The Locked Door Pt. 05

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A few days had passed since Mike had submitted to his sister-in-law after his realisation that it was the only way to save his marriage to Fiona. Those days had been a whirlwind. Most of the time they had lived together, as any family would, sharing meals, watching movies, going out for drinks at the local pub, but each day there had been something ‘different’, something which no normal family would ever do. With both Fiona and Mike submitting to Sarah, they were at the mercy of her will, and she made sure that each day they were reminded of that, each day there was some act of service they performed for her.

For Mike it was almost like a dream come true. In one day he had gone from feeling as though divorce was imminent, to making things up with his wife and gaining a place as a slave to a beautiful, dominant woman, a lifelong fantasy finally realised. He was in his own personal heaven.

Fiona, too, reflected on the events of the past week. She was so happy that Mike could now be a part of her and Sarah’s life and he had taken to it like a duck to water. Fiona was submissive, but Mike seemingly took that to another level, she wondered if there was anything that Sarah could ask of him which would see him refuse – at this point in time she seriously doubted it.

She turned over in bed and rested her head against Mike’s chest. He was still asleep and she could feel his heart beating against her ear as his strong chest rose and fell beneath her. There could be nothing more relaxing. She trailed a hand down his body, across his abdomen and between his legs, she felt the cold plastic of his chastity device and smiled to herself. It had only been a few days, but she had expected him to have complained about it by now, but he had endured it well and seemed totally unphased by its presence.

She wondered what it would feel like if she were denied the right to orgasm for a whole month. Obviously there had been times in her life where this had happened, by accident, but given everything they were all going through right now, and how horny she became every second she was with her sister, it seemed like such a sentence would be incredibly hard to bear. Perhaps Mike really is much stronger than she though, so far his willpower has been phenomenal – perhaps his desire to please his wife and his mistress was so intense that he truly had transcended his individual feelings and was able to think only of his own redemption for what he had done. Either way, Fiona couldn’t help but feel proud of him.

He stirred beneath her, roused from his sleep by Fiona’s gentle embrace. “Good morning,” he yawned.

“Good morning,” came the reply, Fiona was already wide awake. “Did you sleep well?” she asked.

“Like a log.” He turned over to see her and kissed her gently on the lips.

“I’m amazed you can sleep with that thing on, doesn’t it hurt at all?”

Mike laughed, “You’d think so, but no, it’s weirdly comforting I suppose, although there are always a couple of times in the night where I get an erection, that usually wakes me up.”

“I thought you couldn’t get an erection in one of those?” asked Fiona, surprised.

“You can’t, technically. That’s why it wakes me up. If I get hard in the night it fills the device and then starts to pull it away from my body, stretching my balls and waking me up.”

“That can’t be nice.”

“I’m getting used to it, although, I imagine it’ll only get worse as I get more and more horny, this is only day three. Twenty-four to go.”

Fiona smiled to herself, it was good that he took his chastity so seriously, it showed her just how eager he was to try and make amends and fix things between them. She was also glad that Sarah was in charge of when he would be unlocked, because if it was up to her she would probably have done it by now – and that would not be a long enough penance for him.

Fiona swung herself out of bed, “I’m going to take a shower, if you want to join me?”

She walked into the en-suite and turned on the water. This shower was far better than the one they had at home, more like the type you’d find in a fancy hotel than in a normal home, but then, nothing about this home was normal. She stepped through the glass and let the water cascade down her body, reinvigorating her, allowing herself to feel fully awake. She closed her eyes as the water flowed down over her head, flattening her dark hair against her body.

Mike joined her moments later, similarly enjoying the sensation of the warm water bringing him to life, preparing him for the day ahead. He regarded his wife and noticed how everything she did seemed to accentuate her beauty. Streams of water rolled down her body from the tips of each strand of hair down over her pert breasts and her navel towards her womanhood. He couldn’t help but touch her, she was impossible not to touch.

