The Lancaster Twins Pt. 04

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If you haven’t read the first 3 parts, I suggest you do so before reading this one. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten, even from those of you who don’t like the way the story is going. Please notice the category with which these stories are categorized. Please continue to comment, and email me through my profile if you wish. I usually reply unless you’re mean or stupid.


Jennifer woke up at 4 AM. What had she done? She had given herself to her lover, her twin brother, when she was at her most fertile. She knew better. She wasn’t a fool, but she had acted irresponsibly. What if she got pregnant? She knew that, at some biological level, she wanted to have babies, and that she wanted them with the man she loved – but not now! She was only 18 years old and had not even started to college yet. She had no skills. All she knew how to do was farm work. She couldn’t care for a baby! And what would her parents say? She didn’t even date! Would they realize who had impregnated her? What about their friends at church? She certainly would never entertain the thought of abortion – she thought that was murder – if she was pregnant, she would have the baby, no matter the consequences. She had to talk to Jackson.

She used the bathroom and opened the door to his room. He was asleep. She crawled in beside him, waking him.

“Jen, what’s up?” he asked sleepily.

“We have to talk about last night. What if I’m pregnant?” she cried, as she broke into tears.

Jackson took his sister in his arms, holding her as her body was consumed with wracking sobs. “It’s my fault, Jen,” he whispered.

“It’s OUR fault!” she moaned. “We got carried away. We knew better! What am I going to do?” she wailed.

“Shhh. Here’s what we’ll do. Listen to me,” he said as he sought to see his sister’s face in the dark room. The first rays of sun enabled him to barely distinguish her features. It broke his heart to see her cry. “We’ll go to the clinic at school. We’ll talk to them.”

Jackson and Jennifer had decided that they would attend the local Junior College for their first two years. It would enable them to continue to live at home, if they wished. Or they could rent an apartment and come home, about 30 miles, on weekends. They had already enrolled.

“What can they do now?” she sobbed. “We’ve already done it. At the wrong time of the month!”

“I don’t know, but if we are going to continue to do this, you have to get on the pill. I will buy condoms if you want…”

“No. If we do it, I want to feel you!” she said, and the thought made her body, in spite of everything, begin to be aroused yet again. She thought back on how delicious it was when her brother penetrated her with his wonderfully big, young penis. It was unbelievably good, and she was addicted to it. She knew that she could not bring herself to stop fucking him. Ever.

Jackson sat on the edge of the bed. “We’ll tell Dad and Mom that we have something to do at school and drive over this morning, okay?”

Jackson drove Jennifer to the medical clinic, on campus, later that morning. He wanted to go in with her, but Jennifer didn’t think that was a good idea. He told her that he would hang out in the library and wait for her.

She had to fill out a form when she arrived at the clinic. She debated over what to write to the question, ‘What are your symptoms?’. She decided on “birth control”. She sat down and waited for 45 minutes before they called her back.

A young man in a white coat, who turned out to be the doctor, entered the room and smiled at her. “Miss Lancaster? Jennifer? What can we help you with?”

Much to her chagrin and surprise she started sobbing. “I had unprotected sex. I am an idiot!”

“I’m sure you’re not an idiot, Miss Lancaster. I understand that you’re upset, but I’m here to help you. Okay?”

Jennifer nodded, as he handed her a Kleenex. She dabbed at her tears and took a deep breath. “I knew better!”

“First thing, I assume you’re on no birth control now?”

“Right. I’m not. And he didn’t use a condom. We’re both stupid.”

“Do you happen to know how long since your last period?” he asked as he began to type on a small, hand-held, computer.

“Yes. I finished my period about 2 weeks ago. I’m very regular, if that’s important,” she offered.

“Yes, yes. It is quite important. You may know that there is something called the morning-after pill now?”

“I don’t know much about that kind of stuff because I never planned on having sex before marriage,” she sobbed as she began crying again.

“I understand,” he said, clinically, as he continued to type. “Miss Lancaster, I understand that you’re upset, but I do need to get some information so I can help you,” he told her. Jennifer noticed that he glanced at her breasts. She had worn one of her new blouses, which showed just a bit of cleavage.

“I know. I’m sorry,” she sniffled.

