The Highschooler chapter 4

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Objects in the mirror are closer then they appear yes but this was closer then close, her perky B cup breast and small pyramid shaped nipples stuck hard in to me, her hair was down and she had her hands around my chest. She reached for my hand and pulled it around her thin abdomen toward her tight ass, and push my finger into the opening that was her ass, then pushed her own fingers into her still tight pussy. She rocked against both our fingers and sucked at my shoulder. I took my other hand and cup her ass pulling her closer to me, I pulled away from her and spun around. She was fucking gorgeous, my girlfriend Alisa.
“How the Hell did you get here? My parents will…” I started to say hush like then she kissed me putting her tongue in my mouth, we kissed passionately for several seconds almost a minute, then she answered my question,
“I’m a very active girl I climbed the side of your house, and heard the shower and thought that I would join you. As for your mom she will be no problem I’ll go back out the window, and I assume your dad is gone as there is no car except yours in the drive way,” she finished and pushed herself into me and hugged me.
She looked up at me and then back down at what was now between both our legs, “I was horny all last night, all I could think about was you, I’m sorry if that is creepy, But its the truth, I don’t have a toy at my place either and all I could do was lay there and think of you, I actually came here, last night.” she said and reached down grabbing my cock and rubbing it up and down pressing it against her pussy’s lips. It was sensational, but she had me a little scared that she might have seen me with my sister, but why would she be here with me in the shower then.
“Did you? Why didn’t you come in?” I asked and waited for her reply holding my breath. She stroked faster and then pushed the tip in about a quarter of an inch, now taking her hands and putting them by her sides.
“Well, I was out side your window looking in, I was horny as shit, and I was standing on the porch roof,” she took a step closer to me, and my cock went up into her as she moved closer to me. “and I saw you in there, but you weren’t alone,” she was now against me rocking into my body my cock all the way inside her tight pussy. “ and I saw your sister, she was crying, I didn’t want to make a scene and come through your window so I went to the next room over and went in then I slept in the guest room in the basement, until I heard you come down and I went tuzla escort up to surprise you then I thought he will probably take a shower and I need one to so ill hide and thats just what I did. Now please fuck me, I’m so horny I need to be fucked! Make me cum, make me cum as many times as you can and then lat me suck you till you cum in my mouth and ill swallow your sperm.” she pulled away from me and turn bending over and shaking her ass at me. Her tight scrumptious ass. I needed to fuck her too. I stuck my cock in her tight passage was, and began a smooth rhythm, she came almost instantly moaning slightly when she did then again and again, seven time she came on my cock her juices flowing over me, then she began to loosen up and I wanted to make this as pleasurable as I could and because she had cum already several times I pulled out and in a matter of seconds spreed here ass checks and pushed in to her ass tighter then anything I ever enter before she instantly protested and almost pushed me out. but I held her against her will, shoving it in again and again. She stopped struggling and be again to moan in ecstasy with the new feeling, I reached forward and pushed my fingers in her pussy and fucked her harder then ever she was now noticeably in a good type of pain, where she was hurting the pain also felt so good. I pulled hard at her clit milking it making her cry in pain tears coming out of her eyes I pulled out and switched again moving faster in to her pussy until we were going as fast as we could go. The change in senses made her ready to cum instantly and when she did she came with a violent explanation coming so hard it pushed my cock out, she slipped and almost fell but I caught her and she began to spasm a little unable to stop her pleasure at its peak. She reached out and took my cock and pulled in toward her mouth and began to suck, my balls in her mouth as well then she pulled them out to breath ad when she went back began to deep throat it making me shiver in pleasure then when she pulled out and began to suck the tip alone. I came, my first load on her face then in her mouth. She took it and swallowed, licking her lips. She smiled and licked the tip again, kissing it playfully. I picker her up and laid her on the bed. Kissing her softly I rubbed against her and fondled her right breast she kissed me back both of us savoring the moment. I looked at the clock next to me bed, It was time to leave but we weren’t going to school.
