The Lovesicle

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The idea first came to me a few years ago. I had begun to contemplate purchasing a dildo, but was not ready to walk into a store and buy one. I put my mind to the challenge of making one of my own, and suddenly it hit me — fill a condom with water, and then freeze it! Cheap, easy, and it was rather unique, according to my lover.

The evening started as many do, enjoying a lazy day off of work. It was a bit warm, and she made a reference to wishing for ice cream.

“If you really want something to cool you down, I have a little surprise for you,” I teased, not sure if she would be at all receptive to the idea.

Feeling a bit frisky, she replied “and exactly what kind of surprise is it?”

“Why don’t you go into the bedroom, get naked, and I’ll come in there and show you.”

It wasn’t the most romantic line ever spoken, but she headed off to the bedroom anyway. I quickly undressed and then headed over to the freezer to pick up “the Lovesicle.” Planning ahead, I brought it in a small tupperware bowl, so I’d have a place for it to rest when not in use.

“Close you eyes,” I told her as I rounded the corner into the bedroom, and she complied.

I sat on the bed, and leaned over to give her a long passionate kiss, starting on her right cheek (which was nearer to me) and working over to her beautiful lips, which I brushed with mine before kissing her. We spent a few minutes just kissing like teen-agers. She is a great kisser, by the way!

My right hand had been holding “the Lovesicle,” and it was a bit cold by this point. I slowly brushed a cold finger against her right nipple. Her back arched in a combination of pleasure and surprise, and her nipple, already a bit firm from our foreplay, stood quickly to full attention as my cold fingers brushed across it.

I teased her nipple for another minute or so, then I moved my face down and gently blew warm air across the same nipple, eliciting another arch in her back, and causing a slight moan of pleasure to escape her lips.

By this point, “the Lovesicle” had a few drops of condensation around it. I gathered a few drops onto my fingers, and began to trace little circles randomly across her supple skin, causing goosebumps to arise wherever I traveled. I continued to “refill” my finger with the condensation from “the Lovesicle” and slowly traveled from her beautiful tummy both higher and lower, brushing nipples on one pass, then heading down and teasing the beginnings of her neatly trimmed nether regions on the next.

Her breathing slowly increased as I continued. “This is a sexy way to get cool,” she said, with her delicate voice sounding just a bit flustered, as though someone had caused her body to be not quite under her full control. (If you haven’t been following, that was me, by the way.)

Taking this as my cue, I brought “the Lovesicle” up in my hand casino siteleri on the next pass, and slowly started caressing her skin with it. As it first touched her skin she jumped a bit, even releasing an involuntary gasp, but she quickly settled down to fully enjoy the sensation.

I began as I had with the first drops of condensation, on her tummy, slowly wandering both higher and lower. A brush against the bottom of her right breast here, then trailing down to her lower hairline. A few slow, deliberate circles around her navel, and then a long slow expedition across her breasts to just behind her left ear, which caused a bit of giggling. Apparently this tickled her a bit, especially as it brushed her ear lobe.

I leaned over and licked a single drop of cool water from her ear lobe at this point, and began following the trail of “the Lovesicle” with my tongue. The cool water, mixed with just a hint of salt from her skin, felt wonderful on my tongue.

Reaching her left nipple, I circled “the Lovesicle” several times around the areola, watching as the nipple itself grew fuller and more firm. When I finally brushed it directly upon the nipple, she again released an involuntary gasp, and writhed in pleasure. (At this point, I was later told, she reached her first orgasm, but being a male, I wasn’t totally sure at the time!)

After several more slow passes across and around this nipple, I took it into my mouth. It was cold, hard and wet, and felt incredible against my lips and tongue. I sucked greedily on it, and felt it slowly warm up as I shared my warmth with it.

While sucking on her left nipple, I guided “the Lovesicle” to her right nipple, where it circled and crossed several times. After a few minutes of this, “the Lovesicle” and I switched sides, eliciting more gasps and moans. We swapped sides two or three more times, each time with favorable results from my lovely partner.

Not sure how far she would let this continue, I wanted to try something different. I slowly directed “the Lovesicle” to her beautiful face. She grinned as the cold toy grazed her lips for the first time, a drop of condensation remaining upon her upper lip as the toy slid along the lower. I brushed it along the outer sides of her lips, then across the inner parts. As I hoped, she parted her lips gently, and as I made another pass across them, she opened a bit more, inviting the cold toy (which having kept her eyes closed all this time, she still hadn’t seen) into her mouth.

As she felt “the Lovesicle” brush the entrance to her mouth, she gracefully reached out with the tip of her tongue to assess this new giver of pleasure. She moaned lightly as the cold toy touched her tongue, and opened her mouth wider to accept it.

