The Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: For new readers, this story is a continuation of my “Proper Rules” series; and in particular the last installment, which was very long, but nevertheless left some important loose ends. So I have continued the adventures of our intrepid strip poker players, and moved the story along in time in order to tidy up a bit. As with all of the stories, reading the earlier chapters will help with character development, and certain nuances of the plot; but if a reader doesn’t care to do that, I try to write each one so it can be enjoyed as a standalone piece. For those readers who have read my earlier efforts, and to avoid constant repetition, the narrator and his girlfriend are going into second year at university and 20, while all of the other principal characters have graduated from high school and are either 19, or 18 and will turn 19 shortly. The Proper Rules for Strip Poker are alluded to in this story, but not repeated. For those of you anxious to try a strip poker game with friends, significant others, members of your college dorm, or just other couples who are looking for some excitement, each of the first four stories has all of the correct rules laid out as part of the dialogue. If you are planning a large game, check out story three, it has an important variation of the rules to keep things moving along!

Something was pulling me out of a very pleasant dream! It was my body clock, conditioned to get me up for school and work, day after day; and therefore to wake me just after 7 o’clock. I groaned and stretched and opened my eyes, and then smiled to myself, I didn’t have to go anywhere; I was at the cottage and on vacation! A merciless Monday morning sun was streaming into the bedroom, determined to waken me; so I rolled over, so my back was to the windows. Take that, stupid sun!

Just as I was about to close my eyes, my attention was arrested by a curtain of red hair, and then I remembered; my girlfriend and lover, Jayne, had given Debbie and I permission to spend the night together, and we had; with delightful consequences! My movements must have disturbed Debbie; because, without waking, she rolled her petite frame over until she was facing me, letting the single sheet fall to her waist and giving me a wonderful view of her exquisite breasts, easily the best, most natural, and perfectly formed, that I would ever have the good fortune to see! As I looked at them, I smiled inwardly, what was it about them? They weren’t nearly as large as Erin’s, just a nice medium size. Jayne’s sister Kathy had ones that were almost the same in proportion to her body, and very fetching as well, although she was a few inches taller than Debbie. No, it was something else; some hint of fullness, beneath the areola and long pinkish brown nipples, that made them seem so enticing, and so ready to be touched and played with. And I had certainly done plenty of that, I recalled, almost blushing to myself, last night!

As I studied this most perplexing, but enchanting, problem, I had a sense that some one was watching me. I looked up from Debbie’s breasts and saw that her lovely green eyes were open, and she was smiling at me with amusement.

“Morning,” she said cheerfully.

“Morning,” I answered, “I was just … ah … well …”

“You were just checking out my tits, weren’t you?” she giggled, “Didn’t you get a close enough inspection last night? You certainly spent enough time with them. Goodness!”

“Well …” I stammered; and then inspiration hit, “I thought I might never get to see them again, and you know how beautiful I think they are, so I wanted to be sure I remember them.”

“Hah, nice try,” she teased with a slightly sarcastic tone, “but I think that Jayne and Kathy have you and Scott pegged, you’re both sex addicts! How are you two going to survive if you only have one naked girl to look at, instead of two or three, or even four? To say nothing of what you naughty boys have been up to with those naked girls recently. This is quite the nice little situation you’ve had going all this weekend, don’t you think?”

Two nights ago, on Saturday, the girls had organized a partner swapping game that resulted in my Jayne sleeping with Steve, Debbie’s boyfriend, while Kathy and I had a very exciting and satisfying time fulfilling our mutual attraction to each other, even though it is purely at a sexual level. Debbie and Scott, Kathy’s boyfriend, also ended up in bed together, which must have been interesting, because at one time Debbie had quite a crush on Scott. And before that, earlier in the evening, Debbie and I had a little unplanned quickie during a portion of the swapping game when the lights were out.

However, as I discovered Sunday morning, Steve’s primitive lovemaking skills didn’t exactly overwhelm Jayne, who, even though she and I are deeply in love, and likely headed for a permanent relationship, wanted both of us to get some other experience. To assuage her disappointment, and her curiosity about erenköy escort having a positive sexual encounter with another person, Jayne traded Kathy three IOU’s. In return, Kathy got Scott to agree to sleep with Jayne, and more importantly, to give her a memorable night. Kathy, who knows how to drive a hard bargain, has the three IOU’s in her possession, and each one requires me to have sex with her, on demand! There is one for each month between now and Christmas, when Scott gets home from university.

