The Lake

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My friend’s college required that the students spend at least one summer on campus, and one spring or fall off. He chose the summer after his second year. Early that August, just before I was due to go back to school, I went to visit him.

The last night I was there we went out with his friends to a local pizza place. We ate pizza, talked, and drank some beer. My brother’s girlfriend Clare was there, and her two roommates Nancy and Susan, as well as a few others.

At the end of the evening my brother and I walked his girlfriend and her friends toward their apartment. It was a hot night – still above 800 even though it was close to midnight. We were all talking about the heat and how uncomfortable it was to sleep on these nights – especially in the houses without air conditioning that were the only ones students could afford in that town.

When we were almost to the girls’ apartment Clare turned to my brother and said “Let’s go to the lake.” He agreed, quickly. I didn’t know what was happening, but figured it would be nice to spend some more time with these girls since I was going home the next day and might never see them again.

We got to the apartment and got into Clare’s car. It wasn’t real big, so when I got in the back seat with Nancy and Susan I was pressed up against Nancy. It was a tight fit for the three of us, but not unpleasant.

About 20 minutes later we turned off the main road and down a dirt track. A few hundred yards into the woods we came to a clearing, and we were at the lake. The moon was almost full, and it cast that blue-white light that lets you see everything pretty clearly, but kind of as a shadow, even though it’s the middle of the night. It was still hot, but there was a little bit of a breeze, and it was much more comfortable than it had been in town. I thought we would just sit around on the logs or picnic tables that were there and talk some more and maybe wade a little in the lake.

Well, we did sit around and talk for a little while. I was sweating a little from the heat, and the water looked cool and inviting. I was thinking about taking off my shoes and going wading when Susan stood up.

“It’s too hot not to go swimming,” she said. “I’m going in.” Then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

I watched, rapt with attention as she opened her blouse and took it off. Then she unsnapped the button on her shorts, and slipped out of them. She stood there in the moonlight, hands on her hips. She wore a plain white bra and matching white bikini panties. I felt a little stir in my pants – she was kind of sexy standing there in the moonlight. I figured that she was going to swim in her underwear, and I might get a look at her nipples or something when it was wet but I was wrong.

“C’mon,” she said, “Let’s go. I’m not going in alone.”

I glanced over at my brother, who was peeling off his t-shirt. He gave me a “be cool” look, so I started undressing too. By the time I got my t-shirt off Susan had unfastened her bra and shrugged out of it and was slipping out of her panties. Clare and Nancy were undressing as well, so I followed everyone’s lead and stripped off.

Naked, we all walked down to the edge of the lake. I couldn’t help looking at the girls in the moonlight and thinking how beautiful they were and how lucky I was to be there. We stood at the edge of the water for a few minutes, talking about how cold the water felt, but basically looking at each other. Nancy was short and voluptuous, her body full and curvy. Susan was petite – somewhat the opposite of Nancy, but with proportionately feminine curves, just on a smaller scale. Clare was a bit taller than the other two, with long blonde hair that reached down to the middle of her back, but now was draped in front of her, alternately hiding and revealing her breasts. These three were beautiful as only college girls are – healthy and alive, innocent and experienced all combined into one. I tried to be cool like my brother had warned me about with his look, but it was tough. I’m not a virgin, but I’d never stood around naked with girls before like this, just kind of looking at their breasts and nipples and occasionally down at their crotches. Like I said, the moon was out and you could kind of see everything, but it was all shadowy. Susan turned once and was kind of backlit by the moon, and I could see that her nipples were long and erect. Knowing I was getting awfully close to staring, and perhaps embarrassing myself in another way, I walked into the water. The others followed me.

We swam and splashed and played in the moonlight, the cool water caressing our bodies in the way it only does when you swim in the nude. Every once in a while I thought I’d felt Nancy or Susan brush against me in a more than accidental way, and once Clare put her hand right on my penis, but I thought it was just incidental. I did my best to keep my hands to myself – or at least to avoiding touching the girls in any erotic zones, figuring that skinny-dipping and just kind of ducking each other and playing tag sort of was about as far as things were going that night.

