The Irrevocable Daughter

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Note:- All characters in this story are eighteen and older. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters in this story to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Enjoy!


It was late in the night. The sky was dark due to the lack of the moonlight and everything looked much darker than they usually do. Inside, in Derrick Sander’s room, Derrick was busy giving his daughter a royal fuck massage.


My name is Amy, which is short for Amanda Jane Sanders. I am an average 19 years old high school going girl and head of the cheerleader team with a good athletic body and equally good looks. After I came back from school; I called for my mother but found her out cold on her bed. So I decided to grab a bite and then I went to her backyard to soak up some of the California sun. I always sunbathe nude as I didn’t like tan lines on my body. It is too old-fashioned in my opinion. I poured some oil in my hands and rubbed it all over my body, caressing my privates lightly. Then I put on my earplugs, played a song in my iPod, which was my favourite, and leaned back on the chair, my feet rocking with the beats of the song.

But I hadn’t even laid there for five minutes when my friends stopped by and catching me by surprise. Jessie, a pretty blonde girl came to call me.

“Hey, Amy, we’re heading towards the beach for a party so we thought we could bring you along—OH MY GOSH!!!”

I sat up on the chair, covering her boobs with my hand. “What the fuck Jessie?” I yelled at her. “I just sat here.”

“Amy! You sunbath naked?” she exclaimed, gesturing towards me.

“Yeah, so what? Don’t you?”

She shook her head innocently. I rolled my eyes. I put a towel around my body, covering my nakedness.

“What are you doing here anyway?” I asked.

“Artie is throwing up a party at the south beach. We were heading that way, thought you would be interested too.”

“Sorry, Jessie but I have homework to do.”

I started moving towards my room. Obviously Jessie followed me.

“Since when did you start doing homework yourself?”

“I always do homework myself,” I lied, heading to the shower. Actually I just wanted to sleep over the afternoon but I didn’t bother to tell her that.

“Come on, it will be fun. Besides, Robert will be there…”

I stopped. Robert is our top scorer football player. My heart fluttered on hearing his name. I always had a crush on him. He is so hot, and is very popular among the girls. He has this smile that could always sweep you off your feet. I turned around to face her and saw her grinning at me knowingly. Damn! She knows I like him.

“Fine, I will come.”

“YES!” she jumped up and down doing a little victory dance. I shook my head and headed in to my bathroom.

“Let me take a shower. I will be ready to go in ten minutes.”

“I’ll wait.”

I took a shower, washing all the oil off my body and dried myself. Since it is a beach party, I changed into tight jeans shorts over a designer red bikini two piece I bought a few weeks ago and put a loose baggy shirt over it. I put on my sandals and was ready to go.

Fifteen minutes later, we reached to desired location. The beach was crowded with people everywhere. There was a small stage at the centre where a DJ was playing party songs with speakers everywhere. We made our way through the dancing and jostling people and reached the bar. Jessie ordered two drinks.

“It’s amazing right?” she yelled above the blaring pop music.

I nodded and took a sip of my drink. Soon we were joined by other people, mostly girls accompanied by their boyfriends. We talked for sometime chatting about school and what not?

Artie came with a bunch of his friends and asked if we were enjoying the party. I saw Robert among them and my heart skipped a beat. When he saw me he smiled and waved at me. I waved back.

“Hi,” he said, leaning over the counter beside me.

“Hi,” I replied. Why my voice is shaking?

“It’s a cool party isn’t it?”

“It’s grand.” I replied.

He nodded. We stood silent for a while. “Do you want to dance?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I downed the last bit of drink and went with him to the dance floor. He took me to middle of the dance floor and we started dancing on the slow hip-hop song. The song was sexy and I was beginning to like it when suddenly, water started spraying upon us. The girls started screaming and the boys started yelling like gorillas. I had already ditched my shirt in the car so the water now wetted my bare skin. The bikini top clung to my chest like a second skin and my nipples started to poke out through the fabric.

We kept on dancing for a while, and soon things started to heat up between us. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the water but suddenly Robert came too close to me. He put his hands over my hips and swaying with me. I obliged and lifted my arms up and started shaking my hips sinuously. We looked at each other a silent message passed between us.

“Let’s go,” he said urgently.