“Well you girls started it,” I protested, “It wasn’t our idea to change partners. And last night, I was quite prepared to sleep by myself,” I added mournfully, “all alone, in the dark, without a single beautiful girl to keep me company!”

“Oh dear,” Debbie said, feigning sympathy, “poor baby, all by yourself, and no girlfriend. So you just had to drown your sorrows by screwing that little red head; how sad!”

It was instructive to notice how much Debbie’s language had changed since those first few strip poker games, when a word like “pussy” got a reaction out of her!

“I guess,” she added, with a twinkle in her eye, “your girlfriend would have been too racked with guilt to enjoy herself, knowing you were all alone, so she decided to get you a girl. But where do you get a girl like that, you know … basically a slut … and on short notice? Lucky for her I was around. You know I’m normally pretty selective, where guys are concerned, however, anything for a friend!”

“And I noticed how you hated every minute of it,” I said teasing, “What was that odd thing that happened a few times … you know, where you get all tense, and make little noises, and that … uh … place that you have between your legs does some stuff; can you explain it, I’m confused?”

I knew I was on pretty safe ground, teasing her about having a climax, because she had confessed to Jayne, Kathy and I that prior to this weekend, she had never had a proper one during sex with Steve. And when she had a decent orgasm with me during the partner swapping game, and from what I deduced, later on the same night with Scott, she was both happy and relieved.

“Liar,” she retorted, poking me in the ribs, “you know exactly what happened to me, and you also know damn well your girlfriend has just about set the world record for the loudest orgasm, just the other night! So don’t play the innocent with me.”

I recalled the semi-drunken session of vigorous love-making on Friday night, when I had put Jayne on a stack of pillows, and taken her from behind, and she had come as strongly as I had ever felt. But a world record, even though I was in no position to judge, hardly!

“That’s why I try to go as fast as possible when I have sex with a girl,” I protested, pretending to be serious, “so nothing embarrassing occurs. But, unfortunately, accidents happen.”

“Well,” she giggled, joining in my fun, “if you would stop kissing the pussy of every girl you jump into bed with, things might improve and you won’t have to put up with girls coming all the time.”

“But that’s the best part,” I exclaimed, pulling the sheet off her, “here, let me show you!”

“I need to go to the bathroom first,” she said, rolling out of the bed and standing up.

I admired her as she crossed the room in front of me, all five or so delicious feet of her, with her wonderful breasts and tiny pink pussy lips not at all hidden by the wisps of sparse red hair on her mound. Yum! Debbie isn’t a classic beauty, but is very lovely with just the slightest trace of freckles in her complexion, and of course her stunning and perfectly proportioned figure doesn’t hurt either!

When Debbie came back to bed, giving me a very suggestive look as she pulled the sheet over her, I decided that using the bathroom might not be a bad idea for me as well. So I got up and went inside to relieve myself, and to brush my teeth, and use some mouthwash to get rid of the effects of the last night’s drinks.

When I got back into bed, I turned on my side and started to pull the sheet off Debbie, so I could get my mouth more closely acquainted with her body.

“No”, she whispered, holding onto the sheet, “Just touch me, and then when I’m ready, put it inside me.”

OK, I nodded, a little disappointed, because I enjoyed giving a girl an orgasm by playing with her pussy with my tongue and fingers; and it also made me feel better, knowing that if she didn’t have one later, at least I didn’t cheat her! But who was I to argue, so I kissed her, as we locked in a passionate embrace; and then I began to softly stroke her luscious breasts under the sheet, squeezing them slightly, and then gently pinching the stiffening nipples as she sighed with pleasure. After a while, I took my right hand, and let my fingers trace their way over her stomach and mound until I located the top of her slit. Very, very carefully, I caressed the beginning of her inner lips, just barely allowing a finger to part them ever so little, as I moved it back and göztepe escort forth. I could feel her breathing deepen as she broke off our kiss, and she started to wriggle her hips just a little. I let my finger trace the outline of her sensitive folds, and then slid it slowly into her wet vagina, making her moan. I removed my finger, and explored between her tiny lips until I located her clitoris. I worked all around it, occasionally slipping one; and then two fingers back inside her. I could feel the tension building in her body.

