The Punishing

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I watched as she walked out of the
shadows and into the illumination of a streetlight, looking at the ground as she walked. She wore the short skirt and crop top that was the uniform required by her employers at the bar she waitressed at till 2am most nights. It was by chance that I witnessed what she did for extra money whenever the occasion arose.

The week before I had stopped for a few drinks around closing time. As I sat in my car smoking a cigarette and returning some texts, I became aware of movement behind the small shed the
bar used to store their empty kegs. Behind the shed to my right, were a man and the waitress that had served me my drinks.
As I watched, unbeknownst to them, it was obvious the man had pulled his erect cock out of his pants, at which time he grabbed a fistful of the girls long dark hair and forced her to her knees, while shoving his large, hard dick into her mouth roughly, as deep as it was long. Unrelentlessly face fucking her pretty mouth, pushing all the way down her throat over and over until he was quaking with an obvious orgasm. Blowing his load into her slender throat.
She got up, he slipped her some bills, she straightened her skirt and started her walk home. I could feel my arousal dampening my panties, my disgust of her and this obviously degrading act fighting against my need to satisfy myself…this was the beginning…

The DJ played what the patrons requested, mainly top 40 and country. The dance floor was busy and so was my waitress. But I wasn’t really there for the drinks I was sipping on. Her long brown hair was loose tonight, she had straightened her normally curly style so that when the lights flashed, there were hints of color that shone. Her ample tits were pushed up and looked enormous above the little knot that she had tied to hold her shirt together. Her skirt high and tight enough that I could make out the shape of her tight sexy ass. I wanted to grab it. The jewel in her belly button like a beacon, promising wonderful gifts below.

Around last call I finished my drink, leaving a large tip and smiling at her when she glanced at me with a little wave. I felt a tinge in my clit as excitement raced up my spine. Making my way out to the parking lot and my prime parking position, I settle in with my cig and my phone, waiting patiently.

The crowd was too large on the weekends for her normal after party behind the keg shed. Aware that that she would skip the show that had insured what would happen to her tonight, when she came out of the bar to walk home I pulled out, waving. The route she took was always the same. She lived in the first floor apartment of a duplex she shared with an older man. He often went fishing on the weekends, leaving his apartment vacant while he camped. I made sure I was far enough ahead of her so that when i went around the curve in the road which led to her home, she would not see me park at the store across the street. It was a dark night, with few stars, hot, and humid. Waiting for her to unlock her door I made my way quietly up behind her, my bag in one hand, a large knife in the other.

As she pushed the door open, I pushed her with all of my force…the door flew inward as the force of her body slammed into it and she hit the floor. Of course she began to scream, quieting at once as I put the knife to her throat from behind her as I straddled her body and bent down. “Shut the fuck up and I won’t open your throat right now, slut,” I said. Hearing my voice, realizing I was a woman she began to protest, until I lightly pressed the blade to her creamy, trembling throat. She was silent as I asked her “you like to suck cock whore?”

I told her to get up slowly. She turned and looked at me, as she did, recognition and fear lighting her green eyes,”you,” she spoke harshly. I said not a word as I held the knife in place and pushed her forward until we were in her small bedroom.

My heart pounded fiercely, my adrenaline rushing, anticipation quickening my pulse. She sat on the bed. Hands tied behind her in an exquisitely tied knot, her left ankle cuffed to the bottom of the bedpost. After my armed threat to her about making noise, she had remained silent as of yet. Fear and trepidation dripped from her, I could almost smell it. This only excited me, my pussy throbbed as I stood in front her and explained my purpose. “I am here bursa escort to take what you so readily give to so many others, you will do what I tell you to.” The knife in my hand ensured to her the lengths I would go to in order to possess her. I did not share with her that the more she fought, the more turned on I would become.

She glanced at my toy bag, wondering what else it held other than cuffs and rope, I am sure. I removed my signature black latex gloves from it and slowly pulled them on, my eyes watching hers as her fright heightened, beads of perspiration popping out of the pores across her forehead. I let my eyes travel down to her tits, they remained there as I pulled a bottle of lube from the bag. I could see her trembling. My panties were fast becoming soaked, warm and wet between my thighs.

