The Girl Ch. 5

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Please make sure you have read all of the previous four chapters of The Girl before reading this one. It will be a much more rewarding experience if you do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night, as Desiree slept, she dreamed.

Desiree opened her eyes. It was mildly painful to experience that much light for the first time, so she reflexively squinted as best she could. With a little time to adjust further, she was able to open her eyes and look around a bit.

A soft chime sounded, and an automated feminine voice spoke.

“Grow-ling P-00098-F6J3 is now fully conscious and fully functional at 100% of capacity.”

“I hear ya, Nellie,” said a handsome young man wearing a lab coat and carrying a clipboard. He spoke to her. “Good mornin’, sunshine. Have a nice rest?”

The young man knew she could not speak yet. He gazed at the display panel beside her liquid-filled Plexiglases cylinder and took notes.

“Time to dry off.” he said, pressing a sequence of buttons on the panel he had been taking notes from. She felt something odd… movement. Her cylinder was tilting. In about a minute, it was horizontal. Then she heard something click, a short hiss, and then the sounds of liquids flowing away. The faintly pink fluids in the chamber were slowly replaced with air.

A couple more buttons beeped, and she heard something whirring. Another odd first-time sensation erupted into her awareness as the tubes were removed from the various places they entered her body. The tube in her throat, however, remained. The liquid in her chamber continued going down.

It was about five minutes that the liquid spent draining, and slowly she felt her body growing heavier and heavier. It was a strange sensation. Finally the fluid had retreated from her blank body and her weight ceased to increase. She felt like she was made of lead. Her head would have lolled to the side had the breathing tube not held it in place.

When the last of the fluid had been replaced with warmed air, she felt the breathing tube retract from her throat. It was smooth and slid free almost effortlessly. The air sighed from her unresponsive lungs. Then a small instrument slid down and touched her chest in three places simultaneously, delivering a short, sharp shock.


With a violent twitch, she started breathing.

Bing! Beep… beep…. beep…. said the panel to her left. He had come around to continue working with the panel’s buttons and taking notes.

“Looks like you’re gonna be a pretty one, with red hair. I always did like red hair.” said the man. He took some more notes, and then pressed one last button. She heard something above her head shift, and then the tube she had awakened in was moving off of her as the specialized gurney she was laying on was brought out of it. She didn’t move; she wasn’t strong enough yet. Now her head did loll to the side.

The Plexiglases cylinder retreated, and she was entirely free of it. He approached her side, and put a spider-like device on her arm. It had six short metal “legs”, three on each side, and as soon as it contacted her flesh, it clamped on and began to move about, searching. A little left, a bit right, and then forward. The tube extending out of its end gave it a bizarre tailed appearance. After crawling up and down her arm a couple times, making minor adjustments to it’s positioning, it zeroed in on one spot and then proceeded to insert an IV into one of her veins with precision that was far beyond what any human hands could match. So precise was the spider-like machine that it actually located the best vein and inserted the needle between nerve endings, producing almost no sensation at all. Then it detached itself from the tube, crawled a bit up her arm, retracted its legs, and turned off.

The technician taped the needle in place, and then picked up the spider bot. He turned it upside down and placed it on a small table nearby and then, from a panel of buttons on the wall near her, began pressing buttons again. She watched as best she could. She was getting cold as the cooler lab air started to register on her too-pale translucent skin. Shortly, she was shivering. He picked up a small towel and began patting her down.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you when you’ve been painted,” he said with an odd look on his face, one she did not understand. When she was as dry as the patting could make her, he wrapped the towel around her bald head to preserve her body heat and prop it up.

“Let’s see… according to this order sheet, you’ll have B-R-one-oh-two breasts… wow, those are some pale aureoles …” he said, punching it into the panel on the wall.

“And R-zero-W-three hair… damn, this guy likes extreme redheads, doesn’t he?” More buttons beeped their response.

“P-fifteen-S-six vulva… again with the extreme! Those are nice, though, I like those… and, body type S-S-five-two-N one-ten. You’re going to be canlı bahis a real hottie, F6J63. I look forward to seeing you when you’re done.” A final beep and then the pleasant female voice again.

