The Night Nurse

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Big Tits

As you open your eyes, your whole body aches and you realize that you are in a dark room that is unfamiliar to you. You begin to panic and try to move but your limbs don’t seem to want to respond. As you become more alert you determine that you are in a hospital bed and that your arms and legs are in casts and traction. As you lay there trying to remember what happened, the last thing you can remember is going through the intersection of Main St and Peters Ave. Since it is semi-dark in the room and you can’t see much and wonder how long you have been here. As you are laying there pondering all of this you hear the door open, but instead of speaking up you decide to lay still and see what happens.

As the person who entered your room approaches you see a woman, approximately 5’6″, brown hair, wearing a white uniform that seems to be stretched due to her ample breasts and with hips that create curves you wish you could see more of. You can hear the clicking of her heels on the floor and wonder if she is wearing pantyhose or tights. You realize this must be the night nurse and decide to close your eyes to slits to see what all she is going to do.

As she approaches your bed you can hear her sweet voice speak your name, but something inside your head tells you to keep acting like you are unconscious. Once she is at the side of your bed you can smell her perfume and the scent causes your senses to flutter. While you are enjoying her scent, you don’t see her reach out and gently touch the side of your face and it takes all of your will power to not jump as you feel her soft touch. As you focus to hear what she is saying, you realize that she is talking to you and based on what and how she is saying it, that this is not the first time she has had this conversation with you.

As you settle in to listen and enjoy her presence, she tells you that you are getting better and that she is there to take care of you. She tells you how handsome you are and how she loves seeing your body, even if you are in casts. While she is talking to you, she is unbuttoning your hospital gown. Again, it takes all of your will power to remain still as you feel her sensual touch run across your chest and inch its way to your groin. Needless to say, no matter how strong your will power is, you can’t control the stirring in your loins and as her finger nails gently rake down your chest you begin to get a hard on.

The night nurse then unbuttons the modified pants you are wearing, exposing your groin and semi hard on. What happens next just about causes your eyes to pop out of your head. After unbuttoning your pants she continues to drag her nails down until she meets your cock and merely continues along her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri path. This action in and of itself causes your cock to stir, which causes her to coo. As she continues to stroke your monster cock she seductively talks about how big and massive it is and how much she loves playing with it. At this point you are rock hard and are doing everything you can to not call out and let her know you are awake. As she strokes you, she tells you that she can’t resist it anymore and with that she lowers her lips to your tool and begins to slowly and seductively lick all around the tip of your prick, swirling her tongue around your big purple knob.

She then proceeds to lick your shaft, starting at the base and working her way up. As she goes back down to the base she flicks her tongue at your balls and eventually pulls them into her mouth, one at a time. This act just about puts you over the edge and would normally cause you to squirm, but you can’t due to your limbs being in casts. Sensing that you are close, she proceeds back up your cock and engulfs your member between her full red colored lips and as she bobs up and down, works more and more of your member down her throat. It doesn’t take too many bobs before you are splashing your load against the back of her throat, and like a woman who loves cock she swallows every last drop. As you begin to soften you can’t help the slight moan that escapes your lips.

As she pulls off of your now limp member she tells you that it’s now time for your sponge bath. And she proceeds to wash your chest and stomach. As she washes your groin she pays close attention to your cock and balls. When she finishes she buttons you back up and tells you that she will see you tomorrow night. As she leaves your room you can hear her heels click across the floor and you risk a peek and see a very nice ass in a white nurses outfit sashay out of your room. As the door clicks shut you let out a deep sigh and drift off to sleep with a huge smile on your face.

The next night you again wake up and it isn’t long before you hear the clicking of heels on the floor. You relax and prepare for another encounter and just like last night the night nurse undresses you, teases you to hardness and sucks you off. Once done she gives you a sponge bath, buttons you back up and leaves. This pattern continues for the next couple of nights. After almost a week of nightly blow jobs you think that things couldn’t possibly get any better. Little do you know what the night nurse has planned for you tonight.

