The Neighbourhood – Chapter 1

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Neighbour Relations 101
I had recently moved into a quiet suburban neighbourhood on the west end of Ottawa from a rather rural and rustic military based community in Ontario. I had never lived in or near a city in my life so I was wondering how life would be in the “big city” as opposed to a small village of 15,000 (most of whom were either in the military or part of a military family).
As my family and I settled in, I reported to my new unit and began the oh-so-familiar routine of learning new procedures and getting to know my personnel. I woke up, went to work, came home, had dinner, watched some TV with family and then went to bed…the same boring routine.
As the warmer weather approached I started noticing the incredible array of women in my neighbourhood and was starting to like suburbia a little more and more each day. There is a wide variety of families in my little group of houses. Everything from new family units with hot little “yummy mommies” to some sexy older and more experienced women who certainly looked like they could teach me a few things.
I had four specific “entertainment” groups in my immediate vicinity to help me pass the time and watch in all my voyeuristic delight. I’ve always been very turned on by watching people around me and especially my neighbours who don’t always protect their secrecy with heavy blinds and curtains covering their windows and private lives.
Very quickly I noticed a recurring and relatively regular pattern of visual stimulation that I could enjoy on an almost daily basis and most definitely on the weekends.
Living on the end of a four unit townhouse, I only really have one “connected” neighbour to contend with. It took a while to wrap my head around the fact that my neighbour would have certain rights to pass through my back yard into order to gain access to their back yard. I did not relish the thought of having to constantly say “yes, please interrupt the sanctity of my home space”. However, when I finally met my neighbour face-to-face, I found myself waiting with anticipation for any interaction with her (a single lady in her 40s). Especially considering the fact that she was slim, relatively fit, drank quite a bit, and seemed to rarely wear a bra when she was home and out working on her yard or washing her car, etc.
When my wife and I first met our neighbour, I will call her J, she was in the little swatch of grass that constituted her “front yard” working on some flowers. She was wearing a pair of exquisitely tight black yoga pants that were clearly made for someone a few sizes smaller and a somewhat loose white tank top. J was on her knees working in the little garden with her back to us. As she bent over to dig in the dirt the bottom of her tank top lifted away from her pants and I cheered internally when I saw a wonderful little “tramp stamp” just above the wonderful swell of her ass which seemed to point downwards to the delicious treats found below. J had taken the time to roll the top of her yoga pants a few time so as to pull the fabric up tighter and provide me (and my wife) with clear indication that she was wearing a tiny little neon pink thong (the top of which was ever so slightly evident over the top of the tight yoga pants).
I immediately noticed the look of distain on my wife’s face and proceeded with extreme caution when sneaking looks at this wondrous sight before me. J was clearly immersed in her work because she didn’t even hear us until we started talking about what we would be doing with our little patch of front yard. J rose up from her chores and turned around to introduce herself while simultaneously pulling her tank top down so it displayed her beautiful breasts even more clearly and pulled her yoga pants up a little higher (barely possible considering the top had been rolled over a few times) and causing the front seam to slide deliciously into the cleft of her pussy lips and result in one of the most delectable cameltoes I’ve ever witnessed. Thankfully the length of the tank top fell well short of this amazing sight. The yoga pants were stretched so tight that the fabric had become almost translucent and I could clearly see the fabric of her pink thong struggling to contain her meaty labia through the spandex. J then proceeded to remove her gardening gloves and wipe her “dirty” hands on the front of her shirt; basically rubbing her own braless breasts and making her nipples stand out even more prominently than before. She then added to my enjoyment by bending over to wipe some dirt off of her knees and causing her shirt to droop downwards and give me and almost unobstructed view of her amazing assets before standing up and reaching out a hand to say hello to my wife and I.
My wife, took J’s hand in hers, somewhat reluctantly I might add, as introductions were made. When I took J’s hand in mine I felt her loosen her grip somewhat and almost imperceptibly stroke her hand over mine, as though it was a cock she was stroking, before we released our hands. There was a distinctly seductive look in her eyes and after she said “pleased to meet you” she licked her lips as though she was scooping some excess cum from a facial.
We talked with J briefly, but it was very evident that she had been drinking wine, and not a small amount by the way she sometimes slurred her words and stumbled a few times in her yard. J wanted our impression of her little flower garden so she turned around and bent over at the waist to point out each of the flowers and describe them to us. It was a miracle that I didn’t gasp or moan out loud when the spandex of her pants became even more tight and transparent which provided me with an incredibly thorough view of the thong trailing down through her ass cheeks and the spread of her pussy lips with the fabric of her thong and the seam of her yoga pants causing a distinct wedge between them. I wanted nothing more than to shove my wife out of the way, rip those pants down and start licking my way down her thong, over her wonderful asshole and through the cleft of her pouting pussy lips.

