The Panty Sniffer Ch. 02

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Please enjoy the second chapter in this work of fiction. Mom’s panty sniffing son is the youngest of the characters, and is nineteen years old. A special thanks to StoryPal, an excellent volunteer editor —Taylor VanCannon.


Darlene texted Derrick: “Are you awake?”

The incoming text woke him up. He rolled over and picked up the phone, surprised to see it was his mother, especially after he avoided seeing her last night.

“I am now,” he texted back. He briefly considered bringing up the panties, but quickly decided against it. After all, it was just Darcy’s conjecture about what happened, there was no proof. He decided to approach it obliquely: “Are you coming home for lunch?” An innocent question, but dripping with innuendo if those were his mom’s panties.

Her response was just as obtuse: “Would you like me to?”

His court again. Was she toying with him? Enough, he thought, and typed: “Do you want to watch again?” His finger hovered over the send button. He reread the sentence and wondered if there was anything offensive about it, in the unlikely event he was wrong. It would be difficult to explain, but not impossible. He pressed the send button.

He was shocked by her quick reply: “You got my little gift?”

He texted back a smiley face, nothing more.

Her reply: “Check the hamper, be home in twenty.”

He decided to grab a quick shower and make sure there was no scent of Darcy left from yesterday. By the time he got out he was already hard, in anticipation of his mom’s arrival. Sure enough, there was a pair of green panties in the hamper. He swapped the red panties that were in his drawer for the fresh green ones. They were just like the first pair, damp and very sticky.

When she walked into the bedroom, he was already in the recliner stroking his cock with the green panties stretched across his face.

“Looks like you did a pretty good job of figuring out what happened yesterday,” she said as she approached the recliner, a wide grin on her face.

“I had a little help from Darcy,” he said, pulling the panties down so he could see her.

“Darcy? Why?”

“I thought she was messing with me, putting her panties in my drawer. When I confronted her, she played along until she figured out that it must have been you. She even made me reenact everything that happened yesterday.”


“Everything,” he said, suddenly proud of his cock, “When I saw her reaction, I figured that’s how you must have reacted.”

“You mean, to your…”

“Say it Mom! I mean, you’re staring right at it.”

She laughed, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, you really do have an impressive cock.”

“Thanks, I’m just now beginning to understand what’s got you two so excited.”

“Exactly what did Darcy do?”

“Well, she described what you must have done to get your panties so wet, and then told me she wanted to do the same thing.”

“Oh, so did she sneak out and get herself off.”

“She started to, but I asked her to stay so I could watch.”

“Did she?”

“Yes, she stripped and fingered herself. It was the first time I’ve ever seen that. Hell, it was the first time I’ve seen a naked girl, except for pictures and videos.”

“Do you want me to do that for you?”

“Will you?”

She moved slowly, sensuously, removing one item of clothing at a time. With just her panties left, she slid them down to her thighs, exposing her tuft of auburn curls. She reached for her crotch, weaving her fingers through her bush, then slipping one between the soft folds of her pussy lips. “Want a taste?” she said, to her wide eyed son, sliding her wet finger into his gaping mouth.

He sucked her finger clean, then asked, “Can I try that?”

She moved closer so he could reach her pussy. “Ohhh, that feels good, did Darcy show you how to do that, how to use your thumb like that?”

“Yes, and she also stroked my cock.”

“Mmmm,” she said, “I can do that.” She wrapped her fingers around his monster, stroking it gently from top to bottom. She felt an orgasm rising within her as his thumb pushed against her little nub. Her lust for her son quickly erased whatever taboos lingered in her mind. She gasped for air as each flick of his thumb pushed her ever closer to the edge. She clenched her fingers around his cock, shrieking with pleasure as her orgasm hit and coursed through her rigid body.

“That was quick, even faster than Darcy,” he said, pleased with his newfound skills.

“Mmmm, I guess I am just hornier than Darcy. Did she jack you off?”


“Did you make a mess, like yesterday.”

“Nope, she let me finish in her mouth.”

“Did she now? I guess she is a little more experienced than I thought.”

“That’s for sure, she’s not a virgin like I am.”

She raised an eyebrow before starting to speak.

“Don’t give me that look.”

“I sorry, it’s just that I didn’t expect that, especially with… well, you know…”

“A monster cock,” he said, defiantly.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, why don’t you let me take mersin escort care of you, you know, get you off. What would you like?”

