The Price of Friendship

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Non Nude

Please note: All characters in this story are of legal age.

Whenever I hear the word ‘motherfucker’ I think of Ronnie Drury. Five years older than me he was the guy we younger guys all looked up to without ever really knowing why. Big physically, athletic, and brash in the way he talked, he was the antithesis of me. I was a nerd before the term was fashionable and stood out in our working class neighbourhood for all of the wrong reasons. For some unfathomable reason, he liked to call me ‘rookie’. My sole cache with the group was that I had a good looking Mom. A very good looking Mom.

Ronnie, the barrel-chested, swaggering six-footer always seemed to have money, although he never seemed to work. He was the big frog in our little band of miscreants that hung out in Jamieson Park. We, his pathetic little group of rag-tag disciples, fed our under-nourished egos vicariously from the meagre gruel of his friendship.

Ronnie had a smirking, sardonic way about him that could be amusing if you weren’t the butt of his sometimes unsettling remarks as I very often was. He liked to ask me embarrassing questions about my Mom whenever he had other guys around to snicker at my discomfort. We all knew she was the best looking woman on our street and Ronnie made no bones that he fancied her. With my Dad away so much, and a nerdy son like me to defend her honor, he saw her as fair game for his comments .

One hot August day when we were sprawled lethargically under the shade of the giant Jamieson oaks, my Mom did a simple walk past him on her way to 7/11. It was enough to fuel Ronnie’s fantasies and set him off on an outburst of whispered lust.

“Do you see the way her tits quiver when she walks?” he asked the guys, but looked straight at me with his taunting smirk. “How about it Rookie? Have you ever seen those tits bare?” he winked.

I hated being the young, naive inexperienced guy all the time but this was my Mom he was talking about so I just averted my glance. He took my reticence for assent and continued “You have haven’t you! You horny little bastard!” he chortled with a kind of grudging envy.

“Sure. Lots of times,” I lied, trying to milk the moment.

That started a torrent of questions, each more explicit than the last. One answer led to another and I was soon spilling my guts each day describing everything I knew about my Mother’s body and her habits. What I didn’t know I made up. Although she had been more careful around me since I had gone through puberty, my recollections from the years before were still vivid. Besides, there was a small pack of photographs at the bottom of my Father’s sock drawer that I could use to refresh my memory when no one was around.

My willingness to talk made me an welcome member of Ronnie’s crowd. He stuck up for me and treated me like one of his favoured pals and I paid my dues with ever more disclosures to stoke his prurient interest in my Mom. At one point he had me rummage through her drawers and steal a pair of her sexy panties. He carried them around in his pocket like a revered artefact and wasted no opportunity to show them off and talk about who they belonged to.

I liked the company of Ronnie and his guys and it made me feel special to be accepted by them. In the back of my mind I knew as long as Ronnie had a thirst for my Mom I’d be welcome. That made it a never-ending task to keep feeding his appetite with new stuff about her. Once, when I felt his interest waning and I worried that I was losing currency with him, I showed him one of the pictures from my Father’s bottom drawer and he almost freaked.

For a while I was afraid he wasn’t going to give it back. He agreed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri finally, reluctantly, when I promised to adjust the blind in her bedroom leaving a gap at the bottom where he could watch her undress that night. Later, feeling like I was committing treason, I slipped into her empty room and adjusted the shade. I checked it from several angles to be sure she wouldn’t know and then hurried out to beg Ronnie again for the photo. He still refused to give it up until he was sure I’d done my part.

The next day at the park every detail of her naked body was relayed to the rest of the guys. Ronnie was amazed at how her big tits stood up firm and full without even the hint of sag. According to him, she had puttered around the bedroom naked for over half an hour letting him get a good look at everything she had. He claimed for a moment she had looked directly at the window and he was sure he was caught. Then she looked away and proceeded to smooth body lotion onto her breasts and legs. She sat on the edge of the bed to do her belly and her inner thighs while Ronnie crouched not ten feet away taking it all in. “A cunt like that’s a waste,” he lamented, “with nobody around to fuck her.”