He placed one arm behind her shoulder blades and pulled he body in close to kiss her. She accepted his mouth eagerly and they kissed with all bostancı escort bayan the passion that had recently been rekindled in their relationship. They explored each other’s mouth tenderly, enjoying the sensation of the water pouring over their faces as their lips played gently against one another.

Mike reached a hand down between Fiona’s thighs and found her easily. He rubbed his palm against the gentle mound below and felt her gyrate herself against it in approval. His hand was pouring water, but despite that he could still feel her wetness, more delicate and more slick, he could feel her body reacting to him, desperate for him to enter her, he wished so badly that he could.

His own reaction was clear, his penis was swollen as it tested the bounds of the chastity device, his balls pulled away from his body as he became harder and harder, until the pain of the half-erection became greater than the pleasure and it diminished.

He turned Fiona away from him, holding her back tight against his chest as his hand continued to rub at her. From this angle he could penetrate her, if not with his cock, then with his finger. He slid one effortlessly inside and curled it back up towards his palm, knowing that this was one of the most reliable ways to get her off. Her rocked his whole palm against her womanhood as his finger explored inside her hole. Before long she was ready for more, he withdrew, then inserted a second finger, stretching her wider still.

The third finger took more work, but she was so wet that she could just about take it, she enjoyed the feeling of being stretched and this was certainly doing it for her. She could feel the heat of the water on his hands, seemingly adding to the fire in her own belly and the growing sense of desire within her.

With his fingers hooked inside her, exploring, rubbing gently, she started to get close, she pressed herself against the ball of his hand, grinding her clitoris against him as he explored her. Without warning she bucked uncontrollably and went totally limp. Mike held her tightly in his strong embrace while his other had continued to deliver more of the same pleasure that was coursing through her body. She moaned, a soft moan, almost a whimper, before her legs began to shake. She could take no more. Mike withdrew.

He turned her to face him and kissed her deeply once again, holding her tight against his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered. He merely kissed her once more in reply.

After their shower they both dressed and headed downstairs. Dressing for Mike had become a slightly drawn-out affair in recent days as he had to make sure that what he wore was able to accommodate his chastity device without drawing too much attention to it. Generally he was able to find something appropriate which wouldn’t arouse suspicions, and occasionally his new attire made it appear as though he was perhaps a little more well-endowed than he actually was, something he definitely enjoyed.

Downstairs they found Sarah, already breakfasting on croissant and strawberries. They joined her for a light bite of food before she went away to get herself washed and dressed for the day. She had told them that she would treat them to lunch later so they should save their appetites.

The morning passed as any normal Saturday morning might. They hung out together in the living room and the kitchen, chatting, reading the news and enjoying how the weather seemed to be improving. Both Fiona and Mike were a little surprised that they had not been asked to serve their Mistress in any way throughout the morning, but they reasoned that perhaps she wasn’t in the mood, or that she was saving them for later on. Either way, the morning was pleasant and enjoyable for all three.

At around one o’clock Sarah called Solomon to come and collect them and before long they had piled into the car together. This time Sarah elected to sit in the front, next to Sol, while she allowed the happily married couple to enjoy the comfort of the back seat.

They drove quietly at first, but soon Solomon’s curiosity got the better of him, “So I guess that’s Fiona’s husband, Mike? Is it?”

Sarah nodded, the two in the back couldn’t hear their conversation, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Sol thought for a moment, “Didn’t you tell me they’d been having trouble lately? You know, marital trouble. Looks like they can’t keep their hands off each other now.”

Sarah looked back, they were holding hands in the back seat like a couple of lovestruck teenagers, it was strangely cute. “Well they were,” she admitted, “But I gave them some help and they’re doing much better now.”

He smiled at that, “So they’re staying with you, and ‘you’ gave them some help to fix things? There are a lot of different ways I could take that, given the things I’ve known you to get up to in your time.”

Sarah smiled, he always seemed to be able to read any situation well, “Well, you’d be right in being curious,” she said, she ümraniye escort shot him a knowing glance, as though letting him in on a secret. He didn’t need to know more, he knew exactly what the situation was now.

“You are definitely living free,” he said to her, admiringly.