“I’d like to lose my virginity.”

“Ohhh,” she said, “I don’t think I’m the one that should do that. I mean, I’m flattered, but…”

“I understand Mom, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“What about Darcy, did you ask…”

“No, not exactly,” he said, getting excited, “but I think she is going to let me finger her ass, just like she did to me,

“Oh,” Darlene said, puzzled, “When did that happen, I mean… you just told me that she sucked you off.”

“It was later, after you and Dad didn’t come home. The subject of your panties came up again, and, well, you know…”

“No, tell me.”

“Okay, but I don’t want to get her in trouble.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not mad, just curious.”

“Well, she taught me how to eat her pussy and then gave me a real blow job. She stuck her finger up my ass to make me cum. That was the best.”

“Maybe you could show me what you learned,” she said, half teasing him.

He jumped on that suggestion. “She promised to show me how to do a sixty-nine when she got home today. You could show me now.”

She looked down at his hard cock, trying to imagine how she could fit that thing in her mouth. Just the thought of it got her wet again. She grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bed. “Let me do all the work, you just enjoy the view.” She tossed a leg over his head and positioned her pussy just inches from his face. “Do you like that?”

“Oh God Mom, you look so hot, can I sniff your pussy?”

She eased back until she felt his nose against her, “Take a taste if you like.”

His tongue probed between the lips of her cunt, tentatively, savoring the taste of what he had only smelled before. Eager for more, he wiggled his tongue up and down her gash.

“That’s great,” she said, aroused by his soft tongue searching the crevices of her pussy, “but I’m supposed to be getting you off?”

“I know Mom, but let me do this just a little longer. Can I spread your cheeks?”

“You naughty boy. Do you want to see my asshole?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

He pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her tight rosebud, surrounded by her tiny red curls. He stared, mesmerized by the tight crinkly pucker.

She could just imagine what was going through his mind. His nasty request was certainly getting her aroused, to the point she thought she could cum again. “Mmmm, want to lick it?”

His tongue was instantly pressing against her tight entrance, tracing tiny circles around her little rosebud.

“Ohhh, baby, you’re doing that so good. Do you want me to cum for you?”

“Yes,” he said, enthusiastically.

“Reach around and rub my clit while you do that with your tongue.”

Having practiced on Darcy, he easily found her tiny nub and rolled it from side to side with his thumb.

“Ahhh,” she said, feeling another orgasm brewing just below the surface.”

He flicked his tongue against her little pucker, rimming her tiny hole. He fought to stay connected to her as she bucked against him, so close to cumming.

“Ohhh, yes, switch to your finger. Shove it up my ass.”

He pressed his thumb against her asshole, wet with his saliva, and pushed it in, wiggling it past her tight sphincter.

“Ohhh, Ohhh, Yes, Make me cum…”

He buried his thumb all the way into her ass as her body went rigid with an even more powerful orgasm.

She shrieked as waves of pleasure washed through her rigid body.

When she went limp, he pulled his hands away and let her collapse on top of him, exhausted.

He was so focused on getting her off, he’d completely forgotten about the promised blow job. That is, until he felt her face resting on his cock and her hair draped over his balls. He gently humped up against her, to bring her back to life.

She stirred, climbing off and laying down next to him, nuzzling his ear, “Are you ready for me to get you off?”

“Yes, Mom, I’m more than ready. But, first, could I just feel what it is like to have my cock inside you? Not to fuck you, but just to feel what it is like.”

He said it so innocently, as though it was even possible. She pondered his request, trying to bring herself around to his way of thinking. Maybe if he didn’t cum, then it wouldn’t really be fucking, and his virginity would still be intact.

“Let me think about it,” she said, straddling him and raising herself up on all fours. She felt his cock between her legs and maneuvered her hips so that her pussy lips hugged his monster. She shimmied her torso, jiggling her tits for him, then tossed her long red curls from side to side, dragging them across his face.

“Oh Mom, that feels so good, you’re so wet.” He raised his hands to her tits, gently massaging them, pinching her hard nipples

She continued sliding along the length of his cock, coating him with the juices flowing freely from her pussy. Arching her back, she was able to rake her clit along his cock, bringing her closer to yet another orgasm. After escort mersin several trips up and down his cock, she scooted forward until she felt the head of his cock at her entrance. She hesitated, still unsure about taking him in.

