The Rescuer Bk. 02 Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.

This story is a continuation of “The Rescuer.” It’s a good read on its own, and it helps set up this story. It’s not required reading, but as I said, it’s a good read. I took liberties with the children. At the end of the Rescuer, I didn’t anticipate this story. The quantity, parents, and sexes didn’t fit this story well, so I changed the names, sex, who they were born to, and in what order they were born. This has zero effect on the original story and a considerable impact on this story. After all, it’s just fiction anyway.


Chapter 1 – Welcome Home

Twenty years have elapsed since The Rescuer story ended.

Our children are all coming home for an extended Christmas leave. Half don’t deserve it; they haven’t been in the military long enough. However, their old man (me) is a bit of a legend on their base. My children complain that they get special treatment. Generals salute them! You see, 20 years ago I saved the United States president’s daughter, stopped some annoying smugglers, and oh yeah, I halted the taking of our base and its nuclear missile tips by Russian drug smugglers. Long ago, I started up a unit of snipers that were assisted with their dogs. We made an excellent rescue unit. Alone and then, as a group, me and my unit were credited with hundreds of rescues.

My favorite rescue was the year I was called into the mess tent to save the base from a lousy meatloaf. Virginia was mad at me for months. Even she looks back and laughs now. I help with emergency procedures, emergency preparedness, and help those dealing with death. My days of carrying a rifle are done. Well, other than for sport.

Our family business provides hunting, fishing, and horseback riding trips. Twenty-two years ago, we added the cabins by the lake, a dock, some planes, boats, and a horse-riding adventure for families or wives and children of the men that go out hunting or fishing. We have a dog farm that provides dogs for the US and Canadian armies as well as making excellent sled dogs.

I mentioned my children. I gave all of them names when they were born. They each acquired a nickname that they now go by. My first son with Kim (my sister and wife) is Hunter. If there ever was a more accurate name, I have not come across it. He is the oldest, and like the others, enlisted as an officer. They have never had a soldier that was better trained than Hunter. He is the second-best shot in the world. Many consider me the best, does it matter? He can easily teach sniper school as he is

. His dog Zeus is smart and by far the biggest of all dogs.

Sara and I had Bonnie. I have no idea where her name comes from. Like her mother, she is a nurse practitioner. Her mother trained her from the crib in medicine while I taught her to be a soldier and shoot a sniper rifle; she went through medical school in two years. Her attention to detail is impressive. Her dog, Chip, is an average dog but the most protective.

Mary and I had two children. Her children Bubba and Porsche, have dogs, Jack, and Jill. They (the children) are good shots (the dogs don’t shoot); I trained them. Their dogs are the best trained. I believe if they tried, they could teach those dogs to write. It’s genuinely remarkable what they can do. Bubba is the enforcer of the group. He likes to fight hand to hand and use his size and strength to intimidate people. He has been working with the base for years. He was a very skilled child. All my children in one way or another are. Porsche likes speed, particularly boats, horses, airplanes, and helicopters. Funny, he’s not so big on cars.

On the first day of basic training, the other cadets teased his sister for having a dog with her. The Sargent giggled but made no move.

Bubba yelled at all the privates, “There are six of us total with dogs, me and three others who are two years older, we are additional instructors. These are trained attack dogs. Say anything about one of my sisters, and you will be lucky if the dog gets to you before I do. All six of us have the latest in US weapons technology and use a .50 caliber round. Each of us routinely hit the bull’s eye nearly every shot at 1000 yards. We grew up shooting moving and stationary targets.

“I will use my dad’s favorite line, any place, any time, any amount, fixed or moving. Hunter is the best shot in the world right now. Our old man is wearing down; we still let him think he is


Instantly the Sargent asks, “How is your old man? Damn, the stories I have heard about him. Listen up, you punks. These four (Bonnie and Porsche are two years behind), all came into the service as officers. Since they were born, their old man has been training them to shoot and be soldiers. You don’t mess with them. They are the best shots, and all six will be in the Canine Rescue unit. Generals salute them. That’s how much they admire Hunter’s escort ataşehir and Bonnie’s father.”

Pam and Paula are Penny’s daughters, twins. She named them with Russian names, they changed them to something Canadian and are happier for it. Well, as you might expect, their dogs, April and Kathy, love horses, and her girls are the best riders of the group by far.

