The Looking Glass Ch. 01

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All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


Ryan walked around town to find something for his mother’s birthday, he didn’t have or wanted to spend a ton of cash on her as they weren’t that close to begin with. His mom developed a bitchy attitude ever since he started working. But she was still his mother and he still did love her.

Ryan was just out of high school and had a job at the local gym. The pay was poor, but he got to use all the exercise equipment that he wanted to, as long as he wasn’t working at the time, which also helped to keep his young 20 year old body firm.

He never had any trouble dating any girl he went after. His dark hair and brown eyes made him look quit handsome. But Ryan developed a taste for the more mature women once he started at the gym, and with all the older women trying to stay toned, he didn’t have much trouble getting his fill.

That didn’t go over well with Lisa, Ryan’s mother. At 38 she looked more like 28, but felt like she was 48, if that makes any kind of sense. Lisa didn’t care for Ryan chasing women her age and older. But he was an adult now and she knew she couldn’t stop it.

Lisa’s appearance wasn’t the only thing that looked 28, her body did also, her size c chest and slim waist were in perfect proportion to her 5 foot 6 height. Lisa’s long dark hair and blue eyes were the envy of all her friends.

Lisa and Ryan were the only family they had; Ryan’s dad had died in a car crash just before his 19th birthday, leaving him and his mom to fend for themselves. The insurance he had did help, but the policy wasn’t large enough to set them up for life, they both had to work to make ends meet.

As Ryan walked around, he eyed a strange store with a bunch of odd looking things in the window. He figured that it wouldn’t hurt if he took a look around, maybe something might spark his interest. And besides how expensive could any of that stuff be, it all looked used.

As Ryan entered the store a bell chimed above his head.

Wow, how old fashioned is that, he thought.

The place almost didn’t look like it was open; it was kind of dark with a bunch of old incandescent lights that dangled from the ceiling. Large rows of metal storage selves were throughout the place and the wooden floors were all dusty and squeaked with every step he took.

“May I help you?” A voice cried out from behind a slate top counter.

Ryan turned to face a very old man. He looked ancient to Ryan, maybe 70 or older, his hair was all white and he was hunched over a little. He reminded Ryan of an old shoe cobbler.

“Just wanted to take a look around if that’s okay.” Ryan said.

“Anything in particular you looking for.”

“I’m not sure. My mom’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her something.”

“A gift for your mom you say. Well tell me son, you and your mom close”

What kind of a question is that to ask, Ryan thought to himself?

“I’m sorry if I seem to be prying, it would just make it easier for me to help you if I knew what kind of a relationship you have, I might be able to figure out what type of gift to suggest. “

“Not very close at all, as a matter of fact I think it’s gotten worse since dad died.”

“Oh I’m very sorry for your loss son. As a matter of fact I lost my mother a couple of years ago so I kind of know what it’s like to lose a loved one.”

“Well thank you but dad and I weren’t close at all, as a matter of fact, I use to be closer to mom, well until then.”

“So you think maybe your mom changed after your dad passed away.”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Well I might have just the thing, but I have to go upstairs and dig it out. I’ll be right back, can you watch the place for me while I’m gone.”

Ryan really didn’t want to, but the gentleman did seem genuinely interested about finding a gift for his mom.

“Okay no problem.”

“Thanks I’ll be right down.”

And the old man walked over to an old storage elevator and left.

Ryan listened as he heard the cables going up the elevator shaft. He heard the elevator door creak open and herd the old man walking around above him. Ryan listened as it seemed like the old man was moving something that was big.

The elevator door creaked shut and he heard the old man coming back down. The door opened and he watched as the old man made his way closer to him, as he carried a large object covered with a sheet.

The old man uncovered the object and this large oval sized mirror was staring at Ryan. The edges of the mirror were gold with leaf carvings completely encircling it. The back was flat and was gold colored also. The mirror was attached to a gold base that looked like a pair of lion’s feet.

“Well there she is son. I think your mother is going to love this.”

Ryan didn’t want to hurt the old man feelings, not after all the work he knew the guy put into digging this out for him.

“Errr thanks mister, but I was looking for something a bit smaller for her.”

“Son listen illegal bahis to me. If you want your relationship back to the way it use to be with your mom, this is your answer. Do you know what this is?”

