The Neighborhood Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The Neighborhood: Family Vacation

( All characters portrayed in the story, whether specifically identified as such or not, are over the age of 18. Hopefully this offering will make up for the second installment, which was not as well received as I’d hoped. Enjoy.)

As he sat on the back porch, having the third beer of the evening, Mark Jordan reflected that life didn’t get much better than this. The nineteen year old college sophomore was home for the summer after having a solid first year as a pre-med student and he had so far enjoyed every second of his break.

Mark lived with his mom Vivian and kid sister Kim, who was one year younger than he. He was handsome and smart and wanted for nothing. He stood just over 6 feet tall with short, brown hair and brown eyes and kept his lean, 180 pound frame in shape with a lot of running and some weight lifting. His father had left the family for his trollop of a secretary years ago and in retrospect, that was the best thing that could have happened for them all. No one had been happy in that prior arrangement. Mark could tell in the few times he had spoken to his father, that he was also happy, even after the slut had left him for another sugar daddy.

“Does it get any better than this Mom?” Mark asked Vivian, who had also joined him on the porch. While Mark was sucking down longnecks, his mom was busy sucking something else entirely!

Vivian Jordan, the thirty eight year old mother of Mark and Kim, was at the present time kneeling on a folded up towel at the feet of her son. The top of her yellow bikini was discarded besides her allowing her big 38DD tits to swing beneath her. Her little frame, only 5 feet in height, was still curvaceous, what with the aforementioned boobs, her curvy, child bearing hips and round ass which jutted out as she bent over her son. Her short, bobbed brown hair was tucked behind both of her ears, while her shimmering green eyes were locked on her son’s face. Vivian had high cheekbones and a tiny nose. Beneath her nose curved a full pair of lips which currently cradled her only son’s thick cock. Vivian was avidly sucking the monstrosity, plunging her hot mouth three-quarters of the way down the ten inches. During the time since Mark had been home and their family dynamic had been turned on its ear (see prior stories), she had become quite adept at accommodating his size, though she still couldn’t deep throat it. Mark, for his part, was definitely not complaining.

This was the part of the day he most looked forward to. He had recently started cleaning pools around the neighborhood and was usually out of the house before anyone else awoke. Since he and his mom and his sister had all become intimate with each other, Mark had enjoyed the many pleasures their sexy bodies afforded him. However, since striking off on his own to earn a little spending money, the time between their encounters was stretching out too long for Mark’s libido. Not that he was cleaning pools with a constant erection. To the contrary, he had found several local ladies that were more than happy to have the well hung teen service more than their pools. But mom, dear old mom, was still his favorite. Not only because the whole Oedipal issue really got his juices flowing, but the fact that his mom was the sweetest, sexiest woman he had ever been around. Their relationship had grown closer than Mark thought possible in this time.

With a wet smack, Vivian drew her mouth off of her son and smiled up at him, while jacking him back and forth. Vivian of course loved her son very much and felt so lucky that he had turned out to be such a good kid and the fact that he was a tremendous lover was just a bonus. She had slipped into a rut of just being a mother after her divorce, so the awakening of her desires had improved her moods and outlook exponentially. She too looked forward to Mark’s arrival home each evening, for while she had the every ready Kim at her disposal during the day, as well as Kim’s best friend Nancy Taylor, it was her son that she really let herself loose with. After Mark had opened the flood gates a month ago, there had been many opportunities for her to sleep with other men, some of which she had taken and instantly regretted, so more and more she found that she was “saving” herself only for her son.

Mark took another sip of his beer and set the bottle on the patio table. He reached down and caressed his mother’s face while she smiled up at him. When he sat back again, she resumed her ministrations, skimming her full lips up and down his length, then popping the head in her mouth for a few quick sucks. She pulled back slightly and licked the oozing slit at the top, teasing a strand of cum backwards. Mark’s eyes were beginning to glaze over, so she knew he had to be getting close. She pulled further back and began to brush her soft, round boobs back and forth across his cock.

Mark hissed in a lungful of breath as he felt his mother’s stiff nipples graze his rock hard canlı bahis dick. He still hadn’t gotten over how big and firm they were, especially to be almost 40! Not that he didn’t enjoy fucking and sucking younger girls, but the attention and care the more mature women in his life took with their bodies was unmatched. Mark reached down and cupped the two big mounds, reveling in their pliable texture. He thumbed the twin turrets, then separated the globes and slotted his shaft in between them. Vivian grinned at him as he began to purposefully thrust up and down.

