The House Of Robles Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

Compromising Positions With Amanda

Twirling her long brown hair with one slender hand, the very pretty and recently turned eighteen year-old Amanda Robles stood pensive in the doorway that led to the garage-converted-into-a-workshop-and-recreation-room. She’d just gotten home from school about an hour ago. Amanda changed into a tiny white blouse with spaghetti straps, and a pair of tight, pink cotton shorts. Shortly after, she’d gone into the small rec. room. The pretty teen was in the process of getting her clothes out of the dryer, where they’d been sitting the entire day. Just that morning, she’d spurred the appliance into motion to speed-dry the form-fitting denim skirt she’d worn to class, and abandoned everything else.

Amanda was entirely absorbed in unloading the stale dryer and carelessly piling the remainder of her clothing into a white plastic basket. She nearly jumped into the air when she heard a loud noise coming from the darkened portion of the recreation room. It was her dad; spread all over the old brown couch located against the far wall, undoubtedly drunk and snoring like a hibernating bear.

The pretty girl might have quickly finished up her errand, if only to flee from the loud emanations. As she’d stood there by the dryer, she noticed that a few tiny slivers of sunlight had dared enter into the otherwise shadowy room. The pale rays had fallen upon the portion of the couch where her dad’s fuzzy legs were drooped and draped, and his thighs were splayed open like some crooked wishbone.

Amanda’s dad had gone into his alcohol-induced slumber wearing his usual baggy black shorts. He called them his comfy shorts. Now, with both of the man’s legs stretching off in different directions, the soft fabric had ridden up high on his oblivious thighs. What was revealed by the combination of sunlight and shifted shorts was nothing less than a very formidable and half erect specimen of the male genitalia.

It was big, Amanda thought to herself. No, more than big. It was huge, so huge she’d almost bitten through her bottom lip as she thought furiously about what she was going to do next.

Of course, walking out of the rec. room had been the first and most logical choice. After all, who really wanted to see their forty-four year old father dead drunk and half naked on a couch? In fact, Amanda had already taken a few steps away, with her clothing basket in tow, heading towards the sliding glass doors leading to the outside. She might have successfully walked away too, except for a couple of extenuating factors that were now coming into play.

First off, since Amanda figured she was all alone in the house once she’d gotten home from school, she’d gone ahead and taken a couple of beers from the fridge. The resultant buzz from the hastily consumed cans of alcohol was in full throttle. That had been strong enough to override her common sense and allow her to gaze longingly at the monster meat, the meat that she swore was staring back at her with malicious intent.

Secondly, her tough guy boyfriend had gotten himself arrested again, this time for smoking weed in a public park with a couple of his homeboys. He’d been locked up for over two weeks now. Ever since then, a very neglected Amanda had begun to feel even friskier than usual.

The teen was just standing there in the shadows, gazing, gawking. She nearly bolted for the door when her father snorted and started adjusting himself on the couch. His loud snoring dropped several notches once he stopped fidgeting, from registering on the Richter scale to something much less grating on the ears. The half a dozen empty beer cans lying on the floor confirmed that Pablo Senior would be out for hours, as per his usual routine when he got home from work.

With a mischievous look in her eyes, the wicked teen quietly lowered her clothing basket to the floor. Amanda took the short time to slide the rec. room’s curtains almost all the way across the glass doors for ensured privacy, except for a little space on the edge. Once that was done, she dared step closer for a more intimate angle, to investigate the slumbering man further.

Pablo Senior could be considered a handsome man, the mischievous teen thought. His nicely tanned skin and thick arms extended randomly from the flimsy cover of the gray tank top. As she stealthily approached her father, she found herself admiring his muscular chest as well. The man’s stomach could have been just a little flatter, she mused, but it was far from a disgusting beer belly. Amanda was already imagining running her hands over his arms and chest, when her view shifted downward.

Her eyes started on his bare feet, as his sandals rested on the floor next to the couch. They slid over to take in his toned calves and strong thighs, noting how the hair ascended from soft curls into thick vines as they forested his groin. Taking a deep breath, Amanda boldly rested her eyes on the fat penis. She estimated it to be as thick as ataşehir escort bayan her wrist, and it was only at half-mast. What would that thing look like when it was fully aroused? Like a bottle of shampoo? A soft moan escaped Amanda’s delicate lips. The more she stared at the cock, the more excited she felt her young and nubile body become.