I nodded and he started pulling me bostancı escort away from the crowd. We went to one of those small huts built on the beach and before even we closed the door, he was already on me. My bikini top came off easily and he started kissing me hungrily like it is the last kiss he will ever have. His hands moved slowly against my skin making its way up my body and leaving goose-bumps until they rested over my fleshy mounds. His hands were big but it still failed to grab my 34DD breasts fully.

I tugged at his pants, trying to pull them off while he undid my shorts and bikini bottoms. Soon, we were unclothed. He carried me to the bed, laid me down and climbed on top of me. We kissed each other again and soon we were engaged in wild, heated sex.

That’s it. No preamble, no foreplay, just kiss and fuck. This fucking didn’t even make me orgasm. That is why I prefer older men. They are more experienced, know much more about how to pleasure a girl and doesn’t haste into things. Robert is handsome, he is muscular even, but he doesn’t know to use his force to handle a girl on bed. He thrusts with too much force, almost to the point of displeasure until at the end; you just wish it ended quickly. He didn’t let me suck his cock or lubricate it in any other way. It was heated, but it wasn’t enjoying. For me, it was just a routine…like clockwork—mechanical bodies moving over each other in sync. To and fro, to and fro, to and fro. Heck, he doesn’t even know any other position other than the missionary.

He lasted for a mere fourteen and a half minutes after which he pulled out his cock and emptied his load over my stomach. I scooped some of the thick liquid and tasted it. Hell, he even tasted horrible. I stood up and put on my clothes.

“It was a great sex, wasn’t it?” he asked lying naked on the bed.

I silently rolled my eyes. “Yep, it was good.”

“So…we’re gonna meet again?”

“Sure, I will call you when I will be free,” I said wearing my sandals and went out.


It was pretty late when I reached home. Well, it wasn’t really my fault. Jessie was busy being sandwiched between Artie and Kyle and I was too boozed up to drive alone. The party was in a sort of secluded part of the beach and it was 4 miles to the nearest taxi point.

Anyways, I finally made it back to my home safe. I didn’t spotted Derrick’s car so I assumed he was still in the office. I turned the key to the door and walked in silently. Inside it was too dark to see. All the lights were off so it means Melanie is either still sleeping or she went out, which is highly unlikely. That woman has never stepped out of the door after six in her whole thirty-five years of life. She is pretty disgusting in that way. I know I shouldn’t be talking about my mother in that way but it’s true. I hate her. When I ask her why doesn’t go out, she says that it is not safe. I mean, why she is even afraid? Who is going to rape her anyway? She is as flat and as wrinkly as slice of bread!

As I was making my way to the stairs, the light in the hallway suddenly flicked on, blinding my eyes. I stopped dead on my tracks and my heart started beating frantically.

“Where have you been all day, Amy?”

I gulped. Here it comes. I turned around to face the living room. There at the corner where it was still dark, I spotted a figure sitting on the sofa. I couldn’t see who it was, there weren’t enough light, but I clearly recognized the voice.

“F-father?” I said in a shaky voice.

Another light flicked on and saw Derrick seated on the sofa like an emperor seated on a throne. His stare was menacing, the kind of look someone gives when they are really, really pissed off.

“I came from the office today to find that my daughter is not at home. I tried her cell, but it was switched off. Tell me, where were you?”

“I-I was at a party down at the beach.”

“Party at the beach huh? Then why did it take you so long to get back home?”


“You were with some guy, weren’t you?” he asked.

I gulped again; my heart was pounding inside my chest, threatening to pop out.

“D-dad, I-I…”

“And you had sex with him,” he finished.

I was about to deny but stopped, knowing that it is of no use. He already knows the truth. Instead, I went in for the truth.

“Y-yes,” I said.

He didn’t say anything for a long time. Then I heard another light go on and I looked up and looked at him. I mean, I really looked at him, for the first time really.

He was sitting there, a glass of scotch in his hand and a tiny light switch in another. His eyes were red, obviously indicating that he is pretty much wasted and…he was naked. His sweat covered body reflected the light of the wall lamp falling over his skin, giving it a light sheen. His erect 12inch highly virile cock was lying lightly over his eight pack abs and his balls, each the size of a lemon was nestled between his muscular thighs, all blue in color. I may be hallucinating but I also saw them twitching a little. His broad chest was heaving up and down ümraniye escort bayan slowly, showing off his muscularity.

