The Grill Out

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The Grill Out was one of my little ideas that I hope you all like. Remember to use your mind to create an ending you like. I end it, but as always there will be those of you that aren’t happy with it.


A very special thank you to my friend Trisha H. for helping me and to my other new sexy friend Norma. I hope you like it.

* * * * *

He lie back on the lounge chair watching her long, shapely legs and her very attractive ass wiggling as she scrapped the grill and he felt his long cock coming to life. He had always enjoyed looking at her and this evening was no different from all of the other times.

‘Need any help?’ He asked gazing at her ass, feeling his cock growing faster, wishing that someday soon he would get her. He had been in love with her since he was a young boy.

She turned to see him admiring her body and she felt heat pouring between her legs, just like always. She loved the handsome young man looking at her; it always made her feel so young and alive. She had just turned forty-six and he was a very young twenty-two; what woman in her right mind wouldn’t like him looking and chasing after her?

‘Sure,’ she replied with a smile and couldn’t help noticing the extremely large lump in the front of his small swim trunks. She loved looking at him; he stood six feet six inches tall and was just over two hundred pounds of pure muscle.

His eyes roamed over her with more intensity than ever. Her thin bikini just did cover her well-defined ass and it made him grow more. He stood, walked towards her; his eyes looked to hers, two light blue jewels that he loved. They were like looking into a window to heaven. He moved behind her, making sure his hard cock pushed into her deep, sexy ass crack. ‘You keep wearing this bikini and I might be forced to take advantage of you,’ he whispered, wrapping his big arms around her thin waist.

She couldn’t help but shiver when he pushed against her. He had done this so many times before, but it always excited her so much. ‘Oh really?’ She teased feeling him flexing his stiffness. ‘Maybe I’ll just rape you,’ she added lightly pushing back to him. She wanted him so badly, but it just wouldn’t be right.

‘Now that would be nice,’ he replied caressing her smooth stomach. Slowly guiding his hands lower, until he was running his fingers over the top of her bikini, just above her now wet pussy.

‘Mmmm, I love it so much when you touch me there,’ she moaned resting her head on his thick chest as his fingers traced around the soft fabric and teased the flesh under it. The heat between her legs was quickly turning into a full-blown fire.

He knew she loved this kind of touching and over the last few years, he had become a master at turning her on. He began kissing her neck and felt her trembling. ‘These trunks are killing me,’ he paused to push his swollen cock harder against her. ‘I think I’m going to pull them off,’ he added waiting to have her pull away or to tell him no, but it never came. He reached to his hips and they were off. He reached to move his cock between her legs and a soft moan came from deep inside her. ‘Do you like that?’ He asked as he continued kissing her neck as heat and wetness quickly covered him.

She felt as if she were going to explode as his massive cock rested against her. Never before had she let him go this far and she loved it. Her bikini was so thin she could feel the blood pulsing through his stiff cock. ‘You know I should slap you,’ she softly said feeling him moving against her, just as if he was trying to fuck her.

He just laughed as he held her in his arms and he knew that she would never hit him. ‘Do you want me to stop and put my trunks back on?’ He asked having a good idea that she was enjoying this just as much as he was. ‘Oh, you feel so good!’ He moaned out wanting to turn her around and fuck her right there where they stood.

She reached back to run her fingers through his thick, black hair, wishing she had the nerve to let him do as he wished. ‘You don’t feel too bad yourself,’ she gasped as his right hand tried moving on her swollen cunt lips. ‘No baby,’ she whispered, grabbing his hand hoping he wouldn’t listen to her and do it anyway.

He turned her to face him and gave her a deep, loving kiss. ‘You turn me on more that any woman I’ve ever known,’ he smiled caressing her short, blonde hair from her eyes.

She quickly reached for his cock and made sure it was positioned between her legs. She heard his words and it warmed her heart. ‘Are you just teasing me so you can get in my panties?’ She asked hoping he did mean it. She loved him more than any man she had ever known in her life, but he was to young and it wouldn’t be right.

‘Yes I mean it,’ he replied reaching his big hands under the back of her bikini and they were quickly caressing the bare flesh of her excited ass.

‘Oh, shit!’ She cried as he continued to turn her on to a point that she had never been before and now she could only hope that she could stop ataşehir escort this before they ended up in bed. His fingers touched and caressed her with so much love and affection, it took her breath away. ‘Oh God!’ She gasped and pulled away from him. ‘You need to start the fire and I’m going inside to get everything ready,’ she said and quickly walked in the house before he had her on a lounge chair.