Tonight starts out the same as usual with the night nurse entering your room, talking to you as she undresses you, and stroking, kissing and sucking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on your cock. However, after only five minutes of sucking on your cock she stops and all you can hear is the sound of a zipper and the rustling of clothes. Your curiosity is peaked and you decide to slightly open your eyes to see if you can figure out what is going on. When you look, you see the night nurse climbing on top of your bed wearing a lacy white demi-cup bra that is just barely restraining her ample tits. In fact all of her moving around has caused her nipples to slip out of the bra and you can see that they are hard and poking out.

As your eyes drift downward you see that she is wearing a white lace garter belt, no panties, suntan nylons and white high heels. This is too much for you and as she leans forward so she can reach back and position you at her very wet opening, you open your mouth and take her nipple into it. This causes her to jump and turn around pulling her nipple out of your mouth. You just lay there staring at her and taking in all of her beauty. Finally, she speaks and tells you that she is glad to see that you are not only no longer unconscious but also no longer playing like you are. You stare at her dumbfounded and wonder when she realized that you had been playing like you were out of it. She must be reading your mind because she tells you that she knew you were pretending to be asleep a couple days ago, but wanted to see what she would have to do in order to get your attention.

As you lay there with your mouth open she is squatting over your rigid member scantily clad smiling at you with the most beautiful smile you have ever seen. She then leans into you feeding her nipple back into your mouth. You don’t have to be told twice and you begin to suckle her breast, as you do she drops one of her hands to your cock and begins to rub your monster up and down her slit as she moans and becomes even more wet. When she realizes that you are on the verge of blowing your load prematurely, she takes your rock hard prick and feeds it into her very hot, very wet pussy.

She then proceeds to lift herself up and then slide back down your cock, slowly at first and then finally picking up speed until you can’t hold it back anymore. As you explode inside her, she slams her pussy down hard against your groin and grinds her clit against you until she begins to quiver and shake. As she cums, you can feel your fluids mixing together and some begins to seep out coating your balls and oozing down your ass crack. As you both come down from your feelings of euphoria she looks down at you and slowly draws closer until she is deeply and passionately kissing güvenilir bahis şirketleri you.

As you finish up the kiss you feel your limp member slide out of her sopping wet pussy and she asks you if you are ready to get cleaned up. You don’t want her to move but realize she probably has other duties so you reluctantly agree, however, instead of getting off of you she lowers your head so that the bed is now flat and turns herself around so that her mouth is over your crotch and her shaved crotch is hovering above yours. You only have time for a quick grin before she lowers her puffy pussy lips to yours and then begins to lick and clean your member. What you don’t know is that she loves cum and so she decides to slide forward in order to lick and suck your balls clean, as she slides back you take the opportunity to latch onto her clit and begin to suck it with all you’ve got. You definitely have found the spot because she goes rigid and then starts to grind her cunt into your face. To keep from calling out she takes your semi rigid penis into her mouth and begins to go to town.

Minutes later she explodes in an earth shattering orgasm and your mouth is suddenly filled with your combined juices from before and her newest orgasm. Your member is fully erect and still in her mouth and as she begins to go down on you, she reaches down with her hands. One fondles your balls while the other one works it way to your backside. Due to the flood of love juices that have flowed down there, your sphincter is soaked and it doesn’t take much for her to be able to slip her finger in and begin to probe you while she brings you to climax.

As you both lay there catching your breathes, you can’t believe your luck and don’t want this to ever end. Eventually she gets up off of you and puts back on her dress and begins to give you your sponge bath, during which she explains to you that two weeks ago you came into the emergency room. It seems a drunk driver blew through a red light and T-boned you. Even though you were wearing your seat belt, the speed at which he hit you caused you to be tossed around which resulted in your limbs being broken. Once you stabilized they moved you to this ward. The first night she saw you, she knew that she had to get to know you better. At first she would spend her spare time staring at you and eventually she worked her way up to giving you hand jobs. During the past week she suspected that you were no longer unconscious, but didn’t want to spoil things if you didn’t want to.

Over the next six weeks as you recover, the night nurse, Gina, comes and nightly pays a visit to you, with her work load dictating how long she was able to stay. Eventually, your casts are removed and you are sent home to recover. Fortunately for you Gina decides she can’t get enough of your monster cock and is really looking forward to kicking your sex life up several notches and decides to move in with you and shift her schedule so she can continue to make love to you on a nightly basis.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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