However, that was not to be as my wife made up a lame excuse for us to return to our house and remove ourselves from the presence of this “tramp”. J remained bent over and made clear eye contact with me as she said goodbye and “it was a pleasure to meet you”. Emphasis seemed to be placed on the word pleasure when she noticed the distinct bulge in my pants.
Over the course of the summer I saw J on numerous occasions since the beautiful weather brings everyone outdoors and into the sunshine and fresh air. She continually amazed me with numerous outfits designed to elicit outrageously erotic thoughts. As the summer wore on, she exchanged her tight yoga pants for spandex short-shorts which were equally tight and revealing, cut-off jean shorts with the most intriguing rips in them, summer dresses that revealed her bountiful pleasures when the sunshine hit them at just the right angle, and a multitude of bikinis for soaking up the sun in her back yard.
On one particularly sweltering evening (well, it was around 2230 hrs actually), while my spouse was away visiting family for the night, I was feeling a little restless and ventured out onto the deck in my back yard. With the deck raised about two feet off the ground I had an excellent vantage from which to look into J’s living room and kitchen area. Being such a wonderful neighbour, J rarely closed her curtains and never had blinds on her back door, thus providing me with an all but unobstructed view.
I noticed that her bedroom and en-suite bathroom windows were open to let the cooling air into her house and that her blinds were slanted in a way that allowed me to see into her windows. Her TV was on but I couldn’t hear the sound and there was ambient light from the TV illuminating her bedroom and a bit of the bathroom area.
From my vantage point I could only see a triangle section of the top left of the TV but from what I could see, it was clear that J was watching an adult movie in which the man and woman were engaged in a session of providing each other exquisitely erotic oral gratification. As my ears adjusted to the evening sounds I started to make out the guttural moans and groans that would come from such a movie and also heard a distinct buzzing sound accompanying the moans of pleasure. From the amount of the screen that I could see, it became clear to me that the moans and groans were not in sync with the scene on the TV and it was evident that neither the man, nor the woman, were using a vibrating device on each other.
The only plausible deduction was that J had the sound muted, or low enough that only she could hear it, and that it was she who was moaning and groaning while she pleasured herself with an electronic devise devised to deliver delicious pleasure to the user.
I quickly devised a “plan” to make J aware that I was outside and therefore likely to be cognizant of what was going on in the privacy of her bedroom and vagina. I quickly went into my house and donned one of my favourite outfits. Being a huge fan of anything spandex related, I had amassed a few pairs of spandex exercise pants over the years and made sure I retained an exercise regimen to keep my body in physical shape worthy of wearing tight spandex outfits. I have a very athletic build consisting of lean, well-defined muscle without being overly bulky and prone to exchanging muscle for fatty tissue.
I quickly stripped out of my clothes and pulled the tight black spandex pants over my legs and secured the waist and proceeded to fold the top band over itself while pulling the pants tighter over my lean muscles. The result was an almost sheer black spandex encasement of my lower body which tightly hugged every nuance of my muscles and especially my manhood. Every detail of my hardening cock and my hairless balls was clearly evident through the skin-tight fabric and left absolutely nothing to the imagination, including the clear fact that I was circumcised and my large testicles were seemingly full of cum waiting for somewhere to spew it. I slid on a very tight under armour t-shirt that equally hugged my torso and arms providing anyone who saw me with an unobstructed view of my well defined abs, chest, shoulders and arms.
I ran down the stairs and put on a pair of runners and then made my way back out onto the deck to launch my plan to let J know I was outside. I quickly glanced up to make sure she was still immersed in the movie and her self-gratification and noticed that her moans were coming faster (pun intended) and the vibrating sounds were still evident.
I made a point of allowing the patio door to shut with more force than normal and then rummaged through the storage box on the deck (allowing the top to bang against the fence separating our yards). I rummaged through the contents and pulled out the yoga mat my spouse stores in there and was “talking” to myself as I went along.
I glanced quickly up at her window as discreetly as possible, in case she was looking out to see what the commotion was, and saw that the movie was paused and no longer playing. I listened intently and heard the moaning and groaning stop followed by the cessation of the vibrator. I knew instantly that my plan was actually working and J had heard me outside.
