The Librarian

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The Librarian
I’m in my mid 50s and I find myself saying more often; “they were different times”, when I talk about past decades. When I think back to “Mrs G” the librarian, when I was at university in Adelaide, it becomes poignant again.

I studied at a university in Adelaide in the mid 1980s. I spent a lot of time in the library. It wasn’t all about study. A lot of it was about Mrs G; the librarian. In 1985, I was 22 and Mrs G was about twenty years older. Nowadays, she would be called a “chunky BBW mature MILF or Couger”. Back then, those terms didn’t exist. We didn’t have the same expectations of mature women that we do now.

Mrs G was blonde, and starting to grey. She didn’t dye her hair like she would nowadays. She was chubby, but this never occured to me. Back then, all women were chubby by their forties. She was busty. I’m a boob man.

Mrs G wore clothes that were too tight. Her standard attire was a black skirt and white blouse. Viewed from behind, you could always see the outline of her panties, and then above her skirt, two “muffin bulges” as we would call them now. She could have just worn looser clothing to hide her shape, but she didn’t. When she wore a black bra, you could see the outline through her white top, and the big turn on for me was that you could see the strain on the straps, from behind, of her heavy bosom. Although tasteful and conservative, she often had a bit of cleavage happening. It wasn’t really apparent when she was walking out and about, but when I was standing at the library counter, and she was sitting down at the desk behind, I could see the gap between those mounds, and it seemed to go on forever…

My favourite passtime was to walk along the shelves while Mrs G had her library trolley, and was returning books. At each aisle, I would stand on the other side and watch her through the books. The lower shelves were the best to view her cleavage. She was right handed, and to return a book down low, her right shoulder would drop, and I would watch her left boob bang agaist her right one as she did so. I nearly came several times, and frequently when I went home, kaçak iddaa and thought of that cleavage. Nowadays, I suppose k**s are taking pictures of librarians’ cleavages.

One day, I did a mean thing. I dislodged a lot of history books on the very bottom shelf and left them lying down, hoping she would come along to tidy up. There was every chance that the assistant would do it. Ironically, I should have been more interested in the assistant. She was slim and pretty, and very young. I remember she said she was from Wigan in the UK; but no; I only had eyes for busty Mrs G.

Mrs G came out with the trolley. I let her do all the other aisles, and when I saw she was moving to History, I went over and pretended to look at books on the other side of the shelving. I had disrupted the History section because whatever subject on the opposite side was sparse. In other words, few books. I could get a good view. She started returing books, and then got down on her knees to tidy the bottom shelf. I was in heaven. I imagined her on her knees, sucking my cock while I stood on the other side. Her big white boobs bumped against eachother as she fussed about, and I’m surprised I didn’t shoot a wad into my pants. She had a white bra on, and I noticed how each boob struggled to stay contained. As she fussed about, wriggling from side to side, I even saw a hint of pink as one of her big boobs nearly escaped. I had nearly seen Mrs G’s nipple!

She seemed to be taking longer than necesary. I didn’t mind. I had minutes of big boob cleavage downloaded to my memory. I pretended to put another book back on the bottom shelf. When I did this, she reached through and grabbed my hand! There we were, on opposite sides of a row of library shelves, both on our knees. She leaned in, pretending she was dislodging something from the back of her shelf, and she put my hand inside her blouse…

They were warm. I remember that. When I put my hand inside her bra and played with her left boob, I was a little disappointed. She seemed to have no nipples at all. I was later proved wrong. I fumbled about a bit, and when I withdrew casino firmalari my hand, she peeled away her blouse and bra to show me her left boob. She had enormous pink dinnerplate nipples and torpedo tits!

It was mere seconds, but I will never forget. When she popped her boob back in, she behaved like nothing had happened, and pushed her trolley away, resuming her daily duties. I was confused, but had an assignment to do, so I went and did some honest work. When I was leaving, she called me to the desk, and said “Your book has come back”. I hadn’t ordered a book. I looked at her curiously and she opened some random book while I gazed down her cleavage again. There was a slip of paper with her address and phone number on it. At the bottom, in brackets, it said “I’m single”. I took it and said goodbye.

When we did meet at her house, it was early evening. She could have changed, but I think she fully understood my fantasy fetish. She was still wearing a black skirt and a white blouse. It was a bit weird because my fantasy really only existed in the context of the library. She said she had a bottle of Jamesons whisky and would I like one, becase she certainly wanted one. I agreed. While preparing the glasses, she bent to get ice cubes, and I could see again, the outline of her panties over her largish bottom. When she stood up and turned around, a couple of buttons had magically come undone on her blouse, and when she brought the drinks over, and sat beside me on the sofa, her huge boobs were jiggling all over the place.

Do you know; Mrs G sucked me off before I even saw those boobs! When I came in her mouth, she sat up, tilted her head forward, held her blouse open, and then let all my cum dribble into her ample cleavage.

“Maybe I need a shower now.” she said. “No you don’t” I replied, and unbuttoned her blouse, and started massaging my cum into the massive acerage of her chest. With a new woman, I like to take my time. I massaged and played with her boobs for a good fifteen minutes without removing her bra. Eventually, my cum went beyond sticky, and it just wasn’t working casino şirketleri any more. She sat forward on the sofa, reached behind and undid her clasp…

It’s hard to describe them. I’d been perving at her for a year, but they still managed to be bigger than I’d thought. Her bra was a clever work of engineering. It held them up, but made them look smaller. Nowadays, bras are the opposite. When she took her bra off, those enourmous mounds came out, and then seemed to keep coming out, and coming out! She stood up, to present herself to me, and I noticed the bottom of her boobs lined up with her navel. Each boob was bigger than her head. Not only that; now that she was aroused, she did indeed have nipples! Big hard pink gorgeous nipples. They just needed arousing!

I never fucked Mrs G, which is a shame. At university, it was the mid 80’s and the AIDS campaign was in full swing, and she just didn’t trust the idea of casual sex, even with a condom. It didn’t mean we didn’t have fun. I just wish I’d been able to fuck that chunky BBW mature beauty! On that first day, once I had recovered from her sucking me off and finally seeing her tits, she went and changed into a bikini. It was orange. She looked sexy as fuck. It wasn’t skimpy at all; it was a big fully rounded bikini for a mature woman, but nothing was going to hold that figure in, I can tell you!

This big, chubby big breasted woman stood before me in her swim suit, and I pushed her onto her back and tit fucked her until I missed her face and came in her hair. Following that, I peeled back both cups of her bikini and just reveled in the sight of my stiff cock fucking those enormous mounds of joy, while pinching what turned out to be nipples like thumbs. At one point, she turned her head over with open mouth, expecting to take my load of cum in her mouth, but miss-timed it and got half of her face glazed.

We played around for about six months. I shot a gallon of jizz all over her, but I was never going to be allowed to pump her snatch unless we got married. I hope she did re-marry. A lucky man would have had a lot of fun with her. Those big tits were fucking amazing! She would be about 75 now, and I’d love to know how they aged. I got to fuck Jane again at 64, but I have no connection now to Mrs G, the libarian.

Just imagine; a 75 year old librarian, with massive tits…

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