“Painting program specs are: Breast type B-R-one-oh-two. Hair on all locations is designated as R-zero-W-three. Warning: All body hair is the same color and style. Are you sure all hair on the body should be the same color and style?”

“Make the hair on her head that style. Give her R-six-W-zero eyebrows and body hair, but her pubic hair should be set to style N-zero-zero-zero.”

“Styles accepted. Vulval style is P-fifteen-S-six. Body type is S-S-five-two-N one-ten. Please verify all selections are correct.” said the female voice.

“Authorization J-one-six-one epsilon, verifying that all specifications are correct.”

“Verification is accepted. Is there anything you forgot?”

“Not that I can think of, Nellie. Do your thing.”

“Activation of painting program in sixty seconds.” the disembodied voice replied.

The man picked up his tuna fish sandwich and took a bite.

“Activation of painting program in forty-five seconds.”

He casually chewed and swallowed another bite, and took a drink of his cherry flavored soda.

“Activation of painting program in thirty seconds.”

He did a quick double check of his settings, and found them all in order. Another bite and another sip.

“Activation of painting program in fifteen seconds.”

“Go to it, Nellie.”

“Five… four…. three… two… one… and mark. Painting program activation commence. Painting program is locked: No alteration or shutdown options available. Stage one: Body type sculpturing. Shutting down grow-ling’s pain senses. Success. Commencing program execution…”

There was a soft whir and a red fluid began traversing the tube that led into the grow-ling’s arm. Immediately, her body began to shift and change. A sheet of light began scanning her from head to toe, showing up as a thin line of light that led from side to side. It scanned down, then up, then back, and continued at abut two sweeps each second.

“Growling is responding with ninety nine point nine nine eight three percent of expected growth,” chimed the machine’s calm voice.

Desiree looked down and saw her body shifting, her breasts began to grow, her hips flared and filled out. There was a pulling, pushing, tense sensation through her, but she felt none of the pain that would have been present if her nervous system had not been partially shut down during the process. The first stage took ten minutes.

“Stage One complete. Stage Two: Awareness programming. Commencing program execution…”

Suddenly, her mind flashed full of things. New things, images, thoughts, sounds, all coming in so fast she could make no sense of them. They took over, and she was only able to see, hear, feel, taste and smell these flooding images that battled for her awareness with dozens of others like themselves, each being unique in content. She was lost to it, and blacked out.


Desiree awoke with a start. Her heart was racing. She could feel it pumping, and hear it in her ears. It shook her entire body with each powerful thump. She was panicked but did not know why. Her dream had been very strange… Reaching out, she felt… feet. Feet? In the dark, she wondered why there should be feet here, instead of Johnathan’s chest or head… she began to get scared.

“Johnathan?” she meekly called. “Johnathan?” But there was no answer. The fear grew another step. What was she to do? She wasn’t sure where she was, she wasn’t sure what had happened… where her owner was… who she was in bed with… why their feet were here… Tentatively, she reached out to touch the feet again in the dark. They were covered. She followed one leg up, and ended up slowly turning around to follow it up the length of the body next to her. She reached the arm, and could feel the heartbeat in his chest on the way past.

“Johnathan?” she begged, her voice quavering. “Please, Johnathan, I’m scared…”

But still no response but the slow, steady breathing from the body next to her. She began to cry, utterly unsure what to do…

In his own dream, Johnathan sensed something was wrong. It was a strange twist on the dream, in which he had been handing out papers he had graded to a class of adults sitting in ridiculously undersized desks in an old 1800’s one room schoolhouse. There was something wrong, his name was called, then again, and finally with desperation. He could hear someone crying outside… It was Desiree! He dropped the papers, bolted for the door, and –

He sat bolt upright. It was almost pitch black, but the crying continued.

“What’s wrong, baby?” he said groggily, as he turned on the light.

The darkness fled. She saw that her beloved Johnathan was in bed next to her. Relief coursed through bahis siteleri her like water into a sinking ship, and she burst out crying even harder and grabbed him into a death grip hug. Johnathan hugged her back, still not sure what was wrong.

