The Good Neighbor Ch. 04

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I climbed the stairs slowly; I could hear only muffled sobs now. I never planned any of this, I always thought of my self as hetero sexual only. Not since my youth had a thought, such as enjoying the pleasures of another man entered my mind. But I had to admit to myself that something is missing. I have to let Maria know it’s not her; it’s me, something missing in me that I need to fill. With that thought in my head I opened the bedroom door.

Maria instantly jumped up, grabbed a picture frame of the two of us and hurled it in my direction. Lucky for me she is a terrible aim as it crashed well short of the door, its glass cracking across the smiling photograph of our faces on our honeymoon.

I quickly crossed to the bed as she sobbed openly with a deep cry of “WHY???” “What’s wrong with me??” “WHY HIM!!!”

I sat beside her, tried to put my arms around her, she pushed me away and I tried again, this time she let me with a sob…..”Why???” she quietly sobbed.

As I began to explain to her the events of the past couple of days, the deep hidden desires I didn’t know I had. I told her I still loved her and always would. I explained I still loved to have sex with her…how I thought she was a fantastic lover, but that I needed more.

Maria said “when I saw him…sucking your cock…like he was making love with his mouth to your cock I was stunned.” I know you like it when I do it to you but I only do it because you like it, but Bill, Bill seemed to be in heaven while he sucked you. And you…you were in pure ecstasy like I have never seen you before. At first I was disgusted, I almost threw that ugly statue he has by the door at the two of you but I hate to say it but as I watched I got…I don’t know…turned on, it even made me wet, which freaked me out even more…that’s when you heard me gasp! I touched myself and felt I was soaked and couldn’t believe it.

Even now as I held her in my arms I could see her nipples dark and hard against the fabric of her nighty. I could feel my cock stirring as she talked about Bill sucking my cock and getting wet as she watched. Her arm slid across my lap and bumped into my stiffening cock. She looked up into my eyes, and said “Dave I saw you groping Bill as he sucked your cock, you had your thumb in his ass like you try to do to me…you were fondling his ball sack and stroking his cock as he took yours deep in his mouth. Did you want to fuck him?”

I told her we hadn’t done that…that I didn’t know what I wanted or didn’t want to do with Bill. All I know is since yesterday all I wanted was to see him again. He loves to suck my cock which you only tolerate…I need that and I need to know that he needs that too. I’m not gay, but I am…Bi…at least that’s what I think. Looking at you right now all I want to do is take that nighty off and fuck your brains out, with that I pushed her back onto the bed. She didn’t resist, I ripped her nighty in two and devoured her luscious tits…sucking on each hardened nipple, pulling on the other as I went back and forth…my hand slipped down to her vagina, my fingers probed at her clit, slipping two fingers along side her clit I rubbed slowly just like she likes it…she moaned as I nibbled on her nipples…

“Yess…bite them she cried…oh yeah….rub my pussy,” with one hand squeezing her left tit my mouth now slid down her body, my fingers now plying bayrampaşa escort at her sopping wet pussy lips….I spread her lips and slipped my tongue in…she arched her back….”YES” she cried as my tongue lapped at her clit and my fingers penetrated to the hilt…..slowly I fingered her pussy as I lapped at her clit, teasing it with my teeth from time to time…I could taste her heavenly juices, her back arching higher as I furiously lapped at her pussy, I knew she was close so I dared to probe her anus. My fingers wet from her pussy I rubbed them across her anus lubricating the way…as I did she lifted her legs to give me better access which I accepted as an invitation to proceed. As I deeply tongued her pussy I pushed my index finger into her ass slowly, I could feel her tighten up then relax as I worked my finger gently in and out. Then I inserted another, and again she tightened up at first then relaxed and began to moan even louder.

