The Internship Ch. 02

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All characters are over the age of 18.


It was two days after Dave Wilson and his daughter, Stacey, had consummated their lustful relationship in a night that neither of them would ever forget. Dave was up late in his study. He felt his cock stirring as he thought of Stacey who was now upstairs sleeping in his bed. He would have liked to be with her, but he simply had to review this data. He was facing one fuck of a big problem.

Among other things, he had put in an order, as he had for many years, for the newest (2015) line of his top sellers in Porsche and Mercedes. Despite his reliability and success, this was not just a run-of-the-mill process. He’d had to submit tax returns, proof of income, payroll statements, not to mention the million government forms and filings. The cars would not be delivered unless he had absolute proof of his good standing, as well as marketing and advertising plans for the next year. After a long process, all the papers had been signed and the cars were due to be shipped next week. And now here he was looking at these reports wondering how the fuck he was going to keep his commitments, knowing his business was inexplicably hemorrhaging cash.

For the first time since he was in his twenties, Dave felt the beginning of panic when it came to his business, and now, slight paranoia. Who could he trust anymore?

He tossed his glasses on the desk and rubbed his tired eyes and reached for a Marlboro Red. Shit! He was smoking a lot lately. What he needed was a goddamned forensic accountant, but could he afford to hire one right now?

Just then he heard footsteps and saw movement at the doorway; he looked up and saw his 19-year old daughter and nearly choked. Jesus Christ! She was totally nude except for a tiny silk thong, and her sleepy hair was mussed about her head. She looked adorably tousled, and sexy as hell.

“Daddy?” she said, rubbing her eyes.

Dave instinctively tried to hide the cigarette he had in his hand, though it was really his stress and worry he wanted to hide from her.

“Shit, honey, did I wake you?”

She walked over, and Dave could not help watching her beautiful breasts, her incredible body, and her sexy lips, all of which amazed him. Far from quenching his lust for her, their intense fucking had only stirred his desire to even greater heights. The love and lust he felt when he saw Stacey walk in the room made him feel like a completely new man. It relaxed him immediately, by distracting him from the challenges his businesses were facing, but at the same time, Stacey energized him with a need to comfort and protect his princess.

Stacey immediately recognized his obvious stress, so she slipped onto his lap, put her arms around his neck and leaned her sleep-infused body against his. He slid one hand down to her hip and held her tight. He was tempted and barely resisted sliding his hand down to her warm pussy.

“You caught me,” he said, taking another puff, but blowing the smoke away from her.

She leaned her heavy head against his shoulder, sighing. Dave watched her big pink nipples harden and thought “Fuck it.” Things will work out somehow. He wasn’t going to let this business bullshit get to him. And he certainly wasn’t going to let it interfere with his incestuous relationship with his daughter, which was still so young and new.

He pushed her hair out of her face and eyes, smiling.

“Did you have a good sleep?” while stubbing out his cigarette, circling his hand around her waist, and softly stroking her stomach.

She nodded and hugged him tighter. “But now I can’t get back to sleep.”

Dave said, “Hmmm… do you want Daddy to take you back up to bed?” while reaching for her nipples, and squeezing and playing with them.

She buried her face in his neck as he got up, picked her up and hooked her beautifully toned legs around his hips. He carried her upstairs as she straddled him.

Dave brought her right into his well-appointed bedroom, which was full of expensive furniture and a giant, king-size bed. Stacey drank in the manly aromas of her Daddy—clean linen, musky cologne, wood and cigars… mmmm. He laid her gently on the bed; soon she was lying back on her elbows watching him, fully awake, her large breasts panting, wearing only her little white thong. Stacey’s body- her creamy skin and pink nipples—beckoned so seductively in this extremely masculine lair. She seemed so fragile and so fucking hot at the same time—she was truly a sweet, carnal flower, tender and innocent, but bursting with sexual desire.

Her heaving tits and wet pussy were aching for her Daddy’s touch as he hooked one finger on each side and eased her panties off. Stacey’s mind was racing around with the thoughts of him penetrating her warm cunt, and how good it would feel to be stretched by his throbbing cock.

