The Oil Repairman Finds Redemption (Sequel to The Oil Repairman Drives A Hard Bargain)

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The Oil Repairman Finds Redemption

By rutger5 An Original Story (Copyright 2013)
The sequel to The Oil Repairman Drives A Hard Bargain

“Hi Mr. Mueller, this is Danielle Jackson. Umm, I’m not sure if you’re still interested but you told me to give you a call if I ever needed something. So if you want to you can call me back. You’ll have to call my house ‘cause I don’t have a cell phone right now which is the reason I’m calling. You should have the number ‘cause I know you’ve called the house before. Bye.”

As I waited in my truck I listened to the voicemail she’d left me while fondly recalling our afternoon of debauchery, or more accurately how I’d debauched the pretty young teen. She had enjoyed much of our encounter that day until I roughly ass fucked her but she allowed me to do so in order to live up to her end of our bargain.

For the petite high school junior had literally bartered her body to me for a delivery of heating oil. Her mother didn’t have the money to pay for it so she pressured her oldest daughter so that the family could have heat during the brutal winter weather. Danielle’s mother had first offered herself to me but I’d turned her down flat at which time she tried to convince her girl to sacrifice her nubile body to my depredations.

To her credit Danielle had refused initially but had relented due to the constant urging from her mother as well as from the cold temperatures the whole family had to endure. Some would condemn me for exploiting a girl just past the legal age of consent but the fact is we came to a business arrangement that was mutually beneficial. I could have turned her down in which case they’d have received no oil and no one would benefit. It wasn’t like I was in the business of doling out free oil and I still had to cover the cost of the delivery but to my mind it was money well spent and a good investment.

Now it seemed to be paying further dividends as I had her hooked on my line and didn’t plan on releasing her unless I tired of her. And that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I’d have to be nuts to let a pretty teen who enjoyed sex escape my grasp when all I had to do to enjoy her carnally was throw a little cash her way. That I had enough of though I wasn’t rich, and besides it was usually what I did for sex anyway. This was far more desirable than paying the average hooker who was bitter, jaded or doing it to pay for drugs.

So when I saw the school bus pull next to the Jackson driveway I eased my pickup into drive and pulled from the side of the road. As the bus drove away Danielle and her sister had just started toward their house when they heard me approaching and turned to look. She recognized me instantly and I saw her say something to her sister before heading toward the truck which I’d parked at the beginning of the driveway. Since she came straight toward the passenger door I hit the unlock button and waited.

Her sister Britney continued walking but she was going slowly and kept looking back to see what was happening. A minute later Danielle slid into the cab and dazzled me with her smile. She was bundled up under multiple layers of clothing to fight the cold and her nose was red but she looked beautiful to me.

“Hello Dani” I greeted her.

“Hey Mr. Mueller” she replied and just like the week before she seemed unable to meet my gaze and instead looked down shyly as I saw her cheeks reddening.

We sat in silence for a minute until she worked up the nerve to speak, though as usual she was unwilling to meet my eyes when she did.

“Thanks for meeting me. Umm, like I said in the message I’m without a cell phone. My last one broke and my mom says she can’t afford to pay for it anymore even if it worked. I know you told me if I needed something to call you and we could work something out. I’ve tried finding a job after school but it isn’t easy especially when you don’t have a car, so here I am.”

“Here you are” I repeated as my eyes drank in every detail of the girl. “Let me ask you something Danielle. I’m more than happy to make a deal with you over this, but are you sure? Is getting a phone so important that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get one?”

“I thought I already proved I’d do what it takes.”

“Oh I don’t doubt that. I meant is having a phone worth it is all. Can’t you just do without? We didn’t carry phones when I was your age and we survived.”

She rolled her eyes and the expression on her face left no doubt how silly she thought my question was.

“Well that was then and it’s not like you had cell phones back then anyway. Besides it’s just not about the phone, it’s also a way to text and listen to music and surf the web and everything. Today it’s essential to have one.”

I shook my head on hearing that but all she was doing was reflecting the current attitude of society. It was no skin off my nose and in fact it benefited me for her to think that way.

“Okay, I still think you kids today are nuts when it comes to technology but that’s just me. Now do you have a preference or will any old phone do?”

Dani made a face at my question and she waited a minute before answering, like she was thinking about it.

“I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a smart phone with internet and a camera and features like that.”

“Don’t worry, I was just kidding. I have to provide phones for most of my workers so I know all about the technology. Tell you what, come to my office tomorrow after school, okay?”

“All right I will. Do you wanna do anything with me, right now I mean?”

“I’d always like to do things with you. But I’ll wait until tomorrow. See you then.”

“Okay, bye Mr. Mueller” and with that she slipped out the door and headed toward her house.

I waited a minute before leaving so I could watch her cute ass as it headed away. Right after that I drove into town to take care of business. First place I stopped was the local cellular phone store and after that I swung by John Conner’s clothing store. I’d known him for years and he gave me a good deal on what I wanted.

The next day I made sure all my work was finished nice and early so I’d be free when she arrived. Just after three my secretary buzzed me.

“Danielle Jackson to see you Mr. Mueller.”

“Thanks Phyllis, send her in.”

A minute later she came in and as usual she looked and smelled great.

“Can you lock the door” I told her after she entered.

While she did I opened my desk drawer and removed the package and placed it on the top of the desk. She walked over and when she saw the brand new Samsung Galaxy she squealed loudly and smiled.

“Oh my God! That’s for me? That is like the best phone ever.”

“Not only that, but I got you a protective cover in pink so your phone can be all girly like you.”

“Thank you Mr. Mueller” she told me right before kissing my cheek in her excitement.

Right afterwards she looked embarrassed and hung her head but she then was looking at the large bulge in my pants. I took her hand and placed it against that and she wasted no time in massaging it. After a minute of this I stopped her to say something.

“Listen up Dani! Here’s what I want from you. Get your cute little ass into the bathroom and take off all your clothes. There’s something hanging on the coat hook on the door. Put it on and get back out here pronto. Understand?”

She nodded and turned to go and when she did I couldn’t help swatting her tight butt with my hand. She giggled and hurried to the bathroom. By the time she came out I was ready to go with my pants and boxers down below my knees and my chair pushed away from the desk. I also had a raging hard on waiting for her.

Danielle was now wearing a tan shearling coat that came to mid thigh on the petite teen. She had left it unbuttoned, probably because she wasn’t sure what my plans for her were. I motioned for her to kneel in front of me which she did before reaching out and wrapping her hand around my hard cock prompting an appreciative groan in reply. My body shifted in the chair so that my pelvis glided forward in her direction.

“Well Danielle, how do you like your new coat?”

“No way. Are you serious? But why?”

“Because last week I opened my big mouth about your old coat and made a fool of myself. Now this is my way of making up for it. Don’t get the wrong idea, I got a good deal on it. If you look at the stitches on the inside lining there’s an irregularity so it’s sold as damaged goods. On the outside it looks fine but the most important thing is that it’s warm. Now thank me properly with a nice blowjob.”

Danielle leaned in and ran her tongue up my hard shaft as her hand tilted it away from my large stomach and in her direction. My body leaned back while my hand found her head and stroked her hair as she licked her way around my shaft delivering pleasurable sensations wherever she went. After teasing me like that for a minute until I wanted to scream, Dani opened her lips and welcomed me inside her mouth.

