The Guest

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Anybody who knows me will tell you I’ll do almost anything. I draw the line at skydiving and waterboarding during sex. Otherwise, I’ll go with the crowd. If a dozen people I know all decide to go camping in the Rockies in January, I’m there.

This can be a dangerous habit. On the other hand, it can open up opportunities to explore some things I normally wouldn’t do.

Such was the case last weekend when I was invited by my friend Christine to attend a party with her. Christine is the manager of a bank across town from me. I’m an assistant manager and rely on her wisdom quite often in making decisions. We were hired at the same time and have been friends since orientation.

She’s thirty two, absolutely gorgeous and very down-to-earth. Other than being close to the same age, we have nothing in common.

We met for lunch the Saturday before the party because Christine wanted to give me some ‘background information’ about the people that would be there. I thought that was a little strange, but always enjoy being with her, so I agreed to meet.

“Wait until you see this place,” Christine said soon after we were seated. Her blue eyes widened as the excitement in her voice rose. “The house is a mansion and there aren’t any neighbors for about half a mile in each direction. There are trees everywhere. You really feel like you’re totally isolated, but in a good way.”

We ordered our food, then Christine continued.

“I wanted to tell you about this group of people.” She leaned forward a little as if nobody around us was allowed to hear what she had to say. “Rachel, I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never been to a party like this. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think you would have told me by now.”

Christine had a nasty habit of pausing for effect when she was telling me something interesting. Normally she wouldn’t go on until I answered. This time I just said, “You’re probably right.”

“This place has a huge pool and an awesome hot tub. You can get like a dozen people in it, if you want to sit on somebody’s lap.” Her smile widened. “Anyway, it won’t take long for most of the women to start laying around the pool topless to work on their tans. Most of them will get into the hot tub that way, too.”

So far I hadn’t heard anything that would classify this crowd as abnormal. Christine had told me that they were all about our age, with some of the spouses being a few years younger and older. Lots of my friends sunbathed topless. No big deal.

“It’s when the party starts moving inside the house that it gets interesting,” she said. “The rooms upstairs will be busy. The unwritten rule is that the doors must stay open. Rachel, you’ll see all kinds of stuff up there.”

She paused. I ate my salad.

“On the main level is the pink room. We call it that because only women are allowed in. I want to take you in there, but it’s totally up to you, Rachel. And then there’s the basement.”

This time we would have sat there all day if I hadn’t said anything. “What’s in the basement?” I had to ask.

“My God, Rachel.” Christine would have been ON the table if she leaned any closer. “There’s stuff down there you’ve never dreamed of. Nobody gets hurt, so don’t worry about that. But…geez, Rachel, I get wet just thinking about it. Please tell me you’ll at least let me take you down there.”

“Well, I guess. You’re going to anyway,” I said with a tinge of mockery. “So, tell me—are you saying I might have sex at this thing?”

She finally leaned back in her chair. “If you don’t, we need to talk.”

“With just about anybody I meet?”

“It’s up to you. Rachel, there’s going to be people crawling all over you. You’re so adorable, you’ll have your pick,” Christine said.

“Yeah, right. If I’m topless in that hot tub and you’re next to me, nobody will even know I’m there.”

“Stop it. It’ll be fun. Trust me. Now let me tell you about a couple people in particular.”

Now she had my attention. I liked details and I sensed I was about to get some juicy tidbits about people I’d be meeting. This would be good.

“Justine O’Toole will probably be there. She’s just the cutest little thing. If I can get her away from David Keane long enough, I want her to take you to the pink room. God, Rachel. She’s the one that introduced me to that room and I’ll never forget it. I’ve never met anyone, male or female, that knew what buttons to push like she did. She’s got real cute reddish hair and a great little body.”

Christine and I had a couple lesbian experiences under our belts, but always as part of threesomes with guys. Neither of us actively sought out other women for sex. But I trusted her judgment when it came to her friends.

“You are not allowed to leave that party without being with Justine first,” Christine ordered.

“Well, OK,” I said. “Who else is there?”

“Roy the toy guy.”