There was almost fifteen years difference in their ages but Ronnie didn’t care. I knew she’d have a fit if she found out that Ronnie had watched her undress and she’d be twice as mad if she knew I’d purposely dicked around with the window blind. It worried me how Ronnie was always talking about her to the guys and I almost croaked when I found out he’d shown them all the picture I loaned him. As soon as he told them he’d looked in her window and saw her naked it added some cred to his stories.

After that he started coming around the house like he had a big-brother interest in me. He never knew when it was time to go home. My Mom was probably lonely with my Dad away so much, and she would talk to him for hours. I used to see the way he’d look at her and the It used to piss me off when she’d shuffled me off to bed at 11 o’clock like some little kid while they’d be sitting there drinking Cokes. With a sly wink Ronnie would silently remind me to adjust the blind and, I’d duck into her room on the way down the hall and do the deed.

He never let up with the jokes and his favourite to me was always “I can’t believe a gorgeous cunt like that could have dropped an ugly kid like you.” That always got a laugh even though it was lame. I was sure he embellished some of the stuff he told us. I didn’t believe it when he said he’d watched her with a vibrator. Some nights I’d try to stay awake to listen to what they were saying but I’d always get tired and doze off.

One night I was awakened by a noise across the hall. As I lay there and listened, I realised they were moans that I could hear. Her door was closed tight so I slipped out onto the veranda and went around to her window where I thought I’d find Ronnie watching by now. The blind was up a crack the way I left it for Ronnie. He was in the room with my Mom and they were both naked. My Mom was on all fours in the middle of the bed and Ronnie was kneeling behind her. His hands were rocking her naked hips to and fro, impaling her on his cock. Her tits looked huge hanging down from her chest. They shook each time he pounded his dick into her and her stiff nipples stood out from the centres of generous pink circles.

She was beautiful. I had never had occasion to see her aroused before. There was an urgency to everything she did. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of Ronnie’s cock, nor fast enough to satisfy the need she had built up. Each time Ronnie pulled back, she’d nestle back güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri against him like a bitch in heat.

Ronnie was increasingly bold with her. His hands took every license with her body, roaming, squeezing and probing while she panted her encouragement. Her gorgeous figure undulated beneath him in total acceptance of his will.

She was the first to come. The rotation of her ass became frenzied and little yelps punctuated her labored breath. Ronnie thrust his hips forward and arched his back letting her do all the work of fucking herself on his cock. Her own hands pulled at her buttocks opening them wide to fully engulf his manhood. Whispery wimpering shrieks of “I’m coming. I’m coming!! I’m coming!!! …” were followed by squeals of pleasure only partially muted by burying her face in the pillow.

Temporary exhaustion made her collapse on the bed. She lay there panting, with her face still pressed into the bed clothes. Ronnie knelt above her, his rampant cock red and shiny with her juices. He rolled her onto her back. Chest heaving and legs flopped open, she was like a rag doll in his hands. He fingered her sensitive bud and made her shudder and beg that it was too soon, too sensitive.

Inching up until his knees straddled her rib cage he squeezed the round globes of her tits around his cock and began to move in and out. She smiled at his ardour and helped him press them together. His long cock came only inches from her mouth on each stroke and she playfully licked at it as it lunged toward her. He raised her head in his hands so the knob grazed her lips, annointing them with the clear drops of his precum. Her tongue flicked over them sensuously savoring the nectar of his loins.

“Do you like my cock?” he asked into her smouldering eyes.

A lustful groan was her only response.

“You want to suck me off now don’t you?” he mocked.

No answer was necessary. She moved her hands from her breasts to his cock and guided the bulbous end into her mouth.

“A grateful woman should be on her knees to suck her Boy Friend’s cock,” Ronnie teased pulling back from her lips. “Get on your knees and beg for it,” he insisted.

Without letting go of his genitals, she scrambled around until she knelt near his crotch. “Please let me,” she wheedled. “I need to suck you. I want to feel your cock in my mouth.”

He laid back with his hands folded behind his head. In a surprise move she bound them to the headboard with a scarf. Then she went to work. Her tongue travelled over the veined stalk of his twitching prick. His nuts rolled to the same caress. Each one was drawn gently into her mouth and given a warm liquid bath . When at last she returned to the head, Ronnie’s butt was straining up off the bed. But she wasn’t ready yet to give him the release he craved.

