The Lesson

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“I just don’t get it!” Michele said. She and her tutor Eric had been working on her math homework for almost two hours now and all it was doing was making her more frustrated.

“It’s easy,” Eric said. “Look, we’ll try in once more together.” He leaned in closer to Michele so he could see the word problem she had been working on. He adjusted his glasses as he said, “Well, here’s the problem; you forgot to factor in…”

That as far she had heard. Math was boring to Michele and she was upset at her parents for making her get tutoring lessons instead of going away with her boyfriend for the weekend. Now she was stuck with this geek from the university when she could be getting fucked. She tapped her pencil against the table as she nonchalantly leaned in closer to smell his cologne. It had been a while since she’d fucked and she was super horny. Oh well, geek cock is better than no cock. She slipped her hand under the table they were working at and lightly placed her hand on his knee.

“Hey, what the?” Eric startled. “Michele what are you doing?”

“I, I, I,” was all she could stutter. Shit, she thought, now what? She quickly moved her hand from his knee and looked away. She turned back to see a Eric run his fingers through his jet black hair.

“Michele, I’m flattered but this can’t happen. I’m your tutor, you’re my student. I’m a college student and you’re still in high school. I mean, you’re just a kid!”

“I’m not a kid!” Michele corrected, raising her chin and squaring her shoulders. Eric couldn’t help but notice that all it did was bring more attention to her perky breasts. “I turned 18 last week,” she said.

“Oh yeah?” asked Eric, still looking down at Michele’s breasts as they were ataşehir escort practically bursting out of her white button-up blouse. “So, um, did you get anything good for your birthday?”

Michele just laughed, making her breasts bounce up and down, “Yeah,” she said. “I got you.” Michele slowly ran her fingers up and down Eric’s thigh. “My math grades are shit and so instead of having a party, Daddy thought I should have a tutor instead. So, he called up the university math department and, well here you are.

Eric could feel his cock getting harder and straining against his slacks. He’d never been in this situation and didn’t know how to react. All he knew was there was a hot high school student rubbing her hands up his leg. “Uh, I don’t know what to say, Michele. I mean, you are an attractive young woman, but I don’t know if we should.”

“Don’t know if we should what?” Michele asked innocently “This?” She stood up right in front of Eric so that her young perky breasts were right in his face. Slowly, she undid each button and with that releasing her D cups. Eric couldn’t do anything but stare as button by button, inch by glorious inch, Michele revealed the milky white flesh of her beautiful mounds. Finally released from their confinements, Michele rubbed her breasts across Eric’s face. Eric closed his eyes and moaned as he felt Michele’s taut nipples graze across his lips. He instinctively opened his mouth and caught the nipple with his teeth and it was Michele’s turn to moan as Eric’s tongue teased and toyed the sensitive bud. Michele held Eric’s head steady and leaned her head back as she allowed Eric to toy with her nipples making her even wetter. Michele wanted Eric to continue his kadıköy escort bayan nipple play, but she had other things in mind for Mr. Math. She reluctantly backed away from Eric’s mouth with a bit of a whimper.

Michele slowly made her way down to the floor as she knelt in front of Eric, positioning herself directly in front his crotch. She started at his knees and slowly crept her hands up Eric’s thighs, stopping at the button of his khakis. She licked her lips as she undid Eric’s slacks and unzipped them, causing his rock hard cock to spring forward in front of her. “Very nice,” she said as she wrapped her hand around Eric’s throbbing erection and brought her mouth towards his cock to give the tip a delicate lick. Michele was actually impressed; maybe fucking Mr. Math wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Holy shit, Michele,” Eric moaned. Never in his life had he had a blow job. Hell, few girls had ever paid attention to him, and never a girl as sexy as Michele. Tentatively at first and then with more gusto, Michele took all of Eric’s thick, seven inch cock into her mouth. Eric gingerly put his hand on the back of Michele’s head and guided her further down his cock. In a matter of minutes, Michele was sliding Eric’s cock down her sweet teenage throat. Eric could feel his balls contracting and the pressure of his orgasm building more. Suddenly Michele stopped and Eric was left with a longing sensation.

“I want to feel your cock inside me,” she said. “I want you to feel my wetness around you.”

Michele looked up from her place and smiled. She stood up and straddled Eric in his chair, slightly lifting up her skirt to show Eric a glimpse of a perfectly shaven pussy. Michele lowered escort maltepe herself down to Eric’s cock and gasped as his thick head touched the folds of her wetness. Eric sat in his seat, paralyzed, with his hands gripping the sides of his chair as Michele placed her hands on his shoulders and continued to guide herself down onto his shaft. Further and further down she went until Eric’s entire length was inside her. “Mmmm…,” she moaned, “you feel so good.” She lifted herself up off his cock and lowered herself back down, allowing the full length of Eric to fill her again. Faster and faster she rode him, her pussy getting wetter and wetter and Eric’s cock filled her teenage hole. She could feel her own orgasm building as she ground her clit into the base of his cock.

“I’m gonna cum,” she screamed. Right then Michele froze and her orgasm overcame her and she climaxed all over Eric’s cock. Eric could feel the ripples of Michele’s pussy walls as wave after wave of her orgasm flooded his cock. Eric couldn’t hold back any longer; with an upward thrust, Eric moaned as he filled Michele’s pussy with his cum. Michele gripped Eric’s shoulders for dear life as his cock continued to fill her tight pussy.

Moments later, Michele glanced to see Eric still gripping the sides of his chair. She looked at him and with an impish smile she lifted herself up off his cock. Eric looked at Michele’s pussy to see the aftermath of his orgasm slowly oozing down her thigh. Michele reached down with her fingers and wiped up his cum, bringing it to her lips and licking it away with her tongue. “First time?” she asked. Eric slowly nodded and smiled. He put himself back together as Michele straightened her skirt and ran her fingers through her auburn hair. Eric didn’t exactly know what to say.

“So, Eric,” Michele said, breaking the silence, “shall we get back to the math lesson?”

“Michele,” Eric finally said after a long pause, “I think I’m the one who got the lesson today.”

~ Delightful Nikki

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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