The Naked Cleaning Company Ch. 09

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Rosanna White prided herself on her Nose.

She had risen through the ranks of the London Metropolitan Police, graduating at 23, passing her National Investigators Exam within 16 weeks, and joining a successful crime unit that had cracked some high profile investigations. With 22 arrests under her belt and at the tender age of just 29, she was the youngest Detective Inspector in the force. She had a knack for sniffing out suspects and a dogged determination to gather evidence and create watertight cases. It was partly her training, her endless energy and a certain way of thinking. Some called it gut instinct. She called it her ‘Nose’. Privately, the nickname ‘Rosey the Nosey’ was gaining popularity, although her colleagues were just glad to have her on the team.

And the famous Nose was currently preoccupied with a bizarre collection of reports about ‘naked cleaners’.

To be fair, it all sounded rather daft. She’d noticed several reports of suspicious activity. Curious neighbours, worried husbands, and so on. And they all seemed to have one common link: all the men involved wore overalls and appeared to be posing as cleaners. It all seemed a bit, well, disconnected, until a sweet but slightly eccentric lady, Ann Turner, wandered into a local station and reported a sex attack. She claimed she’d tasered a young man in her home, but provided little evidence. Except for one detail: he’d claimed he was cleaner. Rosanna’s ‘nose’ smelled a rat and started sniffing around.


Rosanna knocked sharply on the office door and entered without waiting. Tony looked up from his desk.

“Hello Ma’am. Need a cleaner?” he chirped. Then he noticed two uniformed Police officers march in behind her and his face dropped.

“What?” said Rosanna. “Do I look like I need a cleaner? Are you Tony Dempster? Naked Cleaning Company?”

“Er… yes,” replied Tony hesitantly. The woman looked young but deadly serious. She flashed an ID, but he missed the details.

“Detective White. I have reason to believe you’re operating a brothel, an offence under the Sexual Offences Act two thousand and…”

She stopped mid-sentence having spotted Daisy sitting at the desk behind Tony’s. Daisy waved.

“Howdy,” said Daisy.

“Are you OK, Miss?” she asked, slightly confused to find a smartly dressed woman in the room, after the rather disgusting sweaty stink of the gym she just marched through.

“Peachy,” replied Daisy, smiling sweetly.

Rosanna took a moment to look around. There were certainly overalls hanging on one side of the room, but also cleaning equipment, neatly stacked on shelves. It was a convincing front, but she’d already had Tony and his gang under surveillance for two weeks. She was certain they were involved in some kind of prostitution ring. Tony was fidgeting guiltily.

“As I was saying, I have reason to believe, under the Sexual…” she started but Daisy cut her off.

“Would that be the Sexual Offences Act 2003? Of which section 33a makes it an offence for a person to keep, or to manage, or act, or assist, in the management of fixed premises to which people visit for practices involving prostitution? Except… I don’t see any prostitutes, detective. Do you?”

White hesitated but battled on.

“Soliciting sexual services is…”

“…is illegal in a public place,” chirped Daisy, standing up sharply. “This is a company office. Our cleaners work in private homes. What on earth makes you think we’re soliciting?”

“I have evidence that you’re engaging in sexual activity with…” she began but her voice tailed off as the two women faced off. Daisy simply smiled.

“…our customers pay for a professional, and may I say, very thorough, cleaning service within their own homes. Any further… intimate contact… is entirely private between consenting adults over the age of eighteen. And somehow I don’t think any of our customers are going to admit to bahis firmaları anything like that. I suppose you’d like a list of them? I’m sure that with the appropriate documentation and a court order, we’d be obliged to share our customer database. Do you have a court order, detective?”

They glared at each other across the room. Daisy, calm and confident. The detective hesitant, searching for a chink in the other woman’s argument.

“Clearly there’s been a misunderstanding,” said Tony, hoping to break the stalemate. “Perhaps we can offer you a complimentary home clean to show you what we do?”

Rosanna realised she was on weak ground and decided to retreat.

“You’re not coming anywhere near my home…” she started and then stopped abruptly and stared at the door. A beautiful, glistening Adonis had just walked into the room. He was young, extremely ripped and handsome. Blonde locks cascaded down to his shoulders. Piercing blue eyes. He grinned and his smile dazzled. Rosanna went a little weak at the knees.

“What’s up?” said Ben innocently as he strolled in, grinning at the pretty girl bracketed by two policemen. He wondered if she was being arrested. “You OK?” he purred in her direction.

“I think we’re good,” said Daisy loudly. “The officers are just leaving.”

One of the uniformed officers whispered in Roseanna’s ear and she snapped out of her reverie with a jolt.

