The Morrisons Ch. 07

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Big Ass

A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing. Please Enjoy!

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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter. This chapter sets the stage for future chapters. I have added a list of the main story characters to the end of the story which was a suggestion by one of the readers. Sounds interesting? …… Then please enjoy! ………

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I appreciate hearing from the readers of my stories and I want to thank all those who took time to send me an email. I try to answer all the emails I receive and I really appreciate all your kind comments. Please realize I can’t answer those readers who send me comments anonymously.

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

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From Chapter 6

When we returned to the bed we moved close together until our body was up against another and we laid there in the dark talking quietly once again bonding as a family. Before we fell asleep we moved just enough to allow each of us to kiss everyone. As a final act we moved back to our original places in the bed because on this night each of us needed the closeness of the others to reinforce our love and trust in each other. We lay quietly as we drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 7

I was lying in bed enjoying the warm body of Jenna pressed up against me with her right leg thrown across my legs. Her small breasts were pressed into my side and her head laid on the edge of my chest. I normally don’t wake up until the alarm goes off in the morning but something this morning seemed different. I didn’t move because I loved the closeness and the feeling Jenna’s soft breath blowing across my chest felt wonderful. I looked to my right and saw Terri was cuddled up to Kim with her left leg thrown over Kim’s legs. While I was watching, I saw Kim blink and then her eyes opened and looked down at Terri before finally looking my way. I watched as a broad smile spread across Kim’s face. I returned Kim’s smile and then whispered, “I love you.”

Kim smiled back at me after seeing the way Jenna was pressed up against me and whispered, “I love you too.”

This was one of those moments one cherishes forever and both of us were perfectly satisfied to lie where we were without moving and enjoy the sensations of the closeness. I looked over at Kim again and saw she had tears in her eyes and one had swelled to the point it ran down her cheek. I did my best to send her a questioning look and finally Kim nodded towards Terri and smiled. I knew immediately she was thinking about Terri and what could have been.

About fifteen minutes later Terri started to stir. She was the one who usually woke up before the alarm clock but this morning Kim and I had beat her. Terri blinked a few times and then I watched as she looked up at Kim then moved slightly so she could kiss her. Kim responded immediately sharing a passionate kiss with Terri. Just as they ended their kiss the alarm sounded and I had to move to shut it off. Jenna stirred and looked up at me saying, “Good morning daddy, did I tell you, I love you?”

I smiled at her and said, “Baby you can say I love you as often as you want because that’s music to my ears and I love you so much too.”

Kim and Terri broke their kiss and they also took turns saying, “I love you.”

I looked at Kim and said, “Honey as much as I hate to say it….but…”

Kim interrupted me saying, “I’m staying home today so I can help Terri with the police and then we can go to the hospital and visit Hanna.”

I looked across at the two of them and said, “I totally understand.”

“Are we going to wash each other’s back?” I asked.

Jenna asked, “Dad what are you going to do when mom decides to stop doing that for you?”

“Well that’s not a problem; I have two other lovely ladies to ask.” I responded confidently.

“Are you forgetting something? Ya know dad, we girls have to stick together so if one won’t do it, what makes you think you can get one of us to do it?” Terri shyly asked.

“I think we should stop arguing and all of us should head for the shower so I can wash daddy’s hard cock.” Jenna said.

Everyone broke out laughing as the sheet was thrown back and eight legs scrambled towards the edge of the bed. There was a line up at the toilet so I decided to start the shower then take my turn once all those who had to sit and pee were finished. Jenna was just finishing up when I stepped towards the toilet hearing her say, “My turn, I want to steer that thing around the bowl this morning.”

I stepped up to the bowl and lifted the seat (women hate it when you don’t lift the seat). Jenna stood beside me and canlı bahis reached around gripping my cock like she was going to jerk me off and I said, “Honey if you don’t loosen your grip we’ll be here all day.”

Jenna giggled and said, “Sorry daddy, I don’t own one of these things so I don’t know how they work.”

