The Lady Doctor

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NOTE: – This is written by an amateur and not by an English Professor. There is bound to be mistake and grammatical errors. Its written with the intention to narrate an incident that happened and pass on a theme – an incest theme. So those who wish to read story without any grammar error or read to check if the language is ok, I have only one advise – STOP! (Or my mom will shoot) Don’t read FURTHER!

Story Outline: – How a young man got an opportunity to masturbate infront of a lady doctor- This incident led his lust towards his mother & Sister.


During our PT period we played Football. On this eventful day our drill sir was in the opposite team. The selections were coming up and I wanted to perform well. I was on guard as the ball began to take its flight; I didn’t want to be frightened in front of our drill sir. So I did a bold try to defend it by jumping high. My calculations went wrong. I jumped higher than I expected. The ball hit my groin. For a second I stood still then I fell down as I felt pain & giddiness. I remember him run towards me “You OK kid?” he asked lifting me up. Advises flew in –

“Jump high man!”

“Walk around.”

“Drink some water.”

“Ball’s got punched by ball – hahaha”

It went on and on. In the end I was led to the bench with an advice to sit and watch and take rest. Embarrassed I sat there sensing the girls laugh. It grew worse as my class teacher came to know and she phoned home. I was allowed to go home early. As soon as I reached home mom was all over me.

“What happened Darling?”

“Nothing – just an accident. Just that I was in the way of football”

“You should be careful while playing.”

“Where did it hit you? Mrs. Joseph told me to take you to the hospital.”

“Its nothing.”

“Where did it hit you? “

I felt knot tied. What could I say? Where do I point? I was in a dilemma.

“C’mon you can tell to mommy. Where did it hit you? “

I pointed to the front of my pants.

“Ouch! It must have hurt.”

“It did”. I said “but not now.”

“C’mon lets go to a doctor “

“Its all right.”

“Its not.” She said and that was that. I was pulled over to the hospital. I sat on the bench as she registered.

“The doctor will see you soon.” Mom said returning.

I was called in next. I got the next shock. The doctor was a lady and a beautiful one too. It never clicked on me that she would go for a lady doctor. Had I known, I would have forced her to see a male doctor.

“Come in Varun.” She smiled sweetly, “What’s the problem?”

I stood gaping at her. Mom pushed me forward. I sat down

“He got hit with the ball. Show her ” she said

I stood rooted embarrassed.

“C’mon don’t feel shy. Its only doctor here.”

To her it was a doctor, but to me she was a beauty and undress in front of her was impossible.

“Don’t get shy.” The doctor said

I opened my pants and pushed my underwear a little. I wished I had taken a bath before I came. I was wondering if I smelled of urine. The doctor pulled down my underwear freeing my dick and looked at it. I felt ashamed. She slowly held my dick and moved it around. My dick began to grow a little. This time the doctor became a little embarrassed and smiled shyly. She quickly moved her hand as if fearing it would grow huge.

“It seems ok. Still I will give some medicine since he has pain. See me if the pain persists.”

Mom thanked the doctor and we left.

I didn’t know that this incident would change my life. After the first touch of a woman on my penis I was so attached with that though that I couldn’t masturbate. I felt it was unfair to my dick that I should masturbate it when there were so many women around. After 2 weeks I my imagination got the better of me and off I went to the hospital alone. When my number came I didn’t go but waited till the last patient was called. Then I approached the Nurse and enquired about my number.

“Where were you? How many times did I call your number? See the last patient is in”

“I was waiting for mom.” I said without any hesitation

“And canlı bahis where is she?”

“She is coming, at the gate,” I said pointing

“OK, go in next.”

I went in slowly as the patient came out. The doctor was looking at my chart.

“Well how are we now Mr. Varun?” she asked

I slowly limped to her as if in pain.

“It was ok till yesterday but today it’s paining,”

“Well let me take a look.”

I stood hesitating.

“C’mon don’t tell me you are still shy.” She said

“No….” I said, “The door is open ….”

“Don’t worry no one will come.”

I looked at the door then as if in sudden thought closed the door and put the latch up. I smiled at her and she smiled at me back shaking her head as if saying ‘Today’s Teenagers-they are so shy.’

“Ok, now lets see.” She said

I pulled up my shirt and with one hand unbuckled and lowered my zip little, and then I stood there fumbling as if I couldn’t open with one hand. She moved nearer and pulled the zip down. I held my shirt with both hands and waited. The doctor was surprised. She thought I was fumbling with the zip so she gave a helping hand and was waiting me to strip, but I on the other hand was waiting for the doctor to undress me. She lowered my pant and pulled down my underwear. My dick sprang out. She was taken back. As her soft hand touched my dick I felt the sensation I was waiting for.