Again her father shifted in his sleep. Although his movement was slight, Amanda still froze with mounting tension. His mouth was moving, muttering words that were barely audible. Amanda had to hold her breath as she leaned forward to catch a few of them. Did her father just say the name Carmela? Was he mumbling something about a tune-up on Carmela’s SUV? Or was it a tune-up on Carmela herself? Amanda chuckled quietly. Again, she heard her older sister-in-law’s name mentioned dreamily.

Her father was fantasizing about Carmela, Amanda realized. After a moment she thought, why not? Amanda was sure her dad wasn’t getting any action lately, as her mom and dad had been arguing like drama queens every other day. Carmela was decent, if you were into the snobby, high-maintenance, athletic type.

But Amanda had plenty going on, too. She was five-foot-four and weighed in at a trim one hundred and ten pounds. She’d been blessed with perky B cup breasts, a lean waist, sexy thighs and an ass that all the boys drooled over. The consensus at her high school was that she was built like one of those Mexican soap opera stars.

A girl like her should be able to have any guy she wanted, Amanda lamented, recalling her insanely jealous and violent boyfriend. In truth, the boys at school, the teachers, the security guards, and nearly every male she came across couldn’t help but gawk at her perfect hourglass figure. Their stares honed in on her every time she passed by, as it was her custom to wear revealing blouses and tight jeans. Unfortunately, ogling and drooling was as far as any of them got. If they tried anything past that, like passing a note to her in class, or brazenly striking up a conversation with her in public, her boyfriend would somehow find out and threaten to give them the pounding of their lives. Even while locked up in juvenile hall, her boyfriend was a mythical menace to society.

But her boyfriend’s reach didn’t extend this far, Amanda thought, gazing appreciatively at the thick cock resting against her father’s thigh. With her dad nearly in hibernation from drinking so much beer, there wasn’t much of a possibility of him waking up and catching her staring down at his exposed member.

Gazing back towards the sliding door, now nearly completely hidden behind the dark curtain, Amanda knew there was a chance that someone else could arrive at the house at any moment. But it was still early, and with most of her family members out and about, the chances of being discovered were fairly remote. She was safe, the teen figured, at least until it got closer to dinnertime.

She could stand there and stare away to her heart’s content, Amanda mused. If she really wanted to, she could probably do even more than that. As the racy thoughts continued to excite her, she boldly took a few steps towards the couch. She could reach out and touch that big, heavy penis, if she really wanted to. The slumbering man on the couch would never even know she’d done it.

Cautiously, the nervous teen dropped onto her knees, reducing the distance between herself and the monster cock to a matter of inches. Her head loomed even closer. As she started wondering how her petite mother could handle such a large dick, her nose caught the musky, albeit pleasant smell of his manhood.

Slowly, Amanda brought her hand up to the man’s thigh, gently tracing away the soft cloth of his shorts with two of her fingertips. All the while she gazed toward her father’s face for any hint of him waking up. When nothing happened, the teen went even further, sliding her fingers off the fabric and onto the flesh of his groin. She reached past the long and wiry pubic hair, encircling the fat base of the man’s penis. It was soft and silky, she sensed, following a prominent vein from one end of the cock nearly to the other. The girl halted her movements before she reached the bulbous head, which she knew would be more sensitive than the rest.

As her breathing became shorter and quicker, Amanda carefully wrapped her fingers around the cock, comparing its feel to be a lot like her boyfriend’s. Her father’s cock was stiff, yet spongy, but she also gauged it had to be well over twice as thick. It was warm to her touch, too. As Amanda ran her loose grip across its considerable length, she again wondered just how big the thing could get when it was ready to pounce.

Well, there was one way to find out, she contemplated excitedly.

The pretty teen carefully lifted the shaft and gripped it with both hands. It was awesome, she thought to herself, finding that even with both of her small hands holding the cock, there was still a good escort kadıköy portion left exposed. The head, she noted, was nearly as thick as the rest of it. Again, she wondered how her tiny mother could allow herself to be impaled by such a monstrous member.

