. Slowly the drummer increased the tempo. The dancer, match him beat for beat. Sydney felt herself sway to the music, wishing she could join the danseur noble in her conquest of the patrons.

The rhythmic figure shimmied through the guest. Her hips swaying quickly side to side. She approached Tina and the young waiter. Looking deeply into the ebony beauty’s eyes, the dance detached a veil from her hips. She sauntered, seductively toward Tina, bewitchingly taking one step forward, entrancingly flipping one hip then repeating with the other. Sydney could see Tina’s breathing increase. Her bosoms strained against the corset. The dance reached Tina and alluringly threw the veil over Tina’s shoulders. The dancer deftly leaped into the air, twirling her rich auburn hair, leaving the veil covering Tina Tilly. Tina did not move as the fine fabric formed a golden mantle, matching Tina’s bustier. Sydney saw a burning desire in Tina’s eyes and her breasts heaved against the restraints of her bustier.

The dancer had moved on. She spun and moved to another patron. With acrobat-like moves, she vaulted onto a table, landing so gently and precisely that not one drop of wine was spilled. She nimbly danced down the length of the table, hips, hands, and beaded halter vibrating furiously; the silk scarves rippling around her feet. The dancer dexterously somersaulted three times, her feat lightly striking the table. Sydney was amazed not a single dish was disturbed. With a flourish, she picked up with the drummer’s beat. Leaving a fine silky sheet playfully sliding from another patron’s head on to the table.

The tempo increased. The danseur’s hips keeping expert pace with the driving pace. Waves of silk flowed down her legs as her hips vibrated hypnotically. She detached another veil and arched it over yet another guest. She pulled the patron toward her. Sydney watched as the dancer shook her breasts, in the same spot as the rest of her body shimmied forward, creating a graceful arch. Just as the guest was about to kiss her cleavage, she deftly flipped the silk back over the patron and wrapped it around his hands, effectively binding him. As the crowd howled with laughter, the dancer blew the patron a kiss and skipped away.

Spinning and skipping, the erotic coryphée floated through the crowd once again. As she pirouetted down the tables, Sydney noticed the hungry look on canlı bahis siteleri each person’s face. She realized that she too was caught in this small figure’s spell. The rhythm of the drum and the bells intensified her passion. She started to rise. A small tug on her leash reminded her that she was in forbidden territory. As she looked back at Nate and noticed the same hungry look in his eyes. Her position also allowed her a close view of his growing manhood, restricted under his trousers. Smiling, she returned her attention back to the dancer, just in time to see another veil drop.

Sydney noticed much more of the dancer was exposed. In fact, Sydney could see that the dancer was covered by only a veil in the front, one in the back and one covering her face. The dancer twisted, flipped, and twirled steadily around the room; her feet a blaze of hypnotic patterns, the bells tinkling, and the drum pulsating. As the dancer and the drummer intensified their lustful ballet, Sydney’s lust increased. The heat and sexual intensity increased in the room. Nate was growing even larger, his member straining against its imprisonment. The drummer’s beat sped up as did the dancer’s counterpoint. Suddenly she stopped in mid-move, the drummer stopped, the crowd stopped breathing, the world around them seemed to stop.

All eyes were on the graceful petite figure. However, she was looking straight at Yuri. He was looking back, entranced. The drum stoked once. One small foot moved forward. A second stroke and with a flourish of her hip, the dancer stepped the other foot forward. Beat … Step … Beat … Flourish … The tempo quicken with each beat until it resumed and exceeded the previous tempo. The ecdysiast’s hips and halter were flying at amazing speeds. Closer and closer to Yuri she moved. He could not move, trapped in this small spider’s erotic web. She danced right up to Yuri, moved her face to within inches of his. She then turned on her heals and performed the move amazing back bend. Her body seemed to defy gravity. It seemed to float. She righted her self and cart wheeled away, leaving two veils, binding Yuri and Georgi together.

As the drummer played an amazingly intricate and intensely racing rhythm, the figurante burst into a full run then completed a series of hand springs like a gymnast across the mat. She vaulted in the air, spinning and flipping over Nate and was hidden from the crowd by his throne. The drummer expertly stoked his drum in to a roll. However, the dancer did not reappear. Just as Nate was turning to see what was happening, the dancer adroitly leaped over Sydney and onto the head table, landing gracefully, facing Nate. The last veil floated softly onto Sydney, covering one shoulder and breast. Sydney looked at the table, and there stood Halimah, nude except for the belt of bells around her waist and ankles. She ceremoniously threw one arm into the triumphantly.

The drummer stopped. The dance was over and Halimah stood on the table before Nate, glistening with perspiration; her pert breasts heaving from the exertion. The ruby in her navel set off her flat belly. Her slim hip encircled by the belt of silver bells and her auburn hair was both wild and plastered against face. All eyes were on this small nude beauty that had aroused the room.

Nate sat stunned, staring in to Halimah’s deep eyes, mesmerized. His hands gripped the arms of his throne tightly. He was no longer the master but was held, submissive to the delicate form before him. She had total power the Prince. She could do anything she wanted. Halimah was for the moment queen of Nate’s domain. She reached out and pulled him roughly to her. She pulled his face toward hers, his lips being pulled into hers …

“Professor Hawthorne … Professor Hawthorne … Madam I am finished,” Sydney heard Halimah’s melodic voice arouse her from her dream. “How do you feel?” she asked.

“Oh My! Did I fall asleep?” Sydney asked.

“Yes. I am afraid so. But I am finished. How do you feel?” Halimah inquired.

Sydney wanted to say “So horney I would fuck that broom over there.” But she instead said, “Like a new woman. One I never knew I could be. Do I owe you anything?”

“No madam. You husband has already paid me and left me a very generous tip,’ Halimah answered. “You can wait here for Georgi if you wish. I have to leave for another appointment. It was good to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful stay,” she said as she gathered her belongings.

“Thank you. Halimah,” she added. “You be patient about meeting someone. I have a feeling someone special will be dancing into you life before you know it,” Sydney said confidently.

“I hope so. Good-bye professor” and Halimah left. Sydney relaxed in the chair and thought about her wild dream. This was a side of herself Sydney she had never encountered; never knew she had. She knew she would have to explore it deeper. However, the dream had intensified her lust. “If I don’t get fucked soon I will not be responsible for my actions” she murmured to herself. She sat exploring this “darker” side of her lust for some minutes more, until Georgi called to her from the doorway.

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