The Girl Next Door Pt. 03

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I drifted up from sleep, the bedside clock read 11 PM, and I felt the warmth of Roxanne’s body against mine. I looked over at her, watching her as she slept. I lay back, wondering at the good fortune that had put her in my life.

I felt her start to stir when her eyes opened, those deep brown eyes locked onto mine.

“Ummm, my lover man, I could get very used to having this every day. Making sweet passionate love, then drifting off, and waking up to find you still with me.”

I felt her hand slide down, and my cock was taking notice, she giggled as felt my cock surging in her hands, and cooed, “Ummm, so ready again, such a horny man! Good, that’s exactly what I need. For now, I have something special for you.”

Roxanne took to her hands and knees, she reached back, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and showed me the tight, pink pucker of her back door.

She cooed, “I’m still a virgin back there, and I want you to take me. I trust you completely lover, would you like to deflower my tight ass hole, sugar?”

My cock topped up quickly, oh fuck, I’d had a former girlfriend who loved getting her ass reamed, couldn’t get enough of it, and the idea of introducing Roxanne, offering her ass to me, I was more than happy to agree.

“I would be honored baby, I need to lick and finger your asshole a long time before we try anything bigger than my finger.”

Roxanne cooed huskily, “Oh yeah, lick my asshole, Dennis, get my tight hole all ready for its virgin breaking ride.”

I eagerly dove in, enjoying her squeals of pleasure as she felt my tongue make contact. My face was nuzzling between the moons of her spread open ass cheeks. My tongue swept over the tight pucker, licking at that twitching, inviting opening, then my tongue pressed against her, tightly. The tip of my tongue pushed inside, probing, pressing slightly into the twitching pucker, making Roxanne’s body shiver with pleasure.

“Oh my god, the pleasure…it’s beautiful…I love it…feels so good. Keep licking me, and finger it, get my ass ready for fucking, I feel like my head’s gonna fly off!”

Sticking a finger in my mouth, I slobbered over it, then applied it, and pushed, slowly, slowly. She let out a grunt, of pleasure I hoped, and my finger glided slowly in to the first knuckle.

I could hear her muttering softly, “Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.”

I pushed on until my finger was in to the second knuckle. I started to rotate my finger, Roxanne’s asshole was clenching at my finger, and I was doing my best to loosen it up, even just a tiny bit. After canlı bahis şirketleri a few minutes, she felt she was ready.

“Dennis, let’s do it, I think I can handle it now, take my last bit of virginity.”

On her hands and knees, laying her head down on a pillow, cupping her cheeks, she spread them apart as far as she could, eager to get her ass fucked. I applied a generous coating of KY to my cock, and spread a large dollop around her tight rim, sliding my finger back inside to spread around the tight clutch of her virgin walls.

“Oh yeah, that feels nice. Now, my lover, take my last bit of virginity,” she cooed.

I nudged my cockhead against the rose-shaped pucker, and pushed, slowly, slowly, suddenly the head popped in. Roxanne let out a sharp gasp.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh” she moaned, “Hold up just a minute lover, I’m going to need time to adjust” she whispered.

“Take all the time you need baby, it’s not a race, your pleasure is what’s important. I’ll only go on at your request.”

I could see the side of her face, she smiled as my words assured her that she would not be forced. I brought my hands up, and ran them up and down her back, stroking her awesome 18-year-old body, eager to help her relax in every way. After a few minutes, she urged me on.

“Ok honey, a bit more, slowly please.”

I pushed, slowly, slowly, I was now halfway in, Roxanne was making grunts, as I reached 5, then 6 inches.

“Another stop, please.”

I froze, waiting for her ass to adjust, fuck, the sensation of her tight virgin ass around my cock was something else. Never had I been in such a tight hole as her warm backdoor.

Roxanne took less time to adjust this time, her hands gripping the sheets tightly as she took a deep breath, and told me what to do.

“Now, take my hips, hold me in place so you can bury it, let me have the rest, I want my anal deflowering completed,” she gasped.

I grasped her hips, and with a push forward, I was in, right to the balls, Roxanne let out a small yelp as I buried it, and I again stopped.

“Oh my god, my ass is so full. It’s a bit painful, but I guess losing such tight virginity was gonna hurt somewhat. And Dennis, you’re such a sweet man, any 18-year-old guy that I gave my ass to would probably just ram it in with one thrust, and end up raping my ass. Now, just a little bit more time,” she cooed.

After a minute, she whispered huskily, “Umm, mmmm, oh yeah, it’s starting to feel good, give me a slow, loving ride sugar, now that my ass virginity is gone, canlı kaçak iddaa stretch me out back there, take it some more.”