“What’s wrong, baby?”, he repeated.

Sobbing, she tried to respond, but was having difficulty through the sobs that involuntarily wracked her.

“I was scared… you were gone… and… there were feet, and I didn’t know who it was…. or… where I was or what was… going on, and… I was scared and I didn’t know what to do!”

“It’s OK, lover. You’re safe and sound. You just fell asleep in that position after we were intimate and I let you sleep. I got in bed the normal way.”

He held her and rocked her as her tears and sobs subsided.

“There was another place, not here… I don’t know where it was, but I have been there before, Johnathan. It is familiar… and there was a… a… I was in a glass thing, and there was a man in white, like Lorinda was. And there was a big gray spider on my arm, and it bit me, but it didn’t hurt… and he took it off, but it left something behind… and then my body started changing… and all of a sudden I… everything went…”

The fear came back, the confusion, the pain. She burst into tears again.I wonder if she’s remembering her creation and conditioning, he thought. He continued to hold her and rock her with soothing sounds until she was only sniffling in his arms.This is a lot more like being a parent in some ways than I expected.

“Johnathan? Would you please have sex with me? I always feel so protected and loved when we have sex.”

“Alright, love. How do you want it?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“What position would you like to use?”

“Well… I like it when you’re over me and I am on my back. That makes me feel safe and loved and protected.”

“OK,” he said, and then he kissed her. Her eyes closed, and she allowed herself to be drawn in by it. As her body slowly but surely relaxed, he knew she was letting go of her worries and giving herself over to his attentions. She put her arms around his neck and continued the kiss.

They kissed for a long time. She seemed to need the love that it represented for them both, and he gave that to her. Then, her arms still around his neck, she pulled back and opened her eyes.

“I want you to fill me up now. I need to feel that close to you, Johnathan.” He smiled, and nodded. She lay down, and spread her legs slightly. The scent of Venus drifted to his nose, and it was no time at all before he was ready for her. He lovingly gazed at her wonderfully formed breasts, and marveled at the beauty of their sensual curvature. Then he wanted to suckle them.

Johnathan made his way over to straddle her at the hips, but he made no effort to slide down far enough that he could have penetrated her. Instead, on hands and knees, he lowered his head to her left breast and began to suckle. He ran his tongue around her nipple, feeling that smooth skin contract and become rougher, and then delicately over her nipple itself. She let a little mew escape.

He didn’t know why, but suckling a woman’s breast felt good. It pleased him, but it was not an obvious pleasure. Rather, it just felt… right. And he enjoyed it, even though he did not know exactly why.

“Please, Johnathan… I need you to fill me up now,” she repeated with some urgency.

“OK,” he said, in a jokingly exasperated manner as he disengaged from her delightful teat and smiled.

So he slid down some more until he was far enough that entry was possible, and then rearranged himself so that his legs were inside where hers fell. With his knees, he separated her legs a little further. Gazing down at her pussy, he could see wetness glistening at the entrance to the world of wonders she kept hidden there, always ready for him. He lay himself down on her, body length, kissing her as he did, and applied some pressure with his hips. His penis slid down her valley and then slowly sank home until he was buried in her to the hilt. Another moan escaped her lips, breathy and full of her pleasure. Then he stopped kissing her, and rested himself fully on her, his face coming to rest in her hair, and he just held her. Her legs lifted up and encircled him.

For a moment, they were still. He breathed the pervasive scent of her neck and hair, and was intoxicated by it. Much as he could have licked her between her legs forever quite happily, he also felt that he could have just breathed her natural scent from the rest of her body forever, as well. It made him lightheaded all by itself. The softness of her neck was too much to resist, and he began to kiss it while he breathed her in.

“Don’t you want me?” she asked meekly.

“What do you mean?” he asked in reply. “I’m inside you, aren’t I?”

“But you’re not moving,” she observed, confused.

“I thought bahis şirketleri you might enjoy just being filled up and held,”

“It is nice… but I want it to be like before,” she said. Slowly, she moved her hips back and forth, like a cat waving its tail. It aroused him, and she got what she wanted.