I started some music on my cell phone just loud enough for J to hear it bursa escort but not so loud as to annoy our other neighbours. I made production of laying out the yoga mat on the deck and placing it so that it would provide J the best vantage point to see me, should she look out her window.
I laid down on my back and stretched myself out and did some breathing exercises that are designed to relax the body prior to doing a stretching routine and pretended that my eyes were closed while doing this. Through the slits of my eyes I saw the TV shut off and noticed that there was a faint light from somewhere else within her bedroom that back-lit the room ever so slightly.
As I conducted my deep-breathing routine I saw the silhouette of J’s head through the slats of her blind and could tell by the angle of her head that she was looking down into my yard and saw me stretched out on the deck. I had placed my back yard light on and knew that it provided more than enough light to allow J to see every nuance of my body as I lay on the yoga mat.
I began to do some stretching as my mind raced with thoughts of J watching me in my skin-tight outfit and memories of her moans and groans while she pleasured herself with her hands and toy. In very little time my cock, which had been angled downwards in my tight workout pants, started to grow as blood engorged it. I don’t see myself as incredibly large, especially as compared to some of those adult movie stars, but I have a very healthy 7 inches of length and am kinda proud of my girth in particular considering the circumference of my shaft is almost 7 inches as well.
In no time, my cock was almost fully erect and pushing against the tight fabric of my spandex pants as it trailed down my thigh. I knew for a fact that J would now see every inch of my cock as it strained against the tight black fabric.
Keeping my eyes “shut”, I reached down and slit my right hand into my pants and adjusted my cock so that it was more comfortable and placed at an angle across my hip. I finished with my stretching routine and decided to be adventurous. I lay on the mat and stated to stroke my balls and the shaft of my hard cock while J remained in her bedroom window watching everything I was doing. I decided to throw caution to the wind and did a few sets of hip thrusts as well.
I turned my music down to an almost imperceptible level and that allowed me to hear exactly what was going on up in J’s bedroom. I immediately noticed that the vibrating noise had returned and I could clearly hear the moans and groans coming from her as she pleasured herself and watched the show I was giving her. I wasn’t able to make out the details of her face but I could tell she was enjoying herself immensely and quickly came to the realization that she must have had her eyes closed for a minute or so when I heard a faint gasp of “oh God!” and she disappeared from the window followed by the shutting off of the vibrator.
I cursed myself internally, thinking the adventure was over and quickly started to clean up my things from the deck and put them away in the storage container. While doing this, I saw J’s kitchen light come on and decided to remain out on the deck (after turning off my outside light) and see what she was wearing.
It wasn’t long before she came into view and it was then my turn to gasp out loud when I saw that she had put on a sheer, black t-shirt like top that hugged her body and barely went below her ass cheeks. It could also have been a dress of sorts but I couldn’t fathom her, or anyone for that matter, wearing it out in public since it left almost nothing to the imagination.
From my vantage point, I could see almost every detail of her back through the fabric and immediately noticed that she had a tiny white thong on underneath this exquisite outfit. She turned towards me to get something from the small dining table in the kitchen and I saw every gorgeous detail of her magnificent breasts and could tell she was still very excited by the way her nipples were straining at the fabric, aching to be free.
I don’t know for sure if J could see me gazing at her amazing body but she proceeded to draw one hand upwards from her hip and along her stomach and ever so sensually over her breasts. She took her time and slowly cupped each breast before inching her fingers towards her nipples and gave them each a long lingering squeeze in order to coax them into an even more aroused state. I was mesmerized at how long her nipples were and how perfect her areolas were in contrast to the size of her breasts. J’s eyes were closed as she pinched and rolled her nipples between her fingers and I could tell that she clearly enjoyed the sensations she was giving herself.
I was disappointed when she turned away from me and moved towards the stove to do something. She set the oven on and took something from the counter to heat. J stepped back from the oven door, spread her feet about shoulder width apart and then bent at the waist while she opened the oven to place the food inside.
As she bent over, the hem of her shirt rose up and revealed to me the most sensual sight I had seen in a long time. Her beautiful ass cheeks were spread apart and I could see the material of her white thong as it trailed downwards over her anus and could see that the thong was so tiny that it couldn’t completely cover her gorgeous brown bud. The bending motion caused the thin material of the thong to stretch ever so exquisitely against her pussy lips and the material was clearly soaked through from her juices and I could make out almost every detail of her swollen lips as the strained against the wet fabric.
While J was bent over, she drew one of her hand up along the inside of her leg, slowly gliding it up along her calf and making small sensual circles with her fingers on the inside of her thigh. I knew then that J must be aware that I was watching her and she was reciprocating by putting on a show for me.
