The Invisible Woman Ch. 07

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The hot coffee permeated through her esophagus into the fabric of her being, illuminating all of her senses. She needed illuminating after last night.

After an awkward Uber ride home she had convinced Geoff to get some rest by promising him she was fine. She wasn’t fine though. She felt anything but fine. Not because he had taken her in an alley though. She wasn’t mad at him for that, not really. It was because she had realized how out of tune they were together. He hadn’t paid attention to her body language at all or even heard her words, and she was positive he was omitting details about Jess just as she was about Jack. The saddest part, though, is that she wouldn’t have even noticed how disjointed they were if it hadn’t been for how united she had felt with Jack.

This worried her more than anything else. The notification alert chimed on her phone pulling her from her thoughts.

Gym JACK: Good morning beautiful. Have an amazing day. Are we still on for tonight?

Grinning, Max stared at her phone. The melancholy she had felt over Geoff abated, but only for a moment. 13 words and she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. 13 words she shouldn’t hear from a man who wasn’t her husband. Guilt rose within her and nearly incapacitated her. She put her phone back on the table; she had no idea how to answer him right now. She had no idea what she wanted at all.

Her gaze fell on her Rollerblades, leaning against the wooden fence in her garden. Her car, which she had left parked out front of Conifer would have to be retrieved eventually and while she had originally planned to Uber out, she thought maybe the 10k skate would help clear her head. Her mind made up, she pushed open the back door.


Flying down the streets and paths, Rage Against the Machine blaring in her earbuds, she was free. Pushing hard up a steep incline, her oxygen deprived lungs sucked in air. She summited the hill, gave one final push and hunched low as she rode hard and fast down the hill. The effect was like a vacuum sucking the cobwebs from her brain.

When she got to her car she was breathing hard and sweating harder, but she had attained the clarity she was looking for..

She tossed her blades into the trunk and pulled out her phone to reply to Jack. She knew how good it felt to be around him was dangerous and while she didn’t want to stop being around him altogether, she needed to limit her exposure to him. At least for a few days while she waded through some things.

So far so good here. I think I will skip the gym tonight though on account I rollerbladed 10k to pick up my car. I might hit up the yoga and meditation class tonight if I wrap up at work early enough.

She went to put her phone in her pocket, but stopped when she heard the notification chime.

GYM JACK: I’ll meet you there at 9

Max stared at her phone. Well that backfired. She noticed the time on her phone and cursed. She needed to get ready for work. Thankful that she had her gym bag and uniform in the trunk, she decided to pop into the gym for a quick shower. Going home would mean needing to face Geoff, and she just didn’t have the time nor the energy to address that right now.

Walking into the lobby she moved through the turnstiles when the nerves on her entire body stuttered almost like an invisible breeze had passed over every cell simultaneously.

Responding on instinct, she turned and glanced over her shoulder. Jack was walking out of the sports medicine clinic on the other side of the lobby. Instead of his usual work out gear he was wearing a crisp white button down and black slacks with a polished leather shoe. His hair neatly tied back and a lanyard with a badge was around his neck. As though feeling her eyes on him, he looked up from the papers in his hands and caught her staring. He smiled casually and walked towards her. She felt under dressed beside him, all crisp and polished while she was still sweaty in her Jean shorts and loose torn up racer back.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Jack asked.

He bent and pressed his lips to her cheek in what was intended as an innocent friendly greeting, but made half of her face go numb as her nerves went haywire.

“Just grabbing a quick shower before work,” she replied. “I can’t go in like this. Pretty sure I’d get fired.”

She was still taking in this very different, tailored version of Jack when she glimpsed the badge around his neck. Her eyes widened and her gaze shot up to his face.

“I guess I never told you what I do for a living,” he said, gesturing to the badge. “It’s not as fancy as it sounds and I will still be paying my student loans until I die, but I am a sports medicine doctor here.”

Max realized how little she actually knew about Jack, and she suddenly felt ridiculous for putting so much pressure on this budding infatuation. He was practically a stranger.

“I assumed you were a run of the mill trust fund gym rat. There was no other explanation in my mind for how you were here so often,” she said sarcastically.

He laughed his deep manly laugh. Then looked back to the papers in his hand.

“I don’t want to keep you. We should güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri probably get to our respective jobs if we plan to keep them. See you at 9!” With that, he turned and headed off towards the offices at the back of the Gym

“See you at 9, Dr. Carmichael,”she called out, soliciting a slight blush and a wave from him.