I walked towards her slowly, knife to my side, unconsiously licking my lips. I stood inches in front of her, standing above her I reached down, placed the lube on the floor, I pulled apart the bow that secured her shirt closed…revealing the reason for her exaggerated cleavage, a light pink, lacey, see through push up bra entrapped her beautiful breasts. Freeing them with a flick of my sharp blade, releasing them out of each cup, they dropped heavily and seductively in front of me and I could not stop myself from cupping one of them in my hand. Bending forward to take a tiny nipple into my mouth and between my teeth, I applied enough pressure to elicit a gasp from her pretty little mouth, causing me to bite harder. As I raised my head to bring myself level to hers, I saw a tear rolling down her cheek as she asked”are you gonna hurt me?” “Maybe, I replied, perhaps you will like it, slut.” She whispered “please don’t,” seconds before my hand left a print on her already blushed cheek. Her head snapped to the side with force and she began to fall before my hand grasped her slender neck, squeezing minimally to bring her back upright. “Now it begins,” I whisper to myself as her eyes well up and become even larger. My left hand remained around her throat as I placed the knife very near, I reached up her short skirt expecting panties but, to my delight I encountered flesh instead. Parting the tiny lips surrounding her warm hole I pushed my index finger into her wet heaven, curling it forward as if motioning someone to come near, hearing her breathing become faster, I knew I had the right spot. I used my knee to roughly spread her legs wider, giving me better access I returned to her with 2 fingers this time quickly inserting them to the knuckles in the same spot I began to move my hand up and out, her body jerking to the rhythm I used. She began to whimper as I increased the pressure around her throat with one hand, moving my hand and fingers faster in her cunt. I knew from the sudden increase in temperature around the fingers inside her, that whether she liked it or not (I did not care either way), her body was reacting to my coaxing. Her tight, hot pussy was flooding with her juices. My tempo increased even more until she squirmed in her upright position and although she was unaware, her legs spread even wider and the muscles in her twat tightened around me as her body wracked with an involuntary response to my touch and she let out a squeal as I could feel her squirting all over my forearm. I released her throat from my grip, swiftly hiked her skirt back, revealing the hot stream coming from her splashing on the floor. I did not stop, but reached down, pulling her hood back to reveal her protruding, pink little clit I removed my other hand and began roughly and quickly rubbing that sweet spot while her squirt sprayed all over me, splashing on the floor. Fuck, it was hot and I couldn’t resist shoving my fingers in her mouth and down her throat, eliciting a gag as her body quivered and the fountain abruptly ended.

I gathered my thoughts as I pushed her back, unlocked the cuff around her ankle, and flipped her over onto her belly. Grabbing the knife I held it in front of her face and said “don’t move bitch.”
She wept as I reached into my bag, removing my strap holding a very realistic 10″ cock in its ring. I stepped into it as I quietly told her what a dirty little whore she was, she was unaware of what she had cumming, due to her inability to see me. I tightened the straps as I moved back to the bed, once again standing above her, this time bursa escort bayan behind, I yanked her skirt down and off. This revealed her perfectly shaped, smooth skinned, tanned ass and I could wait no longer. I used both hands to spread her sweet ass cheeks and reveal that small, pink and inviting asshole. Bending down while jerking her ass cheeks wider my tongue slipped out and slowly began lapping at her hole. I felt it tightly squeeze shut as I was seeking to explore further with my tongue. I pushed into her, removing a hand to slap her ass hard, she jerked and I shoved my tongue in as far as was possible. Now my pussy was twinging with an ache I welcomed, wanting to make her mine in every way. I licked, tasted, delved into her tight hole, allowing my saliva to cover it until it was completely wet. As I bit down on a plump cheek, I slowly slid my middle finger into that slick, puckering spot, she attempted to wiggle away from my protrusion. I bit on a mouthful of ass until she shrieked in pain and I told her”keep fighting slut, it’ll only get more painful.” I added a finger and began moving them in and out, spreading them apart, stretching her out as she gave up fighting, knowing there was nothing she could do.

I continued finger fucking her ass, going from slow and gentle to quick and rough…continuing to stretch her. I used my other hand to reach down and pull her to her knees, so that her rear was in the air while her head continued to lay to the side on the bed. Still unaware of it, as i stood, grabbing the thick shaft, I touched the tip of my cold, stiff, soft skinned cock to her asshole, making her jerk quickly. I added another dollop of spit as I retrieved the lube and squeezed the bottle above my dildo, stroking it to spread the lube until it was slippery and glistening. I returned the tip to where it was and slowly rubbed her asshole with it as it once again squeezed shut tightly. I was in the perfect position behind her, standing tall enough on my stilettos so that my cock was placed perfectly for penetration. I applied enough pressure to pop the head of my magnificent toy into her. She gasped in pain as I thrust deep inside of her, at least 7 inches, giving her body no time to acclimate to the this forceful intrusion. I pumped my hips, slowing my pace, my big thick cock slid in and out as I watched, only when her moans quieted did I slip it in to the base…making her take all 10″. I pushed as far as I could, rocking my hips side to side I moved my cock inside of her, delving as deep as it would go until her moans resumed and I knew it was causing her pain. I backed off but began to pound her ass, fucking her harder and harder. I reached down and around until my agile fingers once again found her erect clit and I began to slowly rub it. A moment later her moans of pain turned to those of ecstasy…as I stroked her inside with my cock, my fingers on her clit, her moans became deeper and louder until she was gasping “Oh my fucking God,” over and over. Once again her body was wracked with the waves of an intense orgasm, a different kind, I knew from experience. Wishing that for just once I could know what it felt like to feel her holes squeeze down on me, to have a real cock and know that pleasure, if just for a moment. Albeit, I felt a huge satisfaction come over me, knowing that at that moment, against her will, her body succumbed to my manipulation and she belonged to me…