Feeling even more daring, Amanda began caressing the beast with her fingers. She tightened her grip, picking up a gentle rhythm. Every time the cock throbbed or twitched, she paused to make sure her father’s breathing remained constant. She could jack him off right then and there, Amanda mused, and her father would never know it. He’d just wake up later and find cum all over his shorts, and wonder what the hell had happened to him while he was asleep. Or maybe he’d blame it on that dream of Carmela he was having.

As the shaft hardened and grew, Amanda felt invigorated herself!

Gradually, the girl increased the tempo, until she suddenly heard her dad’s snores halt. His breathing caught and he coughed. Just barely, Amanda had the time to let go and pull away, before the sleeping man began readjusting himself. Forcing her body to remain completely still, she heard the soft rustling sounds and creaks of his movements. Awkwardly, her father ended up with one leg leaned against the couch backrest, while the second slid down onto the floor.

Mesmerized, Amanda watched as the cock swung around as if searching her out. It was still out in the open and proudly on display. It quivered softly to a halt.

The snoring resumed its steady pace, giving Amanda the encouragement to stop holding her breath. She should get out the rec. room right now, Amanda thought, and consider herself lucky that she hadn’t gotten caught yet.

Another part of her said otherwise. Her dad could very well sleep for another hour or two, she knew. Amanda recalled a handful of instances where she had to go into the rec. room much later in the afternoon to wake him up for dinner. To top it off, he’d drunk something like a six-pack of beer, judging from all the beer cans lying on the floor. She could still finish what she started, she theorized, and her father would never find out.

Amanda noticed how the shadows darkened up the room. Her dad’s legs and abdomen were partially exposed by the afternoon sunlight. If she tried anything, such as kneeling before that big tower of his cock, anybody peering in might be able to see her. Hurrying back to the single, long curtain, the teen slid it completely closed. For added security, she turned the lock on the glass door, too.

Creeping back to the slumbering man, Amanda was dismayed when she realized that from her father’s new position, his legs were all over the place. She’d have to lean forward a good stretch just to reach that big cock. It would be too awkward, the teen grimaced, wondering how she could adjust her own position to manage her compulsory erotic mission. Amanda almost couldn’t go through with it, since the only viable place left for her to go was on the couch itself, between her father’s legs. She’d have to risk edging past the couch’s loud creaks and squeaks for the entire way.

Amanda tiptoed to the end of the couch. There was barely enough room for her to squeeze in. Tentatively, the daring teen lifted one of her lean legs onto the cushions. She gradually tilted her slender frame forward, feeling her weight sag the foam down by several protesting inches. She was persistent, though. As soon as the creaks subsided, Amanda brought up her other leg and slowly sank to her knees. With her dad’s legs taking up all of the good support spots, she had no choice but to place her palms between the man’s legs. As soon as she’d done so, she felt her body teeter forward unexpectedly.

Right toward her father’s exposed groin!

The hot teen held her breath until she stopped tipping over, realizing just how close she’d come to falling face first onto the giant, erect penis. As it was, Amanda now found herself nearly grazing its fat tip with her chin. She avoided doing so only by straining her neck upwards and away. The teen considered making an attempt to find other holds, but every time she lifted her palms, she felt her body teeter to one side and closer to her dad’s legs. He was bound to wake up, the girl figured, if she suddenly dropped her weight on any part of him.

Slowly, Amanda released a long breath of air. As she lowered her vision, she was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the still engorged member staring back at her. The girls at her high school were always bragging about the size of their boyfriend’s cocks, she recalled with envy. None of them had ever stumbled across anything even remotely as big as her dad’s cock. When Amanda told them about this whopper, all that envy would be directed at her. But would merely telling them about it be enough?

No, the teen thought, her friends would only claim she’d made the whole thing up. That’s why she had to do something with it, like jack it off. Amanda envisioned trying to explain how bostancı escort she’d let such a monster slip past her, or might foolishly try to embellish a story her friends would surely see through. She would only end up making a laughingstock of herself. If she succeeded in her risqué plan, on the other hand, Amanda could simply cross her arms smugly and tell her friends they could believe her or not. She’d done what she’d done, and that was that.

