The Massage Club Pt. 03

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By reader demand I’ve added a third chapter. I liked the build up of this story, so resisted it going all the way for two chapters. You will enjoy this more if you read one and two.


The next day, a Saturday, Sam was half asleep in his bed when there was a soft knock on the door at around ten am. He had been having a dream about the various ways he wanted to participate in rampant violations of Massage Club Rule 3 with his sister. While massage club allowed a variety of erotic interaction, from whipped cream 69s to shower massage, Rule 3 was always obeyed. Rule 3 stated that there was absolutely no touching of the private parts during the massage.

“Come in,” he called out.

His sister Katy walked in, wearing the familiar black silk robe. “How ya’ doin brother,” she said softly.

“Exhausted,” he said. “Too many fantasies keeping me up.”

“Yeah, me too,” she grinned. “Listen, I was just thinking. Our parents don’t get here until late this afternoon, maybe we could, uh, have just one last Massage Club adventure.”

Sam woke up fast. “I’m intrigued, what do you have in mind?”

She didn’t answer, and instead took his hand and led him out of his room and into the shower. Without a word, she turned on the water, slipped out of the robe, and guided him inside. Once they were under the water, she leaned kartal escort into him and wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. He put his arms around her and stroked his hands up and down her back. They stood their holding each other in the warm water for a long time.

After a while she reached over and got the massage oil, and poured a ridiculous amount of oil in between their bodies. Then she slid her body up and down against Sam’s spreading the slick oil in between them. His hard cock quickly became covered in oil, and it felt amazing sliding across her oily body.

Then she turned away from him and put her hands up on the wall, bending forward slightly and inviting him to rub his cock on her ass. He stepped forward and put his hands on her hips, lining his hard cock along her ass crack and sliding it up and down. He poured more oil on her back and watched it slide down onto her ass and his cock. He watched mesmerized through the steam and splashing water of the shower as his cock glided through the oil and spread it around on her ass.

They had put so much oil on that the contact between them had become super slick, and as he slid his cock downwards, it suddenly slipped forward between her legs. She froze for just a moment as they stood there in the shower, his hard, slick cock poised at the entrance of her maltepe escort bayan warm, wet, oily pussy.

Neither moved an inch, not up or down or forward or backwards. They both just stood there quietly in the shower, feeling the intensity of the moment. The head of his cock was right there at the forbidden zone, the place where they had both said they didn’t want to go. But Sam knew he couldn’t stop now, and he could sense that his sister wasn’t stopping either.

Still, neither moved a muscle. Even though neither of them were moving, it felt like his cock was very gradually moving up inside her. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, his oily cock inched upwards, and her oily pussy inched downwards. After a good five minutes had passed, Sam felt like the head of his cock had fully entered her. Another five minutes went by, and he felt like another inch had eased it’s way inside. Then it felt like he was halfway inside, and they both realized it was inevitable.

He held her hips and looked down at the remaining half of his cock that had not yet entered her. He watched in fascination as he moved forward with only the slightest exertion and he saw it and felt it as his cock slipped in, all the way to the hilt. Katy exhaled and her body seemed to collapse back into him.

They had fully given in, and now that his escort pendik cock was buried inside her neither wanted to even move. They stood there in the shower, joined at the hip but frozen in place, as the warm water splashed down around them. If Sam hadn’t come nearly twice a day over the past week and a half, he likely would’ve lost his load immediately, without even moving.

Gradually, he began to slowly move his cock in and out, just an inch or two, then a little more, as they both warmed up to the motion and gave way further. It wasn’t long before Sam was taking long, slow thrusts, nearly coming out of her and then sliding back in, as she moaned and wriggled back against him. At some point Sam became aware that he was fucking his sister, and he realized it was far, far better than he had ever fantasized.

The desire that had built up over the past few weeks became unleashed, and Sam began to thrust in deeper and faster, until he found the hard fucking rhythm he was looking for, and then he had her bent over with his hands cupping her breasts, and he was fucking her as hard as he could without hurting her. He knew he wasn’t hurting her, because she kept saying “fuck yes”.

When he finally reached orgasm, it almost hurt how hard he came, and it didn’t seem like it would ever end. When it finally did, they both collapsed on the floor of the shower and let the warm water shower down over them as they collected themselves.

After a long while, Sam finally spoke up. “I’ve got a new rule,” he said.

“Oh yeah?” Katy asked.

“Yeah. Rule 3 is suspended in the shower on Saturdays.”

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