“Do you ever get tired of fucking these saggy old tits?”

Mark threw his head back and laughed while not missing a single stroke.

“Saggy? Not a chance Mom. Your tits are perfect! I can’t imagine what these must have looked like when you were my age!”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she giggled. Vivian then leaned down and swiped her tongue across the thrusting head. She suddenly felt Mark’s rhythm change and raised her eyes to his to see them rolling back in his head. She swiftly pulled back and clamped her fingers at the base of his lurching tool.

“Oww! Damn mom! I was right there!”

“I know you little shit!” she laughed. “You’ve had three beers and you were about to go and leave me hanging! Typical man!” Mark grinned sheepishly. They both knew that he was more than capable of getting it up time and again, but it had been a long day and…He suddenly noticed his mom getting to her feet.

“Hey! Whoa, where you going?” Vivian just smiled and bent at the waist, her tits dangling, to remove her skimpy bikini bottom.

“Right on top of you. Get ready for the ride of your life cowboy.” Vivian congratulated herself for the umpteenth time in purchasing patio furniture without armrests as she straddled her sitting son. The chairs were just the right height for her to stand over him and point his tower at her slot. She wrapped her tiny fingers around his mighty shaft and steadied herself with her right hand on his strong shoulder. Moving his cock back and forth, she parted her cunt lips and wet him for entry. She then began to slowly lower herself on his stake.

Mark’s head lolled back at the first searing contact with his mother. She was always so hot and wet, literally baking him as she slowly bounced downwards. He lifted his hands to cradle and support the jiggling boobs dancing before his eyes. Leaning forward, he sucked a mouthful of tit flesh into his mouth, his tongue dancing over the rubbery nipple.

“Oh, Mark, baby, that feels so good,” Vivian purred as she sank further and further down, his attention to her sensitive tits heightening the pleasure. Presently, her ass met his thighs and she surmised that she had about eight of his ten inches throbbing inside her. Perfect, she thought and then placing both hands on his shoulders, began to ride him.

Vivian’s body trembled as she fucked her son mercilessly. Her glute and thigh muscles flexed and contracted as she repeatedly raised and lowered herself. She could feel her juices flowing out of her and caking his thighs and crotch. No wonder she always felt so thirsty afterwards, she was probably dehydrated from being so wet, she laughed to herself.

For several minutes, the horny mom would bounce until she could tell that her son was on the verge and then slow until his passion had abated somewhat. During this time, Mark kept at his feasting on her sumptuous chest, covering every inch of her tits with his tongue and lips. When she felt her legs begin to tire, Vivian came to rest in his lap and circled her hips around, rooting the long cock inside of her.

“You ready to cum baby?” she asked. Mark didn’t remove his face from between her tits to answer.

“God yes mom! I’m so ready!” With that, Vivian knitted her hands in his short, brown hair and began to bounce crazily onto him as she began to orgasm. Her pussy walls clenched and unclenched, fluttering around his shaft as she came off. With a roar of lust, Mark also exploded and Vivian could feel every sticky projectile he shot into her. Mark dropped his hands to her waist and helped to bounce his mother’s little frame up and down on him as the two incestuous lovers ground their passions out on each other. All too soon they were done and each grasped the other, gasping for breath and reveling in the hot, sweaty embrace.

Mark skimmed his lips up his mother’s neck, licking and sucking the soft, hot flesh. He tilted her chin down as they locked lips together, their tongues dueling. The two stayed like this for a long moment, kissing each other passionately, until Vivian drew back and ruffled her son’s hair while smiling down at him.

“My baby’s getting to be quite the stud!”

Mark grinned bashfully.

“Thanks Mom. You make it easy! I never get tired of this.”

“Good, because I’ve got a lot of years left in this old body and I don’t think I could settle for some middle aged guy now that I’ve had the best! You’re going bahis siteleri to make someone very happy one of these days.” This mention brought a frown to Mark’s face, which his mother immediately noticed. “What’s wrong Mark?”