Dave quickly slipped his shirt off over his head and removed his jeans and boxers in one swift move. Her soft body, her trusting lust-filled canlı bahis eyes, made the blood surge powerfully into his cock; he felt back in total control, because her sweet devotion and adoration allowed him to be who he truly was.

He got up on his hands and knees and kissed her from above, leaning down to her mouth and kissing her deeply before moving down her neck, to shoulders, breasts and stomach, leaving a fiery trail in his wake.

When he got to her hips, he gently pushed her knees apart as he moved in closer to her, then slowly and deliberately pushed her taut thighs apart. Stacey was entranced by her Daddy; her eyes were locked into his intense dark brown eyes.

“Do you want Daddy to help you get back to sleep, Stacey baby?”

Stacey nodded, and opened her legs even wider. She felt her nipples harden even more; they were so sensitive and she knew how wonderful it felt when he sucked them hard.

“Then just relax, honey… relax.”

He shifted his bulky, muscular six foot frame towards the foot of the bed and got comfortable on his elbows, one hand on each of her thighs, pushing her legs open and holding them firmly apart. She was so wet… He could see the inner lips of her glistening pussy opening and closing with the excitement of having him look at her, the tiny bud of her swelling clit, and her thighs involuntarily trembling and shaking with excitement at his nearness. He used his warm hands on her, stroking her thighs, caressing her stomach, saying “Shh, baby… shh, calm down…” She was so worked up! Her Daddy was between her legs, his face so close to her wet, spread pussy, his lips agonizingly close to her quivering, erect clit. She could not stop trembling.

Dave softly ran his fingers up and down her inner thighs. He wanted her to slow down, relax, stop tensing up, and enjoy what he was going to do for her. He stroked her legs, occasionally stroking close to her pussy, caressing and soothing the whole area. Slowly Stacey regained control of her breathing by fixating on his strong assured presence and the feel of his hands holding her tight. She loosened up and sank into a passive, receptive state, opening her thighs and pushing towards his mouth, just allowing herself to feel the intense pleasure of having her cunt lips swollen and ready for his mouth.

“Good, baby, just like that,” said Dave.

He leaned in and caressed her inner thighs with his fingertips. She was getting so wet and he inhaled deeply and deliciously, loving her scent. His cock jumped and throbbed powerfully against the bed. The musky aroma of her cunt was so fucking intoxicating.

He finally touched the core of her sex, running one finger lightly up and down her sweet slit, another just brushing her little clit. He teased her as he started gently exploring her folds with his fingers, probing, rubbing, caressing, then using two thumbs to spread her outer lips open and expose her gaping hole. Stacey loved exposing her sex to her Daddy!

“You’re so nice and wet, Stacey, that’s my good girl,” he whispered.

Dave’s words made Stacey moan loudly and twist her body from side to side on the bed. She was quickly losing all control of her thoughts as well as her body. She found herself opening her legs wider and thrusting her pussy towards his mouth; she then reached down and frantically pushed his teasing fingers away from her, moaning because she needed something else, something more!

Taken aback, Dave was momentarily stunned until he smiled, understanding.

He looked down at her face, murmuring, “You want to be fucked again, don’t you baby?”

Stacey’s wild moan was practically a scream.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough of my cock in the past 48 hours?”

Again she moaned, twisting her body and opening wider, wider, her moans becoming plaintive cries.

Dave pulled back quickly and grabbed hold of his swollen cock, directing it right to her needy pussy. What a horny little daughter he had!

“Tell Daddy what you want, baby!” as his cock rubbed against her drenched lips.

Stacey moaned, “Inside me! Put it inside me! Oh, fuck me hard, Daddy!”

And with that Dave drove his unbelievably rock hard cock deep within her pussy in one hard stroke.

These two couldn’t get enough of each other’s bodies or of their dirty chat. They loved it. Dave drove into her deep and fast, her wet pussy enfolding and surrounding his dick. Both Daddy and his little girl felt intense pleasure as her juices flooded out of her pussy and spilled out over her thighs. It felt so good, so good to be Daddy’s little girl, his personal pussy! Each thrust of his big cock easily brought her closer and closer until she gasped out as the first wave of an orgasm hit her, exploding from deep within her womb. She felt the muscles in her pussy and ass contract rhythmically sending wave upon wave of pleasure throughout her whole body.