I was finally able to start to pee when Jenna laughed with glee and exclaimed, “I can feel it coming through the tube before it gets to the end!”

When I finished peeing and Jenna shook it more than she had to, we headed for the shower where Terri and Kim were washing each other’s fronts. Jenna and I stepped under the water with Jenna in front of me and the water spraying down her back. Kim and Terri finished their shower leaving more room for Jenna and me. We finished our shower a few minutes later then we stepped out to dry off. Jenna took off for her bathroom so she could get ready for the day. Kim finished blow drying her hair and for the first time in a long time walked out of the bathroom ahead of me and headed for the kitchen.

When I was finally dressed and walking into the kitchen I joined two very lovely naked ladies who were working side by side at the range preparing breakfast for four people. Kim said over her shoulder, “Morning baby, would you please go call to your daughter and tell her breakfast will be ready in about five minutes?”

I walked to the bottom of the stairs and called the message up to Jenna and the only thing she said in reply was, “Ok daddy.”

When I made it back to the breakfast counter a cup of fresh coffee was sitting there waiting for me. I sat down at the counter and looked across the kitchen at two great asses. From the back they actually looked like mother and daughter.

Jenna walked into the kitchen and sat down beside me and poked me saying, “That’s a great view isn’t it?”

I smiled and asked, “What view are you talking about?”

“Come on dad, when I walked into the kitchen your eyeballs were hanging out of your head, staring at those two fine asses over there, that’s why I poked ya!” Jenna said with her girlish giggle.

Within a few minutes our breakfast was placed on the breakfast counter and all of us sat down to eat. While eating breakfast we talked about the events of the night before. I told Kim I would call my lawyer as soon as I got into my office so he could send a lawyer here and one to the police station.

All too soon it was time for me to leave so Kim and Terri stood by the door leading out to the garage and waited to give me a hug and kiss. Jenna was right behind me so both of us received another sample of our new morning tradition.


Once Dan and Jenna were out the door and on their way to work Terri automatically busied herself cleaning up the kitchen. Within a few minutes she had all the breakfast stuff cleaned up and the dishes, cups and pans in the dishwasher. Kim asked Terri if there was anything she could do to help and Terri said, “I’ve never taken the time to set up the lap top and printer yet so if you would like to do that for me, it would be a great help. I have to finish doing the contracts for the cleaning service because they will be here at 8:00 o’clock.”

“How did the interviews go for the house cleaning service?” Kim asked.

“I think you will be very happy when you meet the two girls who will be here this morning. We had two small services apply and come to pick up their applications at the same time, the other day. While talking to them, the representatives from both services seemed to be very receptive to working nude and the two owners talked between themselves, they came up with a proposition I couldn’t turn down. We all met yesterday and immediately after signing the confidentiality statement all of them were nude. There are three in each company and the best part is one company has a father/daughter combination and the other has a sister/brother combination. Each company can pull more workers from their families if needed.” Terri told Kim.

Kim said, “Terri that’s great, I’m very glad that we are able to find family oriented businesses to work here. It re-enforces the fact that families can work together even when there are circumstances beyond society’s accepted norm.”

While Kim worked on setting up the lap top and printer, Terri finished making the contracts on the house computer then printed them out. When she was done she brought both contracts over to show Kim. Kim reviewed each one and said, “Excellent contract. You have detailed everything we talked about. Great job, Terri!”

Terri watched as Kim finished installing the last of the software she had purchased with the computer. After everything was installed Kim pulled out her flash drive; went to the house computer downloading all the files in Terri’s folder and put the files on the new lap top. They were finishing up when the door bell sounded. Terri looked at the clock and said, “That should be the house cleaners.”

When bahis siteleri she opened the door Debbie was standing on the porch completely nude. Terri smiled at her and said, “Please come in.” as she stepped aside. Before she had the door completely closed Terri noticed another car coming up the driveway so she opened the door saying, “Here comes Ashley, we’ll wait for her.”

