The Party Ch. 02

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It had been awhile since our last little party, but the fact that you kept bringing it up told me that you had truly enjoyed yourself. You talked about watching all of the other couples as they had watched us and how I had pleasured you like never before, but, more than anything, you talked about the couple who had performed almost directly in front of your face and that incredibly well hung man. “How could that beautiful, petite woman take so much inside of her?” you asked. I decided I would give him a call and see what I could arrange for an answer.

“Hi, nice to see you again,” he said as he opened the door. He smiled at you and I could see by the look in your eyes that you had forgotten just how attractive this man was in addition to his amazing endowment. He looked like a Greek God as he stood before you holding out his powerful arms and showing you the rippling muscles under his tight t-shirt. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said, “what are you having to drink?”

We sipped on our drinks as we sat there, me beside you on the sofa and him sitting directly across from us. As the drinks loosened us up, we started talking about the events at out party. The combination of drink, talk and watching you eye this man was getting me aroused, so I reached down between your legs and lifted your skirt. To my surprise, you were not wearing anything under that short skirt, and even more surprising, you were already soaking wet. His eyes moved down to my hand as you let out a sigh and he could see that I was massaging your swollen clit. He simply smiled in approval. “I have to taste you,” I said as I lowered myself to my knees and began to kiss my way up your thighs. I could hear our host moving behind me and I could tell from the sounds as well as looking up into your hungry eyes that he was undressing for you.

I continued to tease your clit with my lips and tongue as you watched him reveal his big, powerful, muscular body. I stopped just when I sensed you were on the edge of an orgasm and looked back over my shoulder at this mountain of a man. “Shall we?” he asked as he motioned to the bedroom.

I rose up to my feet and pulled you up with me. şişli escort I could tell from the look in your eyes that you were lost in the experience. I gave you a long, hard kiss and simply said “Enjoy,” before taking your hand and leading you to the bedroom.

Our host was already on the bed, his massive and powerful body leaving little room for anything else. I moved to stand behind you and the side of the bed and reached around to start unbuttoning your blouse. You could not take your eyes off of this man as he reached down and brought his immense cock to life while watching me undress you. I stood up behind you after I had you completely unclothed and we both watched him grow to an incredible length and girth that would barely fit in his hands. You could feel my breath on your neck as I reached around you to play with your nipples already hard and aching. “My God you are beautiful,” he said, “I’m going to lose myself on you I just know it.”

I reached down to cup your sopping pussy with my hand and I kissed the back of your neck up to your ear and whispered “I think you are ready.”

You kneeled down on the bed beside him and slowly started kissing up and down his long shaft. You worked your way up to the tip and opened your mouth barely wide enough to take him in. As you continued to slowly work on him with your lips and tongue, the man looked at me and pointed to a video camera on a nearby nightstand. “Do you mind?” he asked. I certainly had no objections to capturing this little show, so I reached over, picked up the camera and hit record.

Just as I had focused on the bed, he reached under and with just one arm lifted you over him and brought your ass down on his face. He dove into your pussy with an amazingly aggressive vigor as you continued to try to take him in your mouth. The loud moans coming from your mouth stuffed with cock provided a beautiful soundtrack to my personal little porn film and I could tell that you were getting to him as well as his moans were getting louder and louder. Suddenly he reached around you with both strong arms and wrapped them around your waist. With taksim escort incredible power he swung his legs off the side of the bed and stood up, holding you in the air in a standing sixty-nine. The man was going wild burying his tongue in your pussy and thrusting his hips back and forth driving himself deeper and deeper into your mouth. I thought he was going to cum right there but he suddenly pulled you away from his face, holding you in the air for a moment, and then tossing you on the bed as if it were no effort at all. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, or that I was getting it on tape. I had never seen a man so lost in his animal nature. Almost as soon as you hit the bed, he was on top of you. I swear I could hear him growling as he grabbed your ankles in his hands and spread your legs wide apart. I was wondering if it was getting a little rough for you, but all I heard you say was “Yes, yes,” as you looked down at that enormous piece or meat standing straight out and aimed at your open pussy.

He wasted no time in obliging. Still lost in his animal lust, he drove his incredible cock inside of you with a violence that I thought would split you open. I had no idea how you could take a man of such size inside of you. He certainly was not waiting for you to adjust as he let go of your ankles and fell down on top of you with his large, strong body. You were pinned underneath him as he continued to pound your pussy with long, hard strokes each one stretching you wide and making you gasp for air. I kept thinking that there is no way this can last but he kept fucking you like some wild animal completely lost in his instincts. I saw through my lens that you had given in to the instinct as well as you lifted your hips to meet each thrust and matched his growls with an animal-like purr from deep in your throat. I could barely control myself as I held the camera in one hand and massaged my aching cock with the other, but I kept myself on the edge, not wanting to miss a second of the action.

Suddenly he reached out and grabbed you behind your knees, pinning them back almost to your ears and started topkapı escort to drive his massive cock inside of you with even more force than before. I was not long until I heard you screaming “I’m cumming, fuck, I’m cumming!” He let go of your legs and thrust himself inside of you as deep as he could go as your pussy tightened on him and you exploded in your orgasm. This drove him over the edge as well as his body stiffened and you felt him grow even larger and harder inside of you before releasing, throbbing and shooting what seemed like an endless and powerful stream of hot cum inside of you.

He rolled off of you. Your swollen pussy still holding his huge cock so tightly that it made a popping sound when he pulled it all the way out. I could not take it any more. I did not care that another man had just shot his load in you, in fact, that was part of the turn on. As he rolled over on his back, I placed the camera on the nightstand. “I know you both must be tired,” I said, “but I am not finished yet.”

I told you to get on top and straddle him. Despite having just cum, he was still half-hard and you moaned as you worked him back up into your aching pussy. He pulled you down to kiss you bringing your ass up in the air as I positioned myself behind you. My cock was already dripping with lubricant from the hand job I had been giving myself and guided myself slowly and gently into your ass. I started to rock you back and forth slowly as he continues to kiss you and play with your breasts. He brought his one free hand down between your legs to play with your clit. To your surprise, he was starting to grow again and you felt him getting larger and harder inside of you. You were soon completely full of two raging, rock hard cocks stretching you to the limits of ecstasy. I knew I could not take this for very long and I started pumping you in a rhythm that seemed to satisfy all three of us. You felt my familiar contractions as my head swelled up and I burst into you. At the same time, he shot his hips up in the air burying himself inside or you again and filling you up with another river of his hot cum.

We all fell off of each other and rolled to our backs on the bed, all completely spent. You were the first on to look up and notice. There in the corner, holding the camera was the beautiful brunette from the night at our party that you had watched this man ravage. “Well,” she said, “we will have to watch this little film together now won’t we?” But that’s another story…

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