“If I discover even the slightest shred of…” she muttered, primarily at Daisy.

“…you won’t, detective,” said Daisy sweetly. “Now if you don’t mind, we have a business to run. A cleaning business.”

Rosanna grimaced, turning on her heels. “Out!” she snarled at the officers and shooed them towards the door. As she headed out she looked back, clearly flushed with anger, or maybe it was embarrasment. She glanced briefly at Ben, then turned and fled.

“Daisy, that was incredible!” shouted Tony gleefully.

“Pretty impressive for a first year law student, eh? And a former hooker!” she giggled.

“I thought she was cute,” muttered Ben. “She can snap the cuffs on me anytime!”

The room descended into laughter.


Ben was the ‘boy’ of the company. 26, still single, still a little naive and still trying to find his way in the world. He’d been hired and fired or let go from various jobs since leaving college. No solid ambitions or goals in life. Bit of a drifter. But he did love the gym and his new gym buddies. Especially the part time work provided by the so-called ‘Naked Cleaning Company’.

At first he’d thought it was a wind up. Mike, his hero and body sculpting mentor, had introduced him to Tony, who seemed like a really cool guy. Tony showed him the gear, even joking as he pulled it all out.

“This is a Dyson ball cleaner,” he’d grinned. “Read the instructions. The last guy took the name literally. He’s still in hospital, although we’re hoping he’ll make a full recovery!” Ben stared at the contraption with dread until he got the joke and laughed along with the guys.

They’d carefully explained what was required. Arrive on time. Clean where instructed (sometimes optional). Fuck. Leave. Simple. Oh, and keep quiet. You’re just a cleaner.

It seemed easy enough, although a bit too good to be true. But.. fucking hell, it wasn’t! And with his boyish good looks and charm he’d been an instant hit. The housewives adored him! They mothered him affectionately, even while they were riding his prone body, writhing with pleasure. And the older ones were fucking animals, sucking his cock eagerly then bending over to let him have ‘his wicked way’. And he was getting paid! It was bloody brilliant!

A few days after the incident at the office, Ben rocked up to a smart apartment just off the park. It was a late session, 6PM, but he didn’t have much to go home too, so it was no problem. An attractive brunette opened the door and ushered him in. He thought he recognised kaçak iddaa her but couldn’t quite… wait a minute!

“Hang on,” he said, turning to face her. “You’re that copper!”

“Please! Don’t leave!” she pleaded. “I made a mistake, OK?”

Ben hesitated. She was very, very cute, and about his age, unlike many of his other ‘clients’. But he wasn’t convinced and gazed at her suspiciously.

“Look,” she pleaded. “I don’t get out much. Being a detective makes it a bit, you know, tricky when it comes to dating. I’m suspicious of everyone!” She giggled and Ben relaxed a little.

“Anyway, you, er, caught my eye, so I thought I’d give your, erm… cleaning service a try.” She paused and smiled sweetly. He noticed her eyes flutter a little. “That’s all,” she finished.

Ben wasn’t 100% convinced but, as his loins continued to remind him: she was very, VERY cute!

“where would you like me to start?” he said, brightening the room with his smile.

As he dusted and polished, they relaxed into each other’s company and chatted spontaneously. He shared the little experience of life he’d gained, flirting unashamedly, and was mesmerised by her tales of surveillance, evidence gathering and swooping in on dawn raids to apprehend suspects.

“22 arrests! That’s pretty impressive!” he exclaimed, without any idea if it was.

“Every one of them behind bars,” she chimed proudly. “Nasty, nasty men.”

“And you cuffed them all yourself?”

“Of course, making arrests is all part of the job and…” She paused, gazing into his eyes. They exchanged a knowing glance. ‘They are so… blue,’ she thought. How can anyone’s eyes be that fucking sexy!’

“Would like to, er… try the cuffs yourself?” she grinned. Ben’s eyes widened lustily and she giggled.

She grabbed something from her Police jacket and it clinked as she unbuckled it, pulling out a pair of steel standard issue cuffs. She walked across the room and stood in front of him, grinning.

“You are under arrest on suspicion of being the most beautiful guy I’ve met for a long time.” She placed her hands on his shoulders and forced him to turn around, then pulled his arms behind him.

“You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your opportunity to, er… get laid tonight, if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on… in bed,” she giggled as she snapped the cuffs over his wrists. She pushed him sharply to his knees and then slowly walked around to stand in front of him.

“Anything you do say may be, er, taken down,” she continued. “Is there anything I should take down?”

Ben was rock hard in his jeans, bursting with lust for this stunning girl. “Er, that skirt?” he suggested hopefully.