Kim and Kat were staring at Max

“So. Like a Doctor Doctor?” Kim asked, wide-eyed and incredulous. .

Max nodded, refilling sterilizer trays. “Yup. A sports medicine doctor.”

Kim grabbed Max’s hand, causing her to splash the caustic liquid she was pouring.

“Hold on,” Kim said. “This guy-this tall, dark, majestic creature that was in the spa the other day getting Alice in a frenzy is also a doctor?”

Max nodded again.

Kim slapped the counter with both hands. “What?! How is that even fair to any of the other men on this planet?”

Max and Kat laughed.

“So, what’s the deal anyway? Is he pursuing you? I mean he knows you’re married,” said Kat.

“He let me know he’s open to more, but won’t push me. Says he respects my values.”

Kim buckled at the knees, bending backwards and grabbing her chest.

“And he’s a gentleman?! I know a lawyer. She can get you divorce papers by the end of the day.”

Max smiled, but she was stung. Geoff. She was married to Geoff. “Things are just starting to getting better with Geoff.”

“If you call forcing his liquor soaked self on you beside a dumpster ‘better’, then sure. I guess that is better than ignoring you for years and probably fucking a teenager behind your back.”

Max was taken aback. She knew Kat had opinions about Geoff, but she rarely voiced them so passionately. Especially if it might cause conflict.

“I am not a philanderer,” Max said firmly.

Kat put her hands up in apology.

“I’m sorry. It’s not my place,” she said sincerely, “but, here, you have an opportunity to pursue the holy fucking grail of love stories and I don’t want you to throw the chance away without at least exploring it as an option. Get to know Jack more. On a deeper level than squats and lifts. See if there could be something genuine there. And also explore what’s going on with Geoff. Pay attention to how you feel in the moments with these men. Go into this with an open mind and no preconceived constructs for what the moral outcome should be.”

Max nodded. Kat was not wrong. She was saying what she herself had already been thinking. Hearing it from an unbiased third party helped.


Jack was killing time finishing up a few patients charts, waiting for 9 to come. Seeing her earlier had thrown him. She had looked incredible. He was used to seeing her in her chic, well-furnished work out outfits, so the laid back casualness of cut off Jean shorts and her homemade racerback tank from a NOFX t-shirt. She had looked hot as hell. He checked the clock again. 8:45. Close enough. Jack grabbed his bag and headed for the lockers.


She wasn’t in the hall in front of the studio so he peeked his head in. In the dim light there was a soft chanting music and the aroma of cedar and pine filled the air.. He saw her laying perfectly still in savasana, breathing deeply. Removing his shirt he entered into the 40° room and unrolled his mat as quietly as possible next to hers.

While he did yoga occasionally, it was not his forte so he looked to Max to check her pose. She was still motionless, save for the rhythmic rise and fall of her bare midriff. Adjusting his position to mimick Max’s, he closed his eyes and matched his breathing to hers. Within moments he fell into mindful meditation.

They were gently roused by the instructor, Maria, when she calmly called them all to a seated meditation. As the class shifted, Jack offered Max a nod which she dreamily returned. They started in a moving meditation, combining pranayama with sun salutations, and within minutes he was dripping sweat onto his mat. Turning to triangle pose, Jack was greeted with the vision of Max in her short running shorts and sports bra. This was the most of her flesh he had ever seen. Her skin was porcelain and unblemished,the soft curve of her body instantly erotic. He realized that while she had touched him, he had hardly even grazed her, and now it was all he was thinking about, like a man lost in the desert thinking about water.

They moved from pose to pose, and he obtained a deep sense of calm. Shifted again, he saw Max looking at him the same way he’d been looking at her. They were both pouring sweat by the time they moved into their final savasana.

As he lay down, he strategically laid his hand out so that his fingers would lightly touch hers. She curled her finger gently stroking the side of his. The innocence of this physical contact was irrelevant to him, she may as well be blowing him for how great it felt. Surprising him, Max flipped her hand over and interlaced her fingers with his, holding his hand as they finished their final pose. The class disbanded, but they both lay there, neither wanting to be the one to let go. He would lay here all night if she wanted. He couldn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri think of anywhere he’d rather be.

He opened his eyes and looked to her to find she was already looking at him. She smiled a soft dreamy smile that made his balls churn.