A slow, elaborate tonguing of the purple helmet of his cock brought gasp after gasp from him. Words that I’d only heard in the street rolled from his lips and she didn’t seem to mind. She smiled when he called her a cocksucker and stuck out her tongue when he said she was a teasing cunt. Still, she made him wait.

He wanted it so bad he began to blurt out all he knew about her. He confessed that he’d carried her sexy panties in his pocket for weeks and that he’d watched her undress from the window. He raved about the pleasures of her cunt and bragged that he was going to fuck her ass before the night is out. Still she teased.

Her legs straddled his chest and she lowered her pussy onto his face. Her mouth encircled the cockhead while her fingers pressed in at the base. The soft, sucking wetness of her mouth felt wonderful on güvenilir bahis şirketleri his prick, yet the pressure of her fingers kept him from coming. She nestled her gaping sex over his nose and mouth and humped sensuously, forcing him to breath her vapour and taste her flavor. Her back curved like a luxuriating cat raising her ass in front of his face.

“Do you see what you were looking for when you peeked in my window?” she asked.

His reply was almost desperate but my Mom still wouldn’t give him what he wanted. With the point of her tongue, she licked the bead of precum from the sightless eye in his crown and dragged her painted nails over his hairy balls. She made him wince when she slid a long manicured finger between his cheeks and played with his bum. His mouth opened to draw his breath an instant before she lowered herself, pressing her soaking sex to Ronnie’s open mouth. “Put your tongue in their baby. Show me you know how to handle a woman’s needs.”

Ronnie was trying hard to remain in control but my Mom wouldn’t let him. As she rocked her sex against his face she left a glistening coat of her juices on him. Her hands and mouth kept him near orgasm but her pauses left him wanting. From under the covers she produced the vibrator Ronnie had told us about and slipped it between his cheeks. His back arched and tensed trying to keep from being penetrated but she was too quick and I heard a girlish yelp from Ronnie as she pushed in past his sphincter.

“Eat me Baby,” she mewled softly and hissed “Show me you know how!”

Ronnie was clearly disconcerted by the attack on his bum and his distracted efforts were not what my Mom demanded. She pressed her knees around his head trapping him deep in her buttocks. Her right hand encircled his rampant cock and her left held his balls in a firm grip that was just short of painful.

“Lick my bum,” she whispered in a soft feminine voice. Her back arched and rubbed the cleft against his nose and she repeated the command while letting her teeth graze menacingly over the purple dome of his cock. “Lick harder,” she demanded and nipped at the crepe like skin of his scrotum.

Ronnie winced and extended his tongue. At first contact, he drew back but my Mom followed his retreat pushing with her lovely bum. Ronnie moaned and his tongue laved the crinkled button.

“Inside,” she insisted and he pushed in deeper. A asatisfiewd groan escaped her lips and she muttered more instructions. For several minutes her tongued her ass while she moaned and muttered words I never thought she knew. Her own hand left his cock and combed into her damp pubic hair searching for the nub of her pleasure while Ronnie gasped, jaws aching with the effort of pleasuring her bum.

Several times she tensed and noticeable ground against her fingers enjoying spasms of pleasure. At last she gave him his release pumping his cock until he exploded amid his groans of exquisite anguish. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard and then she moaned in satisfaction, cheeks puffed out with a mouthful of her reward. Her fingers rubbed hasrd on his perineum milking every drop up from his heavy balls.

She licked his softening cock like a purring contented cat. She was in no hurry to release his face from her fleshy thighs glistening with her juices and Ronnie’s saliva. Lying back on the bed she stretched, mellow and sated. Ronnie sat up and whipped his mouth and chin with his hand not quite comfortable with what he had just done. She smiled at him in a mocking way, gloating somewhat at his unease. “That was fun,” she announced. “Your tongue up inside me…” (as if he might be wondering). Ronnie looked sheepish as she continued. “Better to have your tongue wiggling in my bottom than waggling in the streets talking about me.”

“But I wouldn’t…” he started until she pressed a still wet finger to his lips silencing him.

“You can pull down the blind on your way out,” she smiled, rolled lagourously onto her back and fell asleep.

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