To start with she only swallowed the head and as she sucked on the sensitive glans she also gave it a wet tongue lashing. After a bit she took some more into her mouth while continuing to use her nimble tongue on my rigid rod, running it along the underside. Some of her saliva ran down my shaft where her hand worked it into my skin as she stroked me.

Either she was becoming more skilled at fellatio or I was overeager for after a couple minutes of this oral attention I felt signs that indicated an orgasm was drawing nigh. Though my plans for the day only included her sucking me off, I still didn’t wish to come too quickly so I tapped her shoulder.

“Dani would you mind sucking my balls for a while?” I asked when she looked my way in reaction to the tap.

“Okay Mr. Mueller” she replied once she slid her hot mouth off my erection.

She kissed her way down until reaching my hairy, cum laden balls. Her hand brought one forward allowing her mouth to encircle and take it inside and suck it hard. Danielle also ran her tongue on the wrinkled skin and continued stroking my hard cock during this time. She sucked on it for a couple of minutes before switching to my other testicle and giving it the same treatment.

When she released me she pulled a pubic hair from her mouth and discarded it before she resumed sucking my erection. This time she slid her lips down until my tip hit the back of her mouth before she pulled back. Now having gauged how much cock she could handle without gagging Dani bobbed her head up and down, increasing her speed the longer it went on. She again had me on the verge of orgasm when I pulled her from me. Pushing my chair back just enough, I stood in front of her.

“You figured out how much of my cock you can take Dani?” I asked the teen.

She nodded then attempted to swallow it again but I momentarily prevented her from doing so.

“Wrap your hand around my shaft just past what can fit in your mouth Dani.”

Once the girl did what I asked I placed my hand on her head and guided her into place. When her mouth opened I thrust forward until her hand touched her lips letting me know we’d reached her limit. My hips drew back leaving only my sensitive head inside her hot little mouth before reversing course and sliding back in. We quickly built up a fast rhythm, one that I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up for long without cumming. So I decided to go for broke and throw caution to the wind.

“Use your free hand to play with my balls. I’m getting close” I gasped as I increased the speed of my thrusts.

Bless her soul for not only did she take direction well but she was also a natural. Not only did Dani begin fondling my nuts but she managed to apply such suction to my head and right below it I lasted less than a minute more.

“Oh damn! I’m going to cum Dani! Try to swallow as much as you can so it doesn’t get on your new coat. Uhhn, fuck!”

That was all I could take as I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell. I pushed it as deep as she could take when it started shooting. It was a good sized load as it’d been a few days since I’d come. Add to that I’d known it would be Danielle who’d be draining me. It fired four big spurts plus a number of smaller ones before petering out, leaving me trembling and gasping for breath.

As soon as she was sure no more seminal fluid would be emerging she slowly pulled back. Her eyes found mine as she did so and I watched as her lips worked their way up my length. When just my head remained inside, Dani swirled her tongue over the sensitive glans until I thought I’d faint from the pleasurable feeling she delivered to me.

With a popping sound she pulled her lips from me but then kissed the head causing me to groan loudly. Dani next opened her mouth and let me see my cum sitting on her tongue before she tilted her head back and swallowed it as I watched.

“Damn! You are one talented cocksucker Dani” I told her as my hand stroked her soft brown hair.

“Thanks, I guess” she replied, releasing my softening cock.

“Well that’s enough for today. It’d take too long for me to get it up again. We’ll activate the phone plan tomorrow if that’s okay with you.”

“Sure, whatever Mr. Mueller” she replied as she knelt there motionless.

It wasn’t until after I’d pulled up and fastened my pants and sat down that she stirred. She climbed to her feet then paused a moment before addressing me.

“So you don’t need me anymore today Mr. Mueller?”

“No, you can go Dani. Just make sure to get in touch with me tomorrow so we can arrange our get together.”

She headed to the bathroom to dress and I sensed she was a bit frustrated. No doubt she’d expected I would fuck her and I suspected if I checked I’d find her little pussy wet and ready. Chuckling to myself I reasoned it would be good for her. By tomorrow after stewing in her own juices for an additional twenty four hours she’d be climbing the walls from lust and I had the right hose to put out her fire.

By the time she emerged from the bathroom dressed my nose was buried in my computer as I checked work orders and invoices. I barely looked up as she said goodbye and headed for the door, well I admit sneaking a peek at her taut and tight buttocks but I adored Dani’s ass. The next afternoon around two I received a call on my cell. I didn’t recognize the number but in my line of work that was common.

“Hello, Pete Mueller here” I barked into my phone.

“Hi Mr. Mueller, its me Danielle” came the reply.

Just hearing her voice started my cock growing as I thought what I’d like to be doing to her and soon would be.

“Hey Dani, what’s up?” I inquired.

“There’s a little problem today” she began and I felt a sense of disappointment come over me.

“What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, it’s my little brother. He got sick at school today so I have to go home and watch him.”

“All right, these things happen sometimes” I said as I felt my erection deflating before it even reached full size. “Do you want to reschedule for tomorrow afternoon?”

“I’m not sure, maybe we don’t need to. What I was gonna say was I have to go home to watch my brother but my sister is gonna be at her friend Jenny’s house so if you wanted you could come over.”

“Are you sure that’s okay?” I asked with visions of Meg Jackson coming home and finding me in her house with her teen daughter.

“Sure, I don’t see why not. My mother never gets home before six so that’ll give us plenty of time to mess around.”

“Okay I’ll be there. See you in a little while.”

Well this was all very high school I thought with a laugh. Still at three o’clock sharp I was ringing the bell at her front door. She must have been waiting, for the door opened in less than a minute to reveal Dani standing there. My eyes feasted on her as I entered the house and I saw she must’ve changed once she got home for she was wearing a pair of thin lounge pants and a black spaghetti strap tank top. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra from her hard little nipples showing clearly to my eyes. I waited for her to let me know where to go and she wasted little time in telling me.

“You want to go to my bedroom?” she asked, her face appearing eager to begin the afternoon’s activities.

“Lead on” was my only reply and seconds later I was following her up the stairs, my eyes glued to her tight gluteus.

She brought me to her room and then excused herself, leaving me alone. I wasted no time in getting naked and as she still wasn’t back I looked around the room and concluded she must share it with her sister. There were two twin beds in the room with the far half of the room having a number of posters on the walls of boy bands while the nearer half was plain. Before I had a chance to actually snoop around, Dani breezed back into the room. She smiled when she saw my hard on and after she closed the door she sank to her knees before me.

“Sorry but I had to go check on my brother. He’s okay so we shouldn’t be disturbed” Dani told me right before she guided my hard cock to her waiting mouth.

For a couple of minutes I just stood there and enjoyed her oral talents. She took my fat cock to the back of her mouth before sliding her lips back down my shaft but today I needed more. I touched her shoulder and she pulled her mouth from my member while giving me a quizzical look.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off now Dani because I want to eat your sweet little pussy so bad. I haven’t been able to think of anything else all day.”

“Okay” she said simply before pulling her top over her head and tossing it on the bed freeing her small, perky breasts.

“By the way have you seen the school nurse since the last time?” I inquired.

She nodded yes before answering. “I did but it takes a while for it to be effective so not today but soon.”