“I like your shorts.” she said.

He laughed.

“Thank you. I’m quite fond of yours as well.”


Max sighed, reluctantly releasing his hand. She set about rolling up her mat. They didn’t speak again until they were out in the hall, collecting their shirts and sandals.

She pulled her slouchy over her head and decided to take Kat’s advice.,

“Would you like to go grab a tea with me? I know this-“

“I’d love to,” he cut her off. “It could be in a prison cell and my answer would still be yes.”

She laughed. “Do you want to follow me there? Or hop in with me and I can drive you back here after. Or home.”

“How about I hop in with you and you can give me a lift home after. Maybe I’ll Rollerblade in to pick up my car tomorrow.”

Her pulse quickened as she led the way to her car.


The tea shop wasn’t far, and they chatted amiably on the ride over. She discovered he liked some of the same music as her, sharing an appreciation for The Misfits and James Blunt. When they arrived at the shop, hey chose a large couch and ordered their herbal concoctions. Max turned so her legs were crossed and her back was to the arm of the couch. Jack turned towards her. He looked good. He always looked good, but tonight in his small skin tight yoga shorts and nothing else Max had had a hard time controlling herself. He had thrown on track pants and a muscle shirt before they left the gym. Unfortunately.

Her view for half of the class had been watching sweat beads roll slowly down his broad rippling back, ending right at the top of his perfect bubble butt. How she had never noticed the exquisite condition of his ass before was beyond her because now it was all she could think about.

“So, I realize that despite knowing you for years, I know nothing about you. And that makes me feel like I’ve been a shitty friend. In honour of our evolving friendship I think it’s time I learn more about you.”

Before throwing my marriage away, she added mentally.

He spread his hands in an open gesture.

“What would you like to know?”

“We could start with the light stuff. You know, like parents names and occupations, hometown, previous marriages, kids, criminal records, deviant kinks. You know, the usual.” She smiled playfully.

He smiled back nonplussed. “Robert and Janine Carmichael. My father is a mechanic and my mother was a primary teacher. I was born and raised in Vancouver, but moved here for university when I was 17.Never been married, nor am I currently. I’ll even give you a bonus answer saying I’ve never been engaged either. Eight years of university, followed by a 3 year residency didn’t leave much time. I dated but nothing too serious. No kids yet. I’m exceedingly careful in my encounters so I would be beyond shocked to discover otherwise at any point. I’m not against them, but I’m not hung up on them either. It would depend on the circumstance. I have no criminal record. And I dabble in bdsm.”

Max’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She’d been joking! She hadn’t expected him to actually answer, and so honestly. Or maybe he was kidding?

She took a sip of her tea to cover her shock.

“How exactly does one dabble in bdsm? I thought that was a lifestyle.”

“One dabbles by having more than one interest. Sex is fluid and liquid and it moves and shape shifts with every encounter. I am a dominate when I take part in that practice, but I also enjoy tantric practice and fucking in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. I am a lover of physical intimacy and I enjoy exploring all of its components.”

He was watching her, looking for a reaction, but she was comfortable and relaxed. She was incredibly aroused by this revelation, but not embarrassed as she usually would be. She appreciated his confidence and comfort.

“Wow.” She took another sip of tea. “Do Bob and Janine know you’re a sexual deviant?”

He almost spat out his drink.

“I was wondering if you’d heard anything else I’d said,” he said, once he got himself under control. “No. I don’t think they know. I don’t make a habit of talking about sex with my parents. Not past the initial birds and bees talk anyways.”

He paused and looked at her thoughtfully. “What about you?”

“Ya. I talk to my mom about sex. She’s pretty open, actually.” She smiled wickedly, and he laughed again.

“I meant tell me your answers to those very invasive questions you imposed on me”

“My dad is Paul Featherstone. He’s an engineer and my mom, Karen, owns a small cafe. I was born here and grew up here. I have been married for 4 years and we’ve been together for 6. I met him during college. He was teaching part of a culinary program and I was in the esthetics course. No kids. Geoff didn’t’ want kids and I’m not bothered either way, so no kids is fine. No criminal record. And I am a lover of physical intimacy and güvenilir bahis şirketleri enjoy exploring all of its components.”

They were laughing and chatting when her phone rang. Geoff’s picture appeared on the screen. It was only then that she noticed how late it was. He was probably home,wondering where she was. Especially since she had avoided him all day,answering his texts in brief.