Bonnie is already in shape for basic training. Bonnie and Porsche each excelled and were soon leaders of their groups. Nobody ever gave them a hard time again; the dogs don’t have a sense of humor.

Immediately on entering the service, my children are taken out to run missions, even during basic training. Phil still leads groups, but he is more like me now, leaving it to the young ones. He started my children out in pairs for doing missions; he gave them easy stuff to help build their confidence. There just isn’t anything like a real mission.

Hunter is better than I am in the forest. He walks silently and blends into the woods much better than I ever could. He spent the summer with my old CIA friends a few years ago, and I think they taught him some tricks. He won’t talk about it.

It’s day two of our holiday when we get an urgent phone call. Our old Eskimo friends are being harassed by smugglers. Since these are old friends and there is an unknown force, I take my rifle and Mini Runt (my dog). This one is even smaller than his father but much smarter. I figure I’ll help interview them.

After loading the helicopter, everyone is looking at me like I am going to say something. It’s Bubba that spoke up first, “Um, dad. Are we really going to land next to our friends? This doesn’t feel right.”

Porsche is next, “Fuck you. Took you long enough to say something. No way an Eskimo goes to the military and complains about smugglers. I doubt they even know what a smuggler is.”

Paula asks Hunter, “Why don’t you seem concerned? Do your magic eyes sees the guys standing on the ice, waiting for us?”

The child (Hunter) smiles, “As I say, keep your eyes open, and the world reveals itself. When we loaded into the helicopter, dad gave the pilot three fingers and then did a squiggly line going down. Sign language for three kilometers South.”

Bonnie asks, “You immediately knew?”

I reply, “Porsche had it right on both points. That’s why I am here – to help advise. This time, if they shoot back at you, something you have not experienced before, I can help.”

I speak to the pilots, “I don’t want you anywhere near us until it’s safe, we’ll call you in. If you don’t have more men on the way, get some up here now but hold them back until we call them in.”

We land, and I spread the children out. Hunter is closest to the camp. We move forward carefully. We find no traps, no sentries, nothing. Their camp is more than 500 yards from the tree line. I look up and down the coastline, the forest line, and in the village. Nothing. In the center of the camp is a single young female tied to a stake.

I was going to have my son look around, but he is already gone. I hate it when he does that. Bubba motions for everyone to dig in and hide. Paula is on the far end; her dog Kathy catches a scent and points. Sure enough, on the high ground, she finds a sniper.

Softly on the radio, she whispers, “Six snipers and about twenty in the bushes.”

I radio our pilots, “Send the ground troops in as soon as you can, the last kilometer they better be silent; they have twenty machine guns waiting.”

The pilot responds, “ETA one hour.”

Pam whispers, “I see at least two back by Hunter.”

Hunter adds, “There is a third further back. I will get these three.”

Hour and a quarter later, a few units make contact with us.

Bonnie lays out the situation, what we will do, and then what they will do. We do it simultaneously, and all of us walk out of here alive. No questions. Hunter will take the first shot. Then the rest of us will rain lead and clean this up.

We take our positions, and I hear a rifle shot. I take out my target and then quickly move to the next, and he too is dead. I hear several sniper shots go off. Unfortunately, I did not hear twenty rifles go off. I see about half the men freeze.

The bad guys have more experience; they turn their guns on us and mow down many of the men that are standing with their mouths open. Before I can say anything, Pam shouts out, “Fire at will!”

That was screamed into my ear.

One by one, we start plinking off the bad guys until they are all on the ground. I look to my sides and order Bonnie to assist Paula. Paula is down, but I don’t see blood. I hope her jacket took the bullet and not her. Bubba is all over Paula, holding her in his arms and crying. Interesting.

Hunter appears out of the falling snow with the girl. She is the only one; they took the others on a boat. I relay that back to HQ immediately. Our helicopter is first to arrive; they pick my family and the Eskimo girl. We call home but return to base. Paula was hit but in the jacket. kadıköy escort She is bruised, sore, but no blood and no broken bones. She will be released to us in an hour of hitting the hospital.

We all go to fill out our reports and get interviewed by Intelligence. I am first done. I wait as one by one, the others finish. We take Sally, the Eskimo girl, home with us. By the time we get home, my friends told me that the Eskimos were taken to a Russian military ship and then off-loaded onto Russian fishing ships for slave labor.