“Oh baby, yes, come on Daddy’s cock, yes!” Dave moaned, her orgasm spurring him on to bahis siteleri fuck her hard and fast and just get his cock off.

“Ohhh, FUCK!!” he yelled out. This was so quick, but they needed each other so much! He plowed into her, grabbing her hair and burying his face in her neck as cum exploded out of his balls and flooded her sweet cunt. Stacey was still coming as she felt his cock jerk inside her over and over, and she screamed loudly with pleasure when she felt each spurt of his cum coat the sensitive walls of her womb. At the same time she drove her tongue deep into his mouth and deftly dueled with his.

“Oh, God, Stacey!” Dave groaned as he tumbled down next to her, wiped out, stroking and caressing her shoulder with his right hand while stroking her rock hard nipple with his left. This was so intense for both of them. He was totally spent!

He lay panting next to her for a few minutes, holding her and caressing her face and hair. He then had the irresistible need to see her do something for him. He rolled over on his side, up on one elbow, looking down at her wide eyes, leaned down and kissed her, with one hand in her hair. Looking deeply into her eyes, he reached down and took some of his own thick cum from her open and overflowing pussy. Dave then brought his cum coated fingers right to her mouth. “Taste Daddy, baby… Taste my cum, honey,” feeding his sperm to his lustful little slut. He wanted to see her mouth accepting his cum, wanted to hear her loving it, and loving what they were doing. She looked him in the eye, took his hand and held it to her lips and moaned as she sucked the cum off his finger as if it was the sweetest thing in the world.

He then wrapped her in his arms. “Now sleep, baby, just sleep…”


The next morning, Stacey woke up very early while Dave continued to sleep. She untangled herself from his warm arms, threw back the covers and, nude, tiptoed past him. Dave slept deeply. Stacey stood and gazed at him a few minutes, taking in his big powerful body, his hands, his handsome face. She whispered, “I love you, Daddy…” while fighting the desire to curl up back in his arms. But she resisted the temptation and headed into her own room for her morning shower.

Standing under the driving warm water was really the first moment since their wild coupling that she had been fully alone with her emotions. She soaped up a sponge and got completely lathered with thick suds, running her hands all over her sexy body—her hips, her legs, her tight ass, her flat stomach and finally her bouncy tits, which were throbbing, the hard pink nipples pushing out through the sudsy foam. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers over the sensitive tips dreamily, getting aroused again, thinking of Daddy naked and asleep in the next room.

Her mind tried to grasp the intense pleasure she had felt the last two days but it really couldn’t. The memories just throbbed in her tits and pussy. She felt so sexy and now knew the lustful desire of a man, a real, totally sensuous and sexy man. After all those months of frustrated adventures, she finally knew what the hell her friends were going on about! But Stacey had so much more than her silly girlfriends. She knew now not only the unspeakable pleasures of sex; she also felt the truly carnal desire and love of her Daddy! Had had she really done all those things, said all those words, yelled and screamed and begged her father to fuck her? It seemed unbelievable. But it wasn’t a dream. She was so happy! Her pussy was on fire, still, as the image and memory of his big cock throbbed in her mind. She felt her clit throbbing as she realized she was enslaved and enthralled. She loved him! And she knew he truly loved her; loved her in the most taboo and forbidden manner!

She was in a state of sexual pleasure only a girl deeply in love can be. She felt warm and safe and oh so fucking hot. She wondered if she could ever get enough of her Daddy, and what she could do to make sure he would use her; use her in every way to fulfill his naughtiest whims and desires.

A throbbing need settled in her belly, in her womb, and did not go away, even as she toweled off and got dressed. She knew now she no longer had to hide her lust for her father, at least in his house. The thought that she now had this freedom in their home made her sinful desires burn even hotter in her body and in her mind! All the frustration and longing of her life was completely changed to lustful indulgence and anticipation. Her mood showed in her appearance, making her more beautiful and alluring than she already was. She seemed to glow with a hidden secret.

She got dressed in a white blouse and a tight green skirt and heels. Today was her first day at the office and she wanted to look sexy but proficient and accomplished. She pulled her long brown hair back in a professional-looking headband and applied a tasteful amount of make-up.

There was only one thing bothering her—one tiny worry nagging at her brain.