I began fucking her ass with my fingers of my right hand as I sucked her pussy and pinched her nipples with my left. She moaning louder…”IM CUMMING!!!!!!” as she bucked her pussy against my face and my hand deep into her ass. Wave after wave pushed against my face. She had never cum so loudly or forcefully in years. I had all I could do to hang on and not get drowned by all of her juice which I gulped down. As she relaxed she became sensitive, which she always does, and she pushed my head away.

That’s when Bill spoke up….

He had stood there mesmerized in our bedroom doorway; he figured he would come over to try to help me smooth things out. He liked Maria and didn’t want what Maria had witnessed to cause a rift in my marriage.

He said “well I’m glad you two worked things out” and he turned to leave when Maria said “WAIT” “DON’T GO”.

Bill stopped in his tracks, unsure, by her tone, if she was going to yell at him, throw something, or come over and punch him. Slowly he turned back to face us. Maria was up on her elbows, naked. Her open pussy facing Bill, me on my knees my hands on her legs.

She said “Bill would you teach me how to please Dave….with my mouth I mean.” “I saw how much he loved what you were doing to him and I want to make him happy too” I mean he loves to suck my pussy like you just saw but I really don’t know how to make him happy with my mouth.

Now it was Bills turn to be stunned…all of a sudden he smiled. He said “Maria, my wife and I would entertain many a man, and if you’ll allow me I’d love to show you.”

I was dumbfounded but very excited…here was my incredible wife asking my fantastic neighbor to teach her how to suck my cock. I’m in HEAVEN!!!!

Bill walked over to the bed, took my hand from her leg and pulled me to a standing position, my cock though wrapped back in a towel poked out through the gap, hard as stone and ready for play.

Bill said to Maria, “what a man really wants is someone to truly desire his cock, to make love to it, not just pretend to love it but to really want to make him happy by servicing his manhood, like this.”

Bill then dropped to his knees, unwrapped the towel from my body, stared straight up into my eyes and without using his hands took my cock slowly into his mouth and down to the root in one smooth, slow, loving motion. He gently put his beşiktaş escort left hand on my thigh; with his right he cupped my balls as he slowly ran his mouth up and down my shaft.

Maria dropped to her knees alongside Bill, her eyes transfixed; almost mesmerized by the way Bill was servicing my hard cock. She edged closer and closer to Bill her face right next to his, her mouth slightly open, breathing quickly.

Bill looked from my face to hers, slowly he backed of my cock with his warm wet mouth, with his right hand he gripped the base of my shaft and as he took my cock from his mouth he pointed it at Maria’s. She quickly gobbled it down…Bill gently pulled my cock away and took it slowly back into his mouth and tried again…this time Maria took the hint and slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my steel hard cock and took it all the way to the root in one long slow motion.

I watched amazed at the sight, Maria had never taken my cock all the way down…when I had tried to get her to do it in the past she had gagged, backed off and swore to never try again. This time she seemed to have no gag reflex, she took it to the base just like Bill and slowly, ever so slowly came back up the shaft again. Bill and Maria took turns, back and forth they fed each other my cock, tongues swirling, hands groping, lips smacking all over my cock. I was truly in ecstasy…I could feel cum building in my sack…so could Bill. He backed off and this time when Maria tried to take me he gently pulled me away.

He said. “Maria, Dave’s almost at the point of no return, you don’t want it to end now, do you?” The look on Maria’s face told him all he needed to know. Bill got up put his hands on my shoulders and turned me back towards the bed and pushed me gently urging me to sit down, which I did. I scooted back on the bed and he laid along side me, Maria got up and got on my other side. Both of them almost in unison reached for my cock and balls. Bill fondled my balls while Maria gently stroked my cock…Bill reminded her to go easy.

He started tonguing my nipple on my left breast while his hand worked my balls. I opened my legs to give him better access. Maria continued to stroke my cock as she fed me her breast, which I greedily suckled on.

Bill’s hand moved to replace Maria’s on my cock as Maria threw her leg over me. Bill then guided my rock hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. Maria took my cock deep in one hard thrust. I could feel Bills hand stroking my cock in time with Maria’s thrusts up and down she road as Bill fondled my balls and stoked me.