“Um yeah it’s a mirror.”

“No it’s not a mirror, it’s a looking glass. But it’s not just a regular looking glass either, it has special abilities.”

Ryan now figured the guy must be a nut job, special abilities, he just had to ask.

“What special abilities.”

“I know what you’re thinking son, this guy is a flake, but trust me, I had a similar problem with my mom in my youth. I got her this looking glass and it changed our lives forever. But before I let you have this, you have to promise me something first.”

“What’s that.”

“When the time is right, I need you to smash it apart.”

“You want me to break this mirr.. I mean looking glass?”

“Yes, and bury it someplace that no one will ever find it again.”

“And when will I know the right time.”

“You’ll know it when you set it, do he have a deal.”

Ryan thought long and hard , but figured the best way out was not having enough money, it had to be very expensive.

“I guess so, so how much is it any ways?”

“It’s my gift to you. I was given this by a man that helped me and my mom so very long ago; it’s my turn to return the favor.”

Ryan was now getting interested in what the gentleman was saying. Maybe this wasn’t bullshit.

“So why didn’t you smash the mirror.”

Ryan waited for an answer; the old man looked like he was deep in thought.

“Because I was weak. I wish I did, things might have turned out different. I miss her so much now.”

Ryan felt the pain that was emanating out of the old man. Ryan wished he had a bond that close.

Maybe I should give this mirror thing a try, Ryan pondered, what’s the worst that could happen, his mom not like the gift.

“Okay I guess we have a deal, but I’m going to need someone to help me get this home.”

“Nope, I’ll gift-wrap it and have it delivered to your address.”

Ryan agreed and gave the old man his address. As he left the store he took one look back at the old man and thought, I hope there’s some truth to this looking glass thing, I would love to get back to being close to mom.

The next day, Lisa was home doing her daily chores, when the door bell rang, she walked over and glanced out the side window. Standing at the doorway were two gentlemen with a large crated package.

Lisa opened the door and greeted the men.

“May I help you”

“Yes we have a package here for a Lisa Simmons.”

“That’s me. Who’s this package from.”

“It doesn’t say ma’am, I just need your signature right here.” And he handed Lisa the clip board for her to sign.

They brought the package into the living room and removed the crate. Lisa could see the item was still quit large and was wrapped like a present, there was a card on the side that said happy birthday from Ryan.

Lisa couldn’t believe her son went through all this trouble for her birthday present. But she was giggling to herself in excitement as to what it might be. Lisa pondered over the idea of maybe opening it up early. But decided against it, if her son put this much into it, she had to wait and let him see her surprised look.

Ryan showed up at home an hour later, he was exhausted from work. The normal lady that did the fitness class had called in sick and Ryan had to step in and do her routine. All he wanted to do was take a shower and crash.

Lisa ran up to her son and have him a big hug. Ryan had to do a double take, his mom hasn’t done this in years.

“Thank you honey for the present. It arrived awhile ago.”

“Listen Mom don’t get too excited over this, I’m not even sure if you’re going to like it or not.”

“Of course I’m going to like it. You got it for me.” Lisa said as she kissed him on the cheek.

Ryan now hoped she did like it, after seeing how excited she was.

“Ryan why don’t I open it now, I know my birthday is two days away, but this box is taking up so much of the living room.”

Ryan just wanted to get into that hot shower he was hoping for, and to just relax and do nothing for the rest of the evening. If opening that box was going to get him there faster, he had no problem with it.

“Yeah mom that sounds like a good idea.”

Lisa hastily walked over to the box and began to peel the paper off it. Finding a corner of the cardboard she pulled a side off.

Lisa didn’t know what to think, this big gold looking glass was reflecting back at her. It’s been years since she has ever seen one. Her mother use to have on in her bedroom and she would use it see how she looked in her attire, making adjustments to her clothes as she twirled around checking out her figure.

“So mom, what do you think.”

“Ryan, I just love it. Please help me carry it up to my bedroom.”

Ryan grabbed an end and they made their way up the stairs to Lisa’s room and set in the corner between the two windows.

Lisa illegal bahis siteleri stood back and checked out her own reflection in the looking glass.