I remained glued to the spot on my deck as I watched J trace her fingers up higher on the inside of her thigh and ever so gently graze her fingers over the soaking wet material of her thong. She remained in this position for several minutes while she rubbed at her soaking pussy lips through the dripping thong and teased the fabric of the material into her pouting lips with one finger and then eventually two and three fingers. Very soon, J had pushed the material of her thong well into the crevice between her swollen lips and was slowly fingering herself as her juices dripped between her thighs.
J’s hand disappeared from view and I figured my show was done for the evening and was going to go inside and masturbate at the memory of this erotic display. Thankfully I was wrong again. J slid her hand inside the top band of her thong and allowed her fingers to glide along her slit and into her soaking wet pussy. She alternated between sliding her fingers in and out of herself and letting her fingers tease and rub her swollen clitoris. I could tell that she was incredibly turned on as I heard some muffled moans coming from the open kitchen windows and barely heard the distinct wet sounds of her fingers pounding into her dripping cunt. After a minute (which seemed like an eternity to me), J’s legs started to quiver and her ass cheeks started shaking a little and she arched her back while throwing her head backwards and I could tell that she was having an amazing orgasm.

I was so content on how sensually her back was arched and the sweet sounds coming from her mouth and moist pussy that I almost failed to notice that she had slipped her other hand around her back and was actually fingering her ass hole and pussy with one hand while she stroked her clit with her other.
As the pleasure coursing through J’s body subsided, she slowly raised herself to the standing position and withdrew her hand from her panties. She purposefully turned ever so slightly so that I could see her profile as she raised her fingers, slid them into her mouth and proceeded to suck her juices off of her fingers. J was incredibly thorough as she slid each finger into her mouth individually and sucked on each as though they were a cock sliding between her lips. She smiled ever so erotically when she finished and I swear I saw her eyes flash my way quickly before she grabbed a glass of water, took a drink and adjusted her outfit before she walked further into her house.
Again, I thanked my lucky stars for what I witnessed and assumed that my night’s voyeurism pleasure was completed. However, I was wrong yet again to my wondrous surprise.
I heard a woosh of air flow through J’s house as can only happen when the interior pressure is changed when another window or door is opened and I knew instantly that she had gone out her front door and onto the small porch to probably have a cigarette (about the only flaw in this amazing woman’s life).
I was as harder than I had ever been in my life and my mind was racing with the countless fantasies that could arise from a situation such as this. I looked down and saw an incredibly large stain on the front of my spandex pants from the pre-cum leaking out of my cock and knew I had to change these pants quickly.
I ran upstairs, again, and switched out these spandex exercise pants and cleaned up my cock and stomach from any evidence of my pre-cum drippings. I threw all caution to the wind and decided to put on an old pair of white spandex running leggings that I’ve had for many years. I purchased them quite a while ago and was about three sizes smaller at the time as well.
As I drew the fabric up my legs I was barely able to get them over my thighs and buttocks without ripping them. The fabric, thankfully, was a little thicker than my other spandex pants and not quite as transparent. However, they were even tighter, if that was possible, than my other pants and were literally like a second skin on my body. I felt the seam at the back of the pants wedge itself all the way in between my ass cheeks as the fabric molded itself to every crevice of my body. When I looked in the mirror to see how I looked I was transfixed at how well defined my leg muscles looked in these pants and at how the fabric showed every minute detail of my genitals.
I knew I was being very risky with what I had in mind but I was so fucking horny that I wasn’t thinking with my mind but with my cock. I adjusted my manhood so that it was pointing off to the side rather than straight up my stomach or down my leg and went downstairs.
My car was in the driveway so I used the key fob to unlock it, knowing that J would see the lights flash and clearly hear the unlocking doors from her porch seat. She had a small outdoor chair on her porch along with a small table and she would sit out there some nights and smoke or have a drink (many drinks to be exact). I could picture her sitting out there in that tight, see-through outfit and pictured seeing glimpses of her tight white thong stretched over her pouting pussy lips.
I was getting very hard again thinking about seeing this sexy creature up close and my cock was straining against the tight fabric of my leggings. I looked down and noticed that I could make out every detail of the head of my cock through the fabric and I could also see the larger veins that were fully engorged with blood.
I went outside and around the back of my car (I always back my car bursa escort bayan into the driveway) to the driver’s side knowing that at that angle J would see me but I would have my back to her. I opened the back door and pretended to rummage around the back seat looking for something. I bent over, keeping my legs straight, knowing that this would cause the fabric to stretch even more and become even more transparent.