I pulled back an inch and pressed forward slowly, getting a slow, gentle rhythm going. Roxanne’s sounds were changing over to little gasps and what sounded like cries of passion.

“Mmmm, yes, oh yes, now that I’m loosened up, it feels better,” she cooed, “keep going, it’s starting to feel real good!”

Encouraged, I started to pull out a bit further, 2 inches then 3, burying it deep, speeding up just a little bit. Roxanne was starting to make moans and louder cries of passion, as she urged me on to fuck her ass. I was happy to do so, the tight vice grip of her ass was clutching at my cock, working me up to another load. Her hand was cupped against her pussy, masturbating furiously, I reached around and gently removed her hand.

“Let me do that for you baby,” I whispered.

I cupped my hand around her mound, her pink, hard clit straining for my fingers, her juices coated my fingers, and I stroked my fingertips up and down her stiff, eager clit. Roxanne’s grunts and cries of pleasure increased, and I could feel a massive load gather. I felt a warm hand cupping my balls, oh which felt nice as she started to give me gentle squeezes, eager to make me explode. I could feel her clit twitching wildly between my fingers, as Roxanne hit her peak.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, cumming, oh my god cumming, fill my ass, Dennis, fill me, fuck, fuck, cum in MEEEEEE!”

She let out a scream, her ass clamped even tighter around my cock, her orgasm making her asshole clench and unclench, spasming in time with her orgasm, and that took me over. I grabbed her hips, drove in to the balls, and my cock erupted. Flooding Roxanne’s last virginity with hot sperm made me go off like a cannon. My growls of orgasm joined her sounds, as my cock jerked over and over, throbbing wildly and pumping a flood of cum, painting her bowels white with my load, both of us shuddering through body wracking orgasms. When I had unloaded the last gush, I pulled out and flopped down, Roxanne joined me and her eyes were close to mine, her smile told me all I needed to know.

“Perfect, so perfect”, she whispered. “Just as loving and caring as you have been ever since our first time.”

This time, with her body against mine, I spiraled down into a deep sleep, the best natural sleep aid ever.


It’s raining, that must be why it’s so wet. I looked down, saw myself naked on the street. The only thing wet was my cock, strange canlı kaçak bahis how the rain was only making my cock wet. I felt a pressure on my prick, another strange thing.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, mmmmmm.”

The voice cut through my sleep, and I rose up to wakefulness. I opened my eyes to the sight of Roxanne, very naked and very horny, perched on my cock.

“Good morning honey. When I saw how stiff and hard your morning hard-on was, I thought this would be the best way to wake you! Mmmm, it’s been so wonderful, waking up with you next to me, your cock all stiff, ready and eager for more, makes me feel so sexy. Just lay back, relax and let me do all the work if you could call this work!”

She giggled, I groaned with pleasure from the snug feel of her hot, moist sheath as she lifted up, then drove her hips down, engulfing my shaft, wrapped around my cock like a tight velvet-lined glove. Roxanne started to rock herself on my cock, with excruciating slowness. She was caressing her breasts, gently pulling at her nipples, expressions of bliss crossing her face as she rode me like a sexy 18-year-old cowgirl.

“Mmmmm, so good, feels so wonderful, I can’t wait to feel all that thick cum flood me, fuck, fuck, feels so good, oh yes!”

Roxanne started to ride me harder and faster, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, hips pumping up and down. She was wrapped tightly around me, her cunt stroking me again and again in that pleasure grip, seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting motions, and watching the joy and delight play across her face as she rode me, and I could feel my balls starting to tighten up, getting set to gush more spunk. Roxanne was gasping, her orgasm was starting to race at her.

She raised herself up, froze for a second as she cried out raggedly, “Oh fuck, feels so good, cream my tight little pussy lover man, cum with me, cum deep inside me, I’m cumming, cream MEEEEE!” then thrust herself down, her body starting the telltale shuddering of climax.

My cock was scrubbing at her pink pocket as I felt her pussy muscles clamp around me, hungrily massaging and milking my cock, taking me over.

“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” I shouted, her loud squeals of joy blending in as I arched up into her, my cock erupting, spraying a geyser of hot cum up into her, painting her tightly gripping walls. Another bolt of cum jetted out, and another, I was not done cumming until 8 gouts of spunk had been deposited, her hungry pink fuck-hole sucking it all up, deep into her womb.

Our orgasmic rush started to ebb, she smiled down at me, and lay forward upon me, letting my cock stay buried deep inside her.

“I could get used to this, every morning,” she whispered softly.

I was thinking, so could I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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