It’s a few days before Christmas. At dinner, I take stock of where my children sit. Low and behold, Hunter has Porsche and Pam on both sides of him, and Bubba has Bonnie and Paula on both sides of him. When did this start? Kim and Penny are at my sides, and Mary is at the far end. I know that Penny was on the far end last night.

I announce to the table, “Tonight is a four-pillow night.”

Bubba giggles

Pam asks, “Bubba, why are you giggling?”

Bubba laughs, “Because dad is going to scr … entertain all three moms tonight.”

Porsche snickers, “By entertain, you mean screw, right?”

Bonnie interjects, “It’s not screwing when you make love.”

Paula adds, “To THREE women in one night?”

Hunter adds, “Not so hard to do if you have three women you love. Dad certainly loves all three. Even a blind man can see that they are very beautiful. It’s partially why you four are so beautiful and extremely talented in your areas of expertise.”

Penny asks, “We have yet to discuss the elephant in the room.”

Kim asks, “Which one?” All the adult eyes are raised at that.

Penny specifies, “I was referring to being shot at by real bullets. A duck or bear doesn’t shoot back at you. How did you all feel when your life was in mortal danger?”

Pam is first to speak, “With dad there it was a very calm experience. It was just like hunting. We all performed exceptionally. The new soldiers, several of them ran at the first shot. Most of the others were excellent, though, so it didn’t matter.

“Dad’s training kicked in, and I quickly processed my factors and took shots. The new semi-automatic weapons are awesome. I miss my last rifle some, but these are sick.”

Bonnie is next, “I agree, dad is so calming under fire. To be honest, all of us were. Nobody got excited; nobody screamed or ran or did anything other than their job. Dad trained us well, and it showed on the field of battle. Hunter needs to stay with the group, though. Almost immediately, he is off looking for more bad guys in the opposite direction.”

I add, “He was right. He knew it was a kill box; he went looking for the other pieces and took them out. This is just the beginning of your own legends. I won’t always be there to watch over you. From what I saw, you don’t need me.”

Bubba asks, “What was the second elephant in the room?”

Kim blushes, thinks about her words, and then starts an argument, “Tonight your father finally noticed the feelings you have for each other.”

All six children are talking over each other about how wrong I am. Yikes!

I shush then and then say, “I just happened to notice that each of my sons has one of my daughters on each side of him at dinner. Your mothers move around the table, not you six. You are always in the same seat. Bubba was all over Paula when she was shot. No Hunter or Pam, just Bubba.

“I know you all don’t date. There was no time here and little opportunity. Yes, we know about the midnight romps Bubba and Hunter had with a few of the eighteen-year-olds then. I know you two aren’t virgins. I can’t say the same about my daughters; I’ve never known you to be around the boys.”

Penny adds, “Girls, I know that most boys look inadequate compared to your brothers. Most likely, they are. But just like dad trained Hunter and Bubba, you can train guys you like as well. Don’t give it away, but if you find a guy you like, you can always improve him.”

Bonnie slams down her fork. She has the look of a wildcat in her eyes; this is one dangerous woman right now.

Bonnie stands up to make an announcement, “You talk about all the great training you have given all of us. We can hide, ride, shoot, command men and beast. We are great at everything, right? WRONG! Your sons’ SUCK in bed! That’s right; we have all been fucking since we turned eighteen. That wasn’t clients; it was sisters. However, their skill in the bed doesn’t come close to the legend that is you dad. You FAILED to teach them the most important skills!”

Mary stands up next and screams, “What the hell? Is everyone having sex? Do you know how wrong that is?”

Porsche, “Mom! Do you know how big a hypocrite you are right now? We know everything. Grandma was especially easy to get talking. We just had to show her rope, and she would tell us such great stories. With just us up here, there aren’t many options for dating. When we got curious, there was someone that loved us very much to help out.”

I plead with Penny, “Help?”

Penny maltepe escort bayan is amused, “You want me to tell them how horrible it’s been living with you and my two best friends for the last twenty-three years? No way, I love you too much.”

Pam is loud and gets attention, “Tonight dad, the four pillows will be placed at the center of the living room floor. I believe our education should continue tonight.”