“Oh, nothing.” He saw from her look that she wasn’t going to settle for that. “It’s just that when you talk like that Mom, I think about our future. I don’t ever want to give up what we have and we both know there is nothing ‘normal’ about it. How am I supposed to just give up this and settle for the wife and 1.8 kids?”

Vivian too had spent many hours wrestling with this quandary, and while she did not want to lose what they had now, she knew that for Mark to move forward with his life, things would have to change. This is what caused her to almost daily contemplate ending their affair.

“I don’t know baby. I really don’t. But, hey, you’re still young. You’ve got your education to complete. Let’s not worry about that now, let’s just enjoy what we have.” She stood and collected her bikini. “Hungry?”

“Starved! I’m going to take a shower, ok?”

“Ok baby. I’ll whip us all up something. Go check on Kim,” she said, entering the house. Mark collected his clothes and walked in behind her.

As the mother and son turned into their kitchen, a tall, hulking black figure entered from the living room. The man was at least 6’4″ and broad through the chest and shoulders, muscles bulging on his frame. One muscle did not bulge, but dangled obscenely between his legs, for he was as nude as Vivian and Mark. Now, this sight would be at the least alarming in most homes, but for the Jordan’s, it was practically commonplace. The big black man was named Shawn Johnson and had been a fixture in their home after meeting Kim and Nancy one night on a long, lonely stretch of road. Shawn smiled broadly.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” he said as the three of them laughed at their nakedness and situation.

“Hey Shawn, how’s it hanging?” Mark said as he headed past him. Shawn looked down at the massive pole suspended between his legs.

“Oh, just hanging. Your sister is something else,” he said as Mark elbowed him out of the way. “You might find the shower occupied,” Shawn called over his shoulder. “I think your sister beat you to it.”

“I’m counting on it,” Mark answered as Shawn chuckled and turned his attention back to Vivian, who had found her bathing suit cover up and was starting to wrap herself in it.

Vivian could see the look in the man’s eyes as he studied her curvaceous body and while she could not deny that he was striking and closer in age to herself than her daughter or her son, she had made it a point to establish ground rules with the big cop from the get go.

“Easy big boy. The only thing you’re getting out of me is dinner.” Shawn laughed, his white teeth flashing against his black skin.

“Can’t blame a man for dreaming Vivian! But I know you’re Mark’s and I wouldn’t want to hurt either of you,” he said watching her as she got plates down from the cupboard. “Oh, nothing for me thanks. I’ve got patrol tonight. I’m just gonna head home, clean up and I’ll grab something later,” he said as he pulled on a T-shirt and sweat pants.

“Ok Shawn. Be careful.”

“Thanks Viv. Good night.”

The shower was indeed running when Mark cracked open the door to the bathroom that he and his sister shared. While he could just as easily used his mother’s, what fun was there in that?

The room was large and boasted a partially open, tiled shower, under which the 5’2″ Kim Jordan currently washed her hair. Her head was back, her eyes closed and her brother used the moment to study his sister’s luscious frame.

Kim was a former high school cheerleader and was planning on cheering in college on a scholarship. The years of training had paid off in that respect and had also honed her trim body with spectacular results. Her legs and arms were firm, but not too muscled and her ass was round and tight from the hours of routines.

Her most spectacular feature on her eighteen year old body (as with most women in this author’s stories), were her breasts. The big 36Ds were full and firm and Mark licked his lips as he noticed the way they shimmied and bobbled as she washed her hair. Her nipples were small, the areola only about an inch across and jutting up enticingly. Tracing his eyes over her flat stomach, Mark could see that she continued to keep her pubic area shaven bare, the pink lips barely visible between her legs.

“I’m not running a peep show here, Mark,” Kim said, her voice startling him out of his reverie. Mark chuckled and looked up to see his sister’s big blue eyes smiling at him.

“You could, you know,” he answered. “You’d make a killing.” Kim laughed and turned to face the water.

“Aren’t you the charmer?” She turned her head to look at him and he noticed her gaze drawn to his cock, which was beginning to revive itself in response to her display. bahis şirketleri “Are you and your friend there going to join me? I need someone to do my back.”

“I’d like to do more than your back,” Mark responded as he walked into the large open shower. Kim handed him the washcloth over her shoulder.