She grinned to herself, she certainly was living free, living by her own rules.

They arrived at the restaurant before long, the same one that she had taken Fiona to earlier in the week. They were immediately greeted and ushered into the same booth at the back of the restaurant. Fiona and Mike sat next to each other while Sarah sat opposite the happy couple.

They had not been seated long when an attractive woman in her early forties walked over to them. She clearly worked at the restaurant, but was not dressed like a waitress, her look was more refined, more couture, giving off an air of authority. “Good afternoon, Sarah,” she said, bending down and kissing her on each cheek, “I didn’t expect to see you today.”

“Well I was here on Tuesday, but you must’ve been out so I thought I’d try again.” She turned to her sister and brother-in-law. “Margot, this is my sister, Fiona, and her husband, Mike. Guys, this is Margot, she owns this fine establishment and is a dear friend of mine.”

Margot smiled warmly, any friend of Sarah’s she was happy to meet, “It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” she said, “Perhaps I will come and join you shortly, I have a few matters to attend to, but it is starting to quieten down now.”

“That would be perfect, thank you,” said Sarah, this was obviously a place she frequented regularly for the two to be such close friends.

“While you wait though, a bottle? And I will have chef prepare a few things.” She left before there could any disagreement, not that she would’ve had any. Moments later a pretty young waitress in white blouse and black skirt arrived to pour out three glasses of a deep, unguent red wine.

Fiona turned to Mike, but spoke for the whole table, “You will notice that my sister seems to have friends everywhere we go. And they all seem to be very happy to see her and very loyal.”

Sarah smiled, “It’s good to network, it’s the best way to get ahead in life.” she took a sip of her wine, waiting to see if Fiona’s curiosity would get the better of her, would she want to find out how they had become friends, if Margot knew of her hobbies and pastimes? Everyone had seemed to, after all.

Fiona said nothing more, she was too shy to ask and knew it wasn’t necessarily her place. Luckily for her, Sarah explained anyway. “I have been coming here for years,” she began, “Margot is the owner, along with a few more restaurants and bars, she helped me when I was starting out in business, she mentored me I suppose you could say. She liked to help young businesswomen get ahead in the world, I owe her a lot for all the advice she has given me over the years.”

As she finished speaking, the woman in question appeared and sat down beside her.

“I was just telling them how you were my mentor, back when I was so very new to the ways of the world.”

Margot always enjoyed being spoken about, it was very rare that anyone ever did so in unkind terms. “Your sister was my best student, my apprentice almost, I think she has now surpassed me, but that goes to show how good I was.” She was immodest, but it was clearly well placed.

Sarah turned to her two charges but spoke to Margot, “Let me introduce them properly, Madame Margot,” she said, grinning wickedly, wondering how they would react, “There are my two newest slaves.”

Fiona and Mike both flushed slightly red, but were aware that nobody around them could hear.

“Oh my,” came Margot’s reply, “Your sister and your brother-in-law?”

Sarah nodded.

“Mon Dieu, you truly are the master now, you are spectacular!” she kissed her again, this time on the lips, although it was not a kiss of passion, but of supreme appreciation, a deep respect for her art.

Sarah could feel pride welling up inside her chest. She had come to know about the power that a strong woman could wield over others shortly after she met Margot, it was Margot who had taught her everything and shaped her into the woman she was now.

“My dear,” she said, finally, “You must invite me round to yours again soon, I must see this for myself. You have truly blossomed!”

“Of course,” Sarah replied, “why else would I be here?”

Margot was still beaming with excitement and pride, “You really are an impressive woman.” There was a loud crashing of pans from inside the kitchen, shouts erupted through the doors in a mix of languages, “My dear, you must excuse me. Call me soon, I shall introduce you to my latest pet.” She left before she had an answer and disappeared behind the kitchen doors. A few loud sentences is French and the commotion had stopped.

“I am so happy you have met her,” Sarah said, “She really did teach me everything I know.”