“Now,” she panted, “please!”

I positioned myself on top of her, adjusting the sheet that had wrapped around us, and then I used my hand to rub my erection up and down her wet slit, finally allowing it to gradually enter her vagina. As good and hot and wet as she felt, I knew I was going to be able to hold out for a while, after three straight nights of lovemaking. I moved in and out of her very slowly, after each withdrawal allowing my penis to wander up between her inner lips, and then down again to wait at the entrance of her vagina, before plunging it back into her, which gave me such a satisfying feeling! After I had plowed her tiny furrow with my rock hard member a few times, she got impatient, and put her hands on my buttocks, pulling me strongly into her; and then she began to move her hips in time with me, while she made little noises under her breath as her passion increased. As I got more and more seriously aroused, I picked up the pace of my strokes, gritting my teeth with the pleasure she was giving me, and breathing heavily.

“God you feel so good,” I whispered to her, getting close to the end.

She started writhing around beneath me, with her head tilted back and her eyes closed, urgently seeking release. The movement of her hips was driving me crazy with lust. With a grunt, I pushed into her as far as I could, and nature did the rest, as I felt waves of pleasure each time I released my white hot seed into her, while her vagina contracted around my erection as she had her own orgasm, accompanied by little whimpering cries.

After a while, she brought her arms up and put them around my neck, pulling my head into the pillow beside her. I lay there, eyes closed, and felt her warmth, and steady breathing, as we both relaxed.

“That was quite a show,” I heard Jayne’s voice say, as my eyes flew open.

“Jayne!” Debbie exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

I quickly removed my limp penis from Debbie and got off her, rolling over in the bed and seeing my completely naked Jayne, with her shoulder length blonde hair and incredible blue eyes, holding her clothes in one hand, standing there. I looked at Debbie, who had turned a bright shade of pink!

“Sorry,” Jayne said, now giggling, “I didn’t mean to invade your privacy, I came in just at the end. I guess you two were too busy to notice.”

“Actually,” Jayne said in a more serious tone, “I’ve never seen two people making love for real before, it was kinda exciting. Did something nice happen for you Debbie, or was that just my imagination?”

Debbie was now sitting up in the bed, still blushing. The sheet was around her waist, and I was once again enjoying the view, naked Jayne and half-naked Debbie!

“Yes,” Debbie said shyly, “and it was pretty nice. I’m sorry, Jayne, I just wanted to see if it could happen again.”

“Well good,” Jayne said cheerfully, “so now all you need is to find out whether Kathy got Steve up to speed on how to please a woman. But don’t be sorry, Debbie, I’m not angry, after all I told you to take care of him, although I think maybe it was more like he took care of you!”

Debbie started to grin and nodded her head a couple of times.

“So how did things go with Scott?” Debbie asked.

“Great!” Jayne said, smiling, and sitting on the bed beside me, “He is a very affectionate and considerate lover. Kathy is lucky to have found someone like him to be her first. He takes his time and really tries to make his partner respond. Not that he needed to do that much,” she continued, with a small giggle, “because the little tart he was with last night went off like a skyrocket right after he started playing with her pussy!”

I felt half jealous, half vindicated. I just knew that Scott would be able to satisfy her desire for a different sexual experience than what we shared. Hopefully he wasn’t too, too much better than me!

“And after that we did it twice,” Jayne said happily, “and the second time I had a really good one. But don’t worry,” she said, leaning over to give me a little kiss, “not as powerful as you and I Friday night, that was the all time best!”

That piece of information made me feel somewhat better.

“And guess what just happened out at the back door, just now?” Jayne said, starting to laugh.

“What?” Debbie and I said, almost in unison.

“I came downstairs,” she recounted, laughing even more, “and went into the kitchen to get some juice. After I finished it, I started to head kadıköy escort down the hall when I remembered I left my clothes on the counter, so I went back. When I passed the back door, there was the paper boy, passing through the yard, and of course he got to see everything!”

The back door has a wooden frame, but the entire center section from top to bottom is a sheet of thermopane glass.

“Oh, oh!” Debbie exclaimed, “How old was he?”