I was pretty sure I heard J gasp slightly and a quick intake of breath when I bent over less than five feet from where she was sitting. The thought of her looking at my testicles tight ass displayed in near see through spandex pants was incredibly erotic to me and my cock was throbbing in pleasure. I spent a minute or so bent over in the back seat and then finally stood up, closed the back door of the car and reached around to the front of my crotch and gave myself a few strokes, knowing that there was no way J wasn’t aware of what I was doing.
I opened the front door and began to look around the front of the car as well as I bent at the waist and gave J another full view of my backside. I heard some movement from J’s porch and wondered if she was getting up to go into the house. I pretended to be looking under the seat for something and this allowed me to glance between my legs and have a clear view of J on her porch.
To my delight and amazement, she had only shuffled her position on her chair so that she could lean back a bit, spread her legs, and allow herself to stroke her pussy through the thong with one hand while she was massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples with her other hand. Since J’s front porch light wasn’t on, the ambient light from the streetlights and other houses was the only thing providing me with the ability to see what she was doing.
I didn’t dare stare too long and give myself away so I rummaged around a bit and sort of cursed to myself “where the fuck is that damn thing”. I feigned frustration and eventually stood up and gave my cock another few strokes for good measure and to make sure it was situated just right to maximize how it looked in my tight white pants. I heard some quick movements behind me and a light cough followed by a distinctly loud placing of J’s glass on the table.
I quickly turned around and pretended to be alarmed by the sudden noise and said “holy fuck, you scared the hell out of me; I wasn’t aware that you were outside.”
J smiled and said “I decided to make some noise before you turned around and noticed I was on the porch”. She then lifted her glass again and took a long drink from it before putting it back on the table. As my eyes adjusted to the lack of light I saw that it wasn’t a glass of water but a glass of white wine (and a rather large drinking glass at that). I suspected, with confidence, that J was well on her way to being drunk since little remained in the once full glass.
She asked me to come closer so we could talk with lower voices and not disturb the neighbourhood so I walked the few feet to the edge of her porch step and stood approximately a foot in front of her. She had already crossed her legs and put one arm across her breasts in an attempt at modesty but I could clearly see that the hem of her outfit was so high that it allowed me to clearly see her panties and the fabric was sheer enough that it showed off her belly button piercing very clearly.
It was also at that time that I noticed J had a few other small tattoos on her body that were evident to the eye in this outfit. As we chatted about how nice the evening was I allowed my eyes to roam over her body and see that she had a small set of red lips tattooed on her left hip, a little butterfly on the upper part of her right breast and an intricate design around her belly button.
When I would return my gaze to her eyes I could see that she was also checking out my body in what was an all revealing outfit of skin-tight white leggings and an almost equally tight t-shirt. I could see clear evidence of appreciation in her eyes as she glanced at my muscles and I noticed that her eyes widened perceptively when she noticed the outline of my cock straining against my pants. This only fueled my thoughts and my cock swelled to even greater length and thickness under her gaze and it even jumped a little. This caused a small moan to escape her lips and her body to squirm ever so sensually in her seat.
The arm covering J’s breasts remained in place but I noticed that the hand that was covering one of her tits was moving ever so slightly while we talked and I could tell that she was gently caressing herself and sliding the palm of her hand in small circles over her sensitive nipple.
I was going crazy standing there watching this goddess slowly tease herself in front of me and was fighting the temptation to reach down and start stroking my cock in front of her. With her glass almost empty, J asked me if I could fill it up with what remained from the bottle she had. The bottle (which was almost ¾ empty) was sitting off in a corner of the porch and I hadn’t seen it until she pointed it out to me. Just before I moved to retrieve the bottle, J slowly uncrossed her legs in front of me in such a manner that I had a clear and unobstructed view of the white thong that was plastered tightly against her pussy lips. I noticed immediately that not only was the fabric of her panties wet but the seat underneath was clearly glistening with the juices that were dripping from her.
I retrieved the bottle and move right next to her in order to fill her glass with the remains of the wine. In producing the glass for me she “accidentally” moved her hand a little too far and the back of her hand grazed the shaft of my cock. The resulting shock of electricity sent a jolt through my body directly to my cock and it jumped forward as if to reach out for her hand. She kept her hand against my cock as I slowly poured the wine into her glass. When I had finished, she ever so slowly traced the back of her hand along my shaft and let it press ever so gently against the head of my cock before withdrawing my hand and saying “thank you, very much for that”.