“Desiree… you feel so good inside,” he whispered to her, then raised himself up to look into her eyes. Those blue eyes looked back up at him with such depth of love and surrender that he felt his heart pull at him. “God, how I love you.”

“I feel whole when we are sharing one space like this,” she said in response. “I feel loved and alive in my heart, and I feel like I am as close to you as I can be.” He couldn’t help but kiss her out of the love he felt then, all the while slowly and gently filling her and un-filling her rhythmically.

The way she felt was amazing. Johnathan found himself at a loss for words to describe it. He knew that it wasn’t orgasm that she wanted this time, and so he was going slowly.At this pace, he thought,I could last forever, even as awesome as this feels. She seemed to instinctively know how to move in response to him so that it felt the best.

After several minutes of this, he sensed that, despite her intentions otherwise, if he continued, she was going to have an orgasm. By the look on her face, she was not going to complain, either. As he felt her orgasm approaching, he sped up to match it’s intensity, thus causing a feedback loop. The faster he went in response to the orgasm, the faster it approached. Soon, he was going almost as fast as he could. She instinctively raised her legs up in the air so he could go deeper, and when she did this, he grabbed them and put them on his shoulders, bending her in half, and then placed his hands on her shoulders for support. She was pinned and apparently liked the feeling, because he could immediately feel that she was experiencing another level of arousal, egging her on towards orgasm. Her breathing, sounds and movements gave her away.

The exponential growth of her impending orgasm reached critical mass, and she was shot over the edge into the abyss of love and joy, and he joined her. The orgasm felt oddly different, almost not real, and not quite as focused or strong as he was used to.

But… where was the ejaculation? Where were the spasms he was so used to when he came? He didn’t feel them at all! And yet… here he was, having an amazing orgasm…

He dropped her legs to the bed and scooped his arms under her to lay there and hold her as they both drifted down from their glowy high as though they had parachutes on. When at last the blissful sensations had abated enough, he disengaged and looked at his cock. It was still hard, and her arousal was evident by her fluids on him… but her fluids were clear, and his were milky. There was no evidence of the white he usually found on himself when he pulled out.

“Did you feel me come?” he asked.

“No, why did you stop?”

“I… thought I came,” he said.

“I didn’t feel it,” she said. “Usually, I feel you squirt deep inside me, and then you spasm several times.”

“How odd… well, if I didn’t come, would you mind if I asked you to get on your hands and knees and fuck me doggy style?”

She smiled and started to get up.

“Not at all!” came her enthusiastic reply.

If I came, there should be some white on me… and if I came, I won’t be able to squirt enough for her to feel it a second time, he thought. But if I didn’t come, what the hell was that I felt?

She got into position in the center of their bed, and he was instantly aroused fully again by the sight of it.

“I should do some photography of you nude,” he said, getting into position behind her. “You look just too perfect,”

Reaching down, he guided himself back into her warmth and slid in. The sensations once again enveloped his brain, and his eyes closed with it. It was as though sliding into her was all the sensation he needed, and shutting off everything else but her was natural in response. He decided to go hard and fast so that if he had not come, he would come quickly. If he had come, he knew it would take him a good half hour to come, no matter what he did. He began slamming into her pussy.

She cried out in surprise, but the sound made it clear that her surprise was mixed with pleasure, not pain. He grabbed her hips hard and pulled her into each forceful thrust that he made, so that her ass smacked his hips loudly. He loved that sound as much as he loved how she felt. It wasn’t long at all before he felt the seeds of his orgasm planted, and then start to grow. Apparently she, too, was again approaching orgasm, because she was making sounds that gave this away unmistakably. He rammed her as hard as he pleased, his orgasm racing ahead full steam to a peak, and them he exploded into her, momentarily losing awareness of everything but his ecstasy. She cried out a long wail of pleasure of her own, and rocked back and forth as she experienced orgasm as well. He felt himself spasming in her pussy as he usually did, each one bringing the aftershocks of his orgasm.

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