“Take me to your place, we will skip school this tuzla escort bayan one time, Ok?” I said and then filled my mouth with her neck, she purred in pleasure then she pushed me away,
“We had better leave now then.” and she got up finished drying her wet body and began to get dressed, her lustrous curves made me quiver with emotion mixed with joy and lust. Her skin was beautiful, not in the sense of sexuality although she certainly was gifted with that trait. It was as if he skin glowed in the tanness of itself. I went to my dresser and took some clothes out, and dressed we were both finished dressing and she look beautiful with her hair up in a ponytail, her jeans, and white shirt which displayed her nipples proudly. She was ready to go as was I. I looked at the clock again, mother would be awake so the window was the only way, most likely she thought that I was already gone, I walk over to the window and lifted it up. Fresh air blew into the room with an invigorating smell of nearing fall. I moved out the window followed closely by Alisa. He held on to me as I looked down judging the hight, it was and easy drop for me but her I was unsure about. Before I could react she jumped down with the limberness only a gymnast could have. I followed her down and entered my car. She sat low in the front seat so that is one of my parents were to look out she would not be see, it was easy to get out after all I was a high ranking general’s son the guards men commented that next time I have a friend in the compound just to sign her in and all would be fine. He let us leave after a quick look at my ID and we were off. We went straight for her place which was not far at all, as I gazed at the white house with blue trimming I was happy that my day was going to be filled with pleasures and happiness, just being in the company of this lovely young girl made my heart pound with excitement. I pulled into the drive way and put the car in park.
Alisa ran up and unlocked the door, she ran in and left the door wide open for me to come in. I continued over to the house walking through the door. Inside was a “mud room were one would takeoff their shoes, I shut the door behind me and quickly took off my boots. Next was the kitchen which was kept very nicely cleaned. To the left was the living room with curtained bay windows facing the street. Straight ahead was the bedroom. I continued to walk in to her bed room it was very grown up for her playfulness with tan walls and a queen sized bed, the comforter on escort tuzla the bed was a deep green that was very nice. It had an almost army like feel to it, but at the same time very different. To the right was a door to the bathroom which was closed, and to the left a desk with neatly organized books and pencils. As I was looking around the room the bathroom door opened and Alisa walked out, she was naked except for the bathrobe which was very thin and very short. She swung her rope in a very sensual way, making me grow slowly. She then moved over to the bed and sat down still looking at me and twitched her finger in that come hither way. I couldn’t resist it I walk forward slowly and came up to her the bed seemed to be unusually low but perfect hight for what she planed. She reached for ward and unzipped my fly. And unbuttoned my jeans. Slowly she slid them down leaving a tent where my cock pressed against the loose boxers I was wearing. She pulled the boxers away from my growing shaft and pulled them down as well. As she came back up she purposely hit my cock her head making it bounce there, she smiled and took it in her hands. Slowly she rubbed it rotating her wrist around to make the sensation feel eve better. Next she moved forward and gently kissed my head. My cock was now hot and pulsing with energy. She put the tip of my cock in her mouth and sucked moving her tongue around it making me crazy She then pulled away and stood up her breast in the silk robe rubbing my cock as she rose. She turned around and leaned over her own bed presenting her ass perfectly she was already wet and ready for my entrance. This time was here for me I wanted to come and come fast and hard, I was going to pound her as fast and hard as I could. She reached between her legs and spread the lips of her pussy wide. I pushed my cock into her slowly at first and set a rhythm, in and out , I increased in speed. Faster and faster I went ramming in and out of her hard and fast, she moaned with pleasure excitement pain and lust. I felt her cum on me a warm gush of liquid. I wasn’t finished yet baby. Harder I push faster and faster she was now loudly moaning, gasping for air rocking back and coming again. Finaily I push hard once more shooting up inside her one, tow, three times she felt me come and was so turn on by it she immediately cam again harder then ever before, and as I pulled out she continued to come squirting out her womanly fluids and having an organism which made her whole body tremble she lay there on the bed twitching and laughing as she moved back and forth squirting the last of her fluids. She finally looked up and me and said, “That was…amazing”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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