He was looking like the Greek god Adonis with higher sex drive.

I shifted nervously on my legs, rubbing my legs together to quite my yelling, leaking pussy. Shit, I was getting turned on watching my father naked. I mean…well, I was a bit horny…and also he was too, looking from the state of his arousal…

Let me explain it to you clearly. My father and I had set clear boundary rules about sex and nakedness at our house. He never stops me from wearing anything, even if I wear nothing at all. In return he asks the Same. He is kind of an exhibitionist who always likes to show off his nakedness wherever possible. Since he can’t do it outdoors, he prefers to stay unclothed at all times in the house. He doesn’t even try to hide his erection when he has got one, even when there are people around him. In fact I had seen him start masturbating right in front of me whenever we were watching some hot scene playing in the TV. And boy, does he come! He could fill an entire jar with his semen in one go and could remain rock hard for hours after orgasms.

He put the glass of scotch on a small table beside him and sat up. His steel muscles flexed as he did so.

“Come here Amy. Take off your sandals.”

I undid the sandal straps, kicked them off and went to stand before him. He picked up the glass, sipped his drink and put back on the table.

“Strip,” he ordered.

I obeyed without a word. I took off my shirt, undoing one button after another, slowly. I slung it off my shoulder and dropped it on the ground. Then I reached behind me and pulled my bikini string and it fell off my shoulders to the carpet below. I cupped each of my breasts and tweaked my nipples with fingers. They immediately became hard under the effect. Slowly brushing my palms over my naked stomach, I reached down to my short jeans and pulled at the button and the zipper followed stance. It fell down under the gravity, sliding down my long tan legs and around my ankles and I kicked it off away. Now I was down to just my skimpy red bikini bottoms. It was one of those kinds which are knotted on each side of your hips. So, it was basically non-existent.

Derrick ran his gaze over me once, starting from my face to the bottom of my feet and then back up again, his eyes were sending in chills down my skin, like some invisible freeze ray. His gaze finally rested over the only piece of clothing I had on and then back at me. I took the message and reached down and giving him a sly look, pulled the strings. The clothe fell down on the carpet.

Now I was completely naked as the day I was born. He again looked down at my crotch and licked his parched lips. I looked down at the monster seated between his thighs waving angrily at me and immediately felt a tingle run up my spine, raising the hairs on my back. I looked up and found him looking at me knowingly. He reached up, took my hand and pulled me towards him so that now his face was in level with my moist pussy. He leaned in and took a deep breath, then, without any warning he planted his face on to it.

I threw my head back, moaning lightly as he parted the fleshy doors of my vagina with his tongue and started licking the insides. Soon I was trembling and grinding my hips over his face, painting it with my sticky nether juices. His tongue was feeling like a tentacle making its way deep into my confines. I was biting on my bottom lip to suppress my screams as a bubbling orgasm washed over my body.

He pulled out finally and I saw that his face was covered with my juices. He licked his lips, tasting my juices and leaned back on the chair again.

“Kneel,” he ordered again.

I kneeled down before him and waited patiently for his next order. He grabbed my head and guided it down to his throbbing cock. For the first time, I got a proper look of his cock. It was huge in every term. It was standing straight, pointing up towards the ceiling like mast, covered in veins all over it. Its head was big and bright red in color and was oozing precum. I grabbed the massive shaft and it twitched from my touch. I smiled and started licking it slowly, trailing my tongue along the underside, from the base to the very tip. There I rolled my tongue over it, brushing the sensitive skin with the tip of my tongue and making him gasp. A drop of crystal clear liquid oozed out of the slit and I licked it down.

I repeated the process, licking the shaft from bottom to top again and again, making him gasp and moan. Then I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked in slowly. My jaws stretched to the point of breaking as I engulfed the thick girth of his manhood inside my warm mouth, rolling my tongue over the tip while I started massaging his balls with my other hand. Soon I started gagging and I had to pull him out due to lack of breath. I took another deep breath and took him inside him again, pushing him further and further down my mouth, easing my throat muscles to do so. His cock slipped deeper and deeper inside me kartal escort until finally my nose struck against his pubic hairs. My lungs were burning and I had the sudden urge to vomit but I held still, his cock pushing deep down my throat.

