The One That Got Away

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She has a rough day; a few drinks with friends would do her good. She walks in and sits at the bar oblivious to those around her. She orders her drink and makes small talk with those sitting close and the bartender.

Someone tells a story of remember when and she thinks back to that time and she hears someone mention his name. This triggers a flood of memories she thought she forgot. She slams the rest of her drink, orders another and smiles as her mind races of possibilities of what could have been.

She feels uncomfortable after a few more drinks. She feels as if someone is watching her and she looks around, but notices anyone that she feels would be looking at her. She shrugs it off grabs her drink and goes out the back door to enjoy a cool breeze and a cigarette. She has her back to the door as she looks at the stars and realizes she has reached the point she should stop and go home and the feeling of being watched comes over her again. She turns around and there he is face to face smiling at her.

Her eyes meet his. Her mind races “was this real? Could this be?” they haven’t seen each other since she walked away in tears realizing she was an opportunity never to be a priority.

She excuses herself to walk past him he purposely brushes up against her and she becomes very aware of herself and the fact that his presence can still affect her and the pull she feels when his skin brushes hers. She looks at him, sighs, and swallows hard then reaches for the door to go back in.

He is not a drinker himself. He knew she would be there. He had wanted to see her. So, he made it a point canlı bahis to go when he heard she would be there.

She sat back with her friends appearing unaffected by him. She ordered around of shots as her mind reeled. She could still feel his gaze. He had never been in there the whole past year she was going there and now all of sudden he was here and he was watching her.

When it was time for her to go she stumbled to her car. He followed worried about how she would get home. When she reached her car she leaned against it silent tears slid down her cheeks. She hated feeling this way over something from so long ago. She had trained herself to set emotions aside; to take life in stride after all it is what it is right?!?

He came up behind her and caught her as she started to slide to the ground. She could smell his cologne, feel his arms around her she didn’t bother to fight or argue when she felt him take the keys from her hand as lead her toward his car. She knows not where they go, but sinks into the seat and closes her eyes.

When she finally opens her eyes again she tries to move and can’t. She pulls at her arms and legs and she can’t move. She realizes she has been tied down. She yells in panic not remembering how she got to where she was or even who she was with.

He comes into the room and he looks at her with such innocent eyes. He tells her a story of how she was the one that got away and he wasn’t going to risk that happening again.

He leaned down to kiss her trailing kisses from her mouth to her neck as he would kiss and gently bite pulling at her flesh. Her body betrayed bahis siteleri her by responding on its own. Goosebumps ran down her as she let out a soft moan. He made his way to her nipple sucking it in his mouth as his hand slid between her thighs moving up to her drenched pussy sliding in her as his thumb massaged her clit. She moaned/whined as she arched her hips trying to push against his hand.

She opens her eyes looking at him; their eyes lock this most intense feeling comes over her and she hears herself begging for him not to stop to give her more.

He runs his tongue down her body. She squirms and whimpers. She wants to touch him. He looks at her and smiles shaking his head no as he lowers himself between her legs kissing and licking her thighs in the process. He pulls her pussy lips apart and touches his tongue to her clit. She feels her eyes roll back and a lustful sigh escapes from her. He continues to move his tongue over her stopping once in a while to suck on her swollen clit as her moans become louder and more intense she manages to match a rhythm he set lifting her hips to fuck his face pleading with him to not stop as she feels the orgasm building inside her and she about screams as she starts to cum.

He lifts his head to look at her she can see the sense of accomplishment on his face. He positions his body so he can place his cock between her tits; placing enough pillows under her head to make it so she can suck his big cock while he slides between them. He slowly fucks her tits as she licks and sucks the head of his cock. He knows while this is fun it won’t get the job bahis şirketleri done. After a few moments he positions himself back between her legs and teases her with the head of his cock; rubbing it against her clit and just sliding the tip inside her. She moans and whines begging for his cock, begging him to fuck her.

He slowly slides his cock in her and she tried hard to move against him, however tied to the bed there wasn’t much she could do. She was at his mercy. He was teasing her and there was nothing she could do, but whine and beg. The more she begged the more he resisted the urge to give her what she really wanted.

He slowly started thrusting deep inside her with his size hitting the back wall of her pussy was very easy. As his pace increased the noises coming from her because louder and louder and then she was begging him to fuck her pussy hard. At this point he could no longer deny her. He started slamming her pussy and she went from loud moans to near screams and crying out his name as he felt her pussy clench his cock. She opened her eyes meeting his. He was asking her if she was going to cum for him. She could barely speak as she told him yes. As bad as her eyes wanted to roll back in her head she refused to let this happen. She kept her eyes on him begging him to cum with her. To show her that she made him happy, that she pleased him as she started to cum on his cock he could feel her pussy spasm as she cried out his name.

He himself no longer wanted to hold back as he let go and let his cock explode inside her as he stared her down calling out her name and then collapsed on top of her resting his head on her tits.

While she was enjoying the feel of him on her she mentioned that her wrists and ankles were a little sore. He let out a chuckle, apologized and untied her asking her to stay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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