The Honeymoon Pt. 02

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Pt 2 – Family Lunch

I woke up to Cindy’s weight on my arm. I was spooning her. And she was playfully wiggling her arse encouraging my early morning erection.

“Good morning” I whispered into her ear.

She giggled. “Finally.. You’re up”.

I moved a hand down to her thigh intending to tease her before finger banging her (as a taster before dealing to my breath and fucking her properly).

“What time is it?”

She groaned that early morning groan of someone who doesn’t want to get up just yet. She raised her head just enough to see the clock on the bedside table. “Oh fuck. It’s 11:30”.

We were due to a family lunch in half an hour. Kind of a last meal with the family who were in town for our parent’s wedding. We hurriedly showered and got dressed. There wasn’t enough time for a bit of a play and we even took quick turns in the shower rather than getting distracted by showering together. We did make out a little in the back of the Uber on the way there at the very least.

We were only 10 minutes late or so. Everyone was looking a little hung over. I was feeling a little frustrated by the whole thing. All I wanted to do was spend the day in bed with Cindy. Instead here I was being polite and trying to avoid talking about anything aggravating.

After a cousin’s particularly aggravating sexist comment (my side of the family), about Emma (fuck off with your “dressed like ataşehir escort bayan a slut” comments), I found myself wanting to get away from the table and so went to the restroom. After a few minutes of standing at the sink trying to calm down a little I came out again.

And there was Cindy. She pulled me through the women’s restrooms door. The door lead into one of those little modesty passages where the restroom was through a 2nd door. She pushed me against the door we’d just come through.

“All I can think about is my big brother” she said suggestively, putting emphasis on “big”.

“Still want me to beg?”.

She turned, teasingly, a small giggle escaping… her arse grinding into me. “Don’t you want your baby sister to fuck you?”.

I moved an arm around her to reach a hand up under her shirt and sought out a nipple through her bra. Her breathing became much deeper As I pinched it, her grinding became more insistent… We’d been at it for just a couple of seconds when…

The door from the restroom open. It was Emma. She looked us up and down. I had tried to pull my hand away but Cindy had grabbed onto it and kept it were it was.

“Your step-brother? You really are a freak” said Emma.

She then gave Cindy a quick peck on the lips and then waited impatiently for us to move out of the way of the door. We composed ourselves and followed Emma out soon after.

How escort kadıköy I got through the rest of the lunch without exploding in a giant mess of sexual frustration is beyond me. Splashing my face with a little cold water had helped a little. Emma had started flirting with me in very subtle ways when I finally got back to the table. I noticed Cindy looking a little jealous at one stage though whether that was because Emma was flirting with me rather than with her or whether it was because I was essentially hers and Emma knew it and was still flirting with me, I have no idea.

We all said our goodbyes and hopped in an Uber.

“So about Emma. Will she tell anyone about what she saw?”, I asked.

“I don’t think so. I was kind of excited about her catching us. It kind of makes her part of it”.

Getting caught seemed to have been an unexpected pleasure for both of us.

“Did you like her flirting with you?”.

“When?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Don’t be a dick”. She punched me playfully in the arm.

I thought about it a second. “Sure. She’s sexy as all fucking hell but I’m kind of busy with you at the moment”.

When we got home, I came out into the lounge to find Cindy had already flopped onto the couch. I guess she was finding being polite to family tiring as well. I lay on the couch and put my head on her lap. With my head up against her belly, I was enjoying listening bostancı escort to her breathe.

She took off her t-shirt and bra.

“That’s better. I’ve been wanting to do that for the last few hours”.

I ran a gentle finger over the indents left by her bra. It looked uncomfortable.

It was only a small movement to go from gently touching her with my fingertips to gently grabbing a breast. I gave it a small experimental squeeze before shifting my head up to reach it. She leaned forward a little bit making it easier to reach.

And before I knew it, I was latched on, sucking, and flicking her nipple with my tongue using just a little teeth.

She gave a soft moan and closed her eyes. She undid my fly and started stroking me.

I imagined what we must look like. An obscenely maternal scene where I’m casually sucking on her tit like it’s the most natural thing in the world and her looking after me (though there was nothing motherly about stroking my cock).

“You like your sister’s tits you perve! I bet you’ve been fantasizing about how it’d feel to have your sisters tiny hands around your cock” she moaned. “Or how it’d feel to have me sucking you”.

The thought of having that dirty mouth on my cock was too much to bear. She squeezed harder and started going faster as sperm started fountaining from my cock. I surprised myself with the force of my eruption. I don’t think I’d ever cum that much.

I lay my head back on her lap, feeling satisfied. Like a baby that’s had it’s fill.

She eventually shoved me off her lap. “I’m going to go wash this off” she said looking at my cum on her hand. I got up too – finally putting my cock back in my pants.

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