He watched her long, slender legs and her ass he so dearly loved walking away and prayed this would be the night she gave into her desires. They had been playing this game for to long and it was time to either end it or take it up to the next level.

She walked inside and fell against the nearest wall panting for air. ‘Oh my God!’ She moaned out thinking of him being against her, naked. She knew he was big from all of their petting and rubbing on each other, but she had no idea he was so huge. ‘No wonder you had so many of these high school girls after you,’ she smiled thinking back to all the girls following him around. She gave her large breasts a good squeeze. ‘I guess I’ll play with him, but I can’t go all the way,’ she whispered. Thinking of his big hard cock between her legs, she went to get dinner ready.


Later, she rushed upstairs to shower and found a white, see-through blouse that was sure to drive him crazy. She pulled it over her head and couldn’t believe how well it showed off her nipples. ‘He’ll love this,’ she smiled as she ran her fingers over her excited nipples. She walked to her dresser to find a nice pair of panties. ‘Let me see,’ she said rooting through a drawer. ‘Oh yes!’ She said with excitement when she found a pair of panties that were also white and see-through. ‘He’s going to shit,’ she smiled pulling them up her slender hips and moved to look in a mirror behind the bedroom door. ‘Oh yes!’ She laughed and ran from her room and back downstairs.

He lit the grill and thought of another good idea. There were some twenty torches around the pool and it would be so nice having them lit. He wanted to do everything that he could to turn this beautiful woman on. After lighting them and doing one more thing that she was sure to love, he sat back down on a lounge chair and waited for her, as dreams of them being together filled his mind.

She walked outside and couldn’t believe all that he had done. The torches always put her in a romantic mood and when she saw the vase of flowers on the table, her heart skipped a beat. ‘Hi there,’ she whispered pulling him from a dream. ‘You sure do know how to charm a lady,’ she smiled as his dark eyes looked up and down every inch of her body. She knew he would like this and now she had to hope that she could call him off if things got out of hand.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. ‘You’re beautiful!’ He gasped standing up beside her. He took a large platter from her and sat it on a nearby table. ‘You trying to kill me?’ He asked slowly turning her around and felt his cock coming back to life. ‘Look what you do to me,’ he said with a smile pointing down to his growing cock.

She looked down to the massive thing and slowly reached out. ‘I’m glad you left your shorts off,’ she whispered running one of her fingernails over the swollen head. She knew this was so wrong, but it felt so good.

He pulled her body against his making sure his cock was again between her long legs. Mrs. Katie Barns, you should be careful,’ he smiled as he leaned to kiss her. ‘I might be inclined to take that as a sexual advance,’ he said moving his big hands to the soft flesh of her excited ass and couldn’t help but enjoy the feel of her panties.

She looked to his eyes, knowing she wanted him to ravish her right there. ‘We need to get these steaks on the grill before the fire goes out,’ she whispered feeling him moving under her panties once again. She wasn’t sure if she should stop him or let him pull them down. Her mind raced trying to figure this out as his soft touch drove her wild with desire.

‘I want you so bad,’ he moaned leaning to softly kiss her neck while his hands continued under her panties. ‘Please!’ He begged her as his kissing increased. He knew what turned her on and tonight he was going all out. He wanted her and would stop at nothing to get her.

Katie knew that if she didn’t stop him soon she wouldn’t be able to. She wanted him just as badly, but it just wasn’t right. ‘Oh please stop,’ she half-heatedly moaned out. ‘Jimmy, I’m not ready yet,’ she added pulling from him. ‘Come on, let’s get these cooked. I’m starving,’ she said caressing his handsome face and she hated seeing the hurt in his eyes.

‘Be glad I’m hungry or you’d be on that lounge chair with me on top of you,’ he replied with a sly grin as he leaned to kiss her, slipping his hand between her legs. ‘I didn’t mean to get you so excited,’ he whispered lightly caressing over her swollen clit, enjoying her hips pushing to his hand.

Soft moans of pleasure came from someplace in her that she had ever known kadıköy escort until now, as his loving fingers drove her close to a heated orgasm. ‘Please stop!’ She begged in a soft voice as she pulled from him. ‘Do all of your lady’s get this kind of treatment, or am I special?’ She asked as she handed him the steaks.