Dani then stood and pushed her lounge pants down revealing she had nothing on beneath them, turning me on even more knowing how ready she was for what was about to happen. That was confirmed when my hand reached between her legs and touched her pussy and found she was soaked. Without saying a word I scooped her petite body up in my arms before depositing her on the bed. There wasn’t enough room for me to get comfortable on the floor between the bed and bursa escort the wall where the door was located so I walked to the far side of the bed.

First I spun Dani’s body around so she was lying widthwise on the bed with her knees bent and her feet flat against the floor and her pussy at the edge of the mattress. I settled myself on the floor and began kissing and caressing the teen’s legs, starting at her shapely calf and working up. Her skin was so soft and supple against my lips and tasted delicious to me. Once I neared her pretty puss I switched to the other leg and repeated the procedure, slowly kissing my way up. By the time I reached the top of this thigh she was literally trembling with desire.

When my mouth met her pussy lips Dani grabbed my head and let out a long drawn out moan as her back arched and orgasm overtook her body. My lips rained kisses on her as she came and her juices flowed out her to my mouth along with the bed sheet below. When her body stopped trembling I began to lick her pussy lips from top to bottom although I stopped short of licking her clit. But I did slide a thick finger into her up to my knuckle.

Dani’s vaginal muscles tightened on it but that didn’t stop me from working it in and out of her juicy little hole. She began to let out a series of low moans as I frigged her and when I twisted my hand and used my thumb to graze her nub she came again bathing my finger with her juices. While keeping my finger buried I brought my head forward and started to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. By now I was drunk from her taste and scent as I licked her aroused sex.

She writhed beneath me while I drove her nuts licking and sucking on her erect love button. Her hands grabbed the sheets in a death grip as her head thrashed back and forth with her eyes shut tight. My cock ached so badly that all I wanted to do was plunge it to the hilt in her nubile teen body but somehow I resisted. Instead I was determined to make her cum at least one more time before I did. A second thick finger slid into her tight channel stretching her further open and causing her to gasp.

She appeared to be getting close so I kept looking at her face when something distracted me. From the corner of my eye I’d caught a hint of movement by the door and I realized it was now open a tiny crack even though I knew Dani had closed it earlier. My tongue continued to lick her but now I concentrated my sight on the gap between the frame and the edge of the door and I was rewarded when I caught a glimpse of someone moving.

Initially I’d thought it was her younger brother for I knew he was home. However once my eyes focused I discovered that it was instead her sister Britney. She was standing in the hall and staring at us through the crack and for some reason that turned me on more than I can explain. My lips closed around Dani’s clit as I sucked it into my mouth while I jammed both my fingers to their limit in her wet pussy.

She let out a loud groan as she came but I’d already started moving my body as she did. Once I’d climbed to my feet my fingers slid out of Dani leaving her empty. She didn’t have a chance to miss them for no sooner had I done this than I guided my rigid cock to her pussy entrance. My spongy mushroom shaped head worked its way between her lips but initially I could go no further. For an instant I was denied access to her tight paradise but I persevered and drove forward, splitting her like a log with my thick tool.

Dani’s eyes shot wide open as it sank deep and once they had I made sure to look at her and not the door for I didn’t want her to discover her sister was spying on us. Now that I was inside her I adjusted my body and bent at the waist while lowering myself down. Resting my elbows and knees on the bed for support I began to slowly slide my cock out of her though I stopped around halfway. Our eyes met at which time I thrust my whole length up to the root as my balls slapped her ass.

“Oh my God! That thing is so big!” she moaned right before I began to fuck her with all my might.

The sound of flesh slapping flesh intermingled with her cries and moans and filled my ears as I pounded her pink petals. My hands took hold of her shoulders which prevented her from moving as I pushed deep inside while giving her body nowhere to go as I thrust. Dani’s mouth first kissed, then bit my burly shoulder in response to the hard fucking she was receiving.

While in this position I could scope out the door while not tipping Dani off to our observer. Being now a little closer to the door I could see Britney staring with an intent expression on her face. She appeared glassy eyed and her naturally fair skin was flushed and sweaty. Knowing she was watching inspired me in some perverse way. This motivated me to try and not cum and though it wasn’t easy to accomplish somehow I managed.

Now needing a break to cool down a little I withdrew from Danielle prompting a disappointed groan from her. Straightening my body I walked around to the other side of the bed making sure to not look at the door as I did so. Still I heard something from that direction, no doubt Britney’s reaction from seeing at a much closer distance my large, swaying cock glistening with her sister’s juices.

Once I was on the other side of the bed I angled my stiff erection to Danielle’s open mouth and slid it as deep as she could take. With my knees bent I was able to play with her breasts as I filled her mouth with hard male flesh. She sucked on me for a minute before I pulled back, for as much as I enjoyed her hot mouth I wanted to again fill her tight, wet slit.

“On your hands and knees Dani with your ass high in the air” I instructed the girl and she wasted little time in complying.

My face broke into a smile as I watched the girl scramble into position and no sooner had she then I slapped my rigid length against her taut buttocks a few times. After that I brought my cock between her legs and teased her by rubbing it along the outside of her lips. She wiggled her hips, attempting to swallow my swollen head with her hungry pussy but I countered by adjusting the angle of my cock while continuing to tease her with it.

“What’s the matter Dani? Do you want something?” I asked right before lightly smacking her ass.

“Yes I want something, you know that.”

“Well if you don’t tell me what it is then I can’t help you. So speak up.”

“Okay. Please Mr. Mueller, don’t make me beg but I want you back inside me.”

That’s all it took for within seconds I drove deep into Dani’s sopping hole. Her moan of pleasure was music to my ears and the way it felt was paradise to my cock. My hands grabbed her hips and pulled them back while mine went forward as our pelvises came together. As we built toward a crescendo of lust one of my hands left her hip and crept forward to cup one of her small breasts. Dani groaned when I did, which turned me on even more and caused me to increase the speed of my thrusting.

By this time my heart was pounding in my chest so hard it felt like it might burst free of its confines while the bed was creaking loudly and shaking so violently I feared it might collapse. Despite this there was no way I could stop or even slow until I passed the finish line so I continued to thrust my turgid flesh in her tight tunnel o’ love. Dani was gasping and moaning as I plumbed her depths and when my thumb and finger pinched her erect nipple she let out a yelp and I felt her contract on my driving thickness.

That was the final straw and I felt my boiling balls release a torrent of hot, white cum. With a loud grunt I just managed to pull free of her pinkness before erupting like a volcano. My white cum spewed high in the air before landing on both Dani and the bed as I gasped for breath. My hand rested on her supple butt while I recovered when she surprised me by twisting her body around so that she could grab hold of my spent cock. She squeezed and stroked it which caused me to groan for it was still sensitive after just coming. While looking directly at me for a change Dani shyly smiled at my reaction to her efforts.

I don’t know what came over me but when she did that I leaned down and taking her by the head I kissed the girl. Her lips were soft as butter and when my mouth met hers she returned the kiss, at first haltingly but as we continued she became more passionate. Our lips explored each others and I couldn’t help from slipping my tongue into her mouth. During this her hand continued to fondle my softening member until finally I broke the kiss and sat beside her on the bed.

“Wow Dani, that was something else. You are fucking incredible!” I said breathlessly to which she just smiled. Then once I’d recovered a little more I spoke again. “No rush, but when you get a chance could you get me a wet washcloth to clean myself?”

“Sure, no problem” she replied.