“Oh thank you so much honey, I just love this gift. Where on earth did you ever find it?”

“Well a small shop down town had it; a very nice old man suggested I get it for you.”

“Well please tell him I love it, will you.”

“Sure thing mom. Now if you don’t need me anymore, I would love to grab a shower.”

“Oh, sorry honey, yes I’m done, you can go and take your shower, I just want to admire this some more.”

Ryan turned and headed to the bathroom. Stripping down, he wasted no time getting in and just relaxing as the hot soothing water splashed over his back.

Lisa was still in her room admiring her new gift. She made slight adjustment by tilting it up and down until her entire body could be viewed in it.

Lisa stood in front of the looking glass checking out her own figure. She caught movement on her bed behind her, quickly she spun around, but no one was there. Feeling kind of silly, Lisa went back to looking at herself. But again she saw movement. Lisa stepped slightly aside and was able to see two people on her bed. Slowly Lisa turned to look, but again no one, she turned back to the looking glass and the people were still there. Clearly she’s looking at two people, one is a older women around 40ish and the other is a young man maybe in his yearly 20’s. They seem to be having some kind of a conversation as they were seated on her bed. A chill ran through Lisa’s body as she continued to look at her imaginary guests.

Then Lisa heard the bathroom door open and it drew her attention away from the mirror, when she looked back the images were gone. Lisa had to sit down, she plopped on her bed, but quickly stood back up, after she realized that’s where she seen her intruders. I must be overtired, Lisa thought. How else could she have imagined that? Lisa blew off the visions and went back down stairs to finish her chores.

Ryan was in his room and felt refreshed after his hot shower, he changed into a pair of loose sweats and made his way downstairs he felt a little hungry and figured he’d grab something out of the fridge and watch a show on the tube before he headed off to bed. He found some left over spaghetti from the night before and zapped it in the microwave. His mom was still running the vacuum in the living room so he waited until she was finished before heading in to catch a show. He heard her turn it off and headed into the room with his plate.

“Ryan where do you think you’re going with that plate.”

“I was going to eat it in the living room and catch some tv.”

Lisa was a little upset with him. She knew he must of heard her cleaning in there, and now he wanted to make a mess as soon as she finished cleaning up. But she also was still happy with her gift he bought, and figured she’d let his inconsideration go, at least for tonight.

“Please just make sure you keep the room tidy for me, I did just clean in there.”

“No problem mom, I’ll even wash the plate when I’m done for you.”

“Thank you sweetie.”

Lisa was amazed that Ryan suggested he would clean up his own plate. She definitely felt over tired now. Cleaning the house and working a full time job at the same time was taking a lot out of her.

Lisa put the vacuum away and turned out all the lights downstairs, living the light on in the room that Ryan was in.

“Ryan I’m heading to bed, please turn off that light and check the doors before you head up.”

“I will mom. Good night.”

“Good night honey and thank you again for the gift. I really do love it.”

“I’m glad you like it mom.” Ryan said, and went back to watching the tv.

Lisa went straight to her bedroom and changed out of her clothes, tossing her bra, shirt and pants in a hamper she opened her dresser drawer and took out a light sheer pink slip it barely covered her panties that she had left on. Lisa slipped into it and tucked herself in the bed; she reached over and flicked the out off on her night stand.

As she rested her head on her pillow she thought about the vision she saw in the looking glass earlier.

Lisa turned her head and glanced over at it, the angle it was in gave her a clear view and she was able to see herself as she laid in her bed. Lisa found some humor in what she thought she had seen.

I just have to be tired, she thought and turned over on her side and went to sleep.

Ryan did as he promised and washed the dish he dirtied; he checked all the doors and turned out the light. Ryan was dead tired himself and wasted no time heading to his room; he stripped down to his underwear and just plopped onto his bed, in record time he was out.

As the night progressed Lisa began to dream, foggy in her mind at first but as she dreamt it became clearer. Her dream took her into the mirror and to the people she saw in there. She watched as they sat on her bed and were having a conversation. The words she couldn’t make out were now able canlı bahis siteleri to be heard. Lisa listed as they talked to one another.

“Mom I don’t understand. Why do you think this it’s wrong. I love you so much. How can it be so wrong.”

