The Hotel Room Ch. 04

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She was so excited about what would come next, she asked him what she should do. Looking at the clock, it was 4:37am and they had been making love all night long. He told her to get on the bed on her knees and put her chest against the blankets. She obeyed and got into the compromising position, her ass high in the air. She bit her lower lip wondering what he was going to do next and why he had been so adamant about “getting this thing clean.”

It was then she felt a moistness press against the area just between her pussy and her asshole. It was soft and she felt warm air breeze against her nether regions so she immediately assumed it was his tongue. The moistness moved north to press itself directly against her asshole and press its way just a little inside. She moaned, not quite because of the pleasure but more because it was so dirty. She had never had anyone touch her asshole before; she had always been taught that it was the dirtiest thing in the world (even worse than Lesbian sex!).

She pressed her ass back against his invading tongue, humming her affirmation to his treatment. Suddenly she heard a small humming noise and her eyes fluttered open. Of course, she couldn’t see much but look sidewise toward the wall but as luck would have it there was a large mirror that reflected their image. There he was, on his knees with his face buried in her ass and a small clitoral stimulator vibrating its way up to meet her. She giggled as the small vibrator touched her delicate folds and shuddered as it made its way to her clit.

She watched herself be violated with awe and fascination even as she felt the pleasure of it all. She closed her eyes and concentrated on that pleasure until suddenly the vibrations stopped. The tongue was pressed deeper into her, stretching her anus just so slightly. She moaned at it, feeling even more dirty than before. Again she heard a small buzzing noise and her eyes flashed open to look into the mirror.

This time, he had retrieved a large vibrating cock for her to feel inside of her. She wondered at his dexterity as his tongue was still buried in her asshole but he seemed to know where every object was and where to put it. The head of the fake cock rubbed playfully against her pussy lips before sliding gently in. She knew it had güvenilir bahis to be at least seven inches long but it seemed to slide into her without any difficulty. After taking the girth of his cock inside her so many times tonight it didn’t surprise her at all!

After the vibrator was all the way in he lovingly licked his tongue out of her asshole. It was quite sweet and romantic, not the disgusting image that had been beaten into his mind. His cock was rock hard and screaming for attention. He leaned up from her ass and ordered, “Grab this vibrator and hold it inside you, but don’t move it.”

She had some previous experiences with vibrators and knew that holding the vibrating cock inside of her, especially at this low of a setting, would do nothing more than driver her crazy but never get her to the peak she so desperately desired. She wondered what his plans were as she slid one dainty hand underneath her to grab hold of the stiff vibrating instrument. He had pulled another object from out of his bag but she could not see what it was. She waited impatiently as the vibrator kept her pussy juices flowing at a slow pace.

Then she felt something hard press against her asshole and she almost screamed. It was so sudden and for a moment she feared that he might invade her all at once. “Please, honey, be careful. I’ve never done it there before…” She pleaded with him.

He smiled at her apprehension, knowing that he would never do anything to cause her pain (unless she asked). It was then she realized that it wasn’t his huge rod pressing against her asshole but a very well-lubed forefinger. His cock wasn’t far away though it was being covered with lube as well. They were going to do this the right way and she began to grin with all kinds of wonderful thoughts in her head. She knew she was going to get fucked in the ass while holding this vibrator in her steaming cunt and she was going to love every minute of it!

She had come close to getting double fucked before but those were definitely encounters that she would like to forget. She had dated her share of less-than-perfect men before, even married one, but knew that she would eventually find the fulfillment that she had always craved. She began to moan, a deep guttural moan, in readiness for the huge türkçe bahis cock that was about to invade her ass. She heard him say something about it only hurting for a moment but she was so lost in her erotic thoughts that she barely felt the huge cock slide past the inside of her ass. She heard him then say something about once you get it past there it shouldn’t hurt anymore.

She now had two large cocks inside of her, one pulsating with a small motor, the other with passion and lust. She moaned loud enough for the people downstairs to hear and began pushing her ass back against him. He let her hole get used to having his stiff rod inside before he began sliding in and out. She was already breathing hard and he knew that she was due for an orgasm so he held off and began sliding extremely slowly. She tried to move back against him but in the position that they were in he had complete control. He had told her not to move the vibrator so she couldn’t do that. Tears almost welled up in her eyes as she felt like begging for an orgasm. It wasn’t long before she did.

“Please, let me cum. Ted, please, I need to cum so bad. Oh… your cock feels so good in my ass please fuck me harder. I need it, give it to me!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!”

He could tell that she did indeed want it that hard. He felt her asshole squeeze him for all he was worth as he slid slowly in and out of her. She definitely deserved to cum, he knew that she had done her best preparing for this night. She had done everything he had asked and did not question anything and had obeyed his every request. His goddess was sprawled before him and her ass beckoned his cock inside her harder, her firm round cheeks moist with sweat seemed to let off steam from her passion. He heard the vibrator in her pussy and was reminded of his plan.

Suddenly and very quickly, his cock pulled out of her asshole. She squealed and jerked her head to look in the mirror but he hadn’t moved away. He held the base of his cock with two fingers and stared down at her. “Tracey, get ready for the greatest fuck of your life…!” And with that, he reached and turned the vibrator on to full power and in the same second slid his cock all the way into her ass.

She screamed with pleasure as the hum of the vibrator increased tenfold. He güvenilir bahis siteleri invaded her ass now with wild abandon, moaning his ecstasy deep into her bowels and slapping her ass over and over. She felt the sexiest that she had ever felt and so dirty it was only helping to make her hotter and hotter as his rampant cock attacked her formerly virgin asshole. It was too much for her, she felt her orgasm rise so suddenly it took her completely by surprise as she began to shake and scream.

She moaned long and hard for each spasm that rocked her body. Her pussy contracted around the base of the vibrator while her asshole clenched his cock. With that he couldn’t take any more, he moaned his orgasm at the top of his lungs and slammed his cock into her one last time spraying the inside of her ass with his boiling semen again and again.

They were both panting as they hit the head of the bed together. The vibrator was slid out and turned off. His cock had quieted down to normal size. All was quiet except the occasional truck out on the road and the soft moans of Tracey coming down off of her cloud. Her eyes were closed and he watched her, his eyes moved over every inch of her sweaty naked body and he coveted it all. He sighed to himself and she opened her eyes to face him, her eyes looking both relaxed and warm. He leaned in to kiss her gently, his hands moving to caress her gorgeous body.

Shattering their kiss, a pounding began on the door. It startled them so bad that he jumped naked out of the bed and she rolled clumsily onto the floor. The pounding got louder.


Shit! It was her husband, Jason!! The pounding became even more insistent, yet slower as if it was now his shoulder that was trying to open the door. The door was strong but it definitely would not old a jealous husband out from his cheating wife. Ted grabbed Tracey’s hand and he looked into her eyes. “Let’s get out of here Tracey, together. You never have to see him again.”

With fear seizing her heart, she nodded and quickly went to don her clothes. Ted pushed the dresser in front of the door to hold off the invader then ran to the bathroom to check the possibility of their exit.

By the time the police arrested Jason for causing a public disturbance at 5am and destruction of public property, Ted and Tracey were sipping margaritas in Southern California. Tracey never gave him a second though and they lived happily ever after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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