He had to laugh at her. ‘Most times I’m lucky if I even know their name,’ he smiled to her as he tossed a steak on the fire. ‘They find out who I am and they’re stripping off their clothes,’ he had to smile at her red face.

‘It must be nice,’ she replied with a wink. ‘All those young things wanting you,’ she added knowing if she were a young girl, she’d be right in line with them.

He gave her a strange look. ‘Not all of them are young,’ he smiled. ‘I’ve had some ladies older than you wanting me to fuck them,’ he laughed as she covered her mouth in shock.

‘Are you kidding me?’ She gasped watching him pull a chair close to the grill and sat down. ‘Can I sit with you?’ She asked in a loving voice as she moved to him. She lifted her right leg high over his cock and eased down; making sure it rested on her excited, wet pussy. ‘What’s the youngest and oldest you’ve had?’ She asked moving just a little closer to him. She wanted to feel his power against her as he told her of his sexual conquests.

He thought for a few seconds. ‘The youngest was in high school. Her name was Kim. She was 15,’ he said with a wink. ‘The poor, little thing didn’t have any friends or anything,’ he said thinking back. ‘She came to every game and I always made it a point to push everyone back until I had a chance to tell her hi and to ask how her day was,’ he smiled thinking of the wonderful smile that she always had for him.

‘How sweet!’ She smiled running her hands through his black hair, thinking of how easy it would be to get him inside her body.

‘One night I had a game that was horrible. All the little groupies left and didn’t much give a shit about me that night, but when I came out of the locker room, there she sat,’ he said caressing Katie’s back and her excited left breast. ‘We started talking, ended up having dinner and I took her to a party. We danced, got to know each other and ended up at the lake,’ he smiled thinking of how wonderful it was that night.

Katie caressed his face. ‘That was so sweet,’ she said moving her mouth to his and they kissed deep as their hands roamed over each other’s body. Katie pulled away and saw his cock had pushed against her stomach. ‘Lord! Look how far it would go inside me,’ she whispered reaching down to caress the head with two fingers. ‘How do you get it inside young girls?’ She asked as her fingers roamed over his head in wonder.

‘Most times they want on top and just ram it in,’ he laughed. ‘I have no idea how they do it, but they do,’ he laughed seeing a shocked look on her pretty face.

She looked down to it and then up to him. ‘This thing would kill me! I wonder how in the hell they do it?’ She laughed shaking her head in amazement. ‘Tell me about the oldest now,’ she said taking his cock head in her loving right hand and started gently stroking it as she listened to him.

‘She was about 50 I guess,’ he smiled when he saw another shocked look on her face. ‘We were in L.A. and really beat them bad. I had three homers and was feeling pretty good. She was in the hotel bar we were having a great time and before I knew what was going on, we were in my room. I was on top of her fucking her very sweet cunt half to death,’ he smiled with pride as he thought back to the classy lady and all of the fun that they had.

‘I bet it’s nice having so many ladies wanting you,’ she smiled wishing that they could be together.

He just smiled as he lightly touched each of her nipples. ‘It’s okay, but I’m about ready to have a sweet lady to be waiting for me when I get home,’ he smiled. ‘Partying is fun, but if I want to keep my career alive I need to stop it,’ he added looking deep into her eyes and made sure his next words came out right. ‘I need somebody like you to take care of me,’ he leaned to kiss her as his arms hugged her close.

She felt like cumming right in his arms. His giant cock was against her, his strong arms hugging her, what more could a woman want? A slight hint of hurt rushed over her as his words filled her ears. ‘You have anyone in mind?’ She asked trying not to let on that he had hurt her feelings.

‘Kind of,’ he replied kissing her. ‘I’m not sure if she’d be willing to move or not,’ he smiled to her. ‘She has a great house and well, we love each other like crazy, but we’ve never had sex,’ he smiled again as his lips touched hers.

She looked to him and couldn’t believe what he had just said. ‘You shouldn’t move a girl in with you unless you like her in bed,’ she said with sincerity. ‘What if she doesn’t please your needs? You can’t try to play with a massive hard-on,’ she added hoping he would think it over before he made such a decision.

He had to laugh bostancı escort bayan at the beautiful woman. ‘Silly lady!’ He laughed louder. ‘I want you to be that lady,’ he said looking to her shocked face. ‘I love you so much and I want you in my life… as my lover,’ he smiled as he caressed her face.