“Okay, I’m going to give you some of these morning after pills. canlı bahis You won’t have to pay for them. The school provides them, free of charge, to our students. These pills are effective for up to five days after you’ve had unprotected sex… BUT, if you have already ovulated, and then it will not be effective. If you’ve ovulated and the egg has been fertilized, then the pill will not help. You won’t know until it’s time for your next period whether you are pregnant or not,” he explained.

“So how many do I take? How often?”

“One. Just one. Do you want to go on regular birth control as well – assuming that you are not pregnant?”

“Yes. Yes, I do,” she said, feeling her face flush with embarrassment.

The doctor prescribed birth control pills and told her to follow the directions very carefully. He advised her not to have sex, unless her boyfriend wore a condom, for at least 2 weeks. The extra “morning after” pills could be taken if she forgot to take her birth control. He explained everything to her, thoroughly, and told her to read all the paperwork that came with the prescriptions. She could have them filled right there, in the clinic.

She took the “morning after” pill before she even left the clinic. An hour later, she found Jackson in the library. On the way home she explained to him everything that the doctor had told her. She admitted that she felt better, but of course there was still the risk that she might be pregnant.

The next two weeks were sheer torture for both twins. Jennifer couldn’t sleep. She often would go to Jackson’s bed so could hold her. That made her feel better. Anytime she could be in his arms, she felt much better. Jackson was very worried, too. If she were pregnant, he obviously could never admit that he was the father. He knew it would ruin Jennifer’s reputation and very well could ruin her life. It hurt him to see how sad and upset she was. She cried as he held her. It broke his heart. They had been such fools.

About a week after their visit to the clinic, Shana announced that her Dad, the twins’ grandfather, was coming to stay with them for a week or so. He still lived on the same farm, but was cutting back and had someone hired to take care of the farm and the horses while he was gone. He had never been to even spend the night with Shana and her family. Shana, of course, was thrilled. She looked forward to being with her handsome, and still sexy, Dad. Bill was 62, but looked much younger. He still played tennis, ran, and felt like a young man.

Jennifer was counting the days. By her calculations, her period should begin in 3 or 4 days. She was having the same PMS symptoms as always, so that was encouraging. She was out in the garden, cutting what was left of the okra, when she saw her grandfather, Bill, drive up in his silver Ram 1500 pickup truck. Now this was a man’s truck she thought, as she ran to greet him. She didn’t get to see her grandfather very often and it was a real treat for him to visit them.

Bill saw his long-legged grand-daughter running to greet him, noticing how her breasts gently bobbed as she ran and how beautiful she had gotten. If anything, he thought, she was even prettier than Shana had been at that age – and that was really saying something. He had always thought his grandchildren were exceptionally attractive, but Jennifer, to him, was as attractive as any model or actress he had ever seen. It was hard for him to believe that she wasn’t even dating, and really had shown no interest in dating.

Jennifer hugged and kissed him and he could feel the swell of her young breasts against him. He was sure that Shana had not been that well-endowed at that age. It made him think back to the time that she had gotten hurt and he had changed her clothes and bathed her. He had never forgotten the lust he had for her and was thankful that he had always behaved himself in the right way, even if he had thought of her hundreds of times when he masturbated.

Soon the whole family was gathered around him, greeting him. The spare room was downstairs and he would have to use the bathroom that was inside Shana and Bill’s bedroom – or climb the stairs and go through one of the twins’ rooms to use their bathroom. Jackson helped him carry his luggage in and get settled. They all sat on the front porch, drank sweet tea, and talked for an hour or so. Tom had made plans to grill steaks for supper. Jackson was going to make homemade ice cream.

Bill accompanied Tom to the barn and out into the fields, where they discussed farming at length. Jackson, who had been finishing some fencing, joined them after a while. Tom wanted to inspect the fencing, so Bill excused himself to go visit with his daughter, Shana.

As he entered the house, intending to use the bathroom, he noticed that the door was closed, so he climbed the stairs to the upstairs bathroom. He loved the old farmhouse, but had never liked the way you had to go into someone’s bedroom to get to the bathroom. Jackson’s bahis siteleri door was opened, so he went through his bedroom and into the bathroom. He used it and thought he might go talk to his granddaughter a while.