But how? Her arms were having enough trouble keeping her steady, and it would take a lot of effort to back up off the couch without raising a racket.

Gazing down at the meaty missile, she thought, there was one alternative right in front of her mouth. Amanda took a few seconds to consider the deviltry that was now running through her mind; it would be risky, twisted, and downright perverted. As far as her friends were concerned, well, Amanda didn’t have to give away the identity of her unwitting accomplice, did she? She would just tell them she’d given a blowjob to the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life, end of story!

After making sure the snoring was still more or less regular, Amanda started to open her mouth. Right away she had second thoughts. Unlike her boyfriend’s cock, there was no way she was going to get much of this one between her lips. Instead, she stretched out her tongue, letting it rest against the velvety head before she swirled around it. It would be just like servicing her boyfriend, she imagined, except this thing was a whole lot bigger!

A glob of drool escaped her parted lips, and streamed down the side of the thick rod. Instead of drawing away, Amanda began licking down the side of the soon to be slick penis and moistening its edges.

The teen brought her mouth back up to the top, knowing she was about to step past the point of no return. Amanda opened her lips wide. Her mouth drew tightly against the waiting cock. For a moment, she thought she might be trying to swallow a small apple. Placing just the head into her mouth would have to be enough, she determined, even as the moistness of her mouth and tongue sought to envelop more fully around the big piece of flesh.

What would happen, she wondered, if her dad were to open his eyes right at that moment and catch her in the middle of her illicit deed? His eighteen year-old daughter was giving him a blowjob! But the girls at school, they’d be so jealous when they found out what she’d done…

Amanda pushed the random thoughts away, focusing on her task. She began bobbing up and down, limiting herself to the engorged tip. The teen worked to pick up the steady rhythm that usually brought her unruly boyfriend to a predictably quick and moaning climax.

It wasn’t as easy, she was discovering, since taking too much of the cock made it that much harder to work on. Plus, she still had to worry about the couch shifting around under her. Still, Amanda did her best, although she frequently jabbed the roof of her mouth, or ended up grinding her teeth against the soft man-flesh.

Lying still and apparently dormant on the couch, you can imagine the state of confusion that Pablo Robles woke up to. At first, he figured his wife was trying to get back on his good side by giving him a quickie blowjob. But the clumsy grunts and sharp, periodic jolts he kept feeling revealed that an amateur was servicing him. Whoever was with him in the rec. room was definitely not his wife!

He had cleared the trash out earlier, Pablo recalled. This included rounding up a bunch of empty beer cans he’d up-ended over the last few days. That’s when the day’s fatigue finally caught up with him. Instead of walking all the way back into the house for some fresh alcohol, he decided to forego his usual happy hour and took a short nap on the couch. And he’d woken up to this.

The first person he thought of was Carmela. His pretty daughter-in-law had probably driven over. He guessed that she was probably looking for some free mechanic work for her car again. Once she’d found him all sprawled out on the couch, Pablo theorized that she’d decided to take a more provocative approach to waking him up. But Carmela had been much more adept the last time, he remembered. Not clumsy and rough like she was now.

Ah, the older man realized. The main difference was that before, she could have taken all the time in the world, since she’d driven him to a secluded and dark place. This time, she was incriminating herself at her father-in-law’s house. Carmela was probably worried to death about being caught red-handed by someone in her own extended family.

Pablo understood that he had to do something, and quickly too, since Carmela’s teeth were severely detracting from the pleasure he should have been reveling in. He didn’t want to startle her, so he said softly, “Hey, Carmela, I knew you’d come back for another round.”

Amanda went rigid. She’d been found out. Her dad was awake! What was she going to do now?

“You don’t have to stop.” Pablo purred. “Just slow it down a little bit, yeah?”

She was in sooo much hot water, Amanda feared.

Pablo’s hand reached over and caressed Amanda’s hair. “Carmela, just relax a little. Do what you did at the park.” He gently pushed her head down.

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