The Obsession Ch. 03

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Waiting. That was the worst part. After Monday—the night I sucked my brother’s cock and asked him to fuck me—I left while he went to take a shower. I had class the next morning and I still needed to take care of my homework. My head was reeling, spinning and my body was still shaking. The taste of his cum was in my mouth and I thought again and again about it filling my throat and mouth as he moaned. I wanted more. He took control of me, that much I knew for sure. When he pushed me against the wall—I was his. It felt strange to drive away and even stranger look over my school work and to try to think about going to class.

We did not discuss it, but in my head I assumed I would see him the following evening. When I arrived at school I was dismayed to find out it I was supposed to leave for my senior trip after school. We were going to the mountains and I was one of the organizers so I needed to go early. How could I have forgotten all about this? I listened to the announcements and frowned. The earliest I would be home was Saturday night and that was four whole days away.

I did my best to keep a good attitude and by the time the morning was over, I fell back into my role of spunky high school girl. My friends asked me where I was last night and why I missed drama. I didn’t know what to say so I lied. I told them I had to help my mom do something and I was so pissed I forgot to call. It was a bad lie, but it seemed to go over fine.

During lunch time my cell phone rang and I saw it was Brian. My heart skipped a beat, I snatched up the phone and darted out of earshot to answer it.


“Hey Michelle,” Brian said. I could tell he was smiling too. “So I managed to catch you during lunch?”

“Yes you did, good timing,” I replied.

“So…I was wondering if you could come by tonight. I…um…well I want to help you with what you asked me to do last night,” I knew his friends were around. It was so cute.

My knees shook. “Yeah…I really want to. But I forgot I have this school trip to go on,” he was quiet on the other end. “Like…I really want to…so much that I totally forgot about this trip.”

“When do you get back?” He asked.

“Saturday,” I answered and then an idea hit me. “Why don’t I ask mom if we could use the time share…I will already be in the mountains, I could just meet you there.”

“Yeah…that’s a good idea.” He said in an excited voice. “So…let me know what mom says ok?”

“Yeah I will.”

“Um…Michelle?” his voice grew quiet.

“What is it?” I felt a little tense.

“I love you,” he said.

I melted. “I…I love you too Brian. I’ll call you soon.” With that I hung up.

The rest of the day was a blur. I managed to ask my mom about the time share and she said of course. I called Brian back, but he was in class so I left a message. It was all set. Saturday night would be the night.

I went through the motions at school and paid little attention to any of the details. I tuned out so much that when Kevin Charles asked me out I just looked at him blankly. Two weeks ago I would died of happiness if Kevin even looked my way, but now I didn’t care. I shook my head after he asked me again and checked my phone to listen to Brian’s excited message.

That night I packed my things carefully. I decided I would need two bags, one for the trip and one for the weekend with my brother. I threw in random things to the first bag. I really just needed to have enough to wear. Then I sat in front of the other bag for a long time. What would I wear for him? What would he like?

I looked in my closet anxiously. I pulled out what lingerie I had—I mean I was only 18, how much could I own? I had fun black lacey thong and a matching bra. I found my silk night gown and a tight tank top and really short shorts. But it just didn’t seem like enough or the right thing. The thong was fun…but…I just didn’t know. So I sent Brian a text: I am packing now…any requests?

A few minutes later he sent me: just underwear.

I smiled. He was so sweet and simple.

I took out my best thongs and bras and put them in and giggled with excitement.

That night I left for the trip and I felt myself feeling nervous. We had a series of activities planned, and all I could do was hope for them to end so I could ataşehir escort go to bed and it would be one day closer to Saturday. Each thing seemed to drag on and on. My friends noticed I wasn’t as thrilled as they expected and I told them I was feeling sick. They were sympathetic, but only until the boy they liked took them for a walk or smiled at them. I spent those times looking at my phone and wondering if I should text Brian or call him.

On Friday night I took a shower and after looking in the mirror I realized that he had never seen me naked—at least not since I had gone through puberty. I looked over my body and wondered what he would think. I carefully shaved my pubic hair down so there was only a strip left. I didn’t like to be bald down there and I wanted him to see I was a woman and not a girl. My tummy was flat and my boobs were still perky. They were so tense and sensitive—especially when I thought about Brian. I knew I was pretty—prettier than most. But I still wondered if I was what he wanted. After all these years, I was just his sister.

That night I dreamt that I sucked his cock. He cried out my name and begged me not to stop. I woke up in a sweat—frustrated to be in a room full of bunk beds. But today was Saturday.

Breakfast was slow followed by slow discussions on who was going to what college and who hooked up with who. I didn’t care. I looked at my phone around noon and saw a text message from Brian: I am here and waiting for you. I flipped my phone shut and almost screamed. It was time to go.