Carefully opening the door, so as not to disturb her if she were asleep, he looked in and saw his granddaughter, indeed asleep, but clad in nothing but panties and a cut-off tee shirt. He could see the bottoms of her magnificent breasts. ‘What a body!’ he thought, feeling guilty for even looking at his sweet little Jenny in such a way. But he couldn’t drag himself away. Like the old days, when his daughter, Shana, was this age, he allowed himself to look. He knew that Shana had often known he was looking and was quite confident that she got a thrill from displaying her young, ripe body to her father. It was a game to her, he supposed. There were no losers as far as he was concerned. He stood for a few minutes, watching her. She turned slightly, once, revealing a nipple on one of her supple breasts. His cock lurched. He didn’t masturbate as often these days, but he figured he might have to do just that tonight.

He made his way downstairs and sat at the table to talk to Shana as she made preparations for supper. She was marinating steaks, putting potatoes in the oven to bake, preparing salads and, of course, making more sweet iced tea.

Jennifer had been dozing when her grandfather used their bathroom. She assumed it was Jackson and only when Bill had opened her door had she realized it was him, viewing him through half closed eyes. She was still half-asleep and really did not want to wake up, so pretended she was fast asleep. She suddenly realized that she was almost naked and that her grandfather must be checking her out. She was surprised that she found herself liking that idea. After all, he was a very handsome man, and ever since she had started having sex she had enjoyed men looking at her.

The next evening, the entire family went to watch Jackson play softball. He had a homerun and two doubles, which was not unusual in slow-pitch softball. Afterward they stopped by the Dairy Queen. Jennifer excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned, her mother asked if she was okay. “Never better in my life,” she grinned as she surreptitiously winked at her brother. He patted her knee under the table and smiled happily at her.

That night she crept into his bed. “Jackie! I’ve never been so glad to be on my period in my life!” she exclaimed, then kissed his lips. “And you know what? I’m so horny!”

Jackson kissed his sister, then their tongues were fucking in and out of each other’s mouths. “I want to fuck you so bad, Jen!”

“Don’t tempt me. I want it too, but I don’t want to do it while I’m on my period,” she whispered. “Can I suck your cock? I am dying to!”

They had done nothing sexual, beyond kissing, since they had last fucked. Two weeks. Jackson had only masturbated a couple of times. He had been so upset that he hadn’t been his usual, perpetually-horny self. His sister was now between his legs, removing his underwear. His cock was completely engorged and eager for Jennifer to do whatever she wanted to do with him.

“Turn the light on,” she demanded. “I want to see this monster! I love your cock, Big Brother!”

He reached and turned the bedside lamp on, revealing his swollen prick to his twin sister, who was already fondling and kissing and licking it. “Oh, Jackie! It is so beautiful! It just turns me on so FUCKING much!” she gasped as she licked the underside of it and wetly took the head into her mouth. She savored the feeling of her brother’s glans inside her mouth. She was so hot for him. Her body craved him. She was already on the verge of orgasm from just looking at it and the realization that she, once again, had her own twin brother’s cock inside her mouth. INCEST! The very word turned her on! She loved him and she desired him. More than that, she craved him. She wanted to fuck him so badly!

“Oh, Jen, you just don’t know how good that feels!” he exulted. “Suck your Big Brother’s cock, you gorgeous little slut!”

His words served to excite her even more. She attempted to go down on her brother as far as she could, copious amounts of saliva pouring from her mouth, wetting his thick, veiny cock. She reached and held his nuts, gently. She wanted their contents in her mouth. “Give me a big load, you stud!” she whispered as she sucked and moved her mouth up and down his cock.

“Stop, Jen. Let me suck your tits!” he begged. He knew he was about to erupt and he wanted it to last longer. Besides, he was hungry to feast on her lust-inciting breasts. He figured that she deserved pleasure as much, or more, than he did. He was severely limited in what he could do for her during her period, but he knew that her breasts were so sensitive that she sometimes had an orgasm when he sucked them.

The twins had no idea that their grandfather, not wanting to disturb their parents, had decided bahis şirketleri to come upstairs to use the bathroom. Better to wake up Jackson than to awaken the slumbering couple downstairs, he thought. He thought he heard something as he approached Jackson’s door. The hallway was completely dark, but he could see a light under Jackson’s door and felt his way to the door knob.