Debbie said, “I hope you don’t mind me arriving nude but I’m so really interested in being nude all the time now. Dad, Joe and I blew mom’s mind last night when we settled down to watch TV nude. She asked what got into us and dad told her nudism. We couldn’t get her to undress but she was impressed seeing dad’s cock and balls when I finished shaving him.”

Just then Ashley stepped up o the porch so Debbie stopped telling the events of the previous night and greeted Ashley. After all three of them were in the house Ashley removed her top and her shorts. Ashley turned to Terri saying, “It looks like both of us are ready for work now.”

“Come into the kitchen I have your contracts ready for you to sign and I have someone for you to meet.” Terri said.

As the three entered the kitchen Kim stood up beside her chair and waited for Terri to do the introductions. Terri said, Kim, this young lady is Ashley and over here we have Debbie. Girls, this lovely lady is Mrs. Kim Morrison.”

Immediately Ashley stepped forward and said, “Mrs. Morrison I’m so glad to meet you and I love your lifestyle. I am going to love working here.”

Debbie was stepping forward but Kim interrupted her before she started talking by saying, “Please, I’d prefer both of you call me Kim.”

Kim, I’m so glad to meet you and like Ashley, I am so excited about working here naked. It turns me on so much knowing that other people are going to see me everyday completely naked.”

Kim smiled and said, “I’m glad to meet both of you. However there’s much more to nudity than being turned on knowing someone else is going to see you naked. I’m sure you will find out more about our lifestyle while you are here. Both of you look lovely.”

Kim continued by saying, “Terri tells me both of you are from family oriented businesses and that makes me happy. We believe that family should be close and share their love.”

Terri placed both contracts on the counter and asked, “Would both of you like a cup of coffee or something while we review your contracts?”

Ashley said she would love some coffee and Debbie said she would like some water. Terri poured a cup of coffee for Ashley and when she went to the refrigerator for Debbie’s water she brought back the cream.

All four females reviewed the contract and then sat and talked for a while before Terri said, “I’ll show you where the vacuum is located and I’ve already shown you where the laundry is located. For this morning only, I want you to do the downstairs first so you will be finished before the arrival of some people I have to talk to later this morning. I’ll make copies of your signed contracts so I have a copy and you can have the originals.”

Terri was busy for the next few minutes as she showed Ashley and Debbie where all the cleaning supplies was located. When she was finished she returned to the kitchen and sat down beside Kim and said, “I think both small companies will give us the versatility to have the small cleaning crew here daily and a larger crew here for events and parties. The best part is they have adapted well to our lifestyle.”

Kim agreed saying, “Both seem to more than willing to work nude and that’s exactly the vision Dan and I had when we came out here and bought this place. We wanted to live our lifestyle without criticism from those who don’t understand. We never envisioned having someone like you come into our lives but we are certainly glad you did. You have completed our family.”

After a few moments of refection Kim said, “We should wear something this morning when the lawyer and the police arrive. I don’t want either of them to get the wrong idea.” Kim finished saying with a smile.

Looking at Kim, Terri suggested, “Why don’t we just wear a simple dress or skirt. I put panties on the other day and ended up taking them off because I found them to be too confining. So I don’t want to wear panties today.”

Kim smiled and said, “Terri, you live here now so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you never wear clothes again, that will be fine with us. You decide what level you are comfortable with.”

Continuing Kim said, “One thing we are going to do is protect you from Harold, his friends and the goons he has looking for you. I hope you don’t mind us being a bit overprotective during this time but we don’t want anything to happen to you. We love you!”

Terri looked at Kim saying, “I know all of you love me and I won’t fight you while you make sure I stay safe. I felt safe last night when I cuddled up next to you and felt your naked body next to mine. There’s something bahis şirketleri about mother/daughter closeness or bonding that’s so serene.”