After putting the bottle out of the way I returned to the edge of the porch where I was standing before and decided to sit down on the porch step and lean against the railing. I was now eye level to her legs and although she had re-crossed her legs I could again see the fabric of her thong beneath the hem of her top.
J quickly drained the remaining wine and was clearly inebriated from all she had drank during the evening. She was swaying gently in her chair as we talked and her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier as the effects of the liquor hit her. Her inhibitions as well were affected by the wine as she had all but removed her arm from covering her breasts and I could see her nipples straining valiantly against the sheer fabric of her outfit.
J reached out to get another cigarette and attempted to get the lighter as well but only managed to drop it onto the porch. Ever the gentleman, I retrieved the lighter and stood up to light her cigarette for her. J uncrossed her legs, again giving me an excellent view of her delicious thong covered pussy, and spread them wide enough for me to approach and stand before her to light her smoke.
As I sparked the lighter, J leaned forward a little too quickly and almost lost her balance. In order to steady herself, she reached out with her right hand and placed it on the front of my left hip to steady herself. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, for me, that was the side of my hip that my cock was angled towards and J placed the palm of her hand directly on the shaft of my cock.
She looked up at me as she allowed me to guide the flame of the lighter to the cigarette in her mouth and I felt her right hand tighten over my shaft and slide ever so slowly up to the head of my cock and squeeze it gently.
As I moved back to sit down she reluctantly let go of my cock and sat back in her chair to take a draw from the smoke. She closed her eyes and slowly blew smoke out of her lips and as I sat down I noticed that she did not close and re-cross her legs but moved her ass cheeks out towards the front of the chair providing me an even clearer view between her legs.
In this position I could see that the fabric of her thong was pressed even tighter against her and that her panties were almost transparent now and the fabric was molded against her lips. Being so wet and with the panties so tight, I could make out the swell of her clit and the outline of her lips as the strained to be free from the restrictions of her thong.
As J’s eyes slowly opened she noticed me staring with hunger at her covered pussy and was emboldened by this. Her free hand slid up her body and started to massage her breasts and openly began to stroke and play with her nipples. Her lips were parted as her breathing began to get heavier due to the excitement she felt. J placed the cigarette in the ash tray and used this hand to caress her other breast and tweak her nipples in concert with her other hand.
Without realizing it, my own hand had moved to my crotch and I was stroking my hard cock through my spandex pants and the resulting spread of pre-cum was making the fabric as sheer as J’s panties were. The head of my cock was almost as evident as if it were out in the open and the shaft was quickly starting to appear as my own juice spread across my pants.
J’ lifted both of her feet up and placed them on either side of the chair causing her legs to spread open even further and provide me with an open and clear view of her dripping cunt encased in her wet panties. The lips of her pussy strained against the soaking fabric and one of her hands reached between her legs and began to stroke her pussy through the dripping thong. J moistened her fingers with her pussy juice and brought them up to her lips in order to taste herself. She slowly licked her fingers and sucked on each of them individually and then together. She clearly enjoyed the taste of her own pussy as her eyes rolled into the back of her head while she sucked on her fingers.
Not able to control myself any longer, I pulled the legs of the chair towards me and positioned J’s panty covered pussy right in front of my face. I pressed my nose into the wet fabric and inhaled deeply of her wonderful scent while she attempted to push her lips further onto my face. This movement caused her to slip more deeply down the chair so that it was mostly her back that was on the bottom of the chair and her ass cheeks and pussy were raised in the air in front of me.
I used my hands to prop up J’s ass and she placed her feet on my shoulders in order to steady herself and allow my unobstructed access to her most private parts. I slit my nose upwards through her covered pussy lips and felt the tip of my nose graze her protruding clit. The sensation of my nose and the fabric of her soaking thong must have been exquisite for J started gyrating herself against my face in order to receive more sensations.
I pulled my face slightly away from her sodden pussy and heard her moan in frustration and attempt to push herself against me again. I gripped her tight ass cheeks even harder and kept her where I wanted her while simultaneously spreading her cheeks even further apart. I started to lick and gently nibble my way around the outside of escort bursa J’s thong covered cunt hole and I could feel her squirm against my teasing attention. I held her firm in that position and continued to tease the sensitive flesh directly surrounding her pussy and anus with my tongue, lips and teeth.
J’s breathing was steadily increasing and I could see her hand greedily massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples in an attempt for release. At one point J slid her hand down between her legs in order to stroke herself and I gently bit her fingers as a warning to stay away and allow me to continue my enjoyment of her.