“Roy the toy guy?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yep. He’ll be downstairs,” Christine explained. “He’s a workout freak. He’s got the body of a world class athlete, and the cock of a stud çağlayan escort horse. Once he works you over with one of his many toys, you’ll be begging him to fuck you in every hole you’ve got.”

Watching and hearing Christine practically whisper over the table to me so nobody could hear her was about the sexiest thing I’d done in months.

“You’ll do things with him you never dreamed of doing, Rachel.”

I’m one of the world’s great fantasizers, so I was anxious to find out what Roy the toy guy could teach me. At the same time, I was a little doubtful of Christine’s version of what the day would be like.


Right up until the time Christine was pulling the car into the long, tree-lined driveway on the day of the party, I was skeptical. I was going to be the stranger, the outsider. Undoubtedly, cliques had been formed from parties in the past. Besides, my plain looks compared to Christine didn’t help my self-esteem. I’d be ugly Betty attending a party of Playboy bunnies. No amount of alcohol could probably make a man, or woman, choose me over the people Christine said would be at this party.

It didn’t help when we walked up to the house and passed luxury car after luxury car.

“I hope there’s no cover charge. I won’t be able to afford it,” I said to Christine.

She laughed. “No cover charge. Just be yourself, Rachel. You’re with friends, remember.”

Christine rang the doorbell and we waited impatiently. I checked my beach bag one last time. Christine had suggested I pack my swimming stuff in a separate bag, so I had my tiniest bikini and a single towel shoved in the bottom. I could only imagine what miniscule little suit Christine had packed in her bag.

Finally, the door swung open and a good-looking guy in a tank top and shorts invited us in. He kissed Christine, who then introduced me. I got a polite handshake, but didn’t take it as a personal affront. After all, I WAS the outsider.

She was right about the house. It was magnificent, and I was just in the entranceway. A chandelier hung above us, with long hallways heading in three directions. Wonderful paintings hung at perfectly spaced intervals. Natural wood floors reflected the soft lighting flawlessly.

“You know where everything is,” our host said to Christine. “Almost everyone’s here, so feel free to mingle and let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Bob. I’m sure everybody will love Rachel. I’m really excited she agreed to come,” Christine said.

“We’re glad to have her,” he said, smiling at me and doing a quick scan of my body with his eyes.

I smiled back shyly as Christine led me down the main hall a few steps behind Bob. The sounds of people talking and laughing came from all around us. My head turned back and forth as I tried to steal a look inside each den, library and living room that we passed.

“I want to check out back first. Is that OK?” Christine asked.

“Sure. Whatever you say.”

We had entered a huge dining room with a long table covered with snacks and food. Several people were working their way around the table as we passed by. Christine seemed to know all of them, but didn’t stop to introduce me. The people were casually dressed, but nobody was naked or having sex amid the desserts, as I had envisioned it based on Christine’s description.

Finally, we came to the double sliding glass doors that led us to the deck. That’s when things began to change. The noise level increased and the amount of clothing decreased. The first few people I saw were all in bathing suits. The women, especially, seemed intent on showing as much skin as possible, although everybody still had both pieces on.

I heard men and women calling out Christine’s name. I just put on a smile and followed her onto the deck.

“Let me introduce you to a few people and then we’ll work our way down to the pool,” Christine said, leaning back so I could hear her. We were on the upper level of a multi-level deck—how many levels, I couldn’t tell, yet. I looked out over the railing and down onto the pool area and never-ending lawn. People were everywhere.

I was introduced to men and women, almost all gorgeous. My self-esteem insecurity raised its ugly head, but I kept convincing myself Christine wouldn’t have brought me if I didn’t belong. But I still wondered. I also felt a little awkward fully dressed among all the sunbathers and partiers.

We walked down one flight of steps. Still, we were not at the bottom. I met more people and we walked down one more flight.

Now we were getting somewhere. In the corner of the deck was a huge, sunken hot tub. I’ve been on lots of cruises with much smaller hot tubs than this one. And the crowd around us was equally impressive. People were standing or sitting in every square inch of room. Christine and I barely managed to get from one cluster of people to another. But we inched our way towards the hot tub regardless.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Christine said.