Dani climbed to her feet and moved to the door. When she pulled it open she let out a gasp as she saw her sister scrambling away.

“Oh my God Britney! What are you doing home and why were you spying on me!?” she exclaimed, her voice reflecting surprise and disgust.

“Hey this is my house too and it’s both of our room” I heard her sister angrily retort before Dani stepped into the hall while closing the door behind her.

From where I sat all I could hear was the fading murmur of voices without being able to decipher what they said but I suspected it wasn’t good. A few minutes later Danielle returned and handed me a washcloth without saying a word but she then left again although she first slipped on a robe. Once I’d wiped myself clean I dressed and headed downstairs. Dani must have heard me for as I reached the bottom of the staircase she emerged from the living room.

“Sorry about that…” she began when I interrupted her.

“No need to apologize Dani but under the circumstances I think its best if I go now. Before I do though, let me give you this information about your phone plan. It tells you how many minutes you get each month and stuff like that. If you have any questions just call me and ask.”

“Okay” she answered as she took the proffered paper from me.

During this exchange Britney had appeared behind Dani and she had a knowing smirk on her face while she stared directly at me. Not wanting to think what that meant I said goodbye and went out the front door. Once I was back in my truck I reflected on what had just happened and shook my head. While I couldn’t deny it had excited me greatly to know she’d been watching it could prove troublesome depending on how Britney reacted to being caught. I hoped that Dani was up to the task of handling her sister.

When something happened a few days later I wasn’t so sure about that. I was waiting on line at the drug store self check-out when I heard my name spoken aloud. Turning I beheld Britney Jackson standing there with an insolent smile on her pretty face. The initial thing I noticed was how much she resembled both her sister and mother for they all had the same long, brown hair with similar facial features and they were all slim and petite.

I guessed her age to be around fourteen and she had a coltish appearance about her, for her long limbs seemed slightly out of proportion to her developing body. Even though it was still winter her coat was unfastened and part of her flat belly was exposed due to the midriff baring shirt she had on. That wasn’t the only way she differed from her sister for where Dani was pretty shy Britney was much more forward like her mother as she next showed me.

“Hi Mr. Mueller, what’ya buying? Anything interesting like maybe some extra large condoms or something like that.”

My face must have registered shock at her question for the girl laughed and stepped so close to me to that I smelled her floral body spray or whatever product it was.

“You know Mr. Mueller I could use a phone too. Is there any way we can work something out? I might be younger than Danielle but I’m not innocent. In fact I’m willing to try anything once. I saw what you like and I’m willing to do it. So what do you say?” While saying this she did her best to look sexy, flipping her hair and biting her lip while maintaining eye contact with me the whole time.

By this time a check-out had opened up so I walked to the scanner. Britney followed right behind me and plopped her items next to mine. When I looked at her she just smiled and gave me a look that said ‘please’ so I decided to just pay for her stuff rather than continuing this conversation in the store. She had scented body wash, nail polish and toothpaste so it wasn’t a lot of money and once I scanned her items I put them in a separate bag which I handed to her after I paid. She walked with me as I left the store and headed to my truck in the parking lot.

“Well Mr. Mueller you never gave me an answer” she said as I put my bags inside the truck cab.

“It should be pretty obvious the answer is no. Come see me when you’re older and who knows.”

She pouted on hearing my reply and put her hands on her hips before responding.

“You don’t know what you’re missing. Didn’t you ever hear the fresher the fruit, the sweeter the berry.”

“Maybe so, but nothing is so sweet that it’s worth doing time for, little girl.”

“If that’s all you’re worried about, then don’t. I’d never say anything and if you don’t believe me then just ask Jenny’s dad if I can keep my mouth shut. That is when something hard isn’t filling it” she said and from the expression on her face I believed her to be telling the truth.

However just because she might be having sex with her friend’s father and hadn’t revealed that so far had no bearing on me. It was a bridge too far and besides I preferred her sister anyway. Danielle was the prettier of the two though not by much, but I also liked her shy demeanor coupled with her enjoyment of sex and most importantly she was legal. I loved sex but not enough to go to jail for, that’s for damn sure!

“Well then why not have him get you a phone?”

She frowned at my reply as I clambered into my truck.

“I know, right” she said and it appeared as if she was really thinking about what I’d said. “But he told me he can’t because his wife pays all the bills and she’d ask him what’s going on.”

“Tough luck” I told her as I turned the key in the ignition.

“That’s why I was looking to hook up with you. I can see you do the right thing and I need a daddy who takes care of his baby girl.”

“Britney, don’t take this the wrong way but in my opinion you should concentrate on boys your age and even then take it way slower than you’re used to. You’re only young once and you’ll have the rest of your life to be an adult. But hey, do what you want.”

It appeared as if she actually thought about what I said because for a fleeting moment her face took on a wistful expression before it fled and her features hardened.

“That might be nice but in case you hadn’t noticed my life isn’t exactly a Disney movie. When your mom is like mine that pretty much goes without saying. Anyway once the genie is out of the bottle it can’t go back in. Well it was worth a try. Bye Mr. Mueller.”

Without another word she turned and walked away leaving me sitting there thinking. While it wasn’t my business I saw what had just happened as almost a cry for help so I decided to inform Dani. I wasn’t sure how much to tell her but she seemed to be the most responsible of the family in many ways so I sent her a short text saying I wanted to talk to her about her sister. I hadn’t driven for more than five minutes when my cell rang and I saw from the screen that it was Dani. Quickly I pulled to the side of the road and answered it.

“Hey Dani.”

“What’s up about Britney?” came her voice and it sounded as if she was worried.

“I just ran into her at the CVS and she started talking to me and I’m not sure but I think you should talk to her when you can. I really don’t want to say too much but… Maybe we can meet and discuss it?”

“Okay. But if you don’t mind I’d prefer not to go to your office, if that’s okay?”

“That’s fine but why if I may ask?”

“That woman who works for you makes me uncomfortable the way she looks at me is all. Its like she can’t decide if she feels sorry for me or thinks I’m a piece of garbage and sometimes both at the same time.”

Knowing Phyllis like I did I could see that happening.

“Well where then? For obvious reasons its better if it’s not at your house, after the other day.”

“You’re right. Why don’t you meet me at my driveway and we can talk in your truck.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes, so be ready” I said before hanging up.

She was waiting in her new coat and hopped in as soon as I stopped.

“I was on my way to the diner to pick up some dinner. You want something?”

“Yeah, I guess. Thanks.”

With that I drove back into town with her riding shotgun and we talked as we headed there.

“I’m not saying anything bad because your sister seems to be a nice girl” I began to which I saw Danielle roll her eyes “but I think she might be in over her head with some things.”

While not explicitly repeating what Britney had said I managed to clue Dani in to the gist of our conversation. A frown showed on her face and she didn’t say a word but it was plain she was thinking hard about what I’d revealed. When I pulled into the diner parking lot she just sat there so as I got out I asked her if a burger and fries was okay and she nodded. When I returned with our food she still was deep in thought and hadn’t moved a muscle.

“Dani, do you want me to take you home now?” I asked.

“No, not yet please. I’m not ready to see her now; I have to figure out what to say first. Where were you going to eat, in your truck?”

“Hadn’t planned on that, my house is five minutes away so I was going to eat there. If you want you can eat there too, then I’ll drive you home.”

“Thanks Mr. Mueller, I appreciate it.”