She bit her lower lip as her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned deeply in pleasure and frustration and begrudgingly allowed me to continue with my exploration of her body.
After several minutes of teasing, licking, kissing and gently biting the delicious skin adjacent to J’s dripping pussy and pulsing anus, I allowed my tongue to worm its way between the fabric of her thong and the sensitive area between her pussy hole and anus. As I gently licked the in-between and let my tongue get ever so close to her dripping pussy and puckering anus I sucked the fabric of her thong into my mouth and used my teeth to tear it apart. The ministrations of my jaw moving side to side as my teeth worked on the soaking fabric caused J to squirm even harder against my mouth as I struggled to restrain her quivering bottom.
Finally I was able to chew through the thin fabric of the thong and reveal her vagina and anus to me without the restrictions of her panties. I gazed in wonder at the meaty pussy lips and tight little brown hole before me and struggled with which area to tease first.
I decided to do both simultaneously and placed my mouth directly on J’s quivering pussy and moved my hands ever so slightly so that my thumb (which was covered in her juices) could encircle and tease the sensitive area of J’s anus.
I licked and sucked on J’s pouting pussy lips for several minutes while teasing her by allowing my tongue to slowly enter her pussy hole and quickly dart out before she could get the release she so desperately wanted.
As I slid my mouth upwards through her wet slit and over her pulsing clit I gently pressed my thumb ever so slightly into the tight grip of her ass hole. J’s hungry anus came to life and tried to swallow my entire thumb into its forbidden depths but I maintained my grip on her butt cheeks and allowed only the slightest bit of my thumb to penetrate her sensitive brown hole while my tongue slid hungrily over J’s throbbing clit.
I looked up to see J’s eyes shut tightly together and her bottom lip clenched tightly between her teeth while her hands and fingers diligently stroked her breasts and nipples. I gripped J’s clit between my lips and sucked increasingly harder on this sensitive nub while my tongue drew circles around the head.
I moved my other hand slightly upwards and began to massage around the opening to J’s quivering pussy and she all but leapt at my digit in an attempt to have it penetrate her aching cunt. I sucked more and more on her aching clit while one of my thumbs slowly entered her ass and the other entered her pussy. I could press each of my thumbs against each other with only the smallest bit of her flesh separating them and this seemed to drive J even more crazy as her hips began to buck against my hands and mouth.
I withdrew my thumb from the grip of her hungry cunt and J almost screamed out “nooooooo” as I placed my thumb into her mouth to suck on. Her lips and tongue worked on my thumb as though it was a small cock and she was attempting to suck every ounce of cum it had to offer. Once her moaning subsided and I felt she wouldn’t scream out again I pulled my thumb from her mouth and brought it back down to her pussy.
Only, this time I began to rub my fingers over her lips, clit and pussy hole while my other thumb pistoned in and out of her ass hole. I could tell J was getting very close to eruption and pulled my thumb out of her ass and replaced it with my two middle fingers. J’s rectum greedily clenched at my fingers as though to milk my seed out of them while my other hand mercilessly teased every part of her pussy and clit.
I finally gave in and thrust two of my fingers into J’s clenching pussy and I could feel her building up to explode. I alternated between spreading my fingers inside her pussy and massaging her G Spot and PS Spot (perennial sponge). This has her head thrashing back and forth and guttural moans escaping from her mouth.
I clamp my lips over J’s clit while I thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass and sense that she’s incredibly close to orgasm. I pull my fingers out of her clenching holes and see J’s eyes fly open and her mouth about to scream out in protest. I quickly shove the fingers that were in her ass into J’s mouth to quiet her and feel her lips clamp shut on them and her tongue begin to lick and circle them like a cock.
I use my other hand to lower my pants and finally free my cock from its tight confines. I guide the head of my cock to J’s gaping pussy and shove the head of my cock inside her tight hole. She all but launches herself out of the chair in order to pull the length of my shaft inside her clenching cunt and I begin to hammer her pussy with my hard cock. I shove every inch of my cock inside her and feel my balls slap against her ass as I thrust in an out at a feverish pace.
J’s sucking greedily on the fingers that were in her ass as though her life depended on it and I feel her pussy muscles clenching my cock as though to grip it inside of her for all eternity. She screams in protest when I pull my cock out of her pussy and the only thing that saves us from being discovered is my fingers in her mouth.
I position the head of my dripping cock against her wet ass hole and J’s eyes widen in protest. I gently push myself against her as the head of my cock and the juices from her pussy allow just the smallest part of me to penetrate her anus.