Carefully turning it, and peeking inside, he was met with the sight of his beautiful Jenny, his only granddaughter, removing her shirt, clad now only in a pair of bikini panties. Her breasts were magnificent, he thought. He had seen Shana’s at that age, and the image was burned into his memory, but Jenny’s were even better, firmer looking. She was obviously excited. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. Her body was slender and her shape was perfect. He could even see her abdominal muscles. She was a work of art. Never had he ever seen a girl – a woman – who was this perfect.

What was she doing? What? She was in the bed with her brother – her twin – she was naked with her own brother? She lay down and Jackson rolled to his side. His grandfather could now see that Jackson was naked and that his young, thick cock was fully hard. This was horrible! This had to be stopped. He would burst in and stop this right now! But then he saw Jackson kiss his sister, no brotherly kiss, but a kiss of passion. They were sucking tongues! Bill felt his cock stirring in his pants. He would just see what happened before he broke this awful thing up. Then Jackson was kissing his sister’s bountiful breasts and she was arching her body up to him. He was licking, and then sucking her nipples! Bill had never seen anything so salacious in his life.

“Big Brother, they’re sore. Be gentle. They love you so much,” she moaned as he gently squeezed them as he continued to suck on them. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing and it was obvious that this was not the twins’ first time to do this. Jackson reached between his sister’s legs and began to rub, very tentatively over the top of her panties. She reached down and put his hand where she wanted it and whispered, “Right there! Make me cum!”

Bill couldn’t take it any longer. He reached inside his pajama pants and took his cock out. The head was already smeared with pre-cum, something that rarely ever happened to him anymore. He watched as his grandson continued to suck his own sister’s breasts and to rub on her hot little cunt. Bill, of course, couldn’t blame him. Who could possibly turn this girl down? She would make a dead man hard. She, single-handedly, could put an end to male homosexuality!

She arched her lower body toward Jackson’s hand, as he continued to rub her through her panties and mini-pad. He went from one breast to the other, back and forth, gently kissing and licking her hardened nipples. “Ohhhhhh! Yesssssss! I am cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” she moaned. Bill stroked his cock, wishing he had a handkerchief or some Kleenex or something.

The twins kissed, tenderly, like lovers, then Jennifer got on her knees and kissed Jackson’s balls as she hefted them. “They feel so full!” she said, teasingly. “Do you have a big load for your little sister? I want it ALL!”

Bill could barely contain his own moan when he heard his innocent little Jenny say these words. He could clearly see her in profile, her generous breasts projected from her body like missiles as she leaned over to kiss her brother’s balls, then lick her way up to the head of his cock. He could see an expression of sheer rapture on his grandson’s face. Jennifer’s face was more beautiful than ever as she licked around the corona of her twin’s swollen penis. Then she kissed and licked at his frenulum, knowing that it was his most sensitive spot. This girl clearly loved sucking a cock.

“I want to fuck you so bad!” she moaned as she looked into his face while she stroked his saliva-wet shaft. “I can’t wait until we can fuck again!” With that she lowered her mouth over halfway down his considerable thickness. She seemed to relish it, her eyes closed as if in ecstasy.

“Oh, Baby Sister,” Bill heard him gasp. “I’m cumming!”

Bill saw Jennifer take Jackson’s shaft in her hand and pump it as she kept her mouth open wide. He could tell when the first blasts of cum shot into her mouth as she moved her head slightly back, then opened her mouth wider. After a few seconds she moved her face back and he could see her, purposely aiming his grandson’s spewing cock at her face. Huge wads of white cum were landing on her beautiful face as she moved her hand and her face so that it was completely covered. As the spurts diminished, she dipped her head and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She kept it there until Jackson gently pushed her head up. Her smiling face was dripping with her brother’s warm load. She opened her mouth and leaned forward to give Jackson a look at the contents, then swallowed.

Bill was on the verge of cumming, but thought it best to wait until he was back downstairs. He certainly didn’t want to leave any evidence that he had been here. He saw his granddaughter wiping cum from her face and licking it off of her fingers, slowly, as her brother watched her.

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