She bahis şirketleri could see that her father was tense and unhappy, despite their recent exciting activities. A fear formed in her mind that she didn’t like to think about. She pushed it away and went down to the kitchen.

It was like any other day in their harmonious relationship, except for the fact that when Stacey was standing at the counter getting some coffee, she suddenly felt Dave’s hand circle her waist, his head burrow into her neck, and his voice say, “Mmmmmm… good morning .” She smiled while he pushed his cock into the crack of her ass. “I woke up and you weren’t there my sweet girl…” She turned to face him and took in his expensive dress shirt, dark suit and tie, his hair still damp from the shower. Never was he so sexy and handsome to her as when he was all dressed up in the mornings, and here he was gazing at her openly with sex and desire plainly written on his face.

She smiled. “Today’s a big day. I wanted to be ready.”

Dave hesitated a second, reached out and played with her hair. “Honey, I wanted to mention that…”

His dark eyes looked her glittery green ones. “I think we should be a little… discreet, at the office, um…” he said, not quite knowing how to put it.

Stacey handed him a steaming cup of coffee, cutting him off. “I know,” she said brightly.

He smiled, leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I promise I’ll make it up to you later…”

She smiled again, looking at him, and repeated herself. “I know,” she said, with a sexy and knowing smile on her lips.

Dave laughed. “Ahead of me, as always, I see.”

“I’m ready. Shall we go?”

As they were leaving, Stacey noticed Dave looking at his phone with a stressed expression on his face, which he immediately tried to hide as soon as he saw her looking at him. It made the pit of her stomach contract, and that nagging fear throb in the back of her mind. She tried to forget it as they got in his SUV, but it wouldn’t go away. She couldn’t even appreciate being so close with him, in his car, smelling his wonderful sexy Daddy smells, and remembering how exciting it always was to go to work with him as a little girl. She began to feel like she was going to burst.

Dave’s office building was in an exclusive corporate enclave about 30 minutes away. Stacey was quiet as they drove on the freeway out of Raleigh. Dave had his hands clenched on the steering wheel, and was really gunning it. When he roared out “Fuck!!” when some asshole cut him off, Stacey had had enough. She just had to say something.

“Daddy, I have to ask you something!”

Dave noticed her anxiety, but kept driving and said quietly, “What is it, honey?”

“You’ve been very upset lately! Is it… because of me?”

Dave looked at her harshly and swore under his breath. The next thing she knew, he pulled over to the side, right off the freeway, stopped the car and turned on the hazards.

“Stacey.” He said, clearly disturbed, sitting still for just a second.

“Look at me.”

He turned towards her and held her face, looking into her eyes.

“Listen to Daddy: I would NEVER be upset about our… relationship, or upset with you. NEVER. Do you understand?”

She slowly nodded.

“It’s just that you’ve been bothered ever since… “

Again Dave swore under his breath, to himself, “Fuck…”

He turned towards her again. “It’s work , honey, nothing more. And I want you to promise me something.”


“If you ever get a worry like that in your head again, tell me. Tell me everything. I do not want you to worry about anything. Do you promise me?”

She nodded.

Dave leaned in to her and looked her in the eye. He said, “I love , our relationship and I love you with all of my heart ,” and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

“Well then… what’s going on with ‘work’?” She felt the knot in her stomach that had been there for the past week dissolving, but now she wanted to know what could be bothering him so very much.

“Honey, it’s nothing you need to worry about, I promise you. This is your day. You have other things to think about. So let’s get going.”

Little did Stacey know this was just one surprise in a day full of illuminating surprises.


With Dave’s assurances and her worries abated, Stacey walked into the office building with excitement. It was a three-story building with about 150 employees, and keeping with Dave’s tastes was well appointed in every detail. His “business” had become quite an enterprise, extending well outside the immediate environs of Raleigh. He had over 50 repair ships and had just extended his auto dealership by five new showrooms, totaling 35 in North and South Carolina.

Most importantly, Dave was sitting on a possible deal to franchise both his name and his repair business. If this worked out, he could potentially go national, which was the holy mother lode, and something which would make him the envy of every single businessman in Raleigh. Jesus, his income would instantly surge along with the prestige of such a courageous move. And the added jobs it raked in to this area would make him a goddamned hero.

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