I was about ready to çapa escort ask her, ‘Warn me about what?’, when I looked into the hot tub. Three of the four women in the tub were topless. I assumed the two men had suits on, but I couldn’t tell because of the swirling water. I watched the water churn up and around the three sets of exposed breasts. It really WAS an erotic sight for somebody like me not used to seeing much public nudity.

“Christine!” one of the topless women yelled out. “Come on in!”

“Ah, not quite yet, Megan. I just got here,” Christine explained. “Everybody, this is Rachel.”

She touched my arm and everyone in the tub welcomed me. I tried not to be too obvious in my attempts to answer the question about the guys having suits on, at the same time saying ‘Hi’.

“You’re coming back to join us, right Rachel?” one of the guys asked. “There’s room right here.” He barely moved to the side and motioned at the tiny space next to him.

“Reserve it for me,” I said. His attention was soon taken by one of the half naked ladies next to him.

“C’mon, Rachel,” Christine said. “Let’s get to the pool and change into our suits.”

It sounded like a good idea and we walked down one more level. Finally on the grass, we headed for the mammoth pool area. Elegant tile flooring rimmed the pool, with lounge chairs everywhere. Very few were empty, but Christine managed to find two together and we laid out our towels. I was still taking in the surroundings, checking out the tables and umbrellas, not to mention the people sitting at them.

“Let’s change,” Christine said, taking my hand and leading me toward a small hut-like structure with a thatched roof. When we got there, one of the two small doors was open.

“We’ll have to share,” she said.

I followed her in and we began to change into our bathing suits. It had been a while since I saw Christine naked. Being so close to her in that hut reminded me of how sensational her body was. Eventually, we had our bikinis on and were heading back to the chairs.

“What do you want to drink?” Christine asked. “They can make margaritas if you want one.”

She knew I had a weakness for them.

“Sure. That would be great.”

A couple minutes later we were laying back in our lounge chairs, sipping margaritas and talking to friends. If that’s all we did all day it would have been OK with me. But watching the people around the pool—and IN the pool—beginning to get a little ‘friendlier’ with each other hinted at more to come than just talking.

When it was just Christine and I alone for a second, she leaned over and said, “It won’t be long before the real action begins. When I see the first clue, I’ll let you know.”

I took that to mean topless in the hot tub was not a clue.

“How’d this all get started, anyway? I mean, whose idea was it?” I asked.

“It started with Bob and his wife. He’s the guy who met us at the door,” Christine said. “They began swapping spouses with two other couples. Then they all invited friends to join them. They decided to cap it at about fifty or sixty people, but we’re all allowed to bring a guest if we want. Right now we all trust each other. They don’t want it getting so big we don’t feel safe.”

“Who pays for all this?” I said, holding up my drink.

“Oh, Bob gets most of it. He can afford it. But the ‘regulars’ all pitch in a little each time, too.”

“Do I owe you anything?” I asked.

Christine just laughed. “No, of course not. Just enjoy yourself.”

I looked around the pool again and couldn’t help but notice an attractive woman sitting in the lap of a man across the pool from us. Her legs hung over the sides of their lounge chair. The man lay on his back, but was tilted up enough so that his face was at her chest level. The couple was far enough away that I couldn’t make out details, but there was no doubt that the topless woman was letting the man suck on, or lick, her breasts.

I was mesmerized by the scene. I’d seen other people have sex before, but this was different. This was ‘in your face’ voyeurism at its best. The people around them talked, sunbathed or ate as if nothing was happening. Meanwhile, the topless woman squirmed with pleasure as the man under her continued to work on her tits.

I felt my pussy react with involuntary contractions and a noticeable buildup of moisture. I wanted to touch myself, or play with my nipples. Instead, I just stared. After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled my eyes away.

“Exciting, isn’t it?”

The words stunned me back to life. I looked over at Christine. She was smiling at me wickedly.

“That’s the least of what you’ll see today,” she said, taking a sip of her margarita.

“You must think I’m a total idiot,” I said.

“Nope. I did the same thing the first time. You’ll get used to it.”

I looked at the couple again. The woman had climbed off the chair and was sitting in one next to the man, her back to me. It appeared as if her hands were on, or near, cennet mahallesi escort his lap. But I couldn’t tell.

“It must be hot knowing people are watching,” I said.

