The Machine

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I was really enjoying the fact that I had my own house. It wasn’t just my own place but my own house! No landlord. No noisy neighbor. It was all mine! Though after a while, it started to sink in that this place was really big and I was all alone in it. The time I spent with John when I moved in was great but, that never really developed into anything. A few get togethers here and there but, nothing more. The occasional visit by friend or two broke up the loneliness but, I was kind of missing something.

A couple of months had passed since I had moved in. I was pretty much unpacked. I did still have a pile of small appliances that people had brought to me as a housewarming gift to put a way. And on top of that I had a major case of writers block. It is hard to put your adventures down on paper when you were not really having any adventures. I had spent so much time working on the house, I had little energy for anything else. I was getting frustrated. To make matters worse, there was more than one night where I had pulled out my toys planning to have a little me time only to fall asleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow. I was starting to question the universe’s intentions. I would soon find out that the universe always rewards you if you endure the suffering it puts you through.

One day, I got a call from Melinda. She asked if a large box had arrived on my door step. I told her no and that is when there was a knock on the door. There stood a delivery driver with a large box. I asked him to put it in the living room after he remarked that it was kind of heavy. Melinda was on the line the whole time.

“Oh, sweetie. You don’t want to open that until he leaves. Would be better if he could put it in your bedroom.” She remarked.

I could do nothing but blush. I was not sure what had just arrived to my home but, I had a feeling that it was something in the kinky category, knowing Melinda. The delivery guy left and Melinda told me to not open it and that she was on her way over. This both scared and excited me. What could she have possibly done?

Almost an hour had passed before Melinda arrived. She was carrying a gift bag in her hand. This got me even more suspicious. She came in and put the bag on my coffee table. We sat and talked for a bit. I asked her how things were going. Her expression saddened a bit. Since Tim’s accident, things had gotten worse and he was now wheel chair. His constant complaining had put a huge strain on their marriage. Melinda had even thought about divorce. I felt bad for my friend. I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. She quickly changed the subject to the box. I was still concerned with what was in it and the bag she brought.

“Don’t worry about the bag, yet! Let’s get this this thing set up first!” she told me.

We pulled the heavy box into my bed room. The closer we got the more of a strange and uneasy excitement started to wash over me. We cut it open casino oyna and started laying everything out. The parts were confusing. It looked like some sort of stand for garage or wood work. Stranger still was the huge disk and motor. Melinda smiled at me and grabbed a couple of pieces. “You are going to love this!”

She quickly started grabbing parts and began putting things together. She directed me to help and I did as she instructed. Before I knew it, there was a large metal structure standing in my room pointed towards my bed. Suddenly Melinda jumped up and ran into the living room. She came back in with the gift back.

“Now you can see what is in here.” She said as she handed me the bag.

I opened the bag to find three different sizes of dildos inside but these were different than I had seen before. The back side of them were threaded like a screw hole. A devious smile crept across her face as I suddenly realized what we had just put together, a sex machine. Melinda started to go into all its features like being adjustable, easy to put a way and so forth. Then she shocked me with her next comment. “I bought one for myself and loved it so much. I knew you would too!”

I was in a daze but, starting to feel really hot. Melinda told me to choose one of the toys. I stared at the middle sized one until she took it from me and started to put it on the frame. I stood up and instinctively started to strip. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but a sudden wetness between my legs seemed to take over my mind. As if my body said that I needed this.

I climbed on the bed and rested on my back. I was still lost in my mind that it took me moment to realize Melinda had taken her top off. She moved over to me and touched my knee. Again instinct took over and I spread my legs. My mind was racing with lust. I didn’t care anymore about how kinky this was, I did need this. I jumped a little when I felt Melinda’s hand reach down and touch my waiting mound. I could hear some wet sounds and I knew I was simply a flood down there.

Melinda came up to my face and kissed me. It wasn’t long but it was definitely passionate. She moved away and I heard her pushing the machine into the perfect position. I felt the artificial phallus pressing against my folds waiting to make its entry in to my sex. Then I heard the sound of the motor slowly buzzing to life. The toy slowly entered me and then stopped. I shifted so that as much of it was inside me as I could take without it coming all the way out. I looked over at Melinda who was holding a control box in her hand with a huge smile on her face.

“Are you ready?” she asked. I could only nod in response. The motor buzzed to life again and the toy began to move in and out of me. She was right, I loved it! I was already moaning and my breathing was heavy. I looked down my body to see my breasts flopping back and forth as the machine pistoned my pussy. Several minutes passed canlı casino and I had reached a plateau. Melinda noticed and sped the machine up. My moans became louder.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed over and over. Then I began to feel a very familiar feeling. Again Melinda sped up the machine. Faster and faster the machine pounded me. It was fantastic. I screamed out as my first climax hit. Melinda started to slow the machine but, I told her no. She smiled and put it back. I was on could nine. I was thrashing and moaning as a second and then a third climax hit. I did not know how bad I had needed this until then. Melinda finally turned the machine down and eventually it stopped.