I turned “the Lovesicle” so it was now pointed straight down toward her mouth, and slowly allowed it to slide between her canlı casino lips. Not wanting to force it into her mouth, I was pleasantly surprised when she raised her head from the pillow to take more of it.

She was now sucking on “the Lovesicle,” and watching her made me incredibly excited. My lover is quite adept at providing oral pleasure, and the sight of her doing so had me near the point of explosion! She would lick playfully at the tip, and then slowly slide down the length of the frozen shaft. It was incredible to see, my beautiful lady lovingly sucking upon another phallus.

I laid down next to her as I continued to feed her “the Lovesicle,” and began to nibble upon her right earlobe. As I kissed my way around to her lips, she reached up with her left hand and guided our toy to my mouth. She opened her eyes for the first time since our little experiment had started, just in time to watch “the Lovesicle” slide between my lips.

It was really cold against my lips and tongue, but I was completely turned on by my lover watching me in this most taboo of acts. I tried to imitate her technique, teasing for a bit and then taking it all in. I was apparently doing a pretty good job, as she moaned a bit while watching.

We shared our toy orally for a few more minutes, kissing each other and licking the shaft between us, or one sucking as the other watched. (We have discussed and even used toys to explore fantasies of inviting other men to join us, but so far they are just fantasies.)

After all of this action, “the Lovesicle” was beginning to melt a bit. The core was still solid, but between the core and the condom, a thin layer of water was forming. I knew that we should move on the next phase of the operation before it was too late.

I slowly began tracing “the Lovesicle” back down along my lover’s body, heading South, stopping along the way for a quick visit to the nipples, and a brief sojourn around the navel. We reached the lower hairline, and then began to trail down her left leg, staying on the top as we headed down her shapely thigh, and drifting toward her inner thigh on the return journey. Sensing what I intended, she slowly parted her legs.

Taking care not to contact her sex, I navigated “the Lovesicle” back above the hairline and down along the other thigh, eliciting a groan of dissatisfaction from my lover. Now, on her right thigh, I took the same path, along the top heading South, and then along the inner thigh for the trip home.

There was little subtlety as she moved her thighs even further apart, and even wiggled her beautiful bottom a bit as “the Lovesicle” neared its destination.

As we neared her sex this time, I directed “the Lovesicle” along her right outer lip. She shuddered and gasped as it touched her in the most sensitive of places. It traveled along her outer lip and up and around her kaçak casino clitoris, causing an outright cry of pleasure somewhere between a scream, moan, and primal mating call.

“Was that okay?” I queried, not knowing if this would be too much for mortal woman to bear.

“Don’t stop” she pleaded, barely able to speak as her body was nearly out of her mind’s control.

Taking instruction well, I again directed my toy down toward her hairline, this time making a beeline for her clitoris. Another primal cry was released as “the Lovesicle” made contact with her clitoris, and she shuddered continually as we traveled along her outer lips.

I rubbed “the Lovesicle” along her clitoris now, masturbating her with the cold hard toy, and with my other hand I began fingering her extremely wet sex.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned as I kept both motions going.

After a bit of this, I guided the lovesicle to her opening, slowly tracing along her lips with the tip. I also began to suck on her clitoris, enjoying its cold sweetness in my mouth.

“Do you want me to fuck you with this toy?” I asked, her body having already given me my answer.

Her “yes” was barely distinguishable from all the other unintelligible moans, groans and grunts, but her body left no doubt as to her intentions. She was as wet as I had ever seen her, and as I stopped sucking and gazed into her beautiful blue eyes, I knew that she was having one of the most incredible experiences of her life.

Feeling the cold wetness of “the Lovesicle” in my hand brought me back to my current assignment, which I renewed with vigor.

I set it at the entrance to her sex, and slowly pushed it in. Another gasp let me know I was on target, and I slowly pushed it in and wiggled it around for a few seconds before pulling it out. As I got my technique down, I leaned in and began to suck once again on her clitoris. She was obviously enjoying this (or speaking in tongues while having a full body seizure), but after a moment she asked me to stop.

“It’s getting really cold down there!” she shared, sound quite disappointed at having to stop.

Removing “the Lovesicle,” I climbed on top of my lover and slid myself into her. We both moaned in ecstasy, she from being filled again, and I from the unexpected sensation of cold around my penis.

It was like nothing I had felt before — the cold caused me to become even harder than I was, and heightened every sensation in my body. As I thrust into her, I felt her body temperature slowly return to normal, another unique sensation!

Once she was sufficiently renewed, I moved back to the side and resumed pleasuring her with “the Lovesicle.” as soon as the cold hit her sex, she returned to her state of bliss, and remained there through two or three more temperature changes.

As “the Lovesicle” was now nearly halfway melted, we decided this would be a good time to stop. We were both satisfied and exhausted, and she glowed for the next two days!

I have a second “Lovesicle,” waiting patiently behind the Christmas ham in the freezer. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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