“Mmmm,” he whispered to her, realizing where she had stopped, “Please, just a little.” He lifted his cock, hoping it would entice her to accept it.

Her judgement clouded by her own lust, she pushed back, just a little. She gasped as the head of his big cock stretched her open. God he was big.

“Oh Mom… It’s so tight… Just a little more, please.”

“No,” she replied, “we can’t go any farther. Just enjoy the moment, and then I’ll blow you, just like you wanted.”

“Okay Mom,” he pleaded, “but it just feels so good, can’t we just hold this a little longer?”

Her emotions were on overload, her mind telling her to get off of him, her body refusing to obey. As she grappled with her conundrum, perched on top of his cock, her legs began to weaken, along with her resolve. She was descending, ever so slightly, dropping down onto his cock, unable to counteract the unrelenting laws of gravity.

“Oh, yes, Mom, keep going,” he pleaded, thinking she had changed her mind.

His cock was filling her, slowly, relentlessly. She could not deny her own needs any longer, she had to have that big cock inside her. Her ravenous lust for his cock left her incapable of any further resistance. She let gravity take over as she inched her way down his hard shaft. The sensation took her breath away.

“Ohhh, it feels so good Mom… Don’t stop… It’s better than having Darcy suck…” He was losing control and could feel an orgasm bubbling in his balls.

All her inhibitions evaporated as his monster cock snaked its way inside her. How was she going to stop? Did she want to stop?

“Mom… I don’t think I can hold back… I’m going to…”

She dropped down, hard, eager for the last few inches of his cock before she had to get off of him.


Fuck! Too late. She felt him explode inside her. She raised herself to the top of his cock in a futile effort to jump off, then changed her mind and slid back down, overtaken by a sudden desire to extract every last drop of his cum. She felt herself rushing towards another orgasm as she frantically humped him.

He responded, thrusting up into her, pumping the remainder of his load into her. He pinched her hard nipples as she grunted loudly with each pounding thrust. His cock spent, he managed to stay hard until she finished, serving up the orgasm she so desperately sought. He watched her face contort as wave after wave of ecstasy overtook her.

Spent, she collapsed onto his chest, his softening cock still buried deep inside her. She tried to speak, but her breathing was too labored to get the words out.

“Shhh,” he whispered, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Did you like it?” she finally asked, her powerful orgasm erasing any guilt she had about having just fucked her virgin son.

“Uh huh, a lot. Are you mad that I got off inside you?”

“No sweetie, I’m just excited that I was your first.”

“Thanks Mom, can we just stay like this for a while? I think I can get hard again.”

“Ummm, that’s tempting, but I have to get back to work.”

“Okay,” he said, disappointed.

“I could come home tomorrow,” she said, “Would you like that?”

“Can we fuck again?”

“Yes baby, as much as you want.”

He pulled her in tight, giving her a bear hug and pressing his stiffening cock up into her.

“Easy baby, I really do have to get back to work. Can you hold out until tomorrow?”

“Sure, but maybe you could do another pair of panties for me. Oh yeah, I meant to ask, why are they so sticky in the morning?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“Because I put them on after I fucked your father. That’s his goo that is making them sticky.”

“Eeuww, that’s Dad’s cum that I tasted?”

“And me. It must have made a pretty tasty mixture, you didn’t have any complaints yesterday.”

“I guess, I just wasn’t expecting that. So you fucked him just for me?”

“Well, not the first night, but yes, last night I fucked him just for you. I also told him about you.”

“Really, what did he say?”

“He was surprised to hear about the size of your cock.”

“Did you tell him you were coming home today?”

“Not exactly, but when I told him I wanted to keep my panties on while he fucked me, I think he figured I might do that.”

“Won’t he be mad?”

“No, not if I keep fucking him like I did last night. It was the best sex we’ve had in a long time. Tonight I am going to fuck him again, just to load up my panties for you. He’ll be so excited he won’t care what we did today. I might even tell him about it.”

“Oh,” he said quizzically, “Can I tell Darcy about us?”

She thought for a moment, “Do you want to fuck her too?”

“Yes,” he said, sheepishly.

“You naughty boy, this is turning out to be the summer of your life. If you do, you have to tell me all about it tomorrow.”

“I mersin escort bayan will. But Mom, could I just fuck you once more now, I’m hard again and I think I can cum really quick.”