“Is it paining here.” She asked touching around professionally

“Well actually it is when you pull the skin little back.”

“Hmmm.” She said “Maybe I should refer you to a male doctor.”

“No…No” I said “Its taken a while to adjust to show to you, I cant open like this in front of everyone. I want you to treat me.”

She looked undecided.

“I just want to know if pain when pulling this skin back is normal or not.”

“Well if it’s the first time…”

“Its not.” I said

“I beg your pardon” she said not sure if what she heard was correct.

“I said that I used to do it earlier but it never pained.” I said stroking in front of her “but now it does and when you do so you can feel a vein bulge-that’s when it pains.”

I went on stroking looking at her beautiful thin lips wishing she would give it to my dick. Suddenly I said, “Ah here it is now I feel the bulge and is beginning to pain.”

Professional interest aroused she moved forward to see. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. “See don’t you feel the vein rising.” I said

She moved her hand ambivalent searching for the vein.

“Hold it tight and you can feel it.” I said

She held it tight as I moved my hip in rhythm to continue the stroking. I felt my pleasure increase. Moving forward quickly I grabbed her boobs and pushed my dick toward her face trying to insert into her sweet mouth. She shut her mouth before I could and pushed me, but I was beyond control. I held my dick on her face squeezing her boobs with both my hands as I began to ejaculate like a fountain pouring over her and me.

“You bastard….” She screamed pushing me off as I finished my spurting.

She took a towel and wiped off my sperm from her face.

“I am going to report this to the police. Just wait and see. What do you think of yourself?”

“Please ma’am” I said, “It was my fault, I will tell the Police the real story. I couldn’t masturbate for the whole 2 weeks because of the pain and now when I wanted to show you the pain and when you touched my hard thing…. I couldn’t control myself. I am real sorry. Let me wipe it for you.”

“Get lost!” she screamed as I tried to wipe the sperm off her boobs.

“Please madam, I am sorry” I said innocently “I am trying to help.”

“Get lost!” she screamed

I pulled on my pants and unlatched the door and left. No one seemed to notice. I had hoped no one would be there, but there were some around waiting to see the other doctors. Luckily no one had noticed anything. I was hoping that the doctor wouldn’t call the Police and even if she did I may get off with the same explanation I had given to the Lady Doctor but if the news reached outside the bahis siteleri more embarrassed person would be the doctor. Still I didn’t want to push my luck I moved quickly off the hospital premises. The masturbation had soared my pleasure high and I dreamt about it the whole time unbelieving I pulled such a stunt and got off unscratched.

I was like a lion tasted blood for the first time. I wanted to enjoy, I wanted to masturbate infront of girls, and their surprised face was a boost to my mayhem. I wanted my dick to feel their softness. So I began planning again. To ease my dick from the pressure sometimes a bus at the rush hour was the only medicine. The front side would be packed with women. I just had to stand still as their softness brushed all around me. As the bus moved on I would slowly move towards the college & school students unnoticed in the rush, very near to them-so near that they would fall on me when the bus halts or moves. Once they fall on me I would stick to them. They would think that they fell on me but because of the rush they could not move away even if they wanted. Some of the young would wear silk dress, which stuck on to their body like a second skin. A touch on the body felt like they had nothing on. I would just stand still with my dick on their ass, allowing it to grow slowly. The girls could feel my dick slowly thriving. Some would turn around and giggle while some would give a hard stare hoping I would go. I would wait till my dick was hard then slowly press harder on her ass, feeling my dick sink into her soft ass till I could push no more. Then I would move allowing my dick in my pants to move around. Slowly I would feel the moment arising. I would press hard to her ass and hold her with my dick as I ejaculate on her ass. Though the clothes separate us, she could feel warmth on her ass as my dick ejaculate wetting my pants and damping her skirt. After a while I would move away covering my front with my bag, as the girl would stand rooted thinking about the flow.

Hard-on pressed on girls ass is common in the bus but the feeling of the flow as I ejaculate is on her ass is only possible when both the male and female wear light, silky or thin material. Most people would shun away as they ejaculate fearing the girl’s reaction and the dampness in front. Only few will press harder as they ejaculate. There are times when you have a huge hard-on and try as much as possible you would never get an ass to relieve in the bus-Those times would lead to frustration. It was on such a day that what I did not think of happened – My Mom.