She pulled the toy from me and then crawled up on the bed next to me. I was completely out of breath. She asked me if I enjoyed that and again all I could do was nod. We kissed and she petted my body for a while before she asked me if I wanted to try something else. I agreed and she jumped off the bed. She quickly changed the toy to the biggest size she had bought. It was pretty big and I was concerned it would be painful. She directed me to my hands and knees with my ass pointing off the bed. I knew this was going to be interesting. My head was full of lust again as I felt her applying some extra lubricant to my soaked sex. She pushed the end of the toy back into me. I had an instant sensation of fullness. To my surprise, it did not hurt at all. Once again she asked if I was ready.

“Wait.” I said. “I want you to have some fun too.”

“What do you have in mind, sweetheart?” she asked.

With a mind full of lust I simply blurted out, “I want to lick you while this thing fucks me!”

That was all the encouragement Melinda needed. She was quickly out of her clothes and on the bed. She spread her legs as she got in position in front of me. Greedily I planted my face on her mound. She was wet from excitement already. She gasped as my tongue touched her clit. I felt her hand reach out and rub my head. Suddenly the buzzing returned.

The machine once again came to life. Slowly at first, the toy filled my insides. As my desire increased so did my efforts on my sexy friend. I was rewarded by the sounds of her moans and an increase in speed from the machine.

Faster and harder the toy pounded me. My mind was gone. All I wanted was for this metallic lover to keep me in this state of pure bliss. It didn’t take long for me to reach yet another orgasm. As usual, once I have one, they just keep on coming. I continued to lick Melinda. Getting my tongue as deep inside as I could. She screamed out over and over. She drove her hips into my face like mad. I had to switch out and rub her clit with my hand when I started to have trouble concentrating with my mouth. I kept it close occasionally darting out my tongue to help my fingers.

Melinda thrashed and squirmed. My head was swimming as I felt my climax take over. I broke off from kaçak casino her sex and began bucking and screaming. It was the most intense orgasm I had yet! As it subsided, I went back to her. I firmly planted my mouth back on to her. Slurping and licking her juices as they flowed from inside her. My face was covered with her. I felt pressure on my head as she pushed my face into her. Bucking like a wild horse, she came. Panting and screaming she held my head to her pussy until it started to subside.

As she released her grip, I raised my head and smiled at her. She smiled back, out of breath. As she lowered her arms, she accidently bumped the control box to the machine. The nob moved to the maximum position. The machine loudly buzzed to life and began to move the artificial cock in and out of me at a pace no person could ever duplicate. My eyes rolled in to the back of my head. It was the most intense fucking I had ever experienced.

A look of horror came over Melinda’s face as she scrambled for the controls. I grabbed her hand with what mental power I could muster as if to say, not yet. She understood and continued to look on with both shock and amazement. Orgasm after orgasm came over me. I couldn’t tell when one ended and another began. I could feel my self becoming drenched from the fluids that flooded out of me. The brutality of the machine never seemed to let up. I started to feel pain as I had reached the limit of my body but I was so lost in lust and pleasure I couldn’t speak.

Bit by bit my body gave out. First my arms collapsed causing me to fall chest first on the bed. Then my legs began to give out. I could not collapse due to the machine being so deep that it almost held me in place. Luckily, this problem solved itself.

The machine frame had begun to wobble from the odd position I was in. Several forceful thrust later it fell over popping the large dildo from me. I collapsed on to the bed, completely spent and barely able to breathe. Melinda quickly shut off the machine and charged in to me scooping me up in her arms. Holding me, she asked if I was okay. I could only reply, “Damn”.

My body was nearly numb. The extreme pounding I had just taken put my sense of touch into over drive. Every time Melinda rubbed me, I nearly jumped from mini orgasms. After I finally regained myself, I looked at her and smiled. “That was one hell of a housewarming gift.” I joked.

She laughed and said she was glad I was okay. It terrified her to see how much force the machine was using on me. I joked back that at least it taught me my limit and that she should try it. She shook her head no and made me promise not to ever try that without someone else with me. I agreed. I wasn’t sure I could do that again even if someone was around to watch. She held me until I fell asleep. I woke up sometime later to a note letting me know she had to go home to take care of Tim and that next time she came over, she was bringing a safety measure to keep the machine from ever getting out of control again.

As I read the note, I chuckled. She was right about one thing, I certainly did love it and was sure I would be using it again.

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