“He can’t be very old, maybe thirteen or fourteen, and he’s kinda cute, so I’m sure he’s going to break some hearts in the near future,” Jayne answered, “Of course I wasn’t expecting anyone there so early in the morning, so it was just an accident. Anyway I went into the kitchen and grabbed my clothes, and then I didn’t know what to do, so I waited for a bit. Finally I decided he’d be gone, so I thought it would be safe to leave. But as soon as I came through the arch, there he was, standing in the yard, staring at me through the door, like a statue. Of course I was holding my clothes in front of me, so he couldn’t see so much this time, just my breasts.”

“What did you do?” Debbie asked, grinning.

“Something naughty,” Jayne grinned back at her, “I turned to face the door, lowered the clothes so he could see my pussy, and then I blew him a kiss with my hand, and waved goodbye to him as I left.”

“Jayne!” Debbie admonished, laughing, “You’re a terrible tease. What will that poor boy think?”

“Oh, I can tell you what he’ll be thinking,” I said, joining their laughter, “Something along the lines of: ‘There is a God’.”

“And you can be sure of another thing,” I added, “That blonde vision he saw this morning will be featured in every male fantasy he has from here on in! I wonder if he’ll tell his buddies; and if they’ll even believe him?”

“Any sign of Steve and Kathy?” Debbie asked, still chuckling.

“Everything was quiet,” Jayne replied, “when I went past their door on my way down here. And Scott’s in dreamland as well,” she continued laughing, “maybe I wore him out.”

“I think all these guys are going to be little tired,” Debbie giggled, “because they’ve had a very busy weekend.”

“Yes indeed,” Jayne added with some sarcasm, “they’re own little harem, and haven’t they been taking full advantage of it!”

“I was only doing what I was told,” I said, trying for some dignity, “and now ladies, I think I’ll grab a shower, unless one of you wants to go first.”

“Go ahead,” Jayne laughed, “I want to talk to Debbie for minute anyway.”

I got up from the bed, enduring a couple of smart remarks from the girls about the quality of my posterior. I opened the bureau and found some underwear and shorts, and then went into the bathroom and closed the door. I could hear them talking through the door as I rummaged around for a clean towel.

“On the pillows, from behind, like you described from the other night.”

That was Debbie’s voice.

“Did you like it?”

“You feel very vulnerable and exposed and helpless, but it’s exciting at the same time!”

“I know.”

“And guess what? He put his baby finger in the other place, about half way.”

“Ohmigod! He’s never done that to me. What did it feel like?”

“It was strange, but not terrible; and I really reacted, especially when he first started to put it inside. I couldn’t believe my own body; it makes me blush to think about it! He told me later on that he tried that with Kathy the previous night, but only inside a tiny bit, and she seemed to like it as well. I thought I would never, ever allow anyone to do that to me, but he didn’t even ask me, he was doing it before I could stop him, and it turned me on even more. When I had an orgasm a little later, it was amazing!”

At this point I turned the water on, which drowned out their conversation, which, I scolded myself, I shouldn’t have been listening to anyway!

When I finished in the shower, and had dried myself off, I ran some water in the sink and started to shave. I heard the door open behind me and Jayne entered the room, still naked.

“May I?” she asked.

“Come ahead,” I answered, “I’ll be done shortly. Use the shower if you want.”

She came up behind me and put her arms around my waist, as I continued to shave, and hugged me from behind. Then she released me, leaving me with a little kiss on the nape of my neck. I was somewhat startled when she then sat down on the toilet to pee. She looked up at me with a sly little smile; obviously, I thought, through my surprise, our physical relationship had reached a different comfort level!

I tried to be a gentleman, so I concentrated on my face in the mirror, making sure I got a good close shave. When I heard the toilet flush, I glanced in her direction.

“See,” I said, rubbing my cheeks, and smirking, “kissing soft, just for you! Can I get you a towel?”

“Yes, please,” she answered, turning on the shower.

I opened the linen closet and retrieved a fresh bath towel. I put the toilet seat down and placed it there for her. Jayne was already in the shower, and rinsing her hair; streams of water flowed down her lovely body. I couldn’t help but notice through the glass door the small cascade that was running from the modest patch of straw colored pussy hair.

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