I allow her to get used to the intrusion of her rectum as her anus muscles slowly unclench against the foreign object. I gently pull out but leave the head of my cock against her brown hole and she visibly relaxes. I slide my cock head upwards and fuck her pussy feverishly until she is almost at the peak of release and once again withdraw from her tightly gripping pussy.
J’s eyes are rolling back in her head and her mouth is sucking my fingers down into her throat as though it’s my cock as I slide my cock head and shaft along her slit and over her engorged clitoris. I can feel her pussy clenching and unclenching as though to suck my cock back into its depths as I slowly slide my head downwards towards it.
I press the head of my cock into her sopping cunt but quickly pull it out and press the dripping head of my cock against J’s ass hole. Her eyes open widely again as she tries to communicate with me through grunts, moans and groans.
This time, my cock head slips more easily into her ass and I can pull the head out and push it back in with greater ease as she gets used to the sensations building up in side of her. I use my free hand to stroke her pussy lips and clit while I press my cock further into her tight ass.
With the alternating of stroking her clit, and fingering her pussy, J’s focusing less and less on my cock penetrating her ass hole and I’m able to get half of my cock into her tight brown hole.
As I start quickening my thrusts and thrusting more and more of my cock into her ass hole I notice that J’s protests are changing from groans to moans of pleasure. With each new and deeper thrust into her ass she lets out a moan of “mmmmmmmmmfh” as her mouth sucks more greedily on my fingers.

Finally I’m getting three quarters of my cock into her ass with each thrust and J is now pushing forward with her ass to meet my thrusts every time. Her eyes roll back into her head as the full length of my cock penetrates her ass again and again and again.
I can feel her insides build up and her body begin to vibrate with every thrust of my cock into her tight ass and I use my free hand to shove four fingers into her clenching pussy hole and my thumb to stroke her clit.
J is now moaning incessantly against the fingers in her mouth and bucking greedily against the fingers in her cunt and cock in her ass.
I feel a wave of energy pulse through J’s body as I shove my cock into her eager butt hole and she arches her back when I withdraw my fingers from her throbbing pussy. A gush of her cum squirts from her gaping pussy hole and she drenches my abdomen with her cunt juice while I thrust in and out of her ass.
Her body convulses uncontrollably for a minute or so and she screams against my fingers in her mouth. As her orgasm subsides I pull my cock out of her ass and she whimpers gently at the sensation of her unfilled anus.

I pull her forward and she eagerly slips down to her knees and takes the head of my cock into her mouth and sucks greedily on it as though it was the source of all life. I grab J’s hair and gently pull her mouth further and further along the shaft of my cock as she slips her tongue around the head. She reaches both hands behind me and grabs me by my ass cheeks and thrusts her face further onto my cock and greedily takes the length of me into her mouth and down her throat.
As I pull her head towards my cock she pulls my ass towards her face and we simultaneously fuck her mouth with the entire length of my cock as she moans and groans with pleasure. The vibrations of her moaning send incredible sensations along my shaft and over the head of my cock and I feel myself about ready to explode.
J seems to sense the impending eruption and shoves her face forward until my entire cock is in her mouth and throat and her nose is buried against my stomach. Somehow she manages to get her tongue out from the base of my cock and licks against my shaft and balls as much as she can. The sensation is incredible and I feel her pulling my ass cheeks apart as though to attempt to get more of me down her throat.
I feel that she removes one hand from my ass while using the other to hold me in her throat and I can hear the squishing sounds of J fingering her sopping pussy with her free hand. Within seconds, she returns her juice covered hand to my ass and spreads my cheeks as far apart as she can and proceeds to thrust her two middle fingers into my ass hole.
The sensation of her mouth, throat, tongue and fingers all working in concert to provide me pleasure are too much and I attempt to pull back and explode over J’s face. She pulls me even deeper into her throat as volley after volley of cum pumps from my balls and into her eager throat.
After what seems an eternity there is no seed left in my body to feed this hungry mouth and J slowly withdraws her mouth from my shaft and stops when just the head of my cock is left in her mouth. She sucks every last ounce of cum from my cock and massages my balls to coax every last drop from their depths.
I almost drop to my knees in exhaustion as J stands up and kisses me with every ounce of passion she has in her. The mixture of her juices, my cum and her ass combine to make an intoxicating concoction that has my cock stirring yet again.

Our lips and tongues separate from their gentle battle with each other and she looks hungrily into my eyes as she strokes my hardening cock and says “get into my fucking house so you can fill my pussy and ass with your cock again”.

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