It was a Friday. I went with my friends to one of their house to see a XXX rated movie as his parents were away. After the movie I had to wait 2 hours in the bus stop for the rush to begin. I got in and managed to reach the front. The bus reached my favorite stop-which had both School & College nearby, leading a gush of teen ass & boobs. I felt my wish granted as I saw a sexy girl get-in. She had no bra and I could see her nipples as the sweat spread over her white dress. Her ass was large. As the rush poured in she was pushed backwards and straight towards me. I felt her soft ass glide into me and my dick was quick to respond flattening right on her ass line. She turned and looked right at my pants then smiled at me and turned around. I felt embarrassed and at the same time ignited. I moved on to her allowing my dick to sink on her ass. Unfortunately there were others who had an eye for her. Some of the seniors crowded around us touching her as if by mistake and trying to press their dick on her. Unluckily for me and luckily for them the conductor pushed me backwards for him to stand and give the ticket. The seniors quickly moved in engulfing her. Try as much I could, I couldn’t get near them due to the heavy rush. I looked around for another girl but all were in front and I had to push a lot of people to reach there and that would bring in attention, so I just stood there waiting for a chance to move in. I never got that chance. As my stop came I was very much frustrated and walked home. I was so excited today that if I had just 2 minutes I would have ejaculated. I reached home and threw bahis şirketleri off my bag in anger cursing the seniors and envying them. The more I thought about the girl the more I got a hard on and the more frustrated I became. I decided to have tea and went to the kitchen. I found mom missing and called around.

“Mom! I am home. Where are you?”

“Coming, I am taking a bath. Your tea is on the table.”

Mom knew I wanted tea as soon as I returned from school. I sat down to drink tea dreaming of the girl. The ‘Splash’ ‘Splash’ sounds of mom pouring water on her irritated my dreams. She never used the shower. I left the tea untouched and went to change. A small work area separated my room and the bathroom. A tiny hole on the bathroom door attracted my eye.

It was the hole for which I had received nice beating and scolding. I had nailed a soap holder, which looked like a vase on the back of the door. The nail always fell out probably due to the weight of the soap. One day I got angry and hit the nail deep. The nail went deep – deeper than I expected. It reached the other end. When the elders arrived they created a scene and the nail was ordered out with a warning ‘Nothing is allowed on the bathroom door.’ The hole was closed with soap and now a light was shining through the hole probably the soap I had pasted on it had fell off. I turned to go when I heard the ‘Splash’ sound. My mind turned evil. I felt my heartbeat increase as I moved nearer.

I looked through the hole. Mom had her back towards me. Her naked back aroused my dick again. She moved forward dropping the cup in the bucket. The soap holder was at the end. She took the soap and turned. I had no words. I never knew my mom had such huge boobs with good shape and curves. I watched admiringly as she soaped her body. Her bush was all wet. I moved my hand to massage my dick watching her bath. Suddenly someone opened the gates and I ran to see who it was, arranging myself. It was my sister.

“You are early.” I said

“No you are.”

It was then I remembered that I did not go to the computer class. I phoned Abbey, my classmate and told him I would be late for the class. I closed the door and returned to watch the show opening my zip. It was then I noticed that the work area room was open. I looked in and found my sister changing. She was removed her skirt. The panties were a little in her ass displaying her sweet buns. She pulled off her shirt throwing it to the floor giving a glimpse of her petite boobs. She pulled up a skirt and banyan on her and turned to find me staring. It was only now that she saw me.

“Whatcha doing?” she asked

“I ….I was looking for my Jeans.”

“In your cupboard. Mom kept it this morn. Didn’t you see?”

“Yeah…I kind of forgot. How’s your class?

“As usual” she said with a ‘What’s up bro?’ look.

I smiled and returned to my room. I was all-dizzy. Naked figures were swimming in my eyes. I never realized my Mother & Sister had such cute figures. I never saw them in this angle. My dick was aching as if saying ‘All day full work and no play.’ I could hold no longer. I went to her room. She was lying on the cot with a book. Her ass faced me.

“Can you help me to take the book off the shelf?”

She looked at me. “What’s with your leg?”

“It’s the fall-the football fall. I cant climb up-the doctor says.”

She got up and said, “Where’s the knowledge?”

I led her to the room and pointed to the stool. She climbed up. I crept behind her and as she reached for the books I looked under her skirt getting a magnificent view of her ass from below. I pulled out my dick and got on the stool.

“What are you doing?” she asked, “We will fall.”

Pulling up her skirt I positioned my dick right in-between her ass cheek and pressed. I squeezed her ass and boobs as she began to wriggle. Her hot flesh was too much for me. All day long boobs & ass were teasing me. I held her for a few more seconds, and then as I felt I was to ejaculate I released her and pushed my dick in, ejaculating in my pants. She jumped to the floor,

“What do you think you were doing?” she screamed

I stood smiling like a silly as she poured her anger out eyeing my pants, perhaps wondering what it was or if I had the guts to do it. In the end she threw the book at me and ran to her room.


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