I pulled out quickly landing a stinging slap on her already marked ass. Needing release I turned her over and pulled her to her knees on the floor next to the bed. Repeating my earlier question I asked “you like to suck cock whore?” Not waiting for an answer, I grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head back, shoving my cock covered in the juices of her ass into her mouth. I held her there while I slid my cock down her throat slowly, I placed my other hand around her throat and began to fuck her face…feeling it’s hard length bulging in her slender, sexy throat. I moved both hands, placing them on either side of her head. I forced into her roughly, eliciting the sounds of gagging and bringing tears to her eyes, leaving it deep down until I saw panic slip into her eyes, knowing she could not breathe I held her head so she could not move. Finally, after a few moments, an eternity to her I was sure, I quickly pulled out and she gasped for air…tears and escort bursa snot on her face, drool running down and stringing off of her chin. I repeated this violation several times, finally lifting my leg and placing my foot on the bed. Ripping my panties aside, I forced her face into my dripping pussy, telling her “lick that wet pussy bitch, eat it slut, do it good or I will show you what pain is.” She began to lick the slit of my pussy causing me to writhe and ride it, wanting to cum in her mouth I ground my throbbing clit against her moving tongue, faster and harder, feeling the need to release building inside of me…I forced her to eat my hot pussy until finally, I felt my body tense up as my pussy began to squeeze and my body jerked, grinding on her face I could feel my creamy cum moving through me and onto her face, her tongue, mixing with the sweat and juices already covering her slick face. This did not satisfy me completely, and I knew I must take more of what I desired.

I pulled her up to her feet, reigning several hard, stinging slaps against her breast, watching as a red print jumped out. I pinched both of her nipples between fingers eager to inflict suffering and pleasure unknown. I dipped down and sucked one hard…while she protested I reached down finding her hot wet cunt and pushing my fingers inside I fucked her that way for a moment before turning her and bending her over the bed. I held a tit in my hand squeezing painfully while. I slipped my cock into her dripping pussy. I knew she was disgusted with the betrayal her own body dealt her as I assaulted her pink, pretty, shaved, tight little hole. Pounding into her violently with all 10 hard inches. I fucked her this way until my mind filled with filthy thoughts and new ways in which I desired to consume her. Before pulling out, I put 3 fingers in her ass, making her little pussy that much tighter. Let’s see how much this little Bitch can take I thought to myself. I removed my fingers and cock from inside of her, making her taste both her ass and her pussy, I licked my fingers as I ordered her to turn around, I pushed her onto the bed where she landed on her back…

Bringing her knees up and apart I put my face in between her legs and licked her from asshole to clit. Dipping my tongue in her moist, warm deliciousness, I placed my tongue flat against her clit while I slipped 2 fingers inside of her yet again, slowly fucking her with them while ravishing her clit with my mouth. She began to make the sexy sounds of pleasure. “You like that fuckin slut?” I asked, not expecting or receiving a response I squeezed a third finger inside of her, continuing to dance my tongue over and around her aroused clit, I longed to possess her completely. Adding a 4th finger, pushing into her up to my knuckles, she tightened around my fingers as her body tensed for a moment, feeling pleasure I felt the walls inside her relax. It was perfect as I added my thumb and with the other hand applied a moderate amount of lube to my hand and her stretched pussy. I felt the resistance of my knuckles against her pubic bone give away to my lubed up glove as I pushed my entire hand inside of her to my wrist. I balled my hand into a fist rocking my knuckles side to side over the back of her clit, she moaned. I wasn’t sure whether in ecstasy or pain and I did not concern myself with it as I moved my fist inside of her, filling her up and putting pressure on every part of the dark, slippery canal I had invaded. She began to tremble and as I worked my hand patiently, I knew what was cumming. Positioning myself above her pussy she began to pant. As I slowly slid my hand out, hot juice began to squirt all over my face and neck! I saw her gaping hole for a moment before I began to rub her clit quickly, coaxing out every drop of the delicious squirt from below her bright red tiny button. I dipped my finger in a puddle and brought it to her lips…

As I watched her face, she slowly opened her eyes as a small smile crept into their corners and across her full bruised lips. “Holy fuck baby, that was the best yet…thank you.” I pulled her up to stand in front of me and kissed her gently. “No, thank you…please clean up the mess you made ya little slut.” As I left the room to get a shower, she was gathering the towels she had laid down before leaving for work, hoping we would be enjoying ourselves like we did on Friday nights. I sighed with exhaustion and content, knowing my little slut was satisfied. I love this game I thought…

Copyright 2017 Lyn Tebo

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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