Bill then started licking and sucking my balls I pulled Maria to my chest and Bill then with my cock still deep in Maria’s pussy began licking where my cock and Maria’s pussy met.

Maria began quivering as I slowly pumped my cock into her pussy as Bill kissed, sucked and licked us both. The wave began to overtake Maria again, a deep guttural moan swelling from deep inside her as she rocked on my cock and Bill licked us where we were joined. Wave upon wave racked her body and she collapsed onto my chest. My hard cock still deep in her pussy, she whispered in my ear…”incredible”

Bill, pulled my cock slowly from Maria’s pussy with a pop…she quivered. Bill began licking Maria’s juices off my cock like it was a big lolly pop. beylikdüzü escort He licked and lapped my cock from the base to the tip, over and over. His tongue encircling the head of my cock.

Maria slowly slid off me and laid her head on my chest and watched Bill, hypnotized by his movements she licked her lips uncontrollably. One hand moved to her breast as she watched squeezing her breast and pulling the nipple between her finger tips, her breathing shallow.

I had never seen her like this, nor had I ever felt so…insatiable in my life. My rock hard cock had not cum since Bills House. I felt like I could go all night but with the way Bill was devouring my cock I knew I couldn’t last forever.

Bill now moved his body into a 69 position along my left side while Maria laid on my right side me flat on my back. Bill with his arm over my leg began doing long slow strokes with his mouth and hand in unison on my cock.

Maria reached across to Bills panties, Bills cock hard pushing against the thin fabric. Maria started rubbing his cock which was so near my face. Bill let out a little moan and picked up the pace on my cock. Maria then pulled the waist band of his panties down and his cock sprung free…Bill has a nice 6 inch slim cock which Maria grabbed at the root and pointed in my direction. She said, “Suck It” to me, and she with one hand pulled his cock toward me and with her other hand she pushed my head gently toward his cock…she said “I know you want to.”

I needed no more encouragement, I slowly opened my mouth and slid it over his slim 6 inches, and it felt so good in my mouth. So silky smooth yet hard, like nothing else I’d ever tasted…I licked and sucked his cock and drove it deep in my mouth, my nose nestled in his ball sack when I hit bottom, as he is shaved smooth it was so slick. I couldn’t get enough, I felt possessed by his cock. I kept thinking to myself, why hadn’t I tried this before, this is fantastic!!!

Bill let out a moan as I rolled onto my side to have better access to his cock and he mine.

Maria watched encouraged and played with her clit and tits as she watched us suck each other, saying to us. “Oh yeah..suck that cock, you know you love it”

I could feel myself at the point of no return and I wanted Bills load as I gave him mine. I picked up the pace and I could feel Bill getting harder in my mouth and his ball sack was tightening…I could taste his pre cum and I knew I was leaking too. Part of me afraid of him cumming in my mouth the other part wanting it more than anything, I sucked deeper and faster wanting to know the taste.

Bill took my cock all the way down into his throat..I could feel the head of my cock being squeezed by his throat, it felt unbelievable that a man could do that. I couldn’t take anymore and I started to cum….Bill made a bit of a high pitched moan as my cock erupted into his throat. Maria dove down to join him, he popped my cock from his mouth with a gasp and I continued to erupt, Maria dove onto my erupting cock and gobbled it down for the first time she enjoyed the experience.

Bill began to cum in my mouth, the taste at first unplesant then became delicious. I could feel his cum splashing against the back of my throat I gulped it all down enjoying the sensation, and sucked for all I was worth…by Bills moans I knew I was doing well.

Exhausted I rolled to my back and Maria stayed on my cock, sucking me dry. When she picked her head up she had a big smile on her face, my cum on the corner of her mouth which she licked clean, she looked at Bill and said “What a Good Neighbor” we all laughed.

I thought about all the things we could do…I wanted to fuck Bill next while Maria watched…

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