Well, üsküdar escort after awhile Clare and Bob, my brother, kind of drifted away by themselves, and started kissing and groping each other. I tried to ignore it, but they were being pretty obvious. When Clare lifted one leg up out of the water and put it over her head, the leaned up against Bob and said “Do me now, Bob. Put it in me,” I glanced over, a little shocked. When I saw her wrap her wet, glistening-in-the-moonlight thigh over his hip, and reach down to guide his penis into her body, I knew it was time to retreat from the lake.

Just as I was moving away Nancy grabbed my hand and said “C’mon with us. Let’s leave them alone.” Apparently they’d heard Clare a well, and had seen what was going on.

Susan, Nancy and I sloshed out of the lake and back to where we’d left some towels. We dried off and I was reaching for my clothes when Nancy grabbed my hand again.

“Not yet,” she said. “You don’t have to get dressed yet.”

I looked at her a little quizzically, but figured that if she and her friend wanted me to stay naked I wasn’t going to argue.

“That was kind of sexy, wasn’t it?” Susan asked me.

“You mean Clare and Bob? I guess so.”

“You don’t think she’s pretty?” Nancy asked. “I mean, I saw you looking at her breasts. They’re nice and perky, aren’t they? And when she did that thing with her leg and then wrapped herself around Bob, and told him to put himself inside her? Didn’t that get your attention?”

“Well,” I said, trying to be careful. “It got my attention. But I figured we were just skinny dipping and it really isn’t polite to watch your buddy and his girlfriend when they, you know.” I didn’t want to say “start fucking,” but that was going through my head.

“But it is sexy,” Susan said. “I mean, look at them. She’s floating on her back now, and you can see that he’s pulling her on and off him. I bet that feels really nice.”

I looked out at the lake, and Susan was right. Clare was floating on her back, her legs spread-eagled on either side of Bob, and he was slowly pushing her away from him and then pulling her back toward him. I felt myself getting aroused, and tried to make it stop. I didn’t want Nancy and Susan to think I was some kind of a pervert, although their questions, and telling me to look at Bob and Clare, was making me think that something might be up – and pretty soon it was going to be me if we didn’t steer this conversation in another direction.

“It makes me horny to think about them,” said Nancy. “I mean, you’ve probably figured out we’ve been out here like this before. Usually it’s just the three of us, but Clare likes to bring Bob along when she’s horny and the two of them always end up doing it somewhere around here. Susan and I were embarrassed the first couple of times, but then we figured that if those two were having fun, we should too.”

“At first when it was just the three of us girls we just masturbated,” Susan said. “We’ve been roommates for a few years, and after the first semester or so we all decided that if one of us wanted to masturbate then the others would just ignore her. So it wasn’t too weird when Nancy just started one night, and, well, I was horny, too and joined in. And then Clare started bringing Bob, and the two of them would go at it. So we’d kind of discretely watch them and jill ourselves and all of us knew and it was kind of dirty and fun. And, well, Susan and I have experimented with each other a little, too. Just out here, on those special nights when Bob and Clare are going at it and we’re all horny and everything.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked. After all, I’d only just met these two a few days earlier.

“Jim, Bob and Clare are going at it. When we come out here now we pretty much figure we’re going to have sex in one way or another. If you want, we’d like to fool around with you,” Nancy said. “Susan and I talked about it, and we figured that we might not have an opportunity like this again, and that it would be fun for both of us to be with the same guy at the same time. But if not, we’re going to masturbate anyway, and you can or not as you wish. We don’t mind if you watch us, but we’d really like to do more, and with you.”

As she was saying this she walked up and put her arms around me, pressing her naked body against mine. I felt Susan move behind me, and a moment later she was pressed against my back. Nancy tilted her head back a little and gave me one of those looks that you see in the movies – you know, the ones that say “Kiss me, you fool!” I kissed her.

Her tongue pushed into my mouth, finding and wrestling with mine. Susan was pushing her breasts against my back, and was running her hands up and down my sides, and I felt myself get erect.

Breaking from our kiss, Nancy looked at me and said “Susan really likes her breasts sucked. Let me show you how she likes it.”

Susan spread a towel on one of the picnic tables and then climbed up and lay down on it. Her body looked small and fragile anadolu yakası escort in the moonlight, but the nipples on her small breasts were already hard and erect, casting little shadows on her breasts. Nancy and I sat down on either side of her. She was definitely on display – her small, round breasts, the curve of her vulva, her slim legs. I felt myself getting even harder.