The only issue I had once we arrived was clearing off enough space on the kitchen table for us to both fit. I’d been living alone since my son had moved out over ten years ago and since I wasn’t one for housework and rarely had anyone over except for the occasional prostitute my place was a disaster. Dani wrinkled her nose with disgust on seeing the condition of the place while I shoveled used food containers and other debris into a garbage bag.

She gingerly sat on the edge of the chair I offered her once bursa escort bayan there was a clear space though she appeared uncomfortable. We sat and ate in silence and for a skinny girl Danielle could sure pack away the food. However I must admit even when eating fries and a burger with her hands the girl did so in a dainty manner that one had to marvel at. Somehow she only took delicate little bites and not a drop of grease or ketchup wound up on her clothes but in spite of this she finished eating before I did. That was probably because I did my best to not eat like an animal and shovel the food into my maw in front of my pretty guest. Instead I ate in a civilized fashion while washing down the food with a cold beer.

“Well Mr. Mueller I’ll talk to Britney though I’m not sure it will do any good. When she decides to do something she can be very stubborn and I have a feeling she’ll just call me a hypocrite because of what I’ve done with you.”

“That might be true and it isn’t my business but the difference is you’re older it seems to me.”

“She won’t see it that way, she thinks she has all the answers but I’ll try. Hey you know I was thinking about something else. Remember when I told you I’d been looking for a job? What would you think about me cleaning this place for you? It could really use it and if I did a good job you could pay me and also recommend me to other people in town. You must know a lot of people from your business and stuff.”

By then I had finished eating and was getting another beer from the fridge. So I stepped behind the girl and placed the cold bottle against her neck making her shudder.

“I don’t know Dani, is there a chance you’d wear a little French maid outfit while you clean? I think for that I’d pay extra to watch.”

“Maybe, but not on the first day. I think for that I’ll need a hazmat suit because this place is in pretty bad shape and oohh!” she ended with a squeal when my hand cupped her small breast through her shirt and squeezed it.

“I don’t know about recommending you, I’d rather not share but let’s talk about it a little later” I told her. “But first how would you like to go upstairs and earn two hundred dollars – the hard way.”

She giggled in response as I felt her nipple hardening from the attention I was giving it.

“All right Mr. Mueller” she answered as she stood.

I led her to my bedroom and flipped on the light switch as we entered. When we approached the bed I saw her horny expression flee her face to be replaced with a disgusted one as she stared at the sheets.

“Ewww! Mr. Mueller how can you sleep on those things. They’re not even white anymore. Gross!”

“Yeah I’ve been a little lax lately” I sheepishly admitted while looking down at the dingy gray bed sheets.

“A little? If you expect me to get on that bed then you need to change them first” Dani replied with her arms folded on her chest.

With the threat of her not getting into bed hanging over me I hurried to the hall linen closet and frantically searched. Thankfully I found a clean set and since they were blue they were less likely to be discolored. When I returned with them I saw Danielle had not only stripped the bed but was in the process of removing her clothing as well. She smiled at me as I made the bed and once I was finished she stepped close and reached for my belt. Within a minute I was naked as well and my hard cock jutted out proudly. She stroked it gently before looking up at me.

“Lie down Mr. Mueller and make yourself comfortable” she told me and I marveled at how each time we got together she was becoming more sure of herself and open about things.

Once I was stretched out with a pillow behind my head she climbed onto the bed and crawled between my legs. Without pausing she grasped my shaft which felt as hard as iron and took my swollen head into her warm mouth. She went to work immediately, taking me as deep as she could while at the same time using her nimble tongue to tease my underside. The whole time she did this her other hand fondled my heavy balls.

Not wanting to cum too soon I nudged the brunette teen until she pulled her mouth off me. However she didn’t release my cock but instead started to run her tongue the length of it. Beginning at the head she licked her way down to my balls where she detoured for a minute before working her way back up. When she reached my head she licked up the seeping pre-cum causing me to groan loudly.

“Do you like that Mr. Mueller?” she asked with a twinkle in her green eyes.

“Ooh little girl, you are really something special!” I replied making her smile. “Now how about spinning your body around so I can taste you while you continue with what you’re doing.”

Danielle wasted no time in shifting her body to a sixty nine position, placing a thin leg on either side of my face. She was already wet and I could smell her arousal and once my lips touched her pussy it was her turn to moan. One of my hands pressed her pelvis down so my tongue could fully work inside her to its limit while my other hand searched out her erect clit.

As I ate her out while pushing her love button her cock sucking became erratic and before long she stopped completely though her hand continued to grip me tightly. Suspecting she was close to orgasm I increased the speed of both my finger and tongue and I was rewarded with a flood of her sweet juice flowing into my thirsty mouth. As her body shook and trembled I kept probing her womanly channel until she moved her nubile body away.

Danielle didn’t go far however. Instead she positioned herself so she was straddling me and again taking me in hand she guided me to her little hole and sank down. My spongy head parted her nether lips and she let out a moan as my hard flesh filled her. Resting her small hands on my big gut for support Dani rode me while taking me deeper as her folds stretched to accommodate my girth until with a grunt her ass brushed my thighs.

This was the first time where I’d let her set the pace and she took to it like a duck takes to water. It was something to behold as I watched her ride me. She’d begun on her knees but she shifted her body so that she was crouching with her feet placed next to my hips while her body bounced like a rubber ball. For the most part Dani rode me rapidly though she would also slow it down for a little while until again speeding up the movement of her body.

I wasn’t content to only watch though it was quite enjoyable to do so; nor to only experience the sublime pleasure as stimulating as her constricting muscles felt on my hardness. Rather my hands roamed her body, stroking the soft skin of her legs, fondling her small breasts and pinching their erect nipples and more than once I brushed the dark hair away from her face after it had fallen there and obscured her natural beauty. During this Danielle moaned like an alley cat in heat as her tight vagina would swallow my hard thickness before sliding back up my shaft, leaving only my mushroom head inside her before repeating the process.

Without warning she sank down all the way, taking me to the root while closing her eyes. Instead of going back up this time she rotated her hips in a circular motion as her muscles gripped and squeezed my full length. It felt like heaven and I knew I couldn’t last long before blowing my load in her sweet and sticky treasure.

“Oh, Dani! It feels so good that I can’t take it. I’m going to cum!” I practically shouted as the teen gyrated atop me.

“Yes! I want to feel it!” she replied as she increased her pelvic motion while also bringing her hand to her clit and rubbing it frantically.

This was all too much for me to take. My hands grabbed her by the hips as my body bucked beneath hers and seconds later I was discharging my big load deep inside the girl. She continued grinding on me as her pussy received my cum and between that and her fingers strumming away she soon reached a state of bliss also and afterwards she collapsed onto my satiated body.

The next day as per our agreement she arrived at my house after school dressed to work in beat up clothes and with her hair in a ponytail and under a baseball cap. Have to give her credit – not only could she work hard and smart but she was the furthest thing from a prima donna. She first tackled my disgusting bathroom with no complaints and by the time she was finished the room sparkled. That day she also did a bang up job on my kitchen to the point where it would have fit right in Better Homes and Gardens, well an issue from over thirty years ago when the room had been last updated.

By the time Danielle was through she was too tired and dirty to allow me to take any liberties with her that evening. However when she returned a few days later to finish up the initial cleaning of my neglected domicile I pounced on her while she was on her hands and knees scrubbing by my fireplace. We wound up doing the horizontal tango on the couch, after which I relieved her of the rest of the day’s chores and drove her home.