“Very,” Christine replied. She, too, was now gazing at the couple.

The pool was between us and the pair making out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another couple in the water, leaning against the edge of the pool in the deep end. Water was up to their necks, yet their actions were quite apparent. The woman was pressed firmly against the man, who seemed to be holding her up by the ass or waist. The sun’s reflection on the water concealed their bodies.

“God, Christine. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take,” I confided.

She laughed. “Just wait.”

The sound of women laughing turned my attention to the side. A group of about six women, half of them sitting and half of them standing, were talking loudly with the center of attention being an incredibly sexy woman in a bright red bikini. The suit highlighted her burgundy colored hair. The more I looked the harder it was to take my eyes off her.

Clearly, the other women were drawn to her as well and, although I couldn’t hear what they were saying, she seemed to be the one carrying the conversation. She didn’t have the largest breasts at the party by any means, but the overall effect of her petite frame was stunning. So the combination of looks and personality seemed to make her a popular guest.

“Do you like her?” Christine asked.

“Uh, yeah.” Once again, she caught me staring.

“Want to meet her?”

I felt my pulse quicken. “Sure.”

Christine put her drink down, rose to her feet and leisurely walked over to the group I was watching. I saw them chatting for a minute, then Christine was talking to the pretty redhead. Soon, both of them were heading my way.

Now that the woman was standing and a little closer, I could admire her body even more. There was no doubt why she was so well-liked.

Finally, they were standing next to me.

“Rachel, I want you to meet Justine. Justine, this is my friend Rachel.”

So THIS was Justine O’Toole of pink room fame. “Hi,” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, Rachel. Why doesn’t it surprise me that Christine would show up with such a pretty guest.”

I’m not real good at accepting compliments, especially when I’m in awe of the person giving it to me. I smiled and said ‘thanks’.

Christine found a chair for Justine while I sat on the edge of my lounger. Up close, Justine was even more attractive. She didn’t have the perfect tan so many of the other people had, but I blamed that on her red hair. Justine made up for it with flawless skin and wonderful, gentle curves in just the right places.

We talked for a few minutes and Justine filled me in on some of the more interesting people within sight. She pointed out David Keane who I remembered Christine talking about in the restaurant.

“I hate to lead other women to him,” Justine said with a grin, “but if you get the chance, spend some time with him. You won’t regret it.”

Her meaning was clear, which intrigued me considering what Christine had told me about her.

“Justine, I told Rachel you might show the pink room to her. Do you think you’ll have time?” Christine asked.

I saw Justine’s eyes travel down my body and back up. The inspection was quick, but thorough.

She smiled. “Oh, I think I have time right now.”

The words were music to my ears.

“Great. Rachel, you ready?” Christine said.

I replied, “Let’s go.”

We began to weave through the crowd. Christine leaned back and whispered to me, “The fun’s about to begin.”

This must have been the clue we were waiting for and the butterflies in my stomach confirmed as much. We entered the house through a ground-level door, then made our way up to the first floor. It was even more crowded—and louder—than when Christine and I first arrived. A couple women were topless, but that hardly shocked me anymore.

We entered one of the many hallways in the house. Justine led the way, with Christine and I close behind. We passed two open rooms before coming to a closed door with a pink ribbon hanging from the doorknob. We were there.

Justine gently opened the door, looked back at us with a smile, and escorted us inside.

There were two double beds along the wall on the right. The one closest to the door was empty. The one closest to the window wasn’t. In the middle of the bed, on top of the pink bedspread, were two naked women in the sixty-nine position. The room was silent except for the sounds of their lovemaking.

Two women were standing at the foot of the bed holding hands, watching intently. Another couple sat on a couch to our left. They were all dressed, either in swimming suits or shorts and t-shirts.

I refocused on the naked bodies entwined on the bed. They appeared to be middle-aged women, a blonde and a brunette. As I was becoming accustomed to, neither one had an ounce of fat anywhere, but they weren’t supermodels either. Just above-average women enjoying each other…or so the sounds indicated.

The blonde was on top and her flowing hair somewhat obscured our view of her mouth working on the brunette’s pussy. However, we could plainly see the brunette working her tongue in and out of the blonde’s slit, occasionally moving up to lick her clit.

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