Rosanna smiled, unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“Maybe the blouse?” he continued. This was fun!

Rosanna unbuttoned her blouse slowly and slipped it off her shoulders. She wore a matching embroidered bra and panty set underneath. Ben almost creamed his pants.

“Jesus,” he whispered, wriggling to free himself from the cuffs.

“Oh no you don’t,” she purred. “There’s no release for the accused until they’ve… er… fully satisfied the judge.” In terms of prosecution procedure it was totally against regulation, but it sounded sexy.

She pulled him to his feet then pushed him on to the sofa. He was enjoying the rough treatment. Pulling off his jeans and pants, she released his cock which sprang upwards. Impressive, she thought. And eager! She kissed his tool, licking off a drop of precum. It twitched and she giggled.

She slipped out of the bra and panties and Ben’s cock got even harder. A kinky thought crossed her mind and she grabbed her Police jacket and cap from the chair and pulled them on loosely.

“This requires a thorough investigation,” she cooed as she straddled him and rested her hairy crotch on his lap.

“Are you kaçak bahis going to uncuff me?” he pleaded.

“Nope,” she laughed, toying with his nipples, her pussy gently rocking against his manhood. She bent forward and kissed him and her hair cascaded around his shoulders. Her tits weren’t huge but they brushed his chest as they snogged, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. He desperately wanted to touch her but was helpless.

Rosanna frowned. “I’m a little… dry,” she said. She stood up and considered her options. Clearly one of the problems with cuffing your man was that it was a bit trickier to move him around. She dragged him off the sofa on to the floor, then pushed his head back onto the cushion. ‘That’ll do nicely,’ she thought straddling his shoulders, and gently bringing her pussy down onto his face.

Ben was terrified and exhilarated in equal measure. He knew he could probably jump up, even cuffed, but was revelling in having her in control. Crumpled on the floor was rather awkward, but as she kneeled over his head and her glistening pussy glided over his face, he steadied himself, and stuck out this tongue. This was going to be delicious!

Rosanna was getting increasingly turned on by the moment. Ben was lapping at her slit and sending shivers through her pussy and legs. She remembered that the whole point of the evening was to evaluate this so-called ‘cleaning service’ but, of course, she’d allowed herself to be charmed by this beautiful creature’s smile and his delicious body. ‘So much for useable evidence,’ she mused as he lapped at her vulva. ‘In fact, the whole investigation is probably totally compromised now,’ she thought, but it was just a fleeting thought. His tongue flicked her clit and she shuddered, forgetting all about policework and succumbing to lust.

She slid down his chest and her wet pussy glided over his cock. A little guidance and he was inside.

“Oh Ben!” she moaned as she rocked. “Your. Cock. Is. Just. Perfect!”

She abandoned any sense of decorum and rode his pole, hands gripping his shoulders, tits pressed into his mouth one by one.

“If… you… uncuffed… me… I… could…” he grunted between licking her nipples, but she ignored him, lost in the moment.

Ben was struggling to hold back. Rosanna’s vagina was tight and voracious, throbbing around his cock. He thrust upwards as best he could and realised he’d reached the point of no return.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!” he bellowed. She thrust on to him even harder and he exploded into her pussy. She was laughing, revelling in the spasms of cum shooting up inside her. Her vagina pulsed and sucked on his shaft and she giggled at his helplessness. It was the most erotic moment she’d ever experienced.

But she wanted more.

“Sorry,” Ben sighed. “I couldn’t hold back.”

She leaned into him and whispered in his ear. “I hope you have strong jaws.”

Ben was momentarily confused by the comment, but it became frighteningly clear when she stood up quickly and planted her pussy back on his face. Cum oozed into his mouth. HIS CUM! He tried to twist away but she clamped her cunt over his face, squeezing even more of the goo between his lips. He realised he had no choice but to swallow it gamely. It was warm and salty with a weird aftertaste.

“If you want to be uncuffed, you’d better get me off,” said the detective, grinding her pussy onto his face. Ben pushed his tongue into her vagina and discovered the joy of submission. He licked and sucked and flicked her clit with the end of his tongue, unable to move but revelling in her moaning.

After a few minutes she began to speed up. His jaw ached but he kept licking, sucking her fluids into his mouth. He’d never experienced a ‘squirter’ so when she shuddered and came, he almost drowned in the flood. What felt like gallons of pungent cream splashed over his face. Rosanna was shuddering and crying out. He kept his eyes closed and swallowed everything that seeped into his mouth. Despite the sticky mess, Ben was overwhelmed with joy at having satisfied this girl.

At that moment, he just wanted her to sit on his face forever!

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