The phone rang and Terri got up and answered it. Dan was on the phone and after speaking to Terri he spoke with Kim. When Kim hung up the phone she turned and walked over to Terri and both of them embraced and held each other. Kim started saying, “I don’t know what Dan told you but he told me that Ted and some officers secured search warrants last night and went out and arrested Harold, Bill and Pete. Dan talked to Ted and he said Ted found your luggage and the stash of your pictures at Harold’s house and he secured them. He also said there were some unsavory pictures of girls who are possible under age in the home of all three guys. They are expanding their searches to all three businesses today in hope of securing enough information to keep all three guys in jail. Finally he told me they took Hanna into surgery last night to repair her rectum and stop the bleeding. She will recover physically but she will need a lot of love to let her know that not everyone is like Harold.” The realization that Terri could have been the victim sunk in to both of them.

Kim continued saying, “The lawyer will be here soon so he can talk to us before the officer arrives, so we should go get dressed.”

Kim and Terri walked upstairs hand in hand and both of them walked into Terri’s room to pick out some clothes for her to wear. Once they found some clothes, Terri carried them into Kim and Dan’s room while they went in search for something for Kim to wear. Choosing carefully they finally got dressed wearing turquoise colored tank tops with the built in bra and black skirts. Both agreed not to wear panties. Together they went back downstairs and bumped into Debbie and Ashley. Both of them obviously surprised to see Terri and Kim dressed.

Looking at Ashley and Debbie Terri said, “Under normal conditions we would be nude all day and we would want you to be nude all day but today is far from normal. We are expecting some guests here in a little while who may not understand our way of life. Ashley I know you have a tank top and skirt by the door, if you would be so kind to put that on, I would appreciate it. Debbie did you bring any clothes with you?”

Debbie looked at Terri shaking her head side to side saying, “I only have the same as I wore yesterday and that’s a pink bra and lace boyshort panties.”

Kim smiled at Debbie saying, “You’re about the same size as Jenna, let me go upstairs and find a bikini for you to wear. You don’t have to be dressed but you should have something that covers the essentials, if you know what I mean. Both you and Ashley have killer bodies.”

While Kim headed upstairs Terri thought of Tony and his crew so she headed out on the deck to warm them. Terri found them working hard in the garden and when she got their attention Tony asked, “What’s the occasion? Why are you dressed?”

When Terri was finished telling them about the guests coming out to the house, Tony, his wife and sisters said they would put on their clothes until the people left. Terri said, “I assure you this is only a rare occasion and it’s only because of the nature of the business that needed to be discussed that caused everyone to wear something.”

Kim and Terri were sitting at the counter when the doorbell rang. Terri answered the door and saw a middle aged man and a young female standing on the porch. Terri extended her hand to the man saying, “Hello my name is Terri and I am the housekeeper for the Morrisons, how may I help you?”

The middle aged man spoke up saying, “My name is Brian Greene and this is my assistant Julie Owens. I’m here representing the law offices of Hurley, Greene and Barlotta. Are you Terri Powell?”

Terri said, “Yes, I’m Terri, please come in. Kim walked into the foyer and invited the pair into the den so they could talk privately. Once in the den Kim and Terri learned Julie was a stenographer and she was going to record everything Terri said to the police officer. Terri made a carafe of coffee and brought it into the den along with some snacks. Everyone helped themselves. While they were waiting for the officer to show up Kim and Brian talked quietly leaving Terri and Julie to talk with each other. When the door bell rang Terri immediately jumped up and left the room to go answer the door.

When Terri returned to the den she introduced Officer Gary Jones to each person in the room. After the introductions were finished Terri offered Gary some coffee and snacks before they got started. Once he had some coffee Gary got right down to business and asked some questions so he had a brief history on Terri. Before asking Terri to give her statement he asked Terri if she would consent to have her statement recorded. He explained a secretary at police headquarters would type the statement from the recording and have it ready for her signature later in the day.

Terri looked at the lawyer who nodded his head so Terri agreed. At first the Gary asked a few questions which Terri answered. Finally Gary said, “Terri, in your own words please tell me, in as much detail, what happened to you and who was involved.”

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