Mary shouts, “I’m not fucking in front of my children. I am not encouraging incest.”

Paula says in a low voice, “Too late for that.”

Penny screams at her daughter, “What did you say? Speak up.”

Hunter says with conviction, “We know. Grandma told us before everyone retired and moved to Montreal. Grandpa confirmed. They knew you would never tell us. It seems they were right about a lot of things.”

I have heard enough, “Enough! I don’t have to justify my actions to any of you. None of you know shit. Everything I do is calculated and well thought out. To many people, I am still a wanted man. I protect a lot of people. I keep a lot of secrets so that you can breathe each day.

“I don’t want any of you making the papers. If they figure out who you are, I’m next, and that’s bad news for all of us. So, yes, there is much I have not told you and will not tell you. Deal with it!”

I quickly stand up, grab my coat, yell out, “RUNT!” and then run out of the house with Runt behind me. Runt is actually Runt III, but who’s counting. Rocky and the Original Runt are buried out on the back of a hill behind the kennels. I like to think they are looking out for the new dogs.

I head out into the forest, running, ignoring the snow. It’s a great place to clear my head.

Penny’s point of view:

I use my commanding voice, “Hunter, follow your father. He is slower these days. If he gets surprised, he’ll need your help.”

As Hunter grabs his coat, he gives me a cocky reply, “The day my dad needs my help will be a sad day for all. He will know I’m out there; he can feel it.”

Kim adds, “And that is why we send you, to let him know we care. Catch up to him after a few hours and keep him company. He will appreciate you waiting.”

Hunter looks at me inquisitively, “Why?”

Kim smiles, “You’d catch up to him in ten minutes. By taking hours, he will know it was me, making you take your time. Trust me; it will amuse him.”

The good-looking young man ran off with Zeus right behind him. He never had to call him.

I talk in a regular voice, “Tonight your father recognized that Hunter and Bubba have a sister on each side. This has been going on for a year. Something set him off, and he knows or at least suspects what you six are up to. Bubba, are you man enough to admit what you all have been doing?”

Bubba shows his wisdom; he isn’t just a big strapping, handsome man, “I will not now nor ever in the future discuss my sex life with anyone that was not involved.”

Bonnie is talking, “We have heard the screams coming for dad’s room. We know you rotate spending time with him. No judgment, just listing the facts. Each mom has a great time. We all want that same thing. We see the internet, we talk to our friends on the base, yet none of us has experienced something like you have.

“Dinner shows our general preference, but we are not in an exclusive relationship. Hunter likes Paula and me just not as much as Bubba does. We do a lot together. Trust me, asking our parents is weird. Where else do we go? A random family is here to ride a horse. Hey lady, you just rode a horse for an hour, want to fuck me, and teach me some new skills? Yeah, that would be awesome.”

Mary says, “I will talk to him when he comes back. Give me some time. This week he will break. Let me tell you a story about a woman that wanted to train her husband to have sex with her. Brian developed an interesting training system.”

Chapter 2 – Training

Brian’s point of view:

The next morning, I sleep in late. I was out too late last night, and the cold got to me. I was glad Hunter was out there with me to help guide me home. Runt knew the way, but I can’t lean on my dog like I can my son. Everyone was asleep when we got back. Each of my three wives came in to check up on me. Penny stayed the night. She left sometime in the morning; my bed is cold and empty.

Ok, not cold, Runt is by my feet, keeping them warm. He knows exactly what I need. I take a shower, put clothes on, and then go down to see if any breakfast is still out. Runt comes with me, always behind and to my right side.

In the kitchen, Bonnie, Pam, Penny, and Mary are still eating breakfast. All of them are in bras and panties. Not their most revealing lingerie, but it’s nice stuff, not the cheap crap. Kim comes back into the kitchen, holding a cup and plate. A fork on the plate fell to the floor. Porsche is behind Kim. She places a hand on Kim’s side and then bends over slowly to pick up the fork. Her breasts swing down as she bends over.

It’s a truly spectacular view. She licks her lips as she turns her head to see if I am looking. My cock turns hard; she smiles at me before standing up. She places the fork on Kim’s plate and then kisses Kim on the lips. Bonnie calls out to Kim. Every one of the women turns quickly towards me, and all their breasts swing with them.

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