Mike and escort kartal Fiona were, yet again, impressed. She seemed to know everyone in the city, every person had some kind of connection to her. They were too surprised to say anything. Luckily they didn’t have to, the waitress from earlier arrived with a selection of small, sumptuous plates for them to sample. Whenever Sarah was here the chef prepared her something new and exciting – she wondered if the chef had ever submitted to Madame Margot, or if he just followed her orders blindly as everyone else seemed to do.

As they ate, Sarah decided it would be a good opportunity to explain a few things. “I wanted you to meet her in person before we meet up again,” she explained. “Madame Margot is perhaps my closest friend and confidant. There is nothing that I have done that I would not tell her about.”

They both nodded, they understood that. She must view Margot in a similar way they now viewed Sarah.

“At some point in time, she will come and visit me, or perhaps we will visit her, in those circumstances she will also be your Mistress, if she asks you to do something then you do it without question, is that understood?”

“Y-Yes,” replied Fiona.

“It would be terrible for me to be embarrassed before her, and I am sure that you will prove yourself as loyal to me as you have been so far. Rest assured, she will not ask you to do anything that you wouldn’t do with me, but… she does have a wicked imagination, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for you two.”

“She mentioned a ‘pet’?” asked Mike nervously, “Would we do things with this person too?”

That was a fair question, “Yes, probably, if the mood took her. But rest assured, whoever is her slave now, if her previous is anything to go off they will be very attractive.”

That was something of a reassurance for both of them. Ultimately they would enjoy themselves if they were satisfying their mistress, but the more good looking their playmates the better.

Fiona spoke next, “Will it be a man or a woman?”

Mike hadn’t even thought of that, in his head he had just assumed that the slave or ‘pet’ as Margot had refereed to them would be a female.

“Oh, a man, for sure,” replied Sarah, “Margot enjoys both, but she tends to date women on equal terms and keeps a male as a slave as something to play with.”

Mike was feeling a little uncomfortable, “But,” he felt like his question could seem impertinent, but he felt he needed to ask it, “But, will she want me to do things with him?”

“I don’t know,” Sarah replied honestly, “It’s possible. It’s possible that I may enjoy that too. You will have to just see what happens and do what is right in the moment.”

Mike looked at Fiona, he was clearly a little unsettled by the idea. She rested a reassuring hand on his thigh, telling him that everything was alright. As she moved her hand it brushed against the chastity device, it seemed a little further from his body than expected, was he getting an erection? Had the idea excited him? Or was she just mistaken? Perhaps she would have to wait and see another time.

The three finished their meal, silently resolving not to discuss the possibilities of what may or may not happen, well aware that to do so was an exercise in futility. Sarah had reminded them always to think in the moment, for now they were totally secure, no worries of work or money, no pressure from family or friends, only their singular goal to give each other pleasure.

After the meal Salomon drove them home and saw them to the front door. Every time he saw Sarah he felt like she left him with more questions than answers. She was certainly mysterious, and he was glad that he was inside her circle of trust, but sometimes he wondered what it would be like to have more. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t a submissive and he knew that it was a submissive partner that she preferred, and apart from that she already had two of them! He laughed to himself, she was definitely an interesting person to know.

Almost as soon as they were in the door Sarah knew that it was time to have some fun with her new charges. Every time she saw Margot, she couldn’t help but be aroused, by her look, her voice, her whole way of being was intoxicating, Their brief fling six years ago had stayed with her all these years and although she knew they would never be together, she cherished those short hours they occasionally spent together, dominating their latest acquisitions, a true power couple. Now she needed release, she would channel her inner Margot and enjoy herself thoroughly with her sister and Mike.

“Fiona, go upstairs and find yourself some nice lingerie.”

Although the order had been abrupt and without any introduction, Fiona was ready, she had grown more accustomed to this kind of lifestyle and sprung into action, “Yes, Mistress,” she said, immediately heading for the stairs.

“Meet us in the basement, you have five minutes.” She turned her attention to Mike, “You on the other hand, you will be available for me immediately, remove your clothes and go downstairs. I wish to find you kneeling on the ground with your hands behind your head.”

“Yes Mistress,” he said, before heading down the stairs.

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