She just sat there and couldn’t believe what she had just heard. It warmed her heart that he wanted her, but he also when it couldn’t be. ‘How could we do that?’ She asked standing up to flip over the steaks. She wanted him just as bad, but it wouldn’t be right. ‘I love playing with you, but I’m not sure if I can go all the way,’ she added looking to him and could feel tears forming in the back of her pretty eyes.

He quickly stood up behind her and moved against her, wrapping his arms around her. ‘It would be great knowing that you’d be waiting for me when I came home,’ he whispered kissing the side of her neck. ‘Just think of all the fun we’ll have,’ he softly said running both of his hands between her legs to her wet and excited pussy. She drew in a deep breath of air. ‘You know you’d love it,’ he added as two of his big fingers eased under the left side of her tiny bikini bottom. ‘You’re so wet,’ he whispered in her ear as he gently caressed her swollen pussy lips.

She fell against him and knew all to well that he was right. She hated it every time he went back to Miami; it always felt as if her heart had been ripped from her chest.

Her hands reached to cover his as soft moans of pleasure spilled from her mouth. His fingers touched places that were so lonely and needed a loving man like him to please. ‘It feels so good,’ she moaned out as he moved lower, to the one place that no man had entered in years. ‘Oh Jimmy!’ She cried as he slipped inside her tiny hole. She had all but forgotten what it felt like to have something inside her. She had never masturbated in her life. She had always believed that a man should be the only one to please her needs and now she had a man half her age that wanted her.

‘Just think, we could have nights like this all the time,’ he whispered enjoying her body squeezing his fingers. Her wetness oozed on his fingers as they slowly moved in and out of her body. ‘And, you would be the only one to get this big ol’ cock of mine,’ he whispered again and a moan came from her. ‘You like that?’ He asked pushing his fingers deeper.

She was in heaven and felt like cumming right in his big, strong arms. ‘Yes!’ She cried as his words filled her ears. She thought of the big, thick cock and how wonderful it would be having him to fuck her anytime she wanted and she would also be ready to please any of his needs, day or night.

Flames shot up from the grill and he quickly pushed her back. ‘Oh shit!’ He laughed out. ‘There goes that,’ he laughed again as he lifted up the burned steak. ‘I guess we can share that one,’ he said looking to the smaller one the side of the grill.

‘We better pay better attention, because I’m really hungry,’ she smiled giving his stiff cock one last caress before she walked away. ‘I’ll bring everything else out. You keep a good eye on that one,’ she said pointing to his face as she walked into the house and fell across the kitchen counter.

‘What am I going to do?’ She cried thinking of all the wonderful things they could do together. Tears poured from her as she thought of the other reason they could not be together and it broke her heart. ‘How could I have let this happen?’ She cried harder thinking of all the things that she had let him do to her over the years. Sure it was fun, but it should have never been.

Jimmy stood by the grill, thinking of her and how much he loved her. He could only pray that she would come with him. They would spend so many romantic nights just like this one and end up in bed loving each other into the early hours of the morning.

She wiped her face off and made sure he couldn’t tell she had been crying before she headed back outside. ‘Is it ready?’ She asked with a smile as she sat down two plates of food.

‘I think so,’ he replied looking to her wonderful body and again his cock began to fill with blood. ‘You’re going to kill me,’ he laughed holding the platter as he moved to her. ‘I’m telling you, every time that I’m near you I’m hard as hell,’ he said pushing against her hip.

She flashed him a warm smile as she quickly moved to sit down. ‘Let’s eat. I’m starving,’ she said reaching to cut off a piece of the steak, trying not to look at him. She wanted him just as bad, but it scared her thinking of the limited future they would have. ‘It looks great!’ She smiled setting it on her plate. ‘I hope everything else is just as good,’ she added trying to get his mind off of her and the things he wanted to do with her.

He laughed at her and knew without a doubt what she was doing. ‘You can act anyway you want, but I still want you and I know damn well that you want me,’ he said looking to her. ‘You can’t hide from something so strong. So you may as well stop trying to change the subject,’ he smiled lifting his share of the steak to his plate. ‘I’ve wanted you as far back as I can remember and every girl I’ve been with, I’ve always thought of you,’ he smiled as he cut a piece of the meat and put it in his mouth.

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