During the next few months we settled into a routine where she would come over once or twice a week to clean and almost always it would end with us having sex of some kind. Most of the time I would fuck her though sometimes we would only have oral sex, generally a sixty nine. I was getting a steady dose of sex as well as my house cleaned while she was getting handsomely paid and truth be told regular, satisfying sex as well. In fact on more than one occasion after she finished cleaning she waited for me to return from some errand I was doing so that we could get physical.

In spite of this except for the actual sex we had little to do with each other. We both certainly knew how to push each other’s buttons when it came to all varieties of carnal activity, whether like tender lovemaking or fucking like wild animals. But in most ways we were like strangers which is how it had to be for my sanity. Because even in keeping things like this I’d become totally infatuated with the teen and it was only my past history that prevented me from acting the fool. Well, that and the fact that our ages were so far apart that even without my baggage there was no way we could have a future together even if Dani had been foolish enough to want that.

So things continued into the spring like this and April passed into May and soon June arrived. As it did my mood darkened and I became grouchy and bitter as was my wont at this time of year and most nights ended with me drinking myself into a stupor. Dani had noticed this change in me though she said nothing about it for I didn’t take it out on her any except for being even less communicative than I normally was.

It wasn’t until that fateful evening that it all came to an ugly head. The past few days had been unusually hot and humid which only increased my bad temper in direct proportion to my being uncomfortable. Dani was finishing up the dishwashing while I sat at the kitchen table doing my best to polish off a liter of Stoli. Her mood was in direct contrast to mine, with her being giddy from the thought of the school year soon ending and summer vacation looming.

She was singing and dancing in place as she worked and I must admit she had a nice voice even if it wasn’t quite ready for American Idol. Still that did nothing to brighten my attitude, in fact it probably made me feel even worse. When she finished drying her hands Dani approached me with a familiar gleam in her eye that promised a good time to come but for the first time I showed no interest. Not used to that and wanting some fun she acted.

Crouching before me Dani ran her hand over my slumbering cock with no discernible effect. No matter what she was it certainly wasn’t a quitter and this setback only made her redouble her efforts. With no help from me she managed to undo my pants and fish my flaccid cock free. As soon as it was out she took it into her warm mouth and sucked on it while stroking what didn’t fit inside.

In spite of my negativity I began to rise to the occasion as all but a corpse would have done under the circumstances. She bobbed her head up and down as her tongue writhed against my hardening flesh. Once she felt I was growing she pulled her mouth off me and began removing her clothing. By the time she was down to her bra and panties I had started to shrink again without her oral stimulation.

“What’s the matter Mr. Mueller? You’ve never had a problem getting hard for me before. Am I losing your interest or maybe you’ve been drinking too much?” she asked me in a lighthearted manner as she removed her undergarments.

“Yeah, might have something to do with the vodka, among other things” I slurred in reply.

“Well, we aren’t going to let that stop us, are we?” she said right before beginning to suck me again.

The girl had mad skill and in spite of my black mood she soon managed to have me at full staff. Dani then stood and led me by my cock to the living room couch. With a come hither smile on her lips she cast herself on her back and spread her thighs wide. Kneeling between her legs I let her guide my erection to her wet entrance at which time I thrust forward.

Her tender flesh yielded to my invasion and once I sank deep her legs hooked around mine to keep me in place. My right arm rested along the top of the couch allowing me to support myself while I began pumping my cock fully into her. Dani’s small hands grabbed hold of my hips pulling me towards her while she rotated her pelvis at the same time. This went on for quite some time, for due to my drunken condition I was in no danger of cumming quickly. In fact Dani had already cum twice and I was still no closer to release than when we’d started and by then my back was starting to ache from the position I was in. Grunting from discomfort I shifted my body though that caused me to slip out of her.

“Dani this position is killing me. Get on your hands and knees” I ordered her.

Like a cat she rolled over onto her knees and once she had the girl stretched languidly before lowering her top half down and resting on her hands. Kneeling on the couch between her legs my cock sought out her wet pussy and easily slid all the way in. Taking her by her hips I pushed and pulled her body back and forth on my cock until she was almost screaming with pleasure. In spite of this I was still unable to orgasm and combined with my already dark mood I became more and more frustrated.

By this time her head was resting on the couch along with her torso up to her breasts for she was pretty much worn out from the pounding she had taken up to this point. No matter how hard I pumped her I just couldn’t cum when an idea came to me. While looking at her small yet round and taut ass I remembered our first encounter from many months ago and how I’d sodomized her. It had been one of the most intense orgasms I ever experienced in my life and I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to attempt it again.

I never had tried since that first time for though I had always enjoyed going in the back door it had been obvious that Dani hadn’t enjoyed it. So I hadn’t even brought up the subject through all our subsequent encounters not wishing to upset the girl. At that moment however my only concern was my pleasure and part of me resented putting her feelings first. Wasn’t I the one who was paying her every time we had sex? Shouldn’t I be able to use her body as I saw fit for my money? I’d allowed myself to have feelings for her and I was in danger of becoming whipped.

That decided it for me and in my drunken condition it made perfect sense. My big hands took hold of her buttocks as I drove deep and pulled them further apart revealing her tiny rosebud sphincter in all its glory. At this time Dani was so wet that even with her pussy as tight as it was I was having no problem sliding in her all the way and her lubrication thoroughly coated my hard cock. So I pulled it all the way out and paused before driving back in again.

I did this a few times when without warning instead of returning it to her pussy I forced my large head in her backdoor. Dani’s body stiffened as I did so but I grabbed hold of my shaft with one hand while I pressed my other into her back preventing her from moving. My hips drove forward pushing my cock deeper in her tight ass as I groaned with satisfaction.

“Stop! Please!” she cried out but it was already too late for that.

My hips pumped a few times rapidly as my bulk crushed her petite body to the couch but I could already feel the beginning of orgasm barreling my way. With a final deep thrust where I forced every inch of my thick erection inside her my cock then swelled and fired its big load.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Take my cum you little whore, every last drop. Take it slut!” I moaned as I filled her back passage with the fruit of my loins.

I was so wiped out from my orgasm along with my drunken state that it took me a minute to realize she was speaking.

“Get off me! You weigh too much and get that thing out of me, it hurts!”

It still took me a minute to do what she wanted but I did manage to accomplish it. Dragging myself to my feet I headed to the kitchen where I retrieved my bottle and glass and returned to the living room. Dani was dressing and her back was to me while she did. As I sat on the couch I couldn’t help from pinching her ass but her reaction caught me off guard.

“No!” she shouted. “Keep your hands off me. No more, that’s it. I mean it!”

“Calm down” I slurred. “No need to get your panties all in a bunch. If you want I’ll give you some extra money for today since I went a little overboard.”

“That’s what you call it! Going a little overboard, huh? You know what, just shut up and go to Hell! I don’t need the reminder of what I’ve been doing with you, what it was really all about. I know I’ve been selling myself to you for money and I’m nothing but a whore and a slut like you said. But no more! You think giving me extra money makes everything all right? Wait I have a better idea; just forget about the money, okay? Call it my parting gift to you. We’ll call it even and you never have to see me again.”