“First,” Nancy said, “just caress her a little.” She ran her hand up and down Susan’s torso, not avoiding her breasts, but not focusing on them either. I copied her motion. Susan’s skin was soft and still a little damp from being in the lake. I ran my hand down over her thigh, then up across her hip and up to her shoulder, just glancing over the side of her breast on the way. I heard her sigh, and looked over to see that Nancy was now concentrating on the breast on her side.

“Just stroke around and around. Don’t touch the nipple at first. Feel how soft and firm Susan’s breasts are. Use your fingertips. Just get all those nice little nerves firing.”

I did as I was told. Susan’s breasts weren’t all that big, but it was really nice to touch her.

One thing I have to say here. This kind of thing never happens to me. I’ve been with a woman and all that, but these one-night stand, kind-of-kinky kind of things just don’t happen. And part of me wasn’t so sure about all of this. After all, I’d only known these women for a few days. There was no emotional commitment or anything. I guess I started thinking about all this about then, still touching Susan, but kind of distractedly. Nancy spoke to me.

“Jim, stop thinking so much. Just go with it. We are. We don’t do this kind of thing except here at the lake – and never with a guy. Bob and Clare do their thing; we mostly masturbate and occasionally touch each other like this. But it’s ok. We know you’re a good guy, and that you’re not going to hurt us. We’re not going to hurt you. But we’re young. It’s college. It’s the time when you experiment, when you push yourself and find out where your limits are. And we want to experiment with you. So just enjoy it. We’re going to, and it’s going to be fun. And don’t worry about getting either of us getting pregnant. We’re both on the pill, and so’s Clare for that matter, and it’s also a safe time of month for us.”

Susan lifted up on her elbows about this time. “Jim, it’s ok. I like it, I want it to happen. And right now I want the two of you to suck my nipples and get me nice and aroused and to stop talking. Ok?”

“All right,” I said. “If you say so. I’m not really this kind of guy, but this is a fantasy come true.” And then I leaned over and sucked Susan’s nipple into my mouth.

She tasted of the lake and of flesh and as I worried her nipple into erection I felt myself getting hard and erect. I licked and sucked her nipple and breast, trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. Occasionally my head would brush against Nancy’s as she ministered to Susan’s other breast.

Susan moaned, and she took my hand in hers and guided it between her legs. “Play with me,” she said.

Gently I stroked her vulva, feeling her swollen labia and then slipping a finger between them. She was warm and moist and I probed the soft skin, slipping my finger into her vagina to wet it, and then sliding it up to find her clitoris.

“Oh, yes,” she cried out softly when the pad of my index finger ran over her clit.

“Ok,” Nancy said. “Time to switch. Jim, lie down on the table. Susan, get up and let’s play with him.”

“Not now, do me more,” Susan whined.

“No, we’ll get Jim nice and hard and then you can ride him,” Nancy replied.

Reluctantly I helped Susan up, and then took her place.

“He looks pretty hard to me already,” Susan said, reaching out and caressing my penis. I was pretty hard, but her touch made me even harder. It was soft as only a woman’s hand is. I felt that little trill of electricity run the length of my dick, following her finger as she drew it up the length and then over and around my glans.

“It is a nice one,” Nancy said. “Let’s taste it.”

There is nothing that compares with having two mouths on your penis at the same time. Until then, I’d liked blow jobs a lot. This dual attack put everything that had ever happened before in that department in second place. The sensations were incredible. One of them would be licking up and down my shaft while the other was sucking on one of my balls, and then a mouth would suck me in and the other one would be licking and nipping at the base of my penis on the underside, where it’s sensitive. I could feel myself just getting up on that edge that means your orgasm is going to come in a little while when they stopped.

“I want him in me,” Susan said. She climbed up on the table and straddled me, kneeling with one leg on either side of my hips. I looked up at her. Her breast stood out hard and firm from her chest, and, as she lifted herself up, I could see the moonlight shining through the soft fluff of her pubic hair. She grabbed me with one hand, ataşehir escort pointed me at her vagina, rubbed the tip of my penis against her labia a few times and then slipped down over me.

Susan was soft, hot and tight. As she slid down I really noticed how physically hot her vagina was – not burning, but definitely a lot hotter than the air around us. I watched as she moved slowly downwards, and then our pubic bones were pressed together.