Barely aware of it, she had kept him deep inside her, squeezing his cock and gently rocking on it. “Yes baby, I could do that for you, just be quick.”

“I will Mom, it feels so good already.”

She raised herself up on her hands and knees, arched her back and pumped him with her hips, sliding herself up and down on his big cock.

His moans quickly turned to panting as she pummeled his cock, humping him with all her might. She watched his face intently, only interested in bringing her son to a quick orgasm, with no interest in getting off herself.

“Ohhh, Mom, you’re so hot, I’m so close…”

She could see the look of pleasure on his face each time she pounded herself down on his cock. Within moments his eyes rolled back and his body went rigid, pressing up into her. Then she felt it, another blast of cum deep inside her. She continued, filling herself with a second load of his cum.

Exhilarated by his orgasm, she slid off his cock and moved forward, positioning her crotch over his face.

He opened his eyes to stare at the matted red curls of his mother’s leaking cunt, dripping onto his chin. He opened his mouth, letting the mixture of his cum and her juices hit his lips. He immediately recognized the taste from the panties he had been licking for the past two days.

“You like that honey?”

He didn’t say anything, but instead lifted his head and sucked her pussy, swallowing as much of the gooey mixture as he could lap out of her cunt.

“Now I really have to go,” she said, hopping off the bed, “Until tomorrow.”


Darcy bounded into the family room, eager to see Derrick. He was sprawled out on the leather sectional, playing a video game.

“Hey little brother,” she said, “Aren’t you glad to see me?”

He pulled off the headphones and got up to give her a hug. “Of course I am,” he said, smiling at her, “come over here.”

She sat next to him and cuddled up, slipping her hand up under his tee shirt. She whispered into his ear, “Anything interesting happen today?”

“Like what?”

“You little prick, you know what I’m talking about. Did Mom come home today?”

“Little?” he asked, feigning a perceived insult.

“Okay, you big prick, are you going to tell me what happened?”

He got a wide, shit eating grin on his face, then blurted out, “I’m no longer a virgin!”

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed, “You fucked Mom?”

He nodded his head, with a look of satisfaction.

“Well, she beat me to it. I was half-way thinking of fucking you myself.”

He pulled her up into his lap and wrapped his arms around her tiny body, “Excellent idea.”

“Okay, but first let me get a shower, I’m all sweaty from the gym.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind a little sweat.”

“Nasty,” she said with a wry smile, “did you shower after you fucked Mom.”


“Let’s see,” she said, hopping off his lap and onto the floor, tugging at his sweats.

He lifted his ass off the couch and she stripped off his sweats and boxers. His cock lay limp between his legs.

She leaned in and sniffed him. “Mmmm, I can see why you like sniffing her panties.” She licked the head of his cock, swirling her tongue in circles before taking it into her mouth.

“Taste good?” he asked, feeling his cock come back to life.

“Yes, and I can taste your cum too. Want me to take it all the way in?” Before he could answer, she pushed his bendable cock down her throat until her lips reached the base of cock, then eased it all the way back out, leaving a trail of glistening saliva coating his cock.

“Wow, think you can do that when I’m hard.”

“Maybe, but I thought you wanted to fuck me.” She stood up and slowly stripped off her workout clothes. She turned and bent over, flashing her ass for him. His cock stiffened before her eyes.

He leaned forward and spread her cheeks, exposing her tight little asshole to his probing tongue. He pulled back and said, “Do you like that? Mom showed me that little trick.”

“Oh yeah, lick me some more.”

He worked his tongue up and down her crack, alternating between her pussy and asshole, taking time to probe each opening. “Do you want me to get you off like this?”

“Is that what you did to Mom?”

“Yes, we were supposed to be doing a sixty-nine, but she never got around to sucking me.”

“Your choice, I’ll do a sixty-nine or fuck you.”

“I can do both, I came twice for Mom.”

“Mmmm, first tell me how you got Mom to fuck you. I didn’t think that she would do that.”

“It sort of happened by accident. I asked her if I could just feel what it was like to have my cock inside her and she agreed to do it as long as I didn’t cum inside her.”

“I’m guessing that didn’t work.”

“No, I was almost all the way in when I told her I couldn’t hold back any longer. Instead of jumping off, she dropped down so I went all the way in. She tried to hop off in time, but it was too late.”

“And the second time?”

“She just kept me inside her and we talked until I got hard again. Then she just started humping me with her hips until I got off again.”

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