“Because Jason, it’s incest. We have to stop before the community finds out. They’ll think we’re possessed by the devil and burn us both.”

“But mom I can’t help it. I need you, I don’t care if what they think. Why can’t we just leave the community and live somewhere that no one would bother us.”

“Oh honey, I wish we could, but it’s impossible we’d never make it out in the wilderness on our own.”

Lisa watched her room change into some other place, it looked like an old wooden cabin, there was a fireplace with a big black kettle hanging over it. The room was only light by the firelight and she seen her new guests dressed in early colonial attire.

The mother wore a black dress with a white apron, and her son had on black paints that went to his shins with a pair of high white socks. His pants were held up by a pair of suspenders that were over a white ruffled shirt.

In the flickering light Lisa watched as the mother pulled her son closer to her and snuggled him into her breast and hugged him close.

“Oh honey if only we could leave, I do know how much you love me. I love you just as much, but we have to stop this, for our own sake.”

Lisa caught a shimmer from the fire, she turned and stared at the dark corner of the room. There was the looking glass. Lisa’s attention was drawn back to the Unknown people when she heard a soft moan.

In front of her eyes she watched as the son had opened the front of his mother’s dress and was sucking on one of her large breasts.

“Oh Jason. Please stop, you don’t understand what can happen to us.”

The door to the cabin smashed open. Four men entered and grabbed hold on them both.

“Evil has taken over these poor souls.” a man yells.

“Your bodies must be cleansed for this damming act before it infests the rest of the community.”

“Please, please forgive us, my son didn’t know any better and I was to weak to fend him off.”

“God is the only person that can forgive you now. Take them away and ready the fire, we must hasten before Satan leaves their bodies and damns some other poor soul.”

Lisa screamed and awoke quickly, she jumped out of bed in total fright by what she had dreamt. She turned and looked at the looking glass that sat in her room.

Ryan was awakened by his mothers horrify scream and dashed to her room, he flung the door open and quickly turned on the light.

“What’s wrong mom!” Ryan anxiously expressed, as he caught sight of his mother standing in the room barely dressed.

Ryan couldn’t believe what his mom had on. Her breasts were covered by the thin material, but he could clearly see her areolas through it. He also couldn’t help but see her white string panties and how they barely covered her mound. He felt his dick begin to stiffen. Ryan strained to keep his eyes focused on his mothers face.

“Oh honey, it was nothing, I just had a terrible dream, I’m okay now, please go back to sleep, and thank you for coming to my rescue.” Lisa said, as her own eyes caught sight of her young son standing before her in nothing but his white briefs. His crotch jetted out and showed his bulge to her. Lisa watched as the bulge increased in size, she forgot for a moment what she was wearing.

“Oh honey, please leave, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh I’m so sorry mom.” Ryan said and quickly turned his head away.

“I’ll get the light. Goodnight mom.” he said as he left his mother’s room and quickly closed the door.

“Goodnight honey.” Lisa yelled as her young man left.

Lisa slipped back into bed flustered by everything that just happened, the terrible nightmare, seeing her son get excited by her almost nakedness.

Why did she dream that, what could it mean. Why was the looking glass there? Nothing made any sense to her. Lisa struggled to try and get some sleep but the images haunted her the rest of the night.

Ryan was having troubles of his own. As he returned to his room he couldn’t shake the image of his mother in her almost naked attire. Getting back into his bed the image kept rolling over and over again as he pictured her perky tits jetting out of her transparent sleep attire. His mouth began to salivate as he pictured her almost visible pussy. Ryan’s hand began to move to his groin as the image of his mother kept playing in his mind. His fingers snaked around his cock and he found himself stroking off to the sexy image that danced in his head. Faster and faster he stroked as the image seared his mind.

“Oh god oh.” Ryan said, as his dick shot hot cum all over his hand and bed.

Ryan became confused by what he just did. He knew his mom was sexy, but until then he never had any sexual tendency towards her.

I think I need to get laid, Ryan exclaimed, feeling that must of been the reason for his incestual act.

Ryan grabbed some tissues from his night stand and cleaned himself up as best as he could and returned back to his bed, but like his mother, he found it difficult to sleep that night and just laid in bed as the image of his mother danced in his mind.

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