Then I released him and his cock out free, along with a torrent of my saliva, running down his length and dripping down my chin, over my tits.

“Girl, you are one good cocksucker!” he said while catching his breath.

I smiled up at him and started blowing his cock again. I kneeled up straighter and wrapped my tits around the shaft. His head was jutting out from between the crevice. I took it in my mouth and sucked at it. He groaned again, feeling the new sensation of titty-fucking his own daughter. After a couple of sucks, I felt his legs go stiff and his balls twitch hard. Then suddenly a jet of pearlescent white liquid shoots out of his cock and into my mouth, quickly followed by another and another. By and by his sperms filled my mouth up to the brim. Though I tried to down them all, some still managed to dribble down my chin.

After a fifteenth, missile, his cock finally stopped bucking and he sighed. I gulped all of the sperms down and wiped away the rest of the sticky liquid using the shirt.

I sat over his thighs, straddling it. My ass rested over his balls and I could feel it twitching lightly beneath me, churning up the man-juices. At this position my eyes came in level with his and I stared at them for sometime before leaning in to kiss him, full on his lips. He joined immediately, his lips scorching against mine, his breath strong with the smell of alcohol. I am quite sure he had been drinking for quite a while. When I pulled back, his eyes were half closed, filled with carnal desires.

He picked up a bottle of scotch whiskey and refilled the glass then gave it to me.

“Drink,” he said.

I took a sip at the burning liquid, still looking at him, and gulped it down. Immediately it felt good. I took another sip and downed the whole contents in one go.

“Where’s mom?” I asked.

“Last time I checked, that hag was in her bedroom snoring like a pig. I don’t think she will get up until tomorrow afternoon.”

He laughed lightly and I laughed too. “Why do you hate her so much?”

He brushed a strand of hair falling over my face and tucked it behind my face. “I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her. Besides, I have no reason to hate her for she did so much for us. She gave you to me.”

“I don’t like the sound of it,” I scolded.

“I love you, Amy. I love you more than anything else in this world. Does that sound good to you?”

I kissed him again. “Yes, I like it very much.”

We kissed for a while, moving our head side to side at different angles. When we pulled away again, we were breathing hard.

“So, what do you say?” he said, “Shall we take this action to our bedroom?”

He picked me up easily like I weighed nothing and carried me upstairs to his bedroom…our bedroom. He laid me down on his bed and I stretched my body up, lasciviously, teasing him more while he stood at the edge of the bed, watching me with hungry eyes. His cock was sanding straight, inclining towards the roof, reaching a foot from between his legs and was throbbing lightly, as if it has a life of its own. The head was as big and purple and the whole shaft was covered with a lots of veins all filled with blood to its full extent.

He was so good, so handsome, it sometimes make me cry in wonder. I had inherited my good figure from him. I, by the way have a decent figure of 34DD-24-36 which was very impressive. It was also gifted with a decent height of 5’6″ and a well placed 110 lbs. Overall, I was an eye-snatcher. Derrick had an impressive length of 6’3″ with the perfect Adonis ratio between his shoulder and waist. He truly was a God in human form. His skin was lightly tan with no tan lines as he always liked to soak the sun nude—one of the habits I got from him.

Apart from being handsome, he is intelligent too and works as the head engineer for Ambrosia Corps.—the biggest manufacturer for, well, everything. At the age of 35, he is the youngest and senior-most engineer in his department. He has blue eyes and blonde hair like me. And, I don’t want to exaggerate but he has the most damn exotic cock in this world and in any other world whatsoever. I loved everything about him. I love his smile, I love his body, I love the way he talks, I love the way he looks and I love the way he orders me.

Yes, I love him very much.

He leaned in and positioned himself over me. Then he started sucking at one of my nipple while garroting the other while I squirmed below him. His cock was brushing against my thigh which was sending in sparks across my body, making me squirm under his touch.

He kissed his way down my body until he stopped above my pussy and waited. By this point I was literally burning in flames of desire and when he stopped kissing me, it was like the very existence of my life was snatched away from me. I tried to look up but then suddenly his tongue came mashing upon my nether lips, penetrating through the labia, and deep into my vaginal walls. I gasped loudly and arched my back up. It felt like a punch through my gut, so wonderful it was. I grabbed his head and thrusted his face deep into my pussy and shoving his tongue deeper.

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