“So from now on you can just fuck yourself. I don’t think I deserved that from you and I don’t understand why you did it but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Before today I would’ve said only nice things about you. Yeah we had a deal and you never pretended it was more than that but you always treated me like a human being, not like a piece of shit. Until today, so fuck you Mr. Mueller. You think because you pay me that you own me? I get treated badly by escort bursa everyone else in town – I don’t need it from you too.”

By this time her face was red with rage and her voice was shaking as she bared the pain that went to the depths of her being.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like when your whole fucking life all you’ve been told about your father is ‘If only the bastard had pulled out in time then we wouldn’t be here’. It can mess you up big time. And everyone in school knowing you don’t have a father, not even one in jail and you don’t even have a clue who he is, well people can be pretty mean to you. Especially when you’re poor and your mother has a bad reputation as well. Of course you don’t know about that. And you know what Mr. Mueller, fuck you! I’m not going to take it from you too. So I’ll be without money, I’ll survive, not a big fucking deal. Not that much longer to go in this fucking shit town before I graduate school and then I’m outta here. By the way you can have the phone back too. Even though I earned it I don’t want anything from you.”

After saying that Dani pulled it from her bag and dropped it on the coffee table before me. I’d sat there dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open as she went on with her diatribe. The worst part was that even in my drunken condition I knew everything she’d said was true. For too long I’d let events shape me into what I’d become instead of striving to rise above. I’d always prided myself on being hard while fair but what was fair about mistreating and abusing some young girl who weighed one hundred pounds dripping wet? A girl who’d first sold her body to me in order to help her family while I took advantage and used her to slake my lust.

As she continued to rage Dani’s face had become redder and tears now streamed out her beautiful green eyes but much worse was that I could see the pain reflected in them. Pain that I caused by being a class A asshole. For the first time in years I felt scared – scared that she’d follow through on her threat and I’d never get to fuck her again – but much worse was that I might never see her again and I knew I deserved that. Even in my drunken state that thought caused a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach and prompted me to act.

I staggered to my feet and lumbered past her with the intention of blocking her exit. It was only after I placed my back against the door that she figured out my plan. For just an instant she appeared uncertain of what to do but her anger was too strong for her to back down now. She rushed at me and before I could do anything she pushed me though she was unable to move my considerable bulk from the door.

“Get out of my way! Are you trying to keep me prisoner now as well? What you did wasn’t enough?”

Without warning the girl began punching me and all I could do was raise my arms to absorb her blows. After a minute or two she tired herself out and dropped her hands though anger and defiance still showed on her tear streaked face. Still I saw my final chance to try and talk with her and get her to reconsider.

“Please Dani, calm down. Everything you said was true but I’m begging you not to go yet. If you do I won’t try and stop you.”

“Why? What’s the point in staying? You can’t undo what happened.”

“No, no I can’t. Same as everything bad that’s happened in my life” I told her as I moved away from the door before weaving my way to the couch and sitting. “I’m not going to pretend that anything I say can change your mind. I blew it like I’ve been blowing things for years now. Most of my life, really. Which isn’t your problem. And I feel even worse after hearing what you said. You got a bad deal in life in a lot of ways and I made things that much worse. I’m sorry about what I did to you just now. I’m also sorry about how everyone else treated you. It’s not right for a kid to not know their father even when he’s a bastard.”

Pausing long enough to pour a drink I then looked her way. She was standing near the door but she wasn’t moving and though she still looked upset she had stopped crying.

“You want a drink? It’ll make you feel better” I asked while holding out the glass.

She stood there glaring my way and I figured she was going to walk out the door when she surprised me instead. Dani approached and taking the glass she downed the clear liquid in one gulp. She then coughed while making a face before putting down the glass.

“I’m not going to pretend this will change anything but can I tell you a story. You probably heard this before but I used to be married. Now I’m not saying I was the perfect husband or father because I wasn’t but I wasn’t the worst. I never cheated on my wife or hit her or my kids. Did I drink too much sometimes? Probably. Was I away from home too many hours while I built my company up? I guess but the plan was to be a success for them as well.”

I paused as I poured myself a drink and took a swallow before continuing.

“We were barely out of high school when we got married but that was what people did back then. We had my son, Pete Jr. after being married a few years and it was tough. I’d just started the heating oil business and I wasn’t around a lot. There were times I was working over seventy hours a week easy but I had to if I was going to succeed.”

When I drained the rest of the vodka I saw Dani was looking at me though I had no idea what she was thinking.

“Then a few years down the line my wife got pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter. I was happy but there was now another person to support so I had to keep going like I’d been doing. Even in the summer months I was busy, replacing oil storage tanks and boilers during the off season so I still didn’t have much free time. The only vacations we took were to go camping on state land during the summer and neither my wife or daughter once she got a little older enjoyed that. But I always told her if she had a little patience then in the future it would all pay off. We’d go on nice vacations and I’d buy her whatever she wanted. What a joke!”

“What happened?” she asked in her tiny voice.

“I don’t know if I was fooling myself or what. Maybe I should have seen it coming or I should have spent more time home and it would have ended differently. I don’t know. It happened here in this room right on the couch, of course it was a different couch back then but it was in the same place it still is. When I came home from work one June evening she told me to sit down because we needed to talk. I figured it was another ‘we need to do more things as a family’ kind of talk where I’d agree in principle even if nothing changed. Then she told me she wanted a divorce. I was shocked, I tell you that. So I tried telling her that things would change this time and I’d really try to work less and we could still make it work.”

“She said it was too late for that now, that I had my chance. When she told me she’d found someone else and she was going to leave me for him I was floored. At that moment it hurt so bad that I wanted to kill her but of course I didn’t, I wasn’t raised that way. Then she told me once the divorce was final they were going to move to Florida and take the kids. I was crushed by that. The only thing that saved me was my son. Don’t get me wrong, its not like we’ve ever been super close but he flat out refused to go with her and finally she gave up trying to convince him. I know it wasn’t because of me he didn’t go; well maybe I was one of the reasons. By then he was ten and he had all his friends here and his grandparents were still alive and living in town. Plus he never liked the guy his mother took up with and that figured into his decision as well.”

“But my daughter was younger and she loved the idea of moving to Florida where it was warm all year. When her mother told her she’d have a much bigger room down there and they could take her to Disney to see the princesses whenever she wanted it sealed the deal. So that was that and since then I’ve never been the same though it wasn’t the worst that happened. My daughter had never really been a daddy’s girl like some but I did love her and I did my best to keep in contact.”

“The next two years I flew down with my son to visit her and though she resisted she also visited me up here. After that she refused and her mother wouldn’t force her to go, so it was only when I’d go that I would see her. I would call her but I’m not much for talking on the phone and she never had anything much to say either. Her mother married him of course and they had a son together and he even tried to legally adopt my daughter, but naturally I put a stop to that. I tried, I really did to maintain a good relationship with her. I did the right thing and sent my check every month and even when it was clear she didn’t care I would still fly down and visit every year. Usually I would spend a week there and I’d see her maybe twice for dinner and that was it and even that was like pulling teeth.”

“Now my son would go and visit his sister and mother every year but he preferred to go on his own because he felt it was more normal that way and I can’t blame him for that. So the joke of it was by the time I’d made the company successful I really didn’t enjoy it and all it meant was I have a little bit of money to pass on. But the worst was yet to come. Like I said me and my daughter weren’t like a lot of others in always being close but I did try my best. One day around ten years ago my son called me up and said he had something to tell me.”