I quickly grabbed my things and threw them in the car. My friends chatted the whole time but I didn’t listen. I packed the car up, gave them a hug and began the hour drive to the time share. It was a miracle I didn’t crash on the icy road, I drove so fast. I was careful to put on my black thong and bra before I left so he would think I was sexy. I spent ten frustrating minutes looking for a place to park and then ran to the apartment with my bag in my hand. I went up the stairs two at a time then opened the door.

Brian looked up at me from the couch. The TV was on and he had a bottle of win on the coffee table. “Hey sis,” he said with a smile.

My knees were shaking, my mouth was watering and I walked in and closed the door quietly. I put my bag down, looked at him then took a deep breath.

“How was your trip?” he asked amiably and leaned forward to stand up.

“Please…stay there,” I said in a shaking voice. I walked over to him and stood for a moment.

He looked at me and swallowed. No small talk. No intros. I had waited too long.

I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall on the floor. I looked down at my pale breasts locked in the black lace bra. “These…” I put my hands on them. “Are yours.” I said almost through my teeth. I slid my jeans off so I was just standing in my black thong and bra. I took a deep breath, my heart was pounding. “This…um…me…I am yours.” I said staring at him. I stood there shaking for a moment just looking at him.

He stood up suddenly, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. His beautiful cock was cleanly shaved and bouncing hard now that it was free from his pants. He pulled off his shirt and threw it to the side.

I reached forward and grabbed him by the cock; it was hot, hard and bulging in my hand. “Come here,” I said in a whisper.

He walked forward and I kissed him deeply with my tongue—holding his cock the whole time. Our lips locked as he sucked my tongue and ran his hands over my body. I gripped his cock as tightly as I could and pressed it against my body. My legs shook and I massaged his tongue as we kissed. I felt my body tremble and my crotch was already dripping wet. It had been wet since I started to drive over here.

I dropped to my knees and took his dick in my mouth. As lovingly as I could I sucked it and took it in all the way. I relaxed and moaned against it as the throbbing head rested against my throat.

“Oh shit…that feel so good,” he said. This urged me to suck it more…I took it out of my mouth and licked it—staring up at him with lust as I licked his balls, sucked his cock and took it all the way in again. I jerked him off with my mouth, moaning and grunting each time it hit my throat. I loved his cock, I wanted it, I dreamt about kadıköy escort bayan it, I needed it.

He pulled my head back. He led me to the bedroom. I swallowed when he turned around and looked at me. “You are so sexy.” He ran his hands over my body, “I have wanted…wanted to fuck you since the day I walked in on you in the shower.”

I unsnapped my bra so he could see my boobs. They jiggled out and were firm and perky—my nipples clenched with excitement. “You should have fucked me then.” I said in almost a growl.

He stared at my naked chest then walked forward, clutched my left breast in his hand and sucked it. The warmth of his mouth and the grind of his teeth drove shivers up and down my body. My pussy was dripping wet.

He sucked and nibbled my breast fiercely. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned. He shifted his attention to the other one and managed to get it all in his mouth. My heart was pounding when I saw that he sucked my boob like I sucked his dick—he needed it. I groaned and pressed his head against me.

He slid his hands over my sides and yanked my thong down. My boob slipped out of his mouth and he ran his fingers up to my pussy. He was breathing so fast and rubbing my soaking pussy. “You are so wet.” He said staring at my crotch.

“Mmm…” I moaned. I was ready for him. “I…I have been waiting for this…shit that feels so good.”

I sat back onto the bed and crawled to the middle. He slid on after me. I watched his cock twitching and I lunged for it. He was on his side and I took it in my mouth. He kept his fingers on my pussy, then pulled me up until we were laying 69 on our sides. He fingered me vigorously and I sucked his dick greedily. I yanked his cock out of my mouth and stared at it. It glistened with my spit and twitched. It was growing—bigger than I had ever seen it.

“Come here,” he said. “Get on my face.” He rolled to his back and I slid my legs over him. I looked back as I slid my body up his and guided my pussy to his mouth. My brother and I were going to 69.

I cried out as soon as his mouth sucked my clit. He gripped my hips and jammed his tongue into me. I ground my pussy against him and held his cock for balance. I felt a shiver up my body and suddenly an orgasm hit me. “Ah! Ah! Fuck! I am cumming,” I yelled. He moaned into my throbbing pussy and I went forward and took his dick in my mouth. I sucked it in a frenzy, grabbing his balls with one hand and taking his cock all the way in. His cock was like candy in my mouth and I sucked it fiercely grinding against his mouth at the same time.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled as his cock slid out of my mouth in a wet mess. My hips were bucking and I came again. I sat up straight and focused on his tongue in my pussy. I held his bulging cock in my hands and jerked it while he ate me. I stared at his throbbing cock. I bit my lip and groaned…I wanted it to fuck me. I wanted to stare into my brother’s eyes while he drove that cock into me. I slid off of his face and lay on my back.