“Well, start there and let’s see what happens.”

Mark began to run the sudsy cloth over her shoulders and upper back and worked his way down. He soaped each perfect buttock in turn, then squatted behind his sister and began to soap her legs. Once he had finished, he dropped the cloth to the tile and began to run his hands over the outside of her trim legs. When he reached the tops, he palmed the round globes, caressing and squeezing them. Kim hummed happily, and then spread her legs further apart.

“Green light!” Mark thought.

He slid his right hand in between her legs and began to gently stroke the outer lips of her pussy. Kim moaned louder.

“I think I missed a spot here,” Mark said, his voice catching slightly.

“Mmmmm, do be thorough big brother,” Kim huskily whispered. “I am such a dirty girl.” Mark laughed and then forced her body a little farther forward, until the spray washed the soap from her back. He began to slide his fingers deeper between her lips and was rewarded with the parting of them and subsequent wetting of his digits from her hot, internal juices. The flow of the shower, however, washed away her fluids just as fast as he teased them out of her, so placing both hands on her hips, he pulled her backwards. Kim dropped her hands to the shower knob and jutted her rear out as Mark scooted backwards. Once in he had her in the desired position, Mark resumed his frigging with his right hand, while his left palmed and squeezed her firm ass cheeks.

Kim was really moaning now, her post coital haze gone, as she ramped up towards another orgasm. And this one so soon after Shawn had fucked her to two back to back! Mark’s fingers were hitting all the right spots, but when she suddenly felt his face in between her cheeks, the ending was written. Mark thrust his tongue right up his sister’s tight ass, worming and forcing his way into the tight, hot passage. The funky taste of his sister’s butt caused his hard-on to stretch even further. He could feel the head of his cock against his abs as he hunched over and ate out his moaning sister’s ass.
“Ahhhh! What are you doing to me?” Kim wondered aloud, all the while loving every depraved second. With a lurch of her hips, she exploded in orgasm, screaming, with one hand flying back to try and push his mouth further between her ass. Mark held on for dear life as his sister hunched back against his mouth and bucked crazily. Kim roiled through wave after wave of her climax, her vision blurring as low, guttural sounds emanated from her throat. Suddenly, the door to the bath flew open and Vivian burst into the room.

“Kim! Are you ok?!” She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the sexy scene before her: her only son trying desperately to cram his head up her only daughter’s ass! She shook her head and thought to herself, “I should have known,” as she backed out and closed the door without the two even realizing she was there.

As Kim’s orgasm waned, Mark drew back and nipped and licked at her wet, soft ass cheeks. Kim shuddered in pleasure and sat down on the built in bench as her legs failed her. She leaned back against the smooth tiles, wrapping her arms around herself, eyes closed, reveling in the after glow.

Mark stood, looking down at his beautiful sister. Her long eyelashes fluttered and opened, revealing her big, blue eyes which smiled at him as her full lips curled up.

“Wow! That was something else big bro! To what do I owe that?”

“Your beautiful ass, that’s what,” Mark said his right hand dropping down to his rigid pipe and stroking. “It’s perfect.” Kim smiled and leaned forward until she was eye level with the wide head pulsing in front of her.

“So is this. Can I suck it?” she demurely asked.

“You sure you’re not just settling because Shawn’s not here?” Kim raised her eyes to his while she removed his hand and replaced it with both of hers.

“Poor baby! You’re not actually feeling jealous ’cause he’s got 12 and you’ve only got 10, are you?” she teased. Mark grinned sheepishly and shrugged. “Pitiful, just pitiful. You realize you have more than enough for any woman, don’t you?”

“Okay, my egos repaired. Get busy.”


Kim began to roll her pink tongue over the head of Mark’s cock while she firmly gripped his shaft in both hands. She never failed to revel in the feel of the hot, hard/soft shaft. She gripped it tighter and tried to jack it faster, but with no lubrication, the passage was rough. She popped the fat head in her wet mouth and reached up to remove a bottle of shower gel from the caddy. Kim squeezed a line of the slippery goo down the long shaft, and then began to work it around his shaft. As she eagerly tongued his head, she was rewarded with a steady supply of salty leakage from Mark’s big balls. She marveled at his recovery time, knowing that Mom had probably drained him not too much earlier.

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