“He let me know my daughter was getting married in June to her boyfriend. I’d met him the last time I had visited a couple of years before and he was okay. Good looking kid, a bit of a snob but his parents had some money so what can you expect. Anyway my son informed me that of course I was invited to the wedding but they asked him to tell me for a reason. It seems my daughter had decided that her stepfather, she referred to him as her ‘real’ father, was going to walk her down the aisle and give her away as he had been the one who had always ‘been there’ for her. Needless to say I lost it over that and I didn’t attend and I haven’t seen her since. It probably doesn’t bother her, hell she probably prefers it this way. Makes life easier.”

“When my wife left it soured me, I don’t deny. Funny thing is after that a number of single women in town saw me as a real catch – here I was a newly divorced business owner living with a young son. I dated some and I banged every broad I could but my heart stayed cold. After a while most realized being with me would lead nowhere except maybe to bed so things dried up but I didn’t care. Sex was all I wanted, not a relationship. Then after my daughter’s rejection I totally turned against women. I mean where has loving one ever made me happy?”

“But I forgot something feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I’m meant to be alone and I’m okay with that, I really am. At this point in life it makes more sense anyway. But writing off half the population because I was hurt never made sense. There are plenty of women who are no good, same as with men. But there are those who never did anything wrong to me and they were guilty in my mind just for being women. Then there’s girls like you, girls I’ve used yet looked down on for nothing they did wrong but because of their sex. And you’ve had it so rough your whole life and I just made it worse. I’m sorry for that Dani, I only wish my daughter had been half as good a person as you are and I mean that from my heart.”

That was it. I’d finally unburdened myself of years worth of regret and bitterness and I felt fully drained. It had taken me hurting this special girl I knew I loved (not that I could ever admit that to her) to make me realize what an ass I’d been for so long. At that moment I felt so empty that nothing remained inside me and I sat there with my head bowed, too exhausted to even move.

At that moment I felt a light touch on my arm and when I looked up Dani was there and her eyes were wet with tears. The next thing I knew I was hugging her so tightly that I don’t know how I didn’t crush her. She was sobbing as she returned my hug and I heard her voice in my ear.

“What a broken pair we are, huh. My whole life I feel like I’ve been searching for something missing that I can‘t explain. Meanwhile you got hurt and you just gave up on living for so long. I’m sorry what happened Mr. M, it wasn’t right of her. Believe me she has no clue, if she’d been in my shoes she would know that.”

We stayed like that for how long I don’t know but finally we broke our embrace. Dani stayed the night in my bed but all we did was snuggle and somehow it was the most satisfying night I could remember.

After that our relationship changed, not that it happened overnight. The weird thing was after that night we continued to have sex but it was rare that I initiated it. It wasn’t that I didn’t still find her as sexy as hell but I now felt so protective of her that I hesitated. Luckily she had no such compunctions so through the end of summer we continued with our regular trysts. I tried to convince her to see boys her own age, even though the thought killed me, but she only laughed at my suggestion.

“I told you how these guys were messed up to me my whole life for the most part. Just because they want to screw me now doesn’t mean I forgive them. Besides they would be like my ex, once they got what they wanted they’d just dump and badmouth me. I doubt any of them are half the man you are in bed anyway.”

That last part made me feel good but I knew we were just ships passing and I wanted her to move on. We did also discuss her future some for I hoped she’d apply to some colleges though she demurred from doing so. Dani said her SAT scores though high weren’t enough for a full scholarship so what was the point. Her plans were to move away after she graduated high school to someplace new and get a fresh start in life where no one knew her.

I worried that if she did this then she would lock herself into a lifetime of one dead end job after another where she would never get ahead. Increasingly in this new economy those without a college degree or a marketable skill are at the bottom of the pyramid. If you’re an unproductive leech or an ’undocumented worker’ the government will shower you with the fruits of someone else’s labor but if you’re a person from the working class you get squeezed.

So unbeknownst to her I set up an account for her future education and I also reached out to some people I knew who were alumni of the state college and had stayed involved with their alma mater. They promised me when the time came they would put in a good word to grease the wheels to assist her. There was no point in telling her this until the time was right so I quietly continued with my plans.

It was September and I was working on an installation when I first felt the pain. It was so bad that for a few minutes I was unable to continue though it did fade as time went on and I was able to finish up the job. Over the next month it happened a few more times to where I decided I’d have to get it checked out. So the doctor ordered some tests which I figured were a waste of time, just a way to separate me from my money while also covering his ass.

When I went to see him about the results I immediately could tell from his face that the news was grim. He explained the situation to me while also informing me he had sent the test results to a specialist who had concurred with the diagnosis. Of course I was free to get another opinion he explained but he was confident in his assessment.

It was a week later that I met with Bob Packer in my office. He’d been my attorney for over twenty years, both personal and business and I also considered him a friend. Once things were set up I called Phyllis into the office and handed her a pen when she approached my desk. She looked at me with her eyebrow raised and a questioning expression.

“If you don’t mind would you sign these documents attesting that you are a witness and I am in my right mind.”

“Can I ask what I’m signing Mr. Mueller?”

“Of course you may. I realized that my will hasn’t been updated in over twenty years so I had Bob draw up a new one. But have no fear, I kept you in it.”

“Very funny Mr. Mueller” she said as she affixed her signature to where Bob indicated. “This doesn’t mean anything does it?”

“Don’t be silly, you can’t get out of your job that easy. Speaking of that don’t you have some bills to send out today.”

“Yes sir” she replied putting down the pen and heading back to her desk.

It wasn’t until the door closed that I spoke again.

“There you go Bob, all nice and legal now. And the joke’s on her because she is in the will. All I have left to do is talk with my son. I’m taking him and his wife to dinner tomorrow where I’ll fill them in.”

“Are you sure about how you’re going about this Pete? Mighty strange way of doing things in my opinion and how do you think your son will react?”

“You know I prefer to do things on my terms Bob and this is no different. I hope he’ll accept it but if he doesn’t then too damn bad. I’m trusting you to make sure all my wishes are carried out. He’ll still do very good in all this, getting the business and if he doesn’t want it he can sell it. Hopefully we can hash it out tomorrow because if he doesn‘t want to run it then I should look around for a potential buyer.”

“Don’t worry about it Pete, you have bigger fish to fry. You can count on me making sure everything is done like you want. If it happens before Ms. Jackson turns eighteen as seems likely then it will be held for her in trust until she reaches her majority. Have you told her about this?”

“No and I don’t plan on it. The kid doesn’t need to worry about me when she has her whole life in front of her. Just make sure you get full market value for my house as well as for that plot I own out by the state highway. You know that Cap Griffith has always wanted my place so squeeze him for every cent; he can damn well afford it. No discounts because this is for Dani’s future.”

“No problem Pete, you have my word.”

“Thanks Bob, for everything. Now before you leave what do you say to having a last drink with me? I’ve been saving this bottle of Scotch for a long time and I guess there’s no time like the present.”

I chuckled after I said that due to the situation as I removed the unopened bottle of Johnny Walker Blue and two highball glasses from my desk drawer. Putting them down I opened it and poured us both a generous amount.

“Is straight good or do you want some water?”

“Straight is fine” he replied as he took the glass from me.

“Here’s mud in your eye” I told him as I raised mine.


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