“Fuck me,” I said. “Get your cock in me Brian…please…”

He rolled over and I opened my legs for him. He maneuvered over me and held his dick in his hands. I reached for him and he pressed it into me. I groaned as I felt it go in inch by inch. I pulled him close to me as he pushed as far as he could. I clutched his ass as he dew out and pushed in again. I squeezed with my body and clung to him as he pumped again and again. I stared into his eyes and he looked back intensely, with each thrust he would breathe loudly.

“Deeper,” I said in a groan. I shifted my hips and opened my legs as wide as I could.

He drove his dick into me as deep as he could. He grabbed my leg and lifted it up to his shoulder so my pussy was facing up and he was driving his dick down into it. My body burned and I grabbed both his ass cheeks as he fucked me: harder and deeper with each thrust.

“Ah!” I yelled as his cock slammed into something wonderful deep in me.

He pulled himself back then drove in again sending vibrations through and I came. My orgasm shook me as I clutched him and called out. I squeezed his wonderful cock as he positioned me higher—clutching my hips tightly.

“I…” he tried to say through a series of breaths. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

He escort maltepe drew his dick back and it slid out of me. I swallowed hard and stared at it—large, swollen and covered in my juice. I groaned and lurched forward, pushing him to his back. I straddled him and grabbed his dick by the base. It slid into my gushing pussy easily and I lowered myself all the way onto it. I grabbed onto his chest and pushed myself back and forth against it, loving the new friction. He grabbed my ass and forced me into a rhythm, staring up at me the whole time. I could feel his cock deep in me and I squeezed it as tight as I could.

I pumped on it as best and as hard as I could. It seemed huge as I slid up then back down forcefully. Each time I went down I moaned loudly. I wanted to feel his cum in me. I needed it. I stared at him as he held my ass and I rode him. “Cum for me…Brian…cum for your sister…please…”

He swallowed hard. I rode him for a few more seconds then he pushed me off of him. I rolled to my tummy and he got behind me. “You want my cum?” He said in almost a growl. “Do you want it? How bad do you want it?” He asked loudly.

I looked back at him. “I want it so bad. I’ve wanted it since I was a girl…give it to me!” I said to him between deep breaths.

He stared at my back and put his hands on my ass. Firmly he grabbed my hips and I moved up on my knees with my butt pointed toward him. “I want to fuck you doggie style.” He said grabbing my ass. I bent over for him and he guided his cock into me. I pushed back against him and groaned as I felt the length of his cock in me. I grabbed at the sheets and held on as he began to thrust me from behind. He pumped me again and again, gripping my hips and grunting.

“Harder,” I said to him, closing my eyes and focusing on the feeling of his beautiful cock jamming inside of me.

Our bodies slapped together as he drew his dick out then right back in. He pumped me harder and harder—so hard I felt myself jerking forward with each thrust. I pushed back against him. I bit my lip and moaned as his dick pushed that spot in me again. “Fuck!” I yelled. “I need it! Deeper! Please…deeper!”

He grunted and pushed my head down then did his best to fuck me, but I kept pushing back. Finally he pulled on my hips and I sat up on his dick—straight from behind to straddling him backwards. His cock drove into me deep and I slid my hand down to grab his balls. I found his balls were against my pussy—he was in all the way. I squeezed his balls and he moaned.

“Like that…bounce on it…Michelle…shit…like that,” he said as he lifted me slightly then guided me down on his dick.

I grabbed at his thigh with one hand and his balls with the other. “Cum for me…cum…I will cum with you…please…big brother…please!”

Our bodies slapped together and with each deep push I felt myself want to scream. He grabbed at my breast from behind and moaned loudly. “Oh…shit…here it comes Michelle…I am cumming…oh my…”

He forced me forward and I felon my face with my ass up as he pumped me so hard I felt his balls slap me. My body shook and I squeezed him as tightly as I could. Suddenly I felt the warm jerks of his cock shooting all his cum in me. I lay with my arms up just letting him pump me and I started to moan—almost scream. “Brian..ah…ah…ah…I’m cumming too…oh shit!” I grabbed the sheets and held on as a huge orgasm overtook me. Tears ran down my face as I groaned and twitched with his jerking penis.

Finally after a few more pushes I fell to my side and he fell next to me. My pussy oozed with his cum and I rolled to my back to breathe. We lay naked like that for a minute just catching our breath. I just fucked my brother. I thought about it and laughed.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I replied. “You are just the best fuck I have ever had.”

“Well…you are my sister,” he said quietly. “I would like to think I know how to take care of you.”

I smiled. “This all started with me wanting to take care of you,” I replied.

“We still have all weekend,” he said.

I rolled over and looked at him. “Brian…I meant what I said when I got here. My body is yours,” I looked down at his glistening half-hard dick. “I don’t think I could get enough of your cock. I love it.”

He smiled then drew close to me. “Do you love it enough for me to try to put it in your ass?”

I looked at him very seriously, “My body is yours. I have never done that before, but I am willing to try.”

He smiled at me. “Well, let’s get some rest. We have all weekend.”

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