She answered. “Hey.”

“Hey. Where are you? I just got in and it doesn’t look like you’ve been home at all. You ok? “

“I’m great actually. I went to yoga after work and I’m just finishing my tea. I’ll be home in a bit.”

“Ok.” There was an audible pause on the other end of the line before he added,”Are you with Jack?”

Max looked over at Jack who was respectfully checking his own phone to give her some privacy.

“Yes. I Am.” She waited through a baited silence.

“You’ll be home soon?”

“Yup. Just going to give him a ride home first.”

He sighed heavily into the phone.

“Alright I guess. Tell your boyfriend I said hi.”

With that he hung up. Max pretended he was still there so she could save face.

“K, see you soon, bye,”

Jack looked up at her as she stood and stretched. Reading her queue, he stood, drained his tea and followed her out.


Max pulled up to a charming home a little outside the city. The house sat on a small acreage, modest and rustic but well kept like a large cottage.

“This is me. Thanks for the lift,” Jack said.

He turned to her, and seemingly by instinct, reached out and took her face in his hands.

Max’s heart was thumping so loud she was afraid he could hear it. He moved his face closer to hers, gazing at her intently. His eyes were a deep whiskey colour and they were smouldering as he bent his mouth to hers. She angled upwards, her body acting on its own. An inch from her mouth, Jack closed his eyes and with effort, he moved up and pressed a warm lingering kiss to her forehead before exiting the car.

Max sat, eyes closed, still feeling the heat that had spread through her body as he’d kissed her. She reached up to touch her forehead and was almost surprised to find out was just her skin and not electrodes.

Remembering Kat’s advice she banked this feeling of complete satiation, as though her bucket was filled to the brim.


When Max arrived home, she opened the door and found Geoff standing in the hall waiting. Fuming. Max’s good spirits evaporated into the tension of the hallway.

“Seriously Max?! After our talk last night I thought I made it clear I didn’t want him around you,” he spewed.

Max walked past him and put her gym bag on the ground.

“No.” she said defiantly and tightened her arms across her chest.

“You’re serious? I’m your husband. I don’t want you hanging out with a guy who’s trying like hell to take you to bed Max!”

“You don’t need to like it. I’m a grown woman that makes her own choices. As for him wanting to sleep with me, you’ve created that in your mind, not in the reality we’re in, so it is most definitely your problem and not mine.”

Geoff stared at her, eyes burning.

She stood, stubbornly staring right back.

“I love you Geoff, but I will not live in a dictatorship so you need to change the way you’re talking to me. You’re jealous. That’s a shit emotion and I get it. But it’s your emotion, not mine. I’m working through my feelings about Jess without telling you how to handle it.”

Geoff lowered his eyes. He took some breaths and looked back up, the turmoil clearing.

“Ok.” He swallowed hard. “Ok. I can work on that.”

He walked over to her and put his arms around the small of her back, kissing her. She reciprocated without escalating.

“Take a bath with me,” he said.

She stood, arms still crossed, not ready to soften.

“I’m sorry I was a dick. Tonight. Last night. I just-you make me crazy. Just the thought of him touching you makes me insane, but I will work on it. I promise. I trust you. I want to make it up to you.”

He kissed her tenderly on the forehead, unknowingly providing a direct comparison. There was no comparison. Geoff’s kiss was warm and caring and it made her feel nice, but Jack’s had paralysed her. This thought made her sad for Geoff.

“Ok, let’s take a bath.”


Geoff took her hand and lead her upstairs. He set about lighting candles and pouring some of her rose bubble bath into the water.

Her hair, in a messy bun, was curling adorably around the hairline from the hot yoga.

As the tub filled, he removed his clothes. He noticed her eyes traveling over his body and he was instantly hard. Closing the small distance between them, he lifted his hands to her hair and removed the elastic, freeing a torrent of dark curls.

He loved her natural hair and wished she spent less time styling it. As it tumbled around her shoulders, he reached for the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head. She stood silent, allowing him to undress her. His hands tugged the zippered front of her sports bra down and her perfect breasts sprang free. Geoff exhaled. No matter how many times he saw them, they still stole his breath every time. Trailing his thumbs down her sides he pulled both her shorts and panties down in one swift move, catching her smell on his way down. He loved the smell of her pussy. He’d never understood why women were so self conscious, it was more alluring than any perfume.

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