The Morning After Ch. 2

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“Yeah.” I wanted to cry, laugh, hell all of these emotions vying for attention right now. She just lay there and I let my mind drift to last night and how this situation had all started. My girlfriend of four years had left for college and never bothered to tell me it was over. Her parents had been the ones with the burden, so like her really. So who hears about it and shows up to cheer me up but my twin sister. She knocks on my door at eight o’clock holding a cold beer and hands it to me saying it was the first of many, and it was. I think the tears were waiting until she held me and then the torrent began. I felt like a baby but she cradled me and told me it would be OK. Then the beers started coming and the pain went away and the ‘talk’ began. She told me what a bitch what’s-her-name had been, we talked shit about her for an hour and then we the other questions came.

“So what’s your darkest fantasy?” She asked knowing how liquored up I was. I responded without thinking.

“Anal sex, never had it, but titty fucking is a close second.” Then I snapped my mouth shut realizing what I just said. Of course she was as shit faced as I was. “So what’s yours?” I slipped in while she opened a beer.

“Two guys.” She giggled and took a mouth full of beer. She responded and fired another one across my bow.

“What’s your favorite sex act you’ve ever experienced.” She looked at me over her beer as she drank waiting for my response.

“Blowjob, definitely a blowjob.” I paused only long enough for her to finish drinking. “You?”

“Well that we have in common, I love sucking dick.” The intensity should have warned me but I was too drunk to notice. Then the mood suddenly shifted she seemed on the verge of tears.

“What’s wrong?” I sat down next to her and held her hand. And all of sudden I was on the receiving end of her fears. She had been a cheerleader all through school, and now that she was going off to college she was concerned about being good enough to make the squad so far away from home.

“Have you been practicing?” She nodded and then asked if I could critique her routine. I said sure and she disappeared out of my room. It didn’t take her long to return in her uniform. I blinked a few times, it must have been the alcohol but she looked hot! I mean what guy doesn’t find the uniform and the woman in it desirable. The fact that she had put her hair up in ponytails, doing the whole little girl look only made her sexier. She put a CD she had grabbed into my player and chose a song and began to move with the music. My alcohol dulled senses missed all the clues but part of me didn’t my dick was semi hard. It was more like a lap dance tempo filling the room than cheerleading music, and when she took my hand and drew me to my feet I still suspected nothing.

She said she needed help with something and so when she cartwheeled into a handstand I grabbed her legs to steady her. Her skirt fluttered down and in her drunken haze she had forgotten to put any panties on. Her shaved pussy stared up at me and her musky scent kartal escort was starting to drive me wild. I licked my lips and looked up at the ceiling anywhere but at her hot wet slit. How it happened I don’t recall but I looked down once more and my head started to move between her legs drawn by drunken desire. The loss of my only source of sex and now here it was ripe for the licking. As my lips and tongue made contact with her flesh she groaned and pressed herself against me. Then she slowly lowered her arms and rolled her back, with me following all the way down to the floor. She was on her back and I lay atop her licking her pussy and clit with enthusiasm. Soon my fingers found their way into her and it was after that nice long groan that her hands started fumbling with my jeans. Determined as she was in that difficult position she managed to free my hard on. I nearly jumped when her lips wrapped around me.

She even hummed as she slid my dick in and out of her mouth. Somewhere she muttered for my ears alone, “Mmmm I love a good hard cock!” And then she was all business sucking and stroking as I licked and fingered her. We lay like that for a long time, the beer numbing me enough that I wasn’t even close to cumming. With a grunt she rolled me off of her and staggered over to my waist she then lowered herself on top of me spearing herself with my dick. Then the rest of her clothes seemed to leap off of her. I had never seen my sister’s body since we were kids taking baths together. But those were many years ago and now her firm breasts were exposed to my gaze I was torn between looking away and suckling them. You can guess which one won out, I sat up and groped one and started licking the other, teasing her nipples to full erection. She ground herself hard against me as I pleasured her tits. Her hips drove down hard and fast on me, filling her and grinding her clit against my hardness. Her panting filled my ears accented by the slapping sound of our bodies meeting. It was just after her first orgasm that I realized she had planned this whole thing. It never mattered to her that we were siblings, she must have been waiting for this for god only knows how long. I looked up into her angelic features, as the orgasm subsided and the rapture left her I asked her.

“You planned this didn’t you?” To answer me she brought her legs up and squatted over me and began to thrust hard and fast onto my fleshy spike. Then she stopped suddenly and pulled herself off of me. She crawled over near my head and knelt there on all fours with her pussy staring me in the face, literally. She had thrown down the gauntlet, if I didn’t want to fuck her I could leave but I had to walk away. I stood up and looked down at her perfect ass and here she lowered her head submissively and raised her butt higher in the air, so inviting. Damn her! I held the urge at bay for all of two seconds, maybe. I knelt down behind her and plunged into her, her gasp broke the silence. She didn’t make any move to aid me her body was there for my pleasure alone. I grabbed her hips maltepe escort bayan for leverage and slowly eased into her, in and out at a snail’s pace feeling every inch as her body gripped mine. I reached around to cup one breast and with the other teased her clit. I heard her suck in her breath, she was trying so damn hard not to make a sound. That is how it went for a while so I tried every trick I knew to eek a moan or groan out of her. I slammed into her one moment and then switch gears and eased into her the next.

Letting only the tip in her for several strokes and then thrusting the whole length after. Still no sound whatsoever so I tried a new tactic. I took the finger that had been lubricated inside of her and started easing it into her ass. I thought for sure she would complain crying out for me to stop but all I got was her pressing herself back forcing it deeper and faster into her. So as my dick caressed her pussy I finger-fucked her ass. I was so drunk I figured if she liked one finger, two would be better. I eased the second one in and was rewarded with a deep inhalation from my dear sister. Nice long dick strokes accented by short stabbing finger thrusts she was really grooving to this. I could feel her second orgasm building and it was coming hard and fast and I held on for dear life. She was pushing violently against me as she rode my dick to the brink and beyond. Her pussy began to convulse and much to my surprise I found myself spurting into her, I buried myself in her deep as I could and just stayed there. I folded myself over her as all strength left me, I knelt there blinking dumbfounded until the full realization hit me. I just fucked my sister, my twin sister! I rolled off of her and lay on the floor staring at the ceiling the guilt and afterglow mixing. And then she was looking down at me smiling still flushed from her experience.

“That was the best fuck I ever had! Bar none…” on and on she bragged about the toe curling pussy pounding she had gotten. She stopped her rant and looked at me, a look of genuine concern etched on her angelic face. “Hey are you OK? I really wanted this, don’t let all that other crap ruin this. We were great together, we fit so well, go figure.” I closed my eyes and tried to let go of the guilt and failed.

“I need a shower.” I got up and without making eye contact headed off to the bathroom to wash away the pain of my crime. I peeled off my clothes and reached over and started the water. As the cloud of steam rose up I flicked the switch and started the stream of water shooting out of the shower nozzle. I slipped into the falling water and let my mind go far away. I reached for the soap and began cleaning the funk from me. I rinsed and then wet my hair, standing under the flow letting the heat take my thoughts even farther still. I reached for the shampoo and turned chest first into the stream and began washing my hair. The first clue to her presence was the feel of her breasts pressing against my back. Her arms snaked around me and held me as her head touched escort pendik my upper back.

“I am so sorry.” I barely heard her over the water, her words scarcely a whisper. “I never meant to hurt you, if I could undo this I would, I was selfish.” I turned to face her and rinsed the shampoo from my hair. She hugged me again and again I felt her breasts against my chest and the heat of her womanhood against my crotch. In that moment my body betrayed me once again, I blamed the beer once more as my cock hardened shockingly swift. I never saw her smile but I heard her whisper just before her lips touched my dick. “This is for you.”

My hands were busy getting the shampoo out of my hair when I felt her warm wet mouth wrap itself around me. I tried to pull away but the pleasure was so unexpected I froze and let her continue. A part of me wanted this, and she obviously wanted it so I closed my eyes and let her take me away. Now her hands entered the mix and gently stroked, there was no hurry here. She would take as much time as was necessary for me to cum. Her tongue swirled around me and the heat of her mouth was almost too much. I shuddered and held on as her mouth was suddenly gone and then with eyes still closed I felt her pussy so snug and tight wrap around me. I heard her oohs and ahs as she slowly eased herself onto me. I blindly reached out and gripped her hips to help steady myself.

She began to move slowly impaling herself on me. Until I felt her ass against my crotch and she reached around and took my hand. I let her guide it where she would, straight to her unoccupied pussy. My eyes snapped open and saw myself hilted in her ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled and mouthed ‘just for you’. I started slowly pumping in and out, accepting her gift and letting go of the guilt. We both moved in sync ever so slowly pleasuring each other. We were one flesh again and I actually reveled in it. Her little noises built my passion, I fingered her clit as I eased in and out of her. Now her noises became grunts of satisfaction as I started to stroke harder and harder into her. The slapping of flesh was now drowning out the water. I was grunting right along with her as the tide of my pleasure started cresting. Her ass was so tight and her murmurs were driving me on to please myself.

“Come on, come on…” Over and over she chanted for me, like I was running a race and nearly at the end. So faster and faster I drove in and out panting with the heat of the shower and the exertion. I felt the wall of pleasure break over me and I cried out as I came in her once virgin ass. My knees buckled and she followed me to the floor of the shower the hot water washing away our fluids. I eased out of her slowly and held her in my arms. She was absolutely glowing, so pleased with herself. “You were my first.” A whisper barely audible over my crashing heartbeat.

“First?” And then I realized what she meant and I pulled her even closer. I wiped a stray hair from her face and leaned down and kissed her for the first time. She returned it with seemingly endless passion. I was exhausted however and needed my sleep. I pulled away finished rinsing off and helped her clean off as well. Then we dried off and she surprised me by following me to my bed. We crawled into be together and fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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