“Oh god, that’s nice,” she said. Boy, was she right.

Nancy had been watching all this, but then climbed up on the table and positioned herself over my face.

“Can you eat me while Susan rides you?” she asked me.

“I’ll try,” I said.

She was facing Susan, and lowered herself over my face. I could smell her – hot and musky and female, and then her labia were pressed against my mouth and I reached out with my tongue and started licking her. Her labia were shaved, and I ran my tongue over them before stabbing it up, trying to push it into her vagina. I felt her reach down and open herself for me. I licked her everywhere I could – up and down and in and out of her vagina. I felt her get wetter and wetter, and her juices were running down over my face. Finally I decided to focus on her clitoris and found it, then began tracing the alphabet on it like I’d read in the sex book I’d found in the college library.

“That’s so good,” she moaned.

In the meantime Susan had been busy sliding up and down and grinding herself against my groin. I could feel her hand from time-to-time, and finally guessed that she was playing with her clit as she moved around on me. It felt really good to be inside her, but with Nancy distracting me, I didn’t think I was going to come all that fast.

Nancy didn’t wait for me. I was flicking at her clit now, which seemed hard and big in my mouth, and she was moaning pretty steadily.

“That’s it, right there Jim,” she said. “Keep doing that. A little harder now.”

I followed her directions, increasing the pace.

“Oh fuck yes,” she cried out. “I’m there. Here it comes, here it comes. Oh fuck yes!”

Her vulva kind of twitched as she came, and it seemed like she got wetter than she had been. Then I heard Susan as well.

“That’s so hot. Oh god, here I come. Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.” I tried to push myself up into her and felt her vagina clutch around me as she came.

After that the girls kind of collapsed against each other and on me, riding out their orgasms while they held each other. I just lay under them, breathing in Nancy’s musky smell, and feeling the warm clutch of Susan’s vagina around my penis.

Susan finally slipped up and off me, and Nancy slid off the end of the table.

“Look,” Susan said. “He’s still hard.”

“Didn’t you come?” Nancy asked me.

“Not yet,” I replied, “But I did have a really good time.”

“Well, you have to come,” she replied. She looked at me and at Susan for a minute, and then said “This is really dirty,” she said. “But in for a penny, in for a pound. Do you want to try something?”

“What?” Susan and I asked simultaneously.

“Do me doggy style, and Susan you play with both of us while we’re doing it and I’ll lick you.”

“That is kinky,” Susan said. “Let’s do it!”

She lay back down on the table. We were lucky it was as big as it was, since the three of us were using it like bed. Nancy got over her, kind of in a 69 position. I climbed up and knelt behind her. It was a little awkward, but we made it work.

I shuffled forward on my knees and grabbed Nancy’s hips. I felt Susan reach up and grab me, and then she was guiding me inside Nancy’s vagina.

Nancy wasn’t as tight as Susan, but she was just as hot. I’ve never figure out why women are hot like that, but I like it. I started pushing in and out of her, and could feel my penis moving over her pubic bone, which gave me the friction I was looking for. The girls started up to, and pretty soon we were a writhing, grunting mass of flesh.

I kept pushing into Nancy, my belly hard against the nice round globes of her ass, really enjoying what was going on. I could feel Susan’s tongue and finger’s occasionally as she played with the two of us and kind of gave a running commentary.

“Oh god, this is so bizarre. Nancy, you’re all stretched out around Jim, and he’s pushing in and out of you, and there’s your little clitty let me touch it (Nancy groaned at that point). And when he pulls out you kind of come with him and oh god Nancy right there, right there…”

Well, this went on for a while and I felt myself getting ready to come when all of a sudden something pushed itself up my anus.

“A little prostate massage should make this more fun for him,” I heard Clare say. I glance back over my shoulder and realized it was her hand against my ass and her finger inside me and then things started feeling amazing as she started stroking my prostate.

I don’t make a lot of noise when I come, but that night I yelled out pretty loud. I mean, Clare’s finger in my ass, Nancy hot and pretty tight around me and the most sensitive part of my dick sliding hard over her pubic bone, Susan playing with my balls and then Susan crying out in orgasm again, and Nancy’s vagina clamping down around me and I started coming, hard, pushing myself as deep as I could into Nancy, over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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