The Masseur

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He was working away from home and had been for some time now. He missed his family and home comforts and after a particularly hard week at work he was feeling stressed. He considered ways he could relax and distress himself. He was too tired for the gym; the cinema was no fun by yourself and the bars too noisy. Whilst flicking through the welcome brochure in the hotel bedroom he spotted an advertisement for a masseur: Highly Qualified English Masseur – no need to leave the comfort of your room – expert in deep muscle relaxation techniques and aromatherapy.

He thought it sounded just what he needed so carefully dialled the number….

Around an hour later after he had bathed and wrapped himself in a large fluffy bathrobe he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to see a petite redheaded woman standing there with a large bag. Welcoming her into his room, he was aware of her slim figure beneath a short, white masseurs overall. Her rounded breasts straining at the buttons that attempted to contain them. She introduced herself as Fee and asked if he had ever had a massage before. He recalled an over exuberant, big-boned masseur from his college days whose speciality was to leave you a physical wreck with neck problems. Fee laughed and smiled, assuring him that she would be gentle. Fee began to unzip her large bag whilst instructing him to take off his robe and lie on the bed, she passed him a large warm towel, “Don’t worry and try to relax, you can cover your modesty with this” she said. Fee turned to busy herself lighting an incense stick, dimming the lights and mixing a blend of fragrant oils to use on him as he lay on the bed slowly becoming accustomed canlı bahis to the atmosphere.

Fee’s touch was gentle and warm as she began to stroke him, the oil helping her small hands to glide over his skin. She started by running her fingers through his hair slowly and gently kneading his head, smoothing out the frown that his face had worn for the past weeks. Down his neck to his knotted shoulders she worked, pressing and stroking, almost draining the pressure from them. With one hand always in contact with his skin she stroked his arms, working the stress from them, rubbing the palms of his hands and gently squeezing and stretching each well-oiled finger.

Wow, this felt great. He was beginning to feel stirring sensations in his groin as he cautiously opened one eye to watch her work. He could feel her warm, oiled hands gliding over his chest, rolling and kneading the flesh. Her dark red, curly hair was tied back except for one long curl that had worked loose. It caressed her cheek as she worked, her face flushed and her eyes filled with a faraway look. The top two buttons of her overall had come open and as she leaned over him he had a perfect view of her tanned breasts and the deep valley between them. With only a towel to cover his modesty he was unable to hide the fact that his dick had become incredibly hard and swollen. He was desperately trying to think of other things but the sight and thoughts of her heaving breasts burned into him.

Her eyes widened as her hands moved down to his stomach and she noticed his huge bulge. She smiled as he blushed and tried to stammer an apology…..

“Shhhhhh,” she ordered as she slowly removed his bahis siteleri towel, revealing his hard as rock erection. Her warm, oiled hand gently grasped his throbbing dick and began to stroke it firmly, squeezing the head while her other hand massaged his aching balls. She spread his legs a little and began to massage underneath his balls, stroking and probing, applying a little pressure and searching for his asshole. Still wanking his gorged dick she inserted an oiled finger into his ass. He thought he would cum there and then it felt so good.

Leaning over him she unbuttoned the rest of her overall and let it slip from her shoulders, her nipples hardening before his eyes. He reached out and touched the silky skin, circling his fingers around the swollen nipple. She moaned out loud as he rubbed it between his fingers and leaned towards him as he gently took it into his mouth and sucked and licked it. Underneath her overall she was naked, her soft, tanned skin glowing in the dimmed light. She turned from him and leaned over him, rubbing his hard dick between her breasts then taking her pink tongue and licking along the length of his shaft, right the way down to his tight balls. Her wet lips slid over the head of his dick and began to suck him. He moaned as he watched his dick slide in and out of her hot mouth and his hands reached out to touch her.

With her legs already parted his fingers found her wet, shaven pussy and began to rub and probe. He was gasping as she sucked on his dick and his fingers fucked her wet hole, she pushed back onto his fingers and continued to suck him greedily. In a flash he had her dripping cunt above his face and her bahis şirketleri legs straddling him as he lapped at her juices, flicking her swollen clitty with his tongue and licking along her crack. She tasted so sweet as he drank in her juices, he buried his face into her as he felt her beginning to cum. He heard her moaning as it built and felt the tensing just before she finally let go, her wetness leaking out all over his face as he kept on licking and sucking her. He could feel her legs trembling as her cunt muscles spasmed.

He was ready to explode as she wanked him, keeping her mouth over the head of his hard dick, sucking him and wiggling the finger in his ass, then she stopped and turned around. Her pussy still dripping from her cumming she straddled his glistening dick and, using her hands, guided his swollen member into her hot hole. He watched her face and reached out to touch her breasts as she slowly impaled herself onto him, inch by inch, feeling every ridge and vein.

God! How he wanted to be inside that tight hole! She slid right down the shaft, covering him with pussy juice, then pulled up again, squeezing his dick with her tight slippery pussy. He grabbed her ass and began to fuck her harder, ramming his cock into her cunt, feeling her hips riding him. Her breasts squashed onto his chest, he could hear her moaning and panting as he fucked that sweet cunt hard and fast. He felt his balls tighten and could feel the cum rising through him, she felt it too and fucked him harder as he exploded into her, cumming and cumming and cumming.

He thought he would never stop as he shot hot spurts of cum into her eager, tight, hot young pussy. Her muscles encouraging him to cum harder and longer than he ever did before, squeezing every last drop from him. They collapsed